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Return to Thrush Green (Thrush Green Series #5)
Miss Read

Chivers North America, 1992

Miss Read's delightful chronicles of life in Thrush Green continue with RETURN TO THRUSH GREEN. It's spring again in the village, and with the change of the seasons comes change in the lives of many villagers. The Young family's tranquility is disrupted by the sudden arrival of Joan's father, while Molly and Ben Curdle consider putting an end to their wandering days in order to finally settle down. Even the reappearance of Sexton Albert Piggot ...


Golden Ashes (Black Dagger Crime)
Freeman Wills Crofts

Chivers North America, 1999

The new Sir Geoffrey Buller is working in an office when he unexpectedly inherits the title and Forde Manor with its collection of priceless art. Widow, Betty Stanton, takes the post of housekeeper and is surprised when she finds Sir Geoffrey is having paintings cleaned. The house is empty and Sir Geoffrey in Italy when disaster strikes. Inspector French reconstructs the cunning and complex crime from a mosaic of detail.


The Bulwark (New Portway Reprints)
Theodore Dreiser

Chivers North America, 1973

Book by Dreiser, Theodore


Empty Saddles (Gunsmoke Western)
Cherry Wilson

Chivers North America, 2001


The Borrowers Afloat (An Adventure With the Borrowers)
Mary Norton

Chivers North America, 1999

Uprooted once again, the little people journey down a drain, live briefly in a teakettle, and are swept away in a flood. “As irresistible as its predecessors.”-- Booklist


The Burning Mountain: A Novel of the Invasion of Japan

Chivers North America, 1996



Cry Wolf
Susan Gates

Chivers North America, 2002

Danny doesn't know what to think when his brother, Tid, tells him about Wolf. He said it was half-man, half wolf, with yellow eyes and silver teeth and you'd better be scared if you know what's good for you. Who is Wolf? Is it really out to get Danny? And isn't it strange that Tid knows so much?


Farriers' Lane (Charlotte & Thomas Pitt Novels)
Anne Perry

Chivers North America, 2000

"Gripping and intense...Her characters are authentically and appealingly drawn, and her plot is sinister." BOOKLIST When a distinguished judge dies of opium poisoning, the crucifixion five years before of Kingsley Blaine is brought back into the public eye, and it is screaming for revenge. The police had arrested a Jewish actor, who was soon condemend to hang. Police Inspector Thomas Pitt, investigating the judge's death, is drawn into the ...


Gossip from Thrush Green (Thrush Green, Book 6)
Miss Read

Chivers North America, 1992

As the early sunshine begins to warm Thrush Green, it looks as if it is going to be a golden summer. But in this apparently sleepy village, there is a flurry of activity. As Molly Curdle prepares for her new baby, rumour has it that a retirement is planned, and the village school teacher is about to make an important decision. And as Thrush Green's vicar sits down to write his sermon, he has no idea of the potential disaster which is ...


Village School (The Fairacre Series #1)
Miss Read

Chivers North America, 1994

The first novel in the beloved Fairacre series, VILLAGE SCHOOL introduces the remarkable schoolmistress Miss Read and her lovable group of children, who, with a mixture of skinned knees and smiles, are just as likely to lose themselves as their mittens. This is the English village of Fairacre: a handful of thatch-roofed cottages, a church, the school, the promise of fair weather, friendly faces, and good cheer -- at least most of the time. Here ...


Cameron's Chase
Philip McCutchan

Chivers North America, 1996

A secret radio broadcast warns that Hitler's newest and most powerful battleship, the Attila, is moving in for the kill under cover of fog and snowstorms. Its target: the liners Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, now doing duty as troop ships crossing the North Atlantic. Cameron, commanding the destroyer Glenshiel, must outwit an unseen enemy - positioning himself between the battleship and its prey in a split-second game of hide, seek and destroy.


Bedford Square (Charlotte & Thomas Pitt Novels)
Anne Perry

Chivers North America, 2001

The freshly dead body sprawled on the Bedford Square doorstep of General Brandon Balantyne is an affront to every respectable sensibility. The general denies all knowledge of the shabbily dressed victim who has so rudely come to death outside his home, but Superintendent Thomas Pitt cannot believe him—for in the dead man’s pocket, Pitt finds a rare snuffbox that recently graced the general’s study. The superintendent must tread lightly, ...


Disappearing Acts
Terry McMillan

Chivers North America, 1999

He was tall, dark as bittersweet chocolate, and impossibly gorgeous, with a woman-melting smile. She was pretty and independent, petite and not too skinny, just his type. Franklin Swift was a sometimes-employed construction worker, and a not-quite-divorced daddy of two. Zora Banks was a teacher, singer, songwriter. They met in a Brooklyn brownstone, and there could be no walking away... In this funny, gritty urban love story, Franklin and ...


Trouble Shooter (Gunsmoke Western Series)
Ernest Haycox

Chivers North America, 1999

Frank Peace was the trouble shooter for the Union Pacific, hand-picked as the only man in the West who c ould get the railroad over a thousand miles of rugged desert and treacherous mountains. '


The Other Daughter (Chivers Sound Library)
Lisa Gardner

Chivers North America, 2000

Twenty years ago, Melanie Stokes was abandoned in a Boston hospital, then adopted by a wealthy young couple. Gifted with loving parents, a doting brother, and an indulgent uncle, Melanie has always considered herself lucky. Until the first cryptic, threatening note arrives: “You Get What You Deserve.” Melanie has no memory of her life before the adoption. Now someone wants her to remember it all—even the darkest nightmare the Stokes ...


To Cut a Long Story Short (Albert Campion Mysteries)
Jeffrey Archer

Chivers North America, 2001

This is a collection of 14 stories, featuring such scenarios as a study of seven men, each of whom believes he should have the job of the man immediately above him, and a Henry Moore statue that disappears and reappears in a different form.


The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing
Melissa Bank

Chivers North America, 1999


Other Peoples Children
Joanna Trollope

Chivers North America, 1999

Joanna Trollope delves into the dynamics of stepfamily life and introduces us to two couples whose relationships are complicated by the enriching-and sometimes enraging-presence of others. From the grown daughter who insinuates herself into her widowed father's romantic life, to the sullen teenager whose loyalties lie with her estranged mother; from the awkwardness of tense celebrations to the discovery of surprising sources of strength, ...


The Dead of Jericho (Inspector Morse Mysteries)
Colin Dexter

Chivers North America, 1998

"[MORSE IS] THE MOST PRICKLY, CONCEITED, AND GENUINELY BRILLIANT DETECTIVE SINCE HERCULE POIROT".--The New York Times Book ReviewHe meets her at a suburban party. They share a flirtation over their red wine . . . and he doesn't see her again. It's the old familiar story for Morse. Then one day he just happens to be in Jericho, where Anne Scott lives. Nobody's home--and Morse should know since her door is unlocked and he takes a quick look ...



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