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Wheatgrass Nature's Finest Medicine: The Complete Guide to Using Grasses to Revitalize Your Health
Steve Meyerowitz

Book Publishing Company (TN), 2006

New, expanded, and improved, this worldwide best seller has everything you need to know about this wonder plant and its miracle cures. This is possibly the most up-to-date, nutrition filled, research packed book on wheatgrass in print. Learn how to grow wheatgrass and use it for maximum therapeutic benefit in a total health restoration program. Also included are testimonies by people who have been cured using wheatgrass and the history of ...


Sprout Garden - Revised Edition
Mark Mathew Braunstein

Book Publishing Company (TN), 1999

Sprout Garden , now is in its sixth printing, presents a comprehensive guide to the art and science of home sprouting. From aduki beans to wheat kernels, it explains the best methods and optimal conditions for growing and preparing the many varieties of fresh sprouts, and offers essential advice so that even beginners can succeed. With a generous helping of puns and subtle humor, the book entertains as it explains how to cultivate wholesome ...


Yoga Kitchen: Divine Recipes from the Shoshoni Yoga Retreat
Faith Stone, Rachael Guidry

Book Publishing Company (TN), 2004

This cookbook serves up a delicious combination of pleasurable dining, consicous energy, and cultural diversity. At the Shoshoni Yoga Retreat a bevy of good cooks, motivated by their yoga practice, create the heavenly food enjoyed by retreat guests. In Yoga Kitchen master chefs Faith Stone and Rachel Guidry present favorite meals of both the guests and staff. These recipes feature American comfort foods blended with the invigorating and unique ...


Herbal Healing for Children
Demetria Clark

Book Publishing Company (TN), 2011

Master herbalist Demetria Clark provides parents with safe, effective, natural alternatives to conventional medicines which often have negative side effects. This easy to follow, hands-on, practical guide shows how to use herbal remedies to resolve common childhood health issues: simple teas for tummy aches, drops for earaches, treatments for eczema and diaper rash, and much more. Readers are given an introduction to herbal medicine, an ...


Tofu Cookery (25th Anniversary)
Louise Hagler

Book Publishing Company (TN), 2008

Since 1983, TOFU COOKERY has been America's premier authority on how to make tofu taste delicious. Several generations of cooks have discovered the versatility of this healthful soyfood through the range of comfort foods and gourmet dishes found between the covers of this treasured volume. In this revised 25th anniversary edition, all the recipes have been updated for today's nutritional standards, using reduced quantities of more healthful ...


The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook

Book Publishing Company (TN), 1989

A classic book of soy-based recipes from some of the best cooks on "The Farm," an intentional community in rural Tennessee. Features over 250 cholesterol-free recipes for family favorites. Also included are detailed instructions for making tofu and other soyfoods at home, plus comprehensive nutritional information for a vegan diet.


Cookin' Crunk: Eating Vegan in the Dirty South
Bianca Phillips

Book Publishing Company (TN), 2012

“Crunk” is a Southern slang term that means “to get excited.” Keepin' it real and makin' it fun, vegan blogger Bianca Phillips adopted the Southern slang term to convey passion and pride for her heritage and the down-home food she was raised on. By incorporating country staples (beans, corn, and fresh produce) that have been the basis of Southern cooking for generations, Bianca offers no-frills, no-nonsense soul food dishes with a ...


The Ayurvedic Vegan Kitchen: Finding Harmony Through Food
Talya Lutzker

Book Publishing Company (TN), 2012

The Ayurveda Vegan Kitchen offers people the opportunity to follow an Ayuvedic diet without the use animal products. Ayurveda is a holistic healing system developed in ancient India to increase an understanding of the human body, mind, and spirit. It organizes the elements of ether, air, fire, water, and earth into three body types, or doshas. Although each person is unique, one of these doshas will predominate their constitution and will need ...


Aloe Vera Handbook: The Acient Egyptian Medicine Plant
Max B. Skousen

Book Publishing Company (TN), 2005

This little book presents fascinating information about this amazing plant: a brief history, how it heals, external and internal uses, and tips on how to grow aloe vera and plant care. Includes concise information on ways to use aloe vera to treat many common health ailments.


Beauty by Nature
Brigitte Mars

Book Publishing Company (TN), 2006

The journey to lasting beauty involves attention to both outer appearance and inner health. Here is a comprehensive program for attaining radiance and vitality using natural techniques. Includes directions and recipes for making scrubs, toners, moisturizers, facial sprays, and hair rinses, so easy to prepare they can be made in the kitchen. Beauty by Nature is the complete guide to unlocking your beauty potential. Also includes advice on body ...


