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The Jamie and Angus Stories
Anne Fine

Chivers North America, 2004

Jamie and Angus - an imaginative little boy and his treasured toy bull - spring to life in six delightful stories from Britain’s Children’s Laureate, Anne Fine - illustrated with warmth and charm by Penny Dale. The moment Jamie sets eyes on Angus in the toy shop window, with his silky white coat and forlorn gaze, he just knows they belong together. On Christmas morning the two are united at last, and the coveted Highland Bull becomes ...


Apple from Eve (Lythway Large Print Books)

Chivers North America


Blood and Sand (New Portway Reprints)
Vicente Blasco Ibanez

Chivers North America, 1973

This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original. Due to its age, it may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages. Because we believe this work is culturally important, we have made it available as part of our commitment for protecting, preserving, and promoting the world's literature in affordable, high quality, modern editions that are true to the original work.


Return to Thrush Green (Thrush Green Series #5)
Miss Read

Chivers North America, 1992

Miss Read's delightful chronicles of life in Thrush Green continue with RETURN TO THRUSH GREEN. It's spring again in the village, and with the change of the seasons comes change in the lives of many villagers. The Young family's tranquility is disrupted by the sudden arrival of Joan's father, while Molly and Ben Curdle consider putting an end to their wandering days in order to finally settle down. Even the reappearance of Sexton Albert Piggot ...


Out of the Storm (Lythway Large Print Books)

Chivers North America


The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark
Jill Tomlinson

Chivers North America, 2004

Plop, the fledgling barn owl, is now old enought to start hunting for his own food - but he hates the dark. This book is one of a selection of Jill Tomlinson animal stories which include "The Aadvark Who Wasn't Sure", "The Gorilla Who Wanted to Grow Up" and "Penguin's Progress".


Ace (Cavalcade story cassettes)
Dick King-Smith

Chivers North America, 1995

Farmer Tubbs takes a real shine to one particular young pig, so much so that he can't bear to send him to market with the other young pigs. Soon Ace is befriended by the farmyard animals including Nanny the goat and Clarence the cat. Together they help Ace find his place in the farmhouse.


Five on Finniston Farm (Galaxy Children's Large Print)
Enid Blyton

Chivers North America, 1999

Enid Blyton's work has made a significant contribution to twentieth century literature and literacy, delighting and captivating generations of children. These Millennium editions of her bestselling books take her work forward into the twenty first century, underlining the author's classic status and timeless appeal to young readers.


Secret Seven Mystery (Cavalcade story cassettes)
Enid Blyton

Chivers North America, 1996

The Seven are hunting for a girl who has run away from home, and use their ingenuity in following up all the clues. Jack's naughty sister, Susie, plays her usual tricks on the Seven, but in spite of her, their quest has a happy ending.


Dangerous to Know
Margaret Yorke

Chivers North America, 1994


Pig-Heart Boy
Malorie Blackman

Chivers North America, 2002

Cameron is thirteen and desperately in need of a heart transplant when a pioneering doctor approaches his family with a startling proposal. He can give Cameron a new heart — but not one from a human, one from a pig. It’s never been done before. It’s experimental, risky and very controversial. But Cameron is fed up with just sitting on the side of life, always watching and never doing. He has to try — to become the world’s first ...


The Famous Five: Five Have a Mystery to Solve (Galaxy Children's Large Print Books)

Chivers North America

Book by Enid Blyton


Stairs of Sand (Gunsmoke Western)

Chivers North America


The Kelpie's Pearls (Lythway Large Print Children's Series)
Mollie Hunter

Chivers North America, 1988

Everyone thinks Morag MacLeod is a witch because of the strange things that have happened since she went to the shores of Loch Ness to see the monster rise. Only Torquil knows better, for her has seen the Kelpie, the supernatural water-horse whose magical powers can summon any beast, even Nessie. Tourists, reporters and professors all gather at Morag's croft, and Torquil fears that his secret collection of animals will be discovered. The fierce ...


Unbelievable with Cassette(s) (Galaxy Children's Large Print)
Paul Jennings

Chivers North America, 1998

Stare if you dare, into Paul Jennings' wild world. What happens when you grow younger? Where do ghosts sit their exams? How would you cope if a million birds did it on you? Where did the eyes in the bottle come from? Nine stories that you would never dream of.


The Queen's Nose (Cavalcade story cassettes)

Chivers North America


Spilled Water
Sally Grindley

Chivers North America, 2005

When her husband dies, Lu Si-yan's mother is encouraged to sell her young daughter into domestic service. Lu Si-yan is just eleven when sold by her uncle. Nearly two years will pass before she can get back home to her mother and brother. In this powerful and compelling novel Sally Grindley portrays the life of a young girl in China, a young girl whose life is said to be like 'spilled water'. With a brilliant first-person narrative and a powerful ...


Fantastic Stories (Galaxy Children's Books)

Chivers North America


Shadow of the Minotaur
Alan Gibbons

Chivers North America, 2002

"Real life" or the death-defying adventures of the Greek myths, with their heroes and monsters, daring deeds, and narrow escapes—which would you choose? For Phoenix it's easy. He hates his new home and the new school where he is bullied. He's embarrassed by his computer geek dad. But when he logs on to The Legendeer, the game his dad is working on, he can be a hero. He is Theseus fighting the terrifying Minotaur, or Perseus battling with ...


The Tale of Jeremy Vole
Stephen R. Lawhead

Chivers North America, 2004

Warned by a big bird of a great disaster coming to the river, Jeremy Vole, a vole who lives a quiet and contented life in a hole in the riverbank, finds he must embark on an adventure. Reprint.



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