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Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (NY) (Images of America)
Robert M. Grippo, Christopher Hoskins

Arcadia Publishing, 2004

"Let's have a parade" is the phrase that begins a beloved American tradition, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. In 1924, employees of the R. H. Macy and Company store in Herald Square, many of whom were immigrants and first-generation Americans, chose to give thanks for their good fortune in a manner reminiscent of the festive parades held in their native countries. The excitement and praise from crowds lining the route that first year led ...


1964-1965 New York World's Fair, The (Images of Modern America)
Bill Cotter, Bill Young

Arcadia Publishing, 2014

Advertised as the Billion-Dollar Fair, the 19641965 New York Worlds Fair transformed a sleepy park in the borough of Queens into a fantasy world enjoyed by more than 51 million visitors from around the world. While many countries and states exhibited at the fair, the most memorable pavilions were built by the giants of American industry. Their exhibits took guests backward and forward in time, all the while extolling how marvelous everyday life ...


Huntington (Images of America)
John Witek, Deborah Novak

Arcadia Publishing, 2014

A flea market discovery that became an art museum sensation, this collection of photographs by Levi Holley Stone presents the city of Huntington, West Virginia, as it has never seen before. Stones lens reveals a city of contrasts: a blend of broad boulevards and crumbling alleys, a mix of monuments and mud. It is a place where cars share the road with horses, roughnecks loiter in pool halls, and theatergoers enjoy extravagant musicals direct ...


Independence (Images of America)
Andy Taylor

Arcadia Publishing, 2014

Independence, Kansas, is the perfect picture of Americana. Where else can one find a small town that holds an annual theatre festival named in honor of one of its own natives, William Inge, or celebrates the early settlers in the Little House on the Prairie novels? Where can one find the site of the first-ever night game in organized baseball or the first team of one of baseballs most prolific hitters, Mickey Mantle? What other town in America ...


Hot Rodding in Santa Barbara County (Images of America)
Tony Baker

Arcadia Publishing, 2014

Californias central coast was fertile ground for hot rodding, and all motor sports in general, during the 1940s and 1950s. Hot Rodding in Santa Barbara County takes the reader back in time with a collection of remarkable photographs from the earliest days of the hot rod movement. This book includes images of the first drag strips in the country, rough-and-tumble jalopy racing, early road-racing action, and lots of great hot rods and customs. ...


Brentwood (Images of America)
Brentwood Historical Society

Arcadia Publishing, 2014

Brentwood Borough, established in 1915, spans one of the highest ridges in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, just six miles southeast of Pittsburgh. In the 19th century, three small villages, four inns, and several blacksmith shops clustered along the rural ridge. A popular and primitive roadway, now known as Brownsville Road, connected these three hamlets with the wider world. This major artery carried coaches, wagons, livestock, and even ...


Selma (Images of America)
Sharon J. Jackson

Arcadia Publishing, 2014

On April 2, 1865, one of the last battles of the Civil War destroyed nearly three-fourths of Selma and effected tremendous change in the lives of its people. At the wars beginning, Selma became a transportation center and one of the main manufacturing centers supporting the Souths war effort. Its foundries produced much-needed supplies and munitions, and its naval yard constructed Confederate warships. A century later, Selma again became the ...


The San Jose Police Department (Images of America)
John Carr Jr., Jarrod J. Nunes

Arcadia Publishing, 2014

Originally known as San Jose de Guadalupe, San Jose was ruled by Mexico until 1848, when, after the Mexican-American War, California joined the United States of America. In 1849, the newly elected government appointed a chief of police, and the San Jose Police Department was born. Its mission has been to respond to the distinctive needs of the community from the early agricultural age to today's high technology age. The San Jose Police ...


Pere Marquette 1225 (Images of Rail)
T.J. Gaffney, Dean Pyers, ...

Arcadia Publishing, 2014

Images of Rail: Pere Marquette 1225 presents the history of steam locomotive 1225, one of 39 Berkshire Class 2-8-4s built between 1937 and 1944 for the Pere Marquette Railway. Although it is best known for being the sound and image behind the movie adaptation of Chris Van Allsburgs The Polar Express, 1225 has a rich history that preceded a life as a movie star. From her construction at Lima Locomotive Works and important role in hauling material ...


Los Angeles Television
Joel Tator

Arcadia Publishing, 2015

Los Angeles television history began in the small room of an auto dealership in 1931. Since then, much of the nations television history has been made here: the first television helicopter, the first big story that television broke before newspapers, the first live coverage of an atomic bomb, and the careers of numerous icons like Betty White, Steve Allen, Liberace, Lawrence Welk, and Tennessee Ernie Ford. Many Los Angeles television ...


