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Life of Josiah Henson: Formerly a Slave
Josiah Henson

Applewood Books, 2002

The character Uncle Tom, fr om Harriet Beecher Stowe's bestselling novel, ""Uncle Tom's Cabin,"" is based on the life of Josiah Henson (1789-1882). Born in Maryland, Henson escaped and fled to Dresden, Ontario, Canada in 1830. In 1841, a group of abolitionists, including Henson, created a community/school for runaway slaves called the British-American Institute for Fugitive Slaves. On the 200 acre parcel, Henson and his friends built a grist ...


Bill of Rights: with Writings that Formed Its Foundation (Little Books of Wisdom)
James Madison, George Mason

Applewood Books, 2008

Collectively known as the United States Bill of Rights, these first ten amendments to the United States Constitution limit the powers of the federal government and protect the rights of all citizens, residents and visitors on United States territory. Introduced in 1789 in the First United States Congress by James Madison, these amendments came into effect on December 15, 1791, when ratified by three-fourths of the states. This document plays a ...


George Washington's Farewell Address (Little Books of Wisdom)
George Washington

Applewood Books, 1999

On September 17,1796, George Washington announced that he would leave the presidency. His famous farewell address encapsulates a view of the Union, the Constitution, and good citizenship that is an important part of American political thought today.


Declaration of Independence (Little Books of Wisdom)
Thomas Jefferson

Applewood Books, 1997

Drafted by Thomas Jefferson between June 11 and June 28, 1776, the Declaration of Independence summarizes America's founding political philosophy. At once a cherished symbol of liberty and an expression of Jefferson's monumental talents as a writer, the document captures in unforgettable phrases the ideals of individual liberty that formed the backbone of American's Revolutionary movement. In setting forth these "self-evident truths" alongside a ...


The Strange Likeness (Judy Bolton Mysteries)
Margaret Sutton, Kate Duvall, ...

Applewood Books, 2012

Back after 45 years, Margaret Sutton’s young detective, Judy Bolton, returns for her 39th mystery adventure. At the end of book #38, The Secret of the Sand Castle, the author gave the title of the next book in the series, The Strange Likeness. However, the series was canceled, and the promised book was not written…until now. Beloved author Margaret Sutton (1903–2001) published her first Judy Bolton mysteries in 1932. The original series ...


Haunted Attic (Judy Bolton Mysteries)
Margaret Sutton

Applewood Books, 1994

The Boltons move into a large rambling house reputed to be haunted. Even the brave Judy is thoroughly frightened by the eerie "crying ghost."


The Path of the Law (Little Books of Wisdom)
Oliver Holmes Jr.

Applewood Books, 2006

The Path of the Law is the single most important essay about law ever written. The perfect gift for anyone who ever entered law school, it defines the responsibilities of the legal profession from one of law's greatest practitioners.


A Rebel War Clerk's Diary at the Confederate States Capital (Civil War)
John Jones

Applewood Books, 2008

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Goops and How to Be Them: A Manual of Manners for Polite Infants Inculcating Many Juvenile Virtues, etc.
Gelett Burgess

Applewood Books, 2005

The Goops they lick their fingers,/And the Goops they lick their knives, /They spill their broth on the tablecloth -/Oh, they lead disgusting lives! The rhymes and drawings in this hilarious introduction to manners for children still amuse and educate 100 years later, providing lessons valuable today and shedding light on turn-of-the-century American mores.


Key into the Language of America
Roger Williams

Applewood Books, 1997

A discourse on the languages of Native Americans encountered by the early settlers written by Roger Williams, who was forced to leave Massachusetts and established Rhode Island. This early linguistic treatise gives rare insight into the early contact between Europeans and Native Americans.


Vagabond's House
Don Blanding

Applewood Books, 2002

An extraordinarily popular collection of poems written in and about Hawaii. First published in 1928, the book went through two printings a year for many years, and Blanding became the most popular American poet of the period. ""Vagabond's House"" is an ideal expression of that imaginary retreat which each man builds and furnishes according to his heart's desires. Dreamy illustrations give the book a look to match.


A Little Maid of Old Maine
Alice Curtis

Applewood Books, 1999

This is a true story of the brave effort of two girls to bring help to a little settlement on the Maine coast at the time of the War of the Revolution. This event is referred to in history as the "Lexington of the Seas," because it was the first naval battle after the encounter in Lexington, Massachusetts. Readers will be touched by the courage of Rebecca and Anna Weston as they journey through the forest after the powder that was to make ...


Articles of Confederation (Little Books of Wisdom)

Applewood Books, 2006

The Articles of Confederation were passed by the Continental Congress in 1777, but were not ratified by the states until 1781. This first governing document of America put the new country in good stead, but it had some shortcomings, including the creation of a weak central government. It was replaced by the U.S. Constitution in 1789.


Robert's Rules of Order: Pocket Manual of Rules of Order for Deliberative Assemblies (Little Books of Wisdom)
Henry Robert

Applewood Books, 2008

This definitive guide to parliamentary procedure is used daily by private, governmental, business and social organizations large and small.


On the Art of Teaching (Little Books of Wisdom)
Horace Mann

Applewood Books, 1989

In 1840 Mann wrote On the Art of Teaching. Its message has lived on as a timeless and inspiring appeal to teachers.


Governor William Bradford's Letter Book

Applewood Books, 2002

Gathered during Plymouth Colony's crucial first decade, Bradford's Letter Book served as a sourcebook for the Governor's well-known history, ""Of Plymouth Plantation."" This intriguing set of letters and documents offers us valuable first-hand acquaintance with the leadership of New England's first plantation. From this collection, we can better appreciate the complex reality that lies behind our idealized image of ""the Pilgrim Fathers."" Here ...


Wild Apples
Henry Thoreau

Applewood Books, 1989

Wild Apples begins with a short history of the apple tree, tracing its path from ancient Greece to America. Thoreau saw the apple as a perfect mirror of man and eloquently lamented where they both were heading.


My Captivity Among the Sioux (American Experience Series)
Fanny Kelly

Applewood Books, 2005

Originally published in 1874, this is the story of Fanny Kelly's capture and captivity by the Oglala Sioux while she was emigrating to the far West from Kansas in the mid-19th century.



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