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U-Boats: The Illustrated History of the Raiders of the Deep
David Miller

Brassey's Inc, 2000

U-BOATS provides a fascinating and comprehensive chronicle of the development, activities, and fate of known U-boats. Operating mainly in the North Atlantic, they also fought campaigns along the east coast of the United States and in the Mediterranean, the Arctic, the Black Sea, the South Atlantic, and the Indian Ocean. You'll discover the tactics, technology, and weapons these vessels used to prey upon Allied warships and unarmed merchantmen ...


Last of the Cape Horners : Firsthand Accounts from the Final Days of the Commercial Tall Ships

Brassey's, 2000

When we think of commercial sailing, most of us are apt to picture square-riggers as vessels of the nineteenth century or earlier. Yet the graceful, multi-masted beauties of our imaginations actually sailed on into the 1950s before they disappeared from the seas forever. Veteran sailor Spencer Apollonio has selected from little-known sources some of the best-written and most representative accounts of life aboard the last of these ships that ...


MEDAL OF HONOR: A Vietnam Warrior's Story
Roy P. Benavidez, John R. Craig

Brassey's, 1995

The book "every American should read" (Vietnam) now available in trade paperback. Here is the powerful story of one man's fight against bigotry, paralysis and his war enemy that led to the Medal of Honor.From migrant farm-worker and middle-school dropout to recipient of his country's highest award for bravery, Roy Benavidez demonstrated the courage and fortitude of an American hero. The half-Yaqui Indian, half-Mexican orphan fought his way out ...


A Connecticut Yankee in the 8th Gurkha Rifles: A Burma Memoir
Scott Gilmore, Patrick Davis

Brassey's Inc, 1995

America was still neutral when, in the fall of 1941, a 30-year-old advertising executive from Connecticut volunteered to serve as an American Field Service ambulance driver in the British Army. It was the start of an adventure that took Scott Gilmore to Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, India and finally, to the jungles of Burma. After a dangerous year in North Africa, where he witnessed the fall of Tobruk and the battle of El Alamein, Gilmore was accepted ...


The Pearl Harbor Papers: Inside the Japanese Plans

Brassey's, 1993

These are the original Japanese documents on Pearl Harbor, collected and annotated by the best-selling coauthors of At Dawn We Slept and Miracle at Midway.


Photo Fakery: A History of Deception and Manipulation
Dino A. Brugioni

Brassey's Inc, 1999

The first book on the history of all types of photographic fakery and manipulation, showing how to detect these increasingly common practices.


Long Binh Jail: An Oral History of Vietnam's Notorious U.S. Military Prison
Cecil Barr Currey

Brassey's Inc, 1999

A harrowing account of Long Binh jail - a place so feared that American soldiers would rather face the Viet Cong than be sent there. Through the words of former guards, prisoners, and administrators, Currey reveals a disturbing aspect of the Vietnam War that has never been examined until now.


Yellow Ribbon: The Secret Journal of Bruce Laingen
L. Bruce Laingen

Brassey's Inc, 1992

Excerpts from Bruce Laingen's Secret Journal and Letters: . DAY 13, November 16, 1979--I am sick at heart, but I remain an optimist, too, confident that human decency will ultimately prevail. Then we will have a long, long time in which to reflect on this tragedy... DAY 50, December 23, 1979--The whole thing is unconscionable...that a government that professes to be guided by spiritual considerations should demonstrate such cruelty and ...


Lifeboat Sailors: Disasters, rescues, and the Perilous Future of the Coast Guard's Small Boat Stations
Dennis L. Noble

Brassey's US, 2000

Retired coast guard Dennis Noble travelled from unit to unit documenting stories from past and present regarding rescues, training, policies and equipment.


Bloody Hill: The Civil War Battle of Wilson's Creek
William Riley Brooksher

Brassey's Inc, 2000

The story of the battle that started the Civil War in the West of the Mississippi.


Mole - The True Story of the First Russian Spy to Become an American Counterspy
William Hood

Brassey's Inc, 1993

The thrilling true story of Lt. Col. Pyotr Popov, the first agent the CIA recruited within the Soviet intelligence service. Reads like the best of le Carre -- but fact.


Sharks Over China: The 23rd Fighter Group in World War II
Carl Molesworth

Brassey's, 1999

The first complete history of the unit that included Gen. Claire Chennault's famous "Flying Tigers."


Couture Bridalwear: Pattern Layout and Design
Margot Arendse

Brassey's, 2000

A comprehensive guide to creating couture bridalwear, including dresses, trains, veils, head dresses, and the use of decorative techniques.


The Minute Men: The First Fight : Myths and Realities of the American Revolution
John R. Galvin

Brassey's, 1989

Discusses their role in the revolution.


Marine Rifleman: Forty-Three Years in the Corps (Memories of War)
Wesley L. Fox

Brassey's Inc., 2002

Intrigued by the mystique and challenge of the Marine Corps, eighteen-year-old Wesley Fox enlisted in the summer of 1950, shortly after the outbreak of the Korean War. He saw action with the First Marine Division in Korea and was wounded in 1951. After Korea, Fox advanced steadily in the enlisted ranks, reaching the rank of first sergeant, and, early in the Vietnam War, he received an appointment as second lieutenant. While serving as a rifle ...


Nuts! The Battle of the Bulge: The Story and Photographs (America Goes to War)
J. Michael Wenger, Katherine V. Dillon, ...

Brassey's Inc.., 1997

From the Library Journal Hitler and his general staff were convinced that if the Allies on the Continent were struck a shattering blow, their unity would collapse. In mid-December 1944, they planned and executed a sudden but unsuccessful counterattack westward through the Forest of Ardennes that on combat maps produced a change in the battle line forever known as the Bulge. Following the format and scope of their earlier works The Way It Was ...


Imperial Hubris (Why The West Is Losing The War On Terror)
Anonymous, Michael Scheuer

Brassey's Inc, 2004




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