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Legendary Locals of Las Cruces
Charlotte Tallman

Arcadia Publishing, 2014

When Las Cruces was founded 164 years ago near a group of crosses marking the graves of travelers and soldiers, a rawhide rope separated acreage for a church, a cemetery, and family lots. That rawhide rope brought to Las Cruces a new era filled with the exhilaration of the Wild West and the people who molded the City of the Crosses. Over the decades, the number of local men, women, and children who deserve recognition as heroes of history or ...


Traverse City State Hospital (MI) (Images of America)
Chris Miller

Arcadia Publishing, 2005

Northern Michigan Asylum, which opened in 1885, was known during most of its years as Traverse City State Hospital. It was run during its first decades by Dr. James Decker Munson, who left his legacy in the landscaped grounds and the medical center that today bears his name. Traverse City State Hospital served the mental health needs of a large part of Michigan for 104 years until its closure in 1989, housing a population as large as 3,000 in ...


The Towers of Tuscany

New Arcadia Publishing, 2014

Set amid the twisting streets and sunlit piazzas of medieval Italy, The Towers of Tuscany tells the story of a woman who dares to follow her own path in the all-male domain of the painter’s workshop. Trained in secret as a painter, Sofia Carelli’s desire for freedom from her father’s workshop leads her to betray her passion and sink into a life of loveless drudgery with a husband who comes to despise her when she does not produce a son. ...


Charleston: A Historic Walking Tour (Images of America)
Mary Preston Foster

Arcadia Publishing, 2005

Charleston: A Historic Walking Tour will help natives and visitors alike appreciate the history and residents of this beautiful city. With its architecture, palm trees, and cobblestone streets, Charleston is one of the South's great cultural destinations. Its ballrooms and benevolent society halls attest to grand periods of opulence and high living. The theater, libraries, museum, and college show an appreciation for culture and sophistication. ...


1964-1965 New York World's Fair, The (Images of America Series)
Bill Cotter, Bill Young

Arcadia Publishing, 2014

Advertised as the Billion-Dollar Fair, the 19641965 New York Worlds Fair transformed a sleepy park in the borough of Queens into a fantasy world enjoyed by more than 51 million visitors from around the world. While many countries and states exhibited at the fair, the most memorable pavilions were built by the giants of American industry. Their exhibits took guests backward and forward in time, all the while extolling how marvelous everyday life ...


Legendary Locals of Norwich
Beryl Fishbone

Arcadia Publishing, 2014

Norwich measured nine square miles in the 1659 deed that Mohegan chief Uncas gave to the brave English settlers from Old Saybrook. The names of the citys streets and parks are testaments of the pride the community has in its towns residents and history. Stories abound of Norwich natives and American revolutionaries like John Durkee, who made the kings tax representative resign; scoundrel Maj. John Mason, who ordered the Mystic massacre of 100 ...


Trimper's Rides (Images of America)
Monica Thrash, Brandon Seidl

Arcadia Publishing, 2014

No trip to Ocean City, Maryland, is complete without a visit to Trimpers Rides. The unforgettable bright lights, carousel music, and elated screams from riders on the Tidal Wave are cherished memories for generations who return to the park annually. The evolution and success of Trimpers Rides embodies the American dream. It began when an enterprising German immigrant named Daniel B. Trimper and his large family took a chance on a little-known ...


Dallas Music Scene (Images of America)
Alan Govenar, Jay Brakefield

Arcadia Publishing, 2014

For much of the 20th century, Dallas was home to a wide range of vital popular music. By the 1920s, the streets, dance halls, and vaudeville houses of Deep Ellum rang with blues and jazz. Blind Lemon Jefferson was discovered singing the blues on the streets of Deep Ellum but never recorded in Dallas. Beginning in the 1930s, however, artists from Western swing pioneer Bob Wills to blues legend Robert Johnson recorded in a three-story zigzag ...


Douglasville (Images of America Series)
Lisa Cooper

Arcadia Publishing, 2014

The formation of Douglasville coincided when New South ideals were reshaping villages into railroad towns across the South during Reconstruction. In 1875, business and political leaders worked from the ground up to provide Douglasville with each component of a New South town, including a railroad, cotton mill, hotel, bank, and a commercial district. Today, the central business district is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and ...


Roan Mountain (Images of America)
Robert Sorrell

Arcadia Publishing, 2014

Roan Mountain, a 6,286-foot-high peak, straddles the Tennessee and North Carolina state line in the Appalachian Mountains. Home to world-famous rhododendron gardens, the Appalachian Trail, the site of Gen. John T. Wilders historic Cloudland Hotel, and record-breaking lofty balds, thousands of visitors, including explorer John Muir and Vice Pres. Richard Nixon, have ascended Roan Mountain over the last two centuries. Biologists, botanists, and ...


