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Hellcats: A Novel of War in the Pacific
Barrett Tillman

Brassey's, 1996

The year is 1944, and American naval supremacy has carried the war to Japan's doorstep. A new generation of ships and aircraft is on the frontline of the war in the Pacific. In the vanguard is the German F6F Hellcat.


100 Missions North: A Fighter Pilot's Story of the Vietnam War
Kenneth H. Bell

Brassey's Inc, 1993

In 100 Missions North , Ken Bell recounts the harrowing sorties that he and his comrades flew in F-105 Thunderchiefs, the famous "Thud", in 1966-67, when pilots faced a 50 percent loss rate. What was it like to face these odds day after day? We learn that men sustained by faith in each other and joined by the unique bonds of combat can overcome anxiety, fear, and even terror to achieve common goals.


My Hitch in Hell: The Bataan Death March (World War II Commemorative)
Lester I. Tenney

Brassey's Inc, 1995

This memoir is of a young, newly married American tank crewman captured during the fall of the Philippines at the start of World War II. Among the ten percent of Americans who survived the infamous Bataan Death March and subsequent incarceration, Les Tenney tells a story about the triumph of the human will. The author spent three-and-a-half years as a Japanese prisoner of war. Forced to walk under the hot Asian sun for 12 days to a prison camp ...


U-Boats: The Illustrated History of the Raiders of the Deep
David Miller

Brassey's Inc, 2000

U-BOATS provides a fascinating and comprehensive chronicle of the development, activities, and fate of known U-boats. Operating mainly in the North Atlantic, they also fought campaigns along the east coast of the United States and in the Mediterranean, the Arctic, the Black Sea, the South Atlantic, and the Indian Ocean. You'll discover the tactics, technology, and weapons these vessels used to prey upon Allied warships and unarmed merchantmen ...


Lifeboat Sailors: Disasters, rescues, and the Perilous Future of the Coast Guard's Small Boat Stations
Dennis L. Noble

Brassey's US, 2000

Retired coast guard Dennis Noble travelled from unit to unit documenting stories from past and present regarding rescues, training, policies and equipment.


War in the Boats: My World War II Submarine Battles
William J. Ruhe

Brassey's Inc, 1994

Submarine duty in World War II was extraodinarily dangerous - more than 20 percent of US submariners lost their lives. What kind of man faced these odds, day after day, in a cramped, leaky sub hundreds of feet below the sea? Bill Ruhe was one. A 26-year-old ensign, he kept a journal on eight action-filled patrols against the Japanese in the South Pacific. This book describes this unique combat and the courageous individuals who withstood its ...


MEDAL OF HONOR: A Vietnam Warrior's Story
Roy P. Benavidez, John R. Craig

Brassey's, 1995

The book "every American should read" (Vietnam) now available in trade paperback. Here is the powerful story of one man's fight against bigotry, paralysis and his war enemy that led to the Medal of Honor.From migrant farm-worker and middle-school dropout to recipient of his country's highest award for bravery, Roy Benavidez demonstrated the courage and fortitude of an American hero. The half-Yaqui Indian, half-Mexican orphan fought his way out ...


Warthog: Flying the A-10 in the Gulf War
William L. Smallwood

Brassey's, 1993

Interviews with dozens of A-10 pilots reveal the story behind the controversial Warthog's extraordinary success in Desert Storm.


Desperate Deception: British Covert Operations in the United States, 1939-44 (Brassey's Intelligence & ...
Thomas E. Mahl

Brassey's Inc, 1998

- Reveals the widespread use of front groups, agents, and collaborators- Details how British agents manipulated polling data and influenced election campaignsIt was a desperate time for England. Faced with the growing prospect of war with Germany in 1939, the British government mounted a massive secret political campaign in the United States to weaken the isolationists, bring America into the war, and then influence U.S. war policy in England's ...


Long Binh Jail: An Oral History of Vietnam's Notorious U.S. Military Prison
Cecil Barr Currey

Brassey's Inc, 1999

A harrowing account of Long Binh jail - a place so feared that American soldiers would rather face the Viet Cong than be sent there. Through the words of former guards, prisoners, and administrators, Currey reveals a disturbing aspect of the Vietnam War that has never been examined until now.


Wade Hampton: Confederate Warrior, Conservative Statesman
Walter Brian Cisco

Brassey's, 2004

On the eve of the American Civil War, Wade Hampton, one of the wealthiest men in the South and indeed the United States, remained loyal to his native South Carolina as it seceded from the Union. Raising his namesake Hampton Legion of soldiers, he eventually became a lieutenant general of Confederate cavalry after the death of the legendary J. E. B. Stuart. Hampton’s highly capable, but largely unheralded, military leadership has long needed a ...


Mole - The True Story of the First Russian Spy to Become an American Counterspy
William Hood

Brassey's Inc, 1993

The thrilling true story of Lt. Col. Pyotr Popov, the first agent the CIA recruited within the Soviet intelligence service. Reads like the best of le Carre -- but fact.


Lightning: The 101st in the Gulf War (Ausa Institute of Land Warfare Book)
Edward M., Jr. Flanagan

Brassey's Inc, 1994

Cited by General Norman Schwarzkopf as the "lightning" of Desert Storm, the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) - not the Air Force - actually fired the first shots of the Gulf War when its Apache helicopters took out Iraqi radar at the beginning of the air war. Then, on day one of the ground war, over 200 101st helicopters, almost 1000 vehicles and more than 6000 highly trained soldiers drove deep into Iraqi territory. Their mission - to cut ...


American Pilots in the RAF: The WWII Eagle Squadrons
Philip D. Caine

Brassey's Inc, 1993

The inspiring story of the US citizens who fought and died in World War II long before their country entered the war. Drawn from interviews with dozens of surviving Eagles, from their letters and memoirs and from official records of the squadrons, and containing numerous photographs from the pilots' personal collections.


Embassies Under Siege: Personal Accounts by Diplomats on the Front Line (Institute for the Study of Diplomacy)

Brassey's US, 1995

This volume provides eyewitness accounts of nine representative crises in foreign lands described in detail. The authors, all career foreign service officers, provide first-hand accounts of vulnerable people facing great peril. As problems remain and new crises arise, the lessons learned from these cases will continue to prove valuable. Containing incidents of physical courage, professionalism and resourcefulness, this book tells the story of ...



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