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The Enchanted Horse (Galaxy Children's Large Print)

Chivers North America


Death in High Heels (Black Dagger Crime)
Christianna Brand

Chivers North America, 1988

Young Mr. Chatsworth of Scotland Yard is assigned to investigate a murder in a dress shop. What he finds are five delectable young women as suspects. He promptly loses his heart to one of them and is soon matching wits with all five as they band together to protect themselves.


The Burning Mountain: A Novel of the Invasion of Japan

Chivers North America, 1996



For Love of Money (Lythway Large Print Books)
Georgina Lloyd

Chivers North America


Pete Johnson

Chivers North America, 2004

Pay up on Monday or else! What would you do if a gang of bullies decided to waylay you on your way home from school, demanding money? Would you pay up? That’s what Tom, Mia and Oliver do -- at first. Ashamed of being victims, united in their fear of the gang, they feel powerless to do anything else. But as the pressure builds, a terrible suspicion begins to surface: could one of the three friends be helping the bullies? And if so, just who is ...


The Mum Hunt
Gwyneth Rees

Chivers North America, 2005

Eleven-year-old Esmie is on the hunt for a new mum. Her own mother died when she was just a baby, and her father is still heartbroken over it. Plus he works far too much and hasn’t gone out in ages. By Esmie’s reckoning he needs help—whether he’s asked for it or not. So Esmie, her older brother Matthew, and their French nanny, Juliette, place an advert in the Lonely Hearts column of the newspaper. But what they’re looking for and ...


Rescuing Dad
Pete Johnson

Chivers North America, 2002

Joe and Claire can see why Mum chucked Dad out. He looks a mess, he can't cook and he's useless around the house. Something must be done: they're the only ones who can help transform him into 'Dad Mark Two'. And when they unveil this new, improved dad, Mum will be so impressed she'll take him back on the spot! But then disaster strikes - Mum starts seeing the slimy and creepy Roger. And Joe and Claire's plans take an unexpected turn - with ...


Malorie Blackman

Chivers North America, 2004

It’s a normal Friday evening for Elliot — until the police knock on the door and tell him his mum’s in serious trouble! A security video clearly shows her breaking into a giant pharmaceutical company on behalf of the environmental action group A.N.T.I.D.O.T.E. Elliot can hardly believe it. His mom’s a secretary, isn’t she? Not a SPY! And even worse — now she’s gone on the run.


The Road to Somewhere
Helen Armstrong

Chivers North America, 2002

When Cow hears that she is going away in a truck to never-come-back, her old friend Ratty knows he must help her escape. They are joined by Woolly, the tough fierce lamb who doesn't want to be lamb chops any more than Cow wants to be beef stew. As the three friends set out bravely into the unknown, they meet terrible dangers and kind strangers - and some who are not to be trusted. Their amazing adventures require Cow and Woolly to show a ...


A Dream of Thee (Atlantic Large Print Books)

Chivers North America

Book by


Gunfire at Salt Fork (Atlantic Large Print)

Chivers North America


Left, Right, & Centre (Atlantic Large Print)

Chivers North America

Book by Ruth Brandon


Diamond Cut Diamond (Atlantic Large Print Books)

Chivers North America


Bay of Angels (Atlantic Large Print Books)

Chivers North America


Quest of Lee Garrison (Gunsmoke Western)
Max Brand

Chivers North America, 2001

THE ELUSIVE GRAY MUSTANG As a youth, Lee Garrison pored over medieval quest stories, especially those about the quest for the Holy Grail. As a young man, working as a line rider on a great ranch in the Southwest, Lee still spent hours reading tales of the knights of the Round Table. His life would never be the same, though, after a dying Indian stumbled into his line shack. The Indian had traveled hundreds of miles in search of the magnificent ...


Night Raid (Gunsmoke Westerns)

Chivers North America


Water Under the Bridge

Chivers North America


The Cape Murders (Large Print Mystery)

Chivers North America



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