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When AA Doesn't Work For You: Rational Steps to Quitting Alcohol

Barricade Books, 1992

Of the many methods that have been designed to help people quit their problem drinking and change thei lives, a few originated by pioneering self-help groups - such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Rational Recovery - have had considerable success. But not with everybody. When AA Doesn't Work for You is the first book in which the world famous founder of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Dr. Albert Ellis, applies the powerful insights of REBT ...


The Secret Life of Bob Hope: An Unauthorized Biography
Arthur Marx

Barricade Books, 1993

Reveals how Hope's image as a happily married entertainer of U.S. troops was a myth created to hide his womanizing, the casting couch he operated out of his office, and his sadistic treatment of his staff. 30,000 first printing.


A Cop's Tale--NYPD: The Violent Years: A Detectives Firsthand Account of Murder and Mayhem (Barricade Crime)

Barricade Books, 2009

A Cop's Tale focuses on New York City's most violent and corrupt years, the 1960s to early 1980s. Jim O'Neil - a former NYPD cop - delivers a rare look at the brand of law enforcement that ended Frank Lucas's grip on the Harlem drug trade, his cracking open of the Black Liberation Army case, and his experience as the first cop on the scene at the Dog Day Afternoon bank robbery.


My Old Neighborhood Remembered: A Memoir
Avery Corman

Barricade Books, 2014

My Old Neighborhood Remembered is a lyrical remembrance of neighborhood life that has vanished from the culture. Best-selling author Avery Corman vividly recreates the vibrant, colorful neighborhood where he grew up – in the Bronx of the 1940s and 1950s. He recalls candy stores and bookmakers, egg creams and double feature movies, street games like stickball and Johnny- on-the-pony, school days of a different era, social mores that ...


Goodbye Hangovers, Hello Life: Self Help for Women

Barricade Books, 1986

In Goodbye Hangovers, Hello Life, the first book on recovery specifically for women, Jean Kirkpatrick tells how she achieved sobriety. She explains the special problems of the woman alcoholic, and challenges some of the premises of Alcoholics Anonymous, an organization founded by and for men that she believes fails to address the specific needs of women. Instead of harping on past problems and behavior, the Women For Sobriety program focuses on ...


The Turner Diaries: A Novel
Andrew MacDonald, Dr. William Pierce

Barricade Books, 1978

At 9:02 am on Wednesday April 19, 1995, two tons of explosives ripped apart the federal office building in Oklahoma City and the psyche of America. The worst case of domestic terrorism in our history, this explosion killed 169 men, women, and children. The author of this book has written, If [this book] had been available to the general public . . . the Oklahoma bombing would not have come as such a surprise. It has been considered by the ...


Sharon Tate and the Manson Murders
Greg King

Barricade Books, 2000

In this biography of Sharon Tate, Greg King recreates the story of Tate's career, her marriage to Polanski, and her relationships with Hollywood's most famous names. King also brings to vivid life the complete account of the tate murders, describes the lengthy search for the killers. and includes previousl unpublished police and detective reports, trail transcripts and letters from Charles Manson to "squeaky Fromme." More importantly, this is ...


The Complete Book of U.S. Presidents
William A. Degregorio

Barricade Books, 2013

This unique reference volume has been updated to include the results of the highly controversial 2012 election. The Complete Book of U.S. Presidents contains more in-depth information about every U.S. president to hold office than any other single book. A factual, unbiased look at all of our chief executives, this book chronicles their lives, their administrations, their friends and foes, theirsuccesses and failures.


Living the Martial Way: A Manual for the Way a Modern Warrior Should Think
Forrest E. Morgan

Barricade Books, 1992

A step-by-step approach to applying the Japanese warrior's mind set to martial training and daily life.


Turnabout: New Help for the Woman Alcoholic
Jean Kirkpatrick

Barricade Books, 1999

Through Kirkpatrick's own Thirteen Empowering Statements of Acceptance, women will undergo a journey of acceptance and awakening, leading them toward a fulfilling and addiction-free existence.


