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10 Pack God's Creative Power for Healing

Charles Capps Ministries, 1991

Charles Capps mini pocket book, God's Creative Power Will Work For You, reveals the basic principles of faith. Your faith is released with your Words, and Capps provides teaching on the power of your words as well as a list of verses you can stand on and confess in order live victoriously. This book contains faith confessions for wisdom, comfort, strength, health, and more.


Kicking over Sacred Cows
Charles Capps

Charles Capps Ministries, 1984

Kicking Over Sacred Cows--Rightly dividing God's Word brings refreshing truth and balance into the believer's life. God's Word brings life. Some believers have created sacred cow beliefs that actually bring bondage instead of producing life. This book was written to produce balance and clarity through rightly dividing God's Word. Sacred Cows produce Bondage-the Truth sets you free!


God's Creative Power Gift Collection: God's Creative Power Will Work for You, God's Creative Power for ...
Charles Capps

Charles Capps Ministries, 2004

God's Creative Power Will Work for You has been a much loved scriptural resource for many years. With more than 3 million sold, God's Creative Power for Healing and God's Creative Power for Finances were released. This amazing series has now sold more than 5 million copies! The God's Creative Power Gift Collection combines all three of these powerful teaching books into one volume. Providing concise teaching and applicable Scripture-based ...


Faith That Will Work For You
Charles Capps

Charles Capps Ministries, 2000

If you are like many Christians, when the going gets rough, you may have more faith in someone ele's prayers than in your own. We all know people who seem to consistently receive God's blessing, while we may seem to always be struggling just to stay afloat. Why does God seem to bless some people more than others? Has He given them greater faith? In the scripture it says, we all receive the same measure of faith when we become born again into the ...


Angels: Knowing Their Purpose, Releasing Their Power
Charles Capps

Charles Capps Ministries, 2003

Angels, first published in 1984, has sold over 250,000 copies. This classic message provides a foundational introduction to one of the most widespread spiritual phenomena of our age. Now with a fresh new cover design, this important book takes readers on a fascinating journey of angelic intervention in biblical times and tells how to activate angels in our modern day lives as well. Other bestsellers from world-renowned author and teacher Charles ...


God's Image Of You
Charles Capps

Charles Capps Ministries, 2002

Charles Capps teaches how God sees you, in His Own image, and how that image God puts in His Word is the image you should have of yourself. This is so important, since it has been proven that what or who you imagine yourself to be determines your fate in life. Your self-image can carry you to heights of success or plunge you into the depths of defeat and despair.


Faith That Will Not Change
Charles Capps

Charles Capps Ministries, 2006

Have you ever stepped out in faith only to later feel that you have failed? If you are like most Christians, at some point in your life, you have questioned the word God gave you. The truth, however, is that faith is a law and God's laws always work. Many times, we hinder our faith by not properly applying the principles outlined in God's Word. Faith That Will Not Change is a pratical guide to encourage you in your walk with God. In this dynamic ...


Changing the Seen & Shaping the Unseen
Charles Capps

Charles Capps Ministries, 1981

People tend to look at the natural realm as the real world, but the natural world is temporal and subject to change. In this book Charles Capps shows you how you can change the unseen and the seen world around you. You will learn how to look at things which are not seen with the eyes of your spirit. Your words create images inside you. When you speak forth these words in faith, you will see circumstances change in the natural. Faith-filled words ...


Gods Creative Power For Preschoolers
Capps Beverly A

Charles Capps Ministries, Inc., 2009

Scriptures with confessions for Pre-Schoolers. (for children ages 2-5)


The Parallel Plane of the Spirit World

Charles Capps Ministries, 2000


Gods Creative Power For Grandparents
Beverly Capps

Charles Capps Ministries, Inc., 2009

Scriptures with Confessions for Grandparents and Children.


Gods Creative Power For Babies & Toddlers
Beverly Capps

Charles Capps Ministries, Inc., 2009

Scriptures with confessions for Babies, Toddlers and Parents


Prayer That Changes Things by Charles Capps (Teaching Tapes, 4 tape series)
Charles Capps

Charles Capps Ministries, 2003

Like new 4 tape series about prayer; Scriptural basis for prayer that changes things


Gods Creative Power For Kids
Beverly Capps

Charles Capps Ministries, Inc., 2009

Scriptures with confessions for Kids. (for children ages 6-12)


Endtime Events (Charles Capps Ministries)
Charles Capps

Charles Capps Ministries, Arkansas, 2000

Set of three cassette teaching tapes by Charles Capps, well-known author and Christian speaker. Three hours of teaching as interpreted by Charles Capps from the Holy Bible. A WORD in due season for these end-times...


Did God Create Darkness and Evil?
Charles Capps

Charles Capps Ministries, 1999


Grace Through Faith [Teaching Tape] (2 Audio Cassettes)
Charles Capps

Charles Capps Ministries, 1990

(2 Audio Cassettes) Teaching tape by Charles Capps: Grace Through Faith #1 and #2. Charles Capps is a Christian preacher and teacher in the Word of Faith movement, and has had great influence on the movement through his books and teaching. He and his wife Peggy are headquartered in England, Arkansas. Capps has a ministry, Concepts of Faith, both a radio and television program, that are broadcast around the world and speaks at seminars and ...



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