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Ken MacRorie

Boynton/Cook Pub, 1970

In this passionate book, Ken Macrorie lays the blame for classroom dissatisfaction on the faculty, epitomized by Percival the computer, blind electronic enforcer of the academic cliches.


Moving Forward with RTI: Reading and Writing Activities for Every Instructional Setting and Tier: Small-Group ...
Mary Howard

Boynton/Cook, 2010

"If you're a teacher trying to incorporate RTI into your day-to-day classroom practices, but you don't quite know how to manage it, then this book will be a cherished, well-guarded resource you'll want to chain to your desk." -Sharon Taberski How do I keep the rest of the class engaged while I teach small groups? "In the course of implementing RTI, teachers invariably search for ways to promote literacy learning and actively engage students ...


Lessons That Change Writers
Nancie Atwell

Boynton/Cook Pub, 2002

Book by Nancie Atwell


Teaching Middle School Writers: What Every English Teacher Needs to Know
Laura Robb

Boynton/Cook, 2010

"My whole goal with this book was to come at teaching writing from the angle that matters most: students' perspective. They taught me what I needed to know to make this book live up to their passion for writing." -Laura Robb Adolescents have robust and rewarding writing lives outside of school that involve journals, emails, text messages, blogs, and an astounding array of genres. Unlike their personal reading lives that teachers frequently ...


In the Middle: New Understandings About Writing, Reading, and Learning 2nd Edition by Atwell, Nancie ...

Boynton/Cook, 1998


What a Writer Needs, Second Edition
Ralph Fletcher

Boynton/Cook, 2013

"This is no recipe book: I have tried not to be formulaic. Rather, I want to suggest the richness of options, the myriad possibilities open to the writer at any given moment. Young writers need to know what can be done with language." -Ralph Fletcher For more than 20 years, Ralph Fletcher's What a Writer Needs has been a beloved bestseller, trusted in classrooms, district inservices, and teacher-preparation programs across the U.S. Now ...


Coming on Center, English Education in Evolution
James Moffett

Boynton/Cook Pub, 1988

Book by Moffett, James


Only Connect: Uniting Reading and Writing

Boynton/Cook Pub, 1986

Only Connect: Uniting Reading and Writing


In the Middle: New Understandings About Writing, Reading, and Learning
Nancie Atwell

Boynton/Cook Pub, 1998

In the Middle- New Understandings About Writing,Reading,& Learning by Atwell,Nancie. [1998,2nd Edition.] Paperback


An Alternate Style: Options in Composition (Hayden Writing Series)
Winston Weathers

Boynton/Cook Pub, 1980


Image Grammar (text only) by H. R. Noden
H. R. Noden

Boynton/Cook, 1999

Image Grammar : Using Grammatical Structures to Teach Writing(Bk & Cdrom) [Paperback]Harry R. Noden (Author)


By Calkins, Lucy; Ehrenworth, Mary; Lehman, Christopher Pathways to the Common Core: Accelerating Achievement ...

Boynton/Cook, 2012


Composing: Writing As a Self-Creating Process (Hayden English Language Series)
William E., Jr. Coles

Boynton/Cook Pub, 1984

Book by Coles, William E., Jr.


Human Communication Theory: The History of a Paradigm
Nancy Lee Harper

Boynton/Cook Pub, 1980

A synoptic history of communication theory from 500 BC to 1900 AD, covering three historical periods - classical, medieval and Renaissance, and modern - including every major theorist from Plato to Herbert Spencer.



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