The Housekeeper's Diary: Charles and Diana Before the Breakup
Wendy Berry

Barricade Books, 1995

The housekeeper of Prince Charles and Diana for seven years chronicles the slow disintegration of their fairy tale marriage, which included illicit visitors, Diana's bulimia, and Charles's nocturnal excursions and obsession with his house. 50,000 first printing. First serial, Star Magazine. IP.


Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices
Brenda Love

Barricade Books, 1992

This unusual volume contains more than 700 entries and 150 original and sometimes shocking illustrations. Brenda Love covers strange methods of arousal as will as hundreds of bizarre sex activities such as erotic balls, and love potions.


Black Gangsters of Chicago
Ron Chepesiuk

Barricade Books, 2014

Chicago has long been a haven of organized from, home to such celebrated figures as Al Capone, Lucky Luciano and Sam Giancana. In Black Gangsters of Chicago , author Ron Chepesiuk focuses on a lesser known group,the annals of black organized crime in Chicago, characters who have had as deep and unique an influence on organized crime in the Windy City. The author profiles the key players in the nation’s largest black organized crime ...


Honor Betrayed: Sexual Abuse in America's Military
Dr. Mic Hunter

Barricade Books, 2007

In Honor Betrayed, Dr. Mic Hunter probes beyond the headlines to reveal the reality of sexual abuse in the military. The culture of the military's training is to turn recruits into those who follow orders without question. Honor Betrayed describes in detail the gross realities of the hostile, uber-masculine, dehumanizing environment our young men and women confront. Most vulnerable to sexual abuse are minorities-particularly women and ...


Sex and The Single Girl: Before There Was Sex in the City, There Was (Cult Classics)
Helen Gurley Brown

Barricade Books, 2003

Helen Gurley Brown tells women how to fill their lives with romance and delectable men. Sexual attitudes may have changed, but the art of being a woman has not.


The Kafka Society (A Jack Madson Novel)

Barricade Books, 2014

THE KAFKA SOCIETY by Ron Felber finds Jack Madson, (A MAN OF INDETERMINATE VALUE), on another adventure. After a night of clubbing, Jack has no memory of how stripper, Amber Starr got into his bed. Great sex doesn’t make up for the discovery of a severed head in the trunk of his Mustang convertible. Is Madson a murderer? Before that question can be answered he finds himself helping old high school nemesis, Tom Dougherty, FBI’s head ...


A Man of Indeterminate Value (A Jack Madson Novel)

Barricade Books, 2013

In a world plagued by corrupt corporations and sinister forces that prowl the global landscape, John "Jack" Madson seeks salvation from deep within the man he is today and the man he aspires to be. In the tradition of Raymond Chandler, John Grisham, and Michael Connelly, this crime fiction series launches with three noir thrillers bristling with authenticity, insight, and social commentary. From the boardrooms of Wall Street, to the ...


When Everybody Ate at Schrafft's: Memories, Pictures, and Recipes from a Very Special Restaurant Empire
Joan Kanel Slomanson

Barricade Books, 2007

When Everybody Ate at Schrafft's is a lavishly illustrated book about the Schrafft's restaurant empire and the era in which it thrived. In the New York area alone, more than 50 stores (as they were called) dotted the urban landscape. Celebrities were frequent customers and sometimes employees, women lunched there, and businessmen conferred over cocktails. And as you'll see, everybody who ate at Schrafft's has a story to tell.


Gaming the Game: The Story of the NBA Betting Scandal and the Gambler Who Made It Happen

Barricade Books, 2011

In June 2007, the FBI informed the NBA that one of its referees, Tim Donaghy, was the subject of a probe into illegal gambling. Within months, the public knew the broad outlines of a scheme involving Donaghy betting on games he officiated with a co-conspirator, longtime Donaghy acquaintance and professional gambler Jimmy Baba Battista. They were joined in the scandal by a mutual childhood friend, Tommy Martino. By November 2008, each man had ...


Cigar City Mafia: A Complete History of the Tampa Underworld
Scott M. Deitche

Barricade Books, 2005

Bootleggers, gambling, ringleaders, arsonists, narcotics dealers and gang murders—a variety of characters flourished in the era known as Prohibition, and Tampa, Florida was where they battled for supremacy of the criminal underworld.



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