West Jefferson (Images of America)
Ashe County Historical Society

Arcadia Publishing, 2014

West Jefferson is located in the northwest corner of North Carolina, a land once known for its cherry orchards. In 1779, Col. Benjamin Cleveland, a hero of the Battle of Kings Mountain, received a grant for 320 acres in a mountain valley in return for his service during the Revolutionary War. In 1912, the Virginia-Carolina Railroad became interested in the areas timber, farming, and mining resources and began building a railroad into Ashe ...


Thacher School, The (Campus History)
John Taylor

Arcadia Publishing, 2013

Sherman Day Thacher, a Yale-trained lawyer, moved west in 1887, intending to join his brother as an orange rancher in Californias Ojai Valley. However, after accepting a request from a Yale colleague to tutor his nephew, Thachers focus changed from cultivating oranges to cultivating young minds. His small educational enterprise eventually became The Thacher School. Combining unmatched academics with a unique horse and camping program, Thacher ...


History of Alcatraz Island, 1853-2008 (Images of America: California)
Gregory L. Wellman

Arcadia Publishing, 2008

As one of America's most notorious prisons, Alcatraz has been a significant part of California's history for over 155 years. The small, lonely rock, known in sea charts by its Spanish name "Isla de los Alcatraces," or "Island of Pelicans," lay essentially dormant until the 1850s, when the military converted the island into a fortress to protect the booming San Francisco region. Alcatraz served as a pivotal military position until the early 20th ...


Ojai (CA) (Images of America)
Richard Hoye, Jane McClenahan, ...

Arcadia Publishing, 2007

A resort community surrounded by mountains, Ojai is the gateway to Los Padres National Forest, the Sespe Creek Valley, and Lake Casitas Recreational Area. The setting offers inspiring views of and from Chief Peak and the majestic Topa Topa bluffs. The sleepy, spa reputation of Ojai (pronounced Oh-hi) belies one of the busier civic schedules of any California community its size. This corner of Ventura County is home of the world-renowned Ojai ...


Chicago to Springfield:: Crime and Politics in the 1920s (Images of America Series)
Jim Ridings

Arcadia Publishing, 2010

The story of Chicago gangsters in the 1920s is legendary. Less talked about is the tale of the politicians who allowed those gangsters to thrive. During the heyday of organized crime in the Prohibition era, Chicago mayor "Big Bill" Thompson and Gov. Len Small were the two most powerful political figures in Illinois. Thompson campaigned on making Chicago "a wide open town" for bootleggers. Small sold thousands of pardons and paroles to criminals, ...


Pleasure Island (Images of Modern America)
Robert McLaughlin

Arcadia Publishing, 2014

Pleasure Island opened on June 22, 1959, in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Designed by Marco Engineering of Los Angeles, it was the second of three innovative theme parks built across America to mimic Disneyland. Pleasure Island was conceived by William Hawkes, president of Child Life magazine, and with support from Bostons Cabot, Cabot & Forbes and local and national investors, the vision of the park was brought to life. Just by passing through a ...


Dunwoody (Images of America)
Valerie Mathis Biggerstaff

Arcadia Publishing, 2010

The name Dunwoody developed from a spelling error. Soon after the Civil War ended, Maj. Charles Dunwody left nearby Roswell to settle in a new community and decided to start a post office. The post office added one "o" to his name, and from that moment, the area was known as Dunwoody. Beginning as a humble farming community, Dunwoody grew into a popular suburb of Atlanta. Careful growth control, under the supervision of the Dunwoody Homeowners ...


The Chicago Outfit (IL) (Images of America)
John J. Binder

Arcadia Publishing, 2003

No business, legitimate or otherwise, has had a more raucous influence on the history of a city than that of the Outfit in Chicago. From the roots of organized crime in the late 19th century to the present day, The Chicago Outfit examines the evolution of the city's underworld, focusing on their business activities and leadership along with the violence and political protection they employed to become the most successful of the Cosa Nostra crime ...


San Francisco, California (Images of America)
Patricia Kennedy

Arcadia Publishing, 2001

On January 30, 1847, the small harbor village of Yerba Buena was rechristened "San Francisco." As the Gold Rush quickly propelled the population to over 50,000, fortunes made in the silver Comstock lode and the railroad transformed the area into the financial and cultural center of the West. Captured here in over 200 vintage images are the life and times of the city's earliest residents and their livelihoods. Spanning the mid-1800s through the ...


Biltmore Estate (Images of America: North Carolina)
Ellen Erwin Rickman

Arcadia Publishing, 2005

Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, has captured the fascination of people everywhere for over 100 years. Created in the 1890s by George Washington Vanderbilt, a member of one of America's wealthiest families, the estate combined a 250-room French Renaissance-style chateau with 125,000 acres of gardens, forests, and working farms. Biltmore House served as Vanderbilt's primary residence for almost 20 years. After Mr. Vanderbilt's death ...



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