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The Fall of Carthage: The Punic Wars 265-146BC (Cassell Military Paperbacks)
Adrian Goldsworthy

Cassell, 2007

“Adrian Goldsworthy is one of the best young historians writing today.” — John Keegan The Fall of Carthage was the greatest conflict of the ancient world, and thanks to one of the finest historians of our time, this sweeping saga comes to life anew for modern audiences. The cast of endlessly fascinating characters includes the generals Hannibal and Scipio, as well as treacherous chieftains, beautiful princesses, scheming politicians, and ...


Achtung - Panzer! (Cassell Military Classics)
Heinz Guderian

Cassell, 1999

A rare, enlightening account by an outstanding soldier reveals his thoughts and theories on armored warfare and motorized land battle--which he then put in action to devastating effect during World War Two. Guderian's treatise on the importance of tank development, and on modern mechanized technology, shows exactly why the Germans dominated land warfare in the early stage of the ...


Infographic Guide to the Movies (Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook)
Karen Krizanovich

Cassell, 2013

Infographics Guide to the Movies presents unique, witty and surprising facts about every film genre, from blockbuster, rom-com, horror, crime, science-fiction and action, to Noir, zombie, nouvelle vague, slasher, erotica, world cinema and much, much more. Mixing cinematic fact with legend, it features infamous and often ludicrous tales of Hollywood, Bollywood, European cinema, underground and indie film making. More than just a book of words ...


Leatherworking Handbook: A Practical Illustrated Sourcebook of Techniques and Projects
Valerie Michael

Cassell, 2006

Valerie Michael-a founding member of the Association of Design Leatherworkers-has created the definitive guide to this popular and age-old craft. Oriented to the beginner, it thoroughly presents all the materials, tools, and key techniques in easy-to-follow photographs: finishing edges, paring and hand-stitching, making pockets, attaching studs and straps, and decorating surfaces. The well-chosen projects take into account developing skills, and ...


Das Boot: The Boat
Lothar-Günther Buchheim

Cassell, 2007

The thrilling wartime novel that inspired Wolfgang Petersen's Academy Award-nominated, blockbuster film! Written by an actual survivor of Germany's U-boat fleet, Das Boot is one of the most exciting stories of naval warfare ever published, a tale filled with almost unbearable tension and suspense. In autumn 1941, a German U-boat commander and his crew set out on yet another hazardous patrol in the Battle of the Atlantic. Over the coming weeks ...


Fender: The Golden Age 1946-1970
Martin Kelly, Paul Kelly, ...

Cassell, 2010

The Stratocaster. The Telecaster. During the quarter-century following World War II, Fender guitars didn't just make music. They made musical history. Those spectacular years are remembered and celebrated in this definitive new book, which tells the story of the Fender company and the wondrous instruments it created. Featuring 250 photographs of Fender guitars-including some extremely rare guitars in private ...


Get Plucky with the Ukulele: A quick and easy guide to anything Uke
Will Grove-White

Cassell, 2014

A revolution in music is happening under our noses and its weapon of choice is a vertically challenged guitar. It's time to get plucky with the ukulele! The ukulele: a noble little instrument, an irritating little instrument. Both views are valid, but for millions of people around the world, the ukulele is becoming the instrument of desire. The beauty of the ukulele is that it's quick to learn, inexpensive to buy, and one of the most ...


The Punic Wars
Adrian Goldsworthy

Cassell, 2001

An impressive new historian of Roman warfare--highly praised by John Keegan--has written a thoroughly engrossing account of the greatest conflict of antiquity. It will grab the attention of military buffs and general readers alike. The struggle for supremacy between Rome and Carthage encompassed the First (264-241 B.C.) and Second (149-146 B.C.) Punic Wars; both sides suffered casualties exceeding that of any war fought before the modern era. ...


Indoor Bonsai for Beginners: Selection - Care - Training
Werner Busch

Cassell, 2005

Creating beautiful, healthy bonsai is a wonderful skill that anyone can learn, with a little time, patience, and this all-inclusive manual. With color photos and drawings to illustrate the points, it introduces all the cultivation techniques; offers expert advice on location, soil types, watering, and pest control; and provides intricate instruction on training the bonsai--including pruning, wiring and stretching it. An A-to-Z guide of all the ...


Legion of the Damned (Cassell Military Paperbacks)
Sven Hassel

Cassell, 2007

Sven Hassel's books have sold 52 million copies worldwide. The critically acclaimed Legion of the Damned has already been translated into 15 languages, and will soon reach the attention of even more readers when it becomes a movie. Hassel, a Danish volunteer who served in the German army throughout WWII, based this story on his own horrific experiences fighting on the Russian front. Never before has violence been described in such graphic and ...


War of the Running Dogs: Malaya, 1948-1960
Noel Barber

Cassell, 2007

Only three short years after the end of the Japanese occupation, war came again to Malaya. The Chinese-backed guerrillas called it the War of the Running Dogs - their contemptuous term for those in Malaya who remained loyal to the British. The British Government referred to this bloody and costly struggle as the 'Malayan Emergency'. Yet it was a war that lasted twelve years and cost thousands of lives. By the time it was over Malaya had ...


Killing Defence at Bridge (Master Bridge Series)
Hugh Kelsey

Cassell, 2001

Killing Defence at Bridge is one of the all-time classics of the game. When it was first published, it revolutionized defense play, and today it continues to be as incisive and relevant as ever.


Better Bridge with a Better Memory: How Mnemonics Will Improve Your Game (Master Bridge Series)
Ron Klinger

Cassell, 2002

This book will help you strengthen your memory in relation to the conventions you use and strategies you employ in bidding and play.


Indoor Bonsai
Paul Lesniewicz

Cassell, 2013

Discover a new and exciting horticultural art form with this practical guide to bonsai. A bonsai is a miniature tree. Grown in a shallow dish, it resembles larger trees in all respects except size, and, with the right care and attention, will live to an equally old age. Conventional bonsai need to be grown in the open air, where they are exposed to the sun, wind and rain. In this comprehensive guide, however, Paul Lesniewicz looks at those ...


Cassell's Spanish-English, English-Spanish Dictionary
Anthony Gooch, Angel Garcia de Paredes

Cassell's, 1978

This is the thoroughly revised and updated edition of Cassell?s internationally known Spanish dictionary. Special features of this new edition include New socio-political, economic and colloquial Spanish vocabulary brought into use by recent changes. New comprehensive verb tables. New bibliography of Spanish and English dictionaries. Latin-American usage as well as Castilian and regional dialects of Spain. New-wave socio-political, ...


The Greatest Movies You'll Never See: Unseen Masterpieces by the World's Greatest Directors
Simon Braund

Cassell, 2014

From Hitchcock and Dali to Peckinpah and Lynch, cinema history is littered with masterpieces that have never seen the light of day. Now, The Greatest Movies You'll Never See unveils the fascinating - and frequently heart-breaking - stories of these projects' faltering steps from green light to movie graveyard. Opening at the dawn of contemporary cinema with Charlie Chaplin's Return from St. Helena, and closing with the collapse of Tony Scott's ...



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