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Kenneth H. Bell.

Brassey's, 1993


Thunderbolt: General Creighton Abrams and the Army of His Times (Association of the United States Army)
Lewis Sorley

Brassey's Inc, 1998

He has been called the greatest American general since U.S. Grant (by Sir Robert Thompson) and the world's champion tank commander (by Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.). Yet the general public knows relatively little about this man who, for more than four decades, in three wars and in peacetime, demonstrated the skill, courage, integrity, and compassion that made him a legend in his profession. In Thunderbolt, Lewis Sorley brings us the definitive ...


Wake Island Pilot: A World War II Memoir
John F. Kinney, James M. McCaffrey

Brassey's Inc, 1995

Days after Pearl Harbour, the Japanese struck the small US garrison on Wake Island. As the primary maintenance officer when not in the air fighting the Japanese, young pilot John F. Kinney used all his ingenuity to oversee the cannibalization of crippled planes. His heroic effort helped enable the desperate Marine and Navy defenders to hold out for an incredible two weeks. After the island's inevitable surrender, Kinney was a Japanese prisoner ...


Vessel of Sadness (Brassey's Commemorative Series, Wwii)
William Woodruff

Brassey's Inc, 1996

A blend of history, fiction, poetry, and journalism set against the WWII battle of Anzio.


Lifeboat Sailors: Disasters, rescues, and the Perilous Future of the Coast Guard's Small Boat Stations
Dennis L. Noble

Brassey's US, 2000

Retired coast guard Dennis Noble travelled from unit to unit documenting stories from past and present regarding rescues, training, policies and equipment.


Aircraft Down!: Evading Capture in Wwii Europe
Philip D. Caine

Brassey's Inc, 1997

This work recounts stories of six evasion adventures set in Holland, France, Spain, Italy, Albania and Greece which took place during World War II, between 1941 and 1945. In 1944 alone, nearly 30,000 American airmen survived bailing out of, or crash landing, their aircraft in Europe. Most were captured, but others managed to evade their pursuers. The book is based on interviews with the airmen and Europeans who helped them at the risk of their ...


Under Custer's Command: The Civil War Journal of James Henry Avery

Brassey's Inc, 2001

Avery fought in the legendary Michigan Cavalry Brigade, commanded by George Armstrong Custer * Avery's battles included Gettysburg, The Wilderness, Yellow Tavern, Haws Shop, Tom's Brook, Cedar Creek, and Trevilian Station George Armstrong Custer's fabled Fifth Regiment fought with great distinction throughout the war and suffered the third highest total of men killed in the entire Union cavalry. A twenty-four-year-old farmer and new father from ...


A Chain of Events: The Government Cover-up of the Black Hawk Incident and the Friendly Fire Death of Lt. ...
Joan L. Piper

Brassey's Inc, 2000

In April, 1994, two US air force jets encountered two US army Black Hawk helicopters, misidentified the helicopters and shot them down. One victim was officer Laura Piper. This is the story of her family's battle with government bureaucracies for accountability.


B-17s Over Berlin (P) (World War II Commemorative)

Brassey's Inc, 1995

This true story of the European bomber war is told by the combatants themselves and by the sometimes bemused English villagers who came to love "their Yanks". The book focuses on the 95th Bomb Group (H), the first American unit to strike Berlin in a daylight raid and winner of three Presidential Distinguished Unit citations. Its personal stories chronicle furious air combat, fiery crashes, captures, escapes and friendships forged for life. ...


Russian Sideshow: America's Undeclared War, 1918-1920
Robert L. Willett

Brassey's, Inc., 2003

In July 1918, as the carnage of World War I continued, President Woodrow Wilson deployed U.S. troops to join other Allied forces in civil war-ravaged Russia. Ostensibly a mission to guard czarist military supplies and the Trans-Siberian Railroad, the true purpose of the Allied intervention was to help topple the nascent Bolshevik government. Dispatched to some of the most remote regions of the Russian wilderness-from the frigid port city of ...


Record Breakers of the North Atlantic: Blue Riband Liners 1838-1952
Arnold Kludas

Brassey's Inc, 2002

-- Beautifully presented, with 50 color illustrations and 120 black-and-white photos -- Written by the preeminent authority on the great age of transatlantic travel The Blue Riband, a mythical trophy for the fastest transatlantic crossing, has fascinated the public for almost 200 years. Although the race never officially existed, the battle for the Blue Riband was real. Five nations -- England, the United States, Germany, Italy, and France -- ...


Charles Dahlgren of Natchez: The Civil War and Dynastic Decline
Herschel Gower

Brassey's Inc, 2002

Charles G. Dahlgren came from a family that played a prominent role in the effort to preserve the Union. His older brother, John, was a rear admiral in the U.S. Navy and enjoyed a measure of fame for inventing naval guns. In 1864, John's son, Col. Ulric Dahlgren, died in a Union cavalry raid against Richmond. Charles's other brother, William, spent part of the war in England spying on Confederate purchasing agents. In ironic contrast, Charles's ...



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