Emporium Department Store (Images of America)
Anne Evers Hitz

Arcadia Publishing, 2014

The EmporiumCalifornias Largest, Americas Grandest Storewas a major shopping destination on San Franciscos Market Street for a century, from 1896 to 1996. Shoppers flocked to the mid-price store with its beautiful dome and bandstand. Patrons could find anything at the Emporium, from jewelry to stoves, and it was a meeting place for friends to enjoy tea while listening to the Emporium Orchestra. Founded as the Emporium and Golden Rule Bazaar, the ...


Charleston: A Historic Walking Tour (Images of America)
Mary Preston Foster

Arcadia Publishing, 2005

Charleston: A Historic Walking Tour will help natives and visitors alike appreciate the history and residents of this beautiful city. With its architecture, palm trees, and cobblestone streets, Charleston is one of the South's great cultural destinations. Its ballrooms and benevolent society halls attest to grand periods of opulence and high living. The theater, libraries, museum, and college show an appreciation for culture and sophistication. ...


Mundelein Seminary (Campus History)
Gail Kahover

Arcadia Publishing, 2014

Anyone who has driven through central Lake County, Illinois, has likely wandered across the entrance to Mundelein Seminary. The arched gateway is a teaser to the magnificence that lies within. The heavily forested grounds and sparkling lake provide a backdrop to the unique Colonial architecture of the buildings. The seminary was the dream of George William Mundelein, who told reporters as early as 1916 of his plans to build a seminary shortly ...


C.F. Martin & Co. (Images of America)
Dick Boak

Arcadia Publishing, 2014

The formula for C.F. Martin & Co.s success has always been an unparalleled commitment to precise handcraftsmanship blended with optimum tonewoods, innovation, and singular design. This family business has persevered from the Civil War through the present and remains the oldest surviving maker of stringed instruments in the world. It is the largest and most respected producer of acoustic guitars in America. The images in this book trace the ...


Delaware's 1962 Northeaster (Images of America Series)
Wendy L. Carey, Anthony P. Pratt, ...

Arcadia Publishing, 2014

Delaware's March 1962 storm caused unprecedented destruction to life and property. Unusually high wind-driven tides carried breaking waves inland, destroying buildings and structures that, ordinarily, would have been beyond the reach of the surf. These photographs and the story they tell about devastation and destruction carry a strong message about hazards, risks, and the vulnerability of Delaware's communities and environments.


Biltmore Estate (Images of America: North Carolina)
Ellen Erwin Rickman

Arcadia Publishing, 2005

Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, has captured the fascination of people everywhere for over 100 years. Created in the 1890s by George Washington Vanderbilt, a member of one of America's wealthiest families, the estate combined a 250-room French Renaissance-style chateau with 125,000 acres of gardens, forests, and working farms. Biltmore House served as Vanderbilt's primary residence for almost 20 years. After Mr. Vanderbilt's death ...


Forgotten Queens (Images of America)
Kevin Walsh, the Greater Astoria Historical Society

Arcadia Publishing, 2013

In the early years of the 20th century, Queens County underwent an enormous transformation. The Queensboro Bridge of 1909 forever changed the landscape of this primarily rural area into the urban metropolis it is today. Forgotten Queens shows New Yorks largest borough between the years 1920 and 1950, when it was adorned with some of the finest model housing and planned communities anywhere in the country. Victorian mansions, cookie-cutter row ...


New Orleans Radio (Images of America)
Dominic Massa

Arcadia Publishing, 2014

From humble beginnings in a physics lab on the campus of Loyola University came the sounds of the first radio station in the lower Mississippi River Valley when WWL Radio signed on in 1922. The little station would grow into a national powerhouse, with its morning Dawnbusters show and nightly broadcasts from the Blue Room of the Roosevelt Hotel. The citys second oldest station, WSMB, with studios in the Maison Blanche Building, developed its own ...


Children of Ellis Island (Images of America)
Barry Moreno

Arcadia Publishing, 2005

Burdened with bundles and baskets, a million or more immigrant children passed through the often grim halls of Ellis Island. Having left behind their homes in Europe and other parts of the world, they made the voyage to America by steamer. Some came with parents or guardians. A few came as stowaways. But however they traveled, they found themselves a part of one of the grandest waves of human migration that the world has ever known. Children of ...


Vestavia Hills (Images of America)
Rebecca Cybulsky Walden

Arcadia Publishing, 2014

In response to the explosive growth of industry in Birmingham, entrepreneurs and young families sought quieter areas to call home. The search led them to Shades Mountain, an area replete with flowering dogwood and pink honeysucklepure wilderness. There were no paved roads, no public services, and no merchants nearer than Homewood. Still, those seeking respite from the soot (of the steel mills) lingering over the Magic City persevered, ...



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