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Christian Spirituality: Origins to the Twelfth Century (World Spirituality)

Crossroad Pub Co, 1985

Essays in this volume discuss the early history of the church, gnostic spirituality, monasticism, the great fathers, sosteriology, the Trinity, anthropology, grace, Christian art, the sacraments, prayer and spiritual guidance.


Transcendence With the Human Body in Art: George Segal, Stephen De Staebler, Jasper Johns, and Christo
Doug Adams

Crossroad Pub Co, 1991

Book by Adams, Doug


An Anthology of Sacred Texts by and About Women
Serinity Young

Crossroad Pub Co, 1993

This anthology sheds light on the different--or not so different--perspectives on women in the major religious traditions of the world. It includes texts about women from the various legal and canonical books that are the carriers of religious authority, like the Bible, the Quran, and the Laws of Manu, as well as letters and other texts by women expressing their spirituality.


The Codependent Church
Virginia Curran Hoffman

Crossroad Pub Co, 1991

Experts now recognize that one can be codependent on a dysfunctional church family as well as on one's family of origin. In this uncommonly honest book, the author helps readers to recognize their own degree of religious codependence, and to recover their spiritual and emotional health by finding or creating an ongoing faith community where they can participate as whole, coresponsible adults-in, out, or alongside the institution of their ...


Art As a Way: A Return to the Spiritual Roots
Frederick Franck

Crossroad Pub Co, 1981

Book by Franck, Frederick


Soul Journey: A Jungian Analyst Looks at Reincarnation
John A. Sanford

Crossroad Pub Co, 1991

Soul Journey: A Jungian Analyst Looks at Reincarnation [Paperback]


An Offering of Uncles: The Priesthood of Adam and the Shape of the World
Robert Farrar Capon

Crossroad Pub Co, 1982

Book by Capon, Robert Farrar


History and the Triune God: Contributions to Trinitarian Theology
Jurgen Moltmann

Crossroad Pub Co, 1992

Book by Moltmann, Jurgen


Encyclopedia of Theology: The Concise Sacramentum Mundi (Encyclopedia of Theology Clh)

Crossroad Pub Co, 1975

An essential and reliable reference work and manual of the Christian faith this book provides both students and interested readers with a basic text presenting the findings of modern scholarly thought and research. Ecumenical in spirit and approach, no responsible and inquiring Christian can afford to be without it.


Church: The Human Story of God
Edward Schillebeeckx

Crossroad Pub Co, 1990

This book was originally planned as the 'ecclesiological' third part of Schillebeeckx Jesus trilogy. It indeed concludes his thinking about the relevance of the living Jesus through history, but with a different approach than originally intended. By the end of the 20th century, many believers have left the unworldly 'super-naturalistic' preconciliar church behind.. Those who leave the church, often leave a church that claims to be the direct ...


On Moral Grounds: The Art/Science of Ethics
Daniel C. Maguire, A. Nicholas Fargnoli

Crossroad Pub Co, 1991

Book by Maguire, Daniel C., Fargnoli, A. Nicholas


The Deeper Life: An Introduction to Christian Mysticism
Louis Dupre

Crossroad Pub Co, 1981

The Deeper Life: An Introduction to Christian Mysticism (View amazon detail page) ASIN: 0824500075


On Christian Faith: The Spiritual, Ethical, and Political Dimensions
Edward Schillebeeckx

Crossroad Pub Co, 1987

Book by Schillebeeckx, Edward


The Von Balthasar Reader
Hans Urs von Balthasar

Crossroad Pub Co, 1982

Hans Urs von Balthasar, born in Lucerne on 12th August 1905, is one of the magisterial figures of contemporary theology. Out of a creative encounter with the great minds whose religious and human vision has shaped our world, he has produced a rich body of work. In 112 representative texts, this book provides a comprehensive view of the key themes of von Balthasar's life and work. These characteristic texts also allow access to the fullness of ...


In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership
Henri J. M. Nouwen

Crossroad Pub Co,1993, 1993

In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership by Rev. Henri J. Nouwen. Crossroad Pub Co,1993


Worldly Preaching: Lectures on Homiletics
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Crossroad Pub Co, 1991


The Book of the Goddess, Past and Present: An Introduction to Her Religion

Crossroad Pub Co, 1983

This comprehensive text, highly acclaimed as the premier sourcebook on goddesses, introduces readers of religion to the various manifestations and complex nature of the goddess. Often a stranger to contemporary devotees of monotheistic religions, the goddess forces the recognition of female power, which can transform deeply held beliefs. The recent renewed interest in goddesses and the rise of feminist scholarship are addressed in this ...


Women's Mysteries: Toward a Poetics of Gender
Christine Downing

Crossroad Pub Co, 1992

Downing celebrates the gains and achievements of women, psychologically speaking, as they have been recovered, reclaimed, repossessed by women over the past several decades. Specifically what she works toward is a "poetics of gender," seeing gender as a created reality always in the process of being made and remade, exploring the ways we humans imagine sexual difference and what longings and fears these images betray.


Light on Pranayama: The Yogic Art of Breathing
B. K. S. Iyengar

Crossroad Pub Co, 1981

Pranayama is a technique of yoga breathing that is designed to develop perfect physical health and a sound, harmonious mind. This book explains this technique and is designed for all those interested in meditation and mysticism. By the author of "Light on Yoga" and "Concise Light on Yoga".


Theology and Church
Walter Cardinal Kasper

Crossroad Pub Co, 1989

This new collection of essays by West Germany's most distinguished Roman Catholic theologian covers the two broad areas indicated in the title. The first half discusses the Christian understanding of God; the place of Christianity in the modern world; the modern sense of freedom and history and the theological definition of human rights; christology and anthropology; and the possibilities of a new spiritual christology in a trinitarian setting. ...



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