Sacred Smoke: The Ancient Art of Smudging for Modern Times
Harvest McCampbell

Book Publishing Company (TN), 2002

Smudging is the burning of herbs as a spiritual practice. An herbalist and educator, Harvest McCampbell explains and illustrates this integral part of traditional Native American life that she began learning about from her Iroquois Onondaga Oswegatchie grandmother. Learn how to make smudge sticks and identify, collect, and grow a wide range of sacred plants for smudging. Discover how to reclaim your own traditions and find your personal healing ...


Foods That Cause You to Lose Weight: The Negative Calorie Effect
Neal D. Barnard

Book Publishing Company (TN), 1996

More than one million copies sold! No more counting calories—discover the foods that take the weight off and keep it off! Did you know that certain foods have an incredible negative calorie effect that actually melts fat? This revolutionary approach, outlined by Neal Barnard, M.D., and proven effective by thousands of men and women who have tried it, can bring about the permanent weight control every diet promises but seldom ...


Simple Little Vegan Dog Book
Michelle Rivera

Book Publishing Company (TN), 2009

Here is all the information needed so our friendly carnivorous canines can flourish as omnivores. Highlights include: expert opinions from animal nutritionist enthusiasts on plant-based diets; health survey on dogs fed a vegan diet versus commercial based; comprehensive lists of "people" foods that are beneficial to dogs and those that are harmful; and dozens of recipes for biscuits and treats as well as more substantial fare. Basic Dog Biscuit ...


Raw for Dessert: Easy Delights for Everyone
Jennifer Cornbleet

Book Publishing Company (TN), 2009

Now you can have your cake and eat it too! You can stay vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or just plain health-conscious and still eat delicious cakes, pies, compotes, crumbles, custards, sorbets, ice creams, cookies, and candies! Jennifer Cornbleet, author of the best selling Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People, shares her favorite easy no-bake treats. Learn how to: Avoid white sugar, white flour, dairy products, trans-fats, saturated ...


This Season's People: A Book of Spiritual Teachings
Stephen Gaskin

Book Publishing Company (TN), 1976

A pocket book of spiritual teachings collected from talks given by Stephen Gaskin, co-founder of The Farm in Tennessee, explaining the common ground of the great religions and how to follow their teachings in order to change oneself. Includes photographs of The Farm community life in the '70s.


Japanese Cooking: Contemporary & Traditional [Simple, Delicious, and Vegan]
Miyoko Nishimoto Schinner

Book Publishing Company (TN), 1999

Japanese and vegetarian food expert Miyoko Nishimoto Schinner presents traditional Japanese dishes and regional specialties from Kyusju in the south to Hokkaido in the north. She draws from a long tradition of vegetarian cooking in Buddhist temples, as well as an abundance of vegetable- and legume-based dishes that can be found in traditional Japanese cuisine. For those dishes that are usually prepared with meat, fish or fowl, Miyoko has created ...


Song of the Seven Herbs
Walking, Stan Padilla

Book Publishing Company (TN), 1987

This collection of captivating and original stories for children and adults alike tell how the Creator gave us seven common herbs. Spiritual allegories are used to teach us to be caretakers of Mother Earth. Good for young readers.


Survival in the 21st Century: Planetary Healers Manual
Viktoras H. Kulvinskas

Book Publishing Company (TN), 2010

Viktoras Kulvinskas wrote a new introduction for the re-issue of this classic by the grandfather of the living foods movement. Readers will find a new paradigm in nutrition that promotes a living foods diet as the key to preserving youthfulness, reversing the aging process and extending the life-span. Includes information on numerous alternative therapies such as physiognomy, iridology, zone and color therapy, massage, acupressure, yoga and ...


The Allergy-Free Cook Bakes Bread: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free
Laurie Sadowski

Book Publishing Company (TN), 2011

Dealing with any food allergy is a challenge, especially when you find yourself coping with more than one of the common food allergens: gluten, wheat, dairy, or eggs, as well as soy, corn, tree nuts, or peanuts. Food writer and critic Laurie Sadowski delivers recipes that are gluten-free, vegan, and healthful with a few indulgences, classic essentials, and everything in between. In The Allergy-Free Cook Bakes Bread proves that restricted ...



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