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Lone Wolf: A Biography of Vladimir (Ze'Ev) Jabotinsky Two Volume Set by Shmuel Katz published by Barricade ...

Barricade Books, 0010


An Uncommon Journey: From Vienna to Shanghai to America--A Brother and Sister Escape to Freedom During World ...

Barricade Books, 2011

September 1939 - Nazi Austria turns on their Jews and the family Wacs flees Vienna, saving their lives. Destination: Shanghai; alien to them-different language, people, culture. Had they not escaped, one week later war broke out, and this family's fate might have been quite different. An Uncommon Journey addresses universal issues-persecution and the will to survive. This unique memoir by a sister and brother ten years apart shares different ...


The Official Guide to Wine Snobbery (A Cult Classic)
Leonard S. Berstein

Barricade Books, 2003

Hailed as the most entertaining reference to wine culture, this book arms readers with valuable knowledge of wine etiquette, while identifying those sensless acts of snobbery that often lead to embrassing situations.


Life With Flavor: A Personal History of Herr's

Barricade Books, 2012

Everyone loves a success story, especially when the main character is a likeable person who does good things. Jim Herr is a real-life Horatio Alger. He and his wife, Mim, built Herr Foods from a small one-kettle potato chip concern in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to one of the major snack food companies in the nation. Jim didn't even finish high school and had to borrow $1700 to begin the company. He worked hard and overcame many obstacles, ...


Hi Ho, Steverino
Steve Allen

Barricade Books, 1992


The Art and Science of Rational Eating: The Sensible Way to Lose Unwanted Pounds...Starting Today! by Ellis, ...
Albert Ellis

Barricade Books Inc.,U.S., 1111


Charity on Trial: What You Need to Know Before You Contribute

Barricade Books, 2006

While the nation's love affair with charities is strong and continuing, the increase in indicting news stories over the past several years (including this year's Senate Finance Committee's hearings on the subject) has heightened the public's interest, as well as its cynicism. In the midst of such scrutiny, Charity on Trial seeks to demystify what donors and others should expect from the charitable sector.


The Case for Children: Why Parenthood Makes Your World Better

Barricade Books, 2012

Today many young men and women are doing everything during their reproductive years except reproduce! Never before in human history have birth rates intentionally fallen so far, and so fast, and in so many places. This groundbreaking book explores the overwhelming benefits that parenthood brings to individuals and society and provides strong expert statistical evidence that contradicts many modern myths of parenthood. The ...


My Face for the World to See
Liz Renay

Barricade Books, 2002

Liz Renay was born into small-town life in Mesa, Arizona to a family of religious zealots. Then WW II came and she became a "V-girl," attracting servicemen with her beautiful face and voluptuous figure. Thus began her entry into the world of New York high fashion models and Fifty-Second Street strippers. Fate led her into the underworld, where she became a confidante and girlfriend to important mobsters and shady dealers. From New York she went ...


Casino Gambling for the Winner
Lyle Stuart

Barricade Books, 1980

"This is a way-to-win book for gamblers, 208 pages of advice from Lyle Stuart, one of the highest rollers of them all...the book is full of sound and practical advice on the mechanics and protocol of the gaming scene." LAS VEGAS SUN It has taken Lyle Stuart twenty-two years to become a gambling winner. Now, you need only read his astonishingly honest and successful book to know what he knows--the rules, the odds, and the discipline of a winner.


Strange, Outlandish, Crude, and Sometimes Funny Jokes
Dean Livelsberger

Barricade Books, 1997

A collection of often shocking jokes and anecdotes reflecting the sharp cynicism of the century's end. Even the most grizzled joke veterans will find themselves laughing aloud.


Confessions of a Sex Kitten
Eartha Kitt

Barricade Books, 1989



Battle of the Two Talmuds: Judaism's Struggle with Power, Glory, & Guilt

Barricade Books, 2010

The authors reached back into history to understand the reasons and methods brilliant rabbis and Talmudic scholars abandoned the Holy Land, both physically and spiritually, to settle in what came to be known as the lands of the Diaspora. This dramatic exodus was contrary to the biblical injunction that all Jews must live in the land of Israel. The Battle of the Two Talmuds explains in great detail how the Babylonian scholars created their own ...


The Pulse Test: The Secret of Building Your Basic Health
Arthur F., M.D. Coca

Barricade Books, 1994

This classic bestseller shows readers how to find their personal allergies and avoid illness. The Pulse Test shows readers step-by-step how to discover their pulse pattern and test themselves to find out what foods and/or inhalants cause their pulse to work beyond its regular capacity. TP: Barricade Books.


Mark Twain Remembers
Thomas Hauser

Barricade Books, 1999


A Man of Respect: A Novel
Darryl London

Barricade Books, 1995


A Day for a Lay: A Century of Gay Poetry

Barricade Books, 1999

From Greece's forthright Cavafy to France's renegade Genet; from Oscar Wilde's beloved Lord Alfred Douglas to Ginsberg and the Beats; from senior poets such as Harold Norse to the kids who will be writing poems in the new millennium--Gavin Dillard, one of the world's best-loved contemporary poets, has gathered the best of the 20th Century gay poetry "lest it be lost to us except in the lonely vaults of queer archives."


The Professional Gambler's Handbook: Beating the System by Hook and by Crook
Weasel Murphy

Barricade Books, 2000

A former professional gambler and casino worker lifts the dark curtain on the secrets of the gambling world. Learn how to spot a scam, work a slot machine for big cash, run an inside job on a casino floor, outwit the house at craps or poker, deal a dirty deck and much more.



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