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Art As a Way: A Return to the Spiritual Roots
Frederick Franck

Crossroad Pub Co, 1981

Book by Franck, Frederick


The Gospel According to St. John (3 Volumes)
Rudolf Schnackenburg

Crossroad Pub Co, 1990


The Voice Within: Love and Virtue in the Age of the Spirit
Helen Luke

Crossroad Pub Co, 1984

Book by Luke, Helen


Dictionary of Theology
Karl Rahner, Herbert Vorgrimler

Crossroad Pub Co, 1985


Paul and the Dead Sea Scrolls (Christian Origins Library)
Jerome Murphy-O'Connor

Crossroad Pub Co, 1990

If the Temple scroll and recent excavations just southwest of the present walls of Jerusalem indicate that Essenes lived in Jerusalem, then perhaps Paul conversed, even debated with the Essenes who lived there.


Zen Poems of the Five Mountains (Studies in Religion / American Academy of Religion, No. 37)
David Pollack

Crossroad Pub Co, 1985

Book by Pollack, David


Shaman: The Wounded Healer
Joan Halifax

Crossroad Pub Co, 1983

Explore a truly astonishing range of interests, philosophies, religions, and cultures -- from alchemy to angels, Buddhism to Hinduism, myth to magic. The distinguished authors bring a wealth of knowledge, visionary thinking, and accessible writing to each intriguing subject in these lavishly illustrated, large-format paperback books.


A Dictionary of Pastoral Care

Crossroad Pub Co, 1987

A guide to the concepts and problems most likely to be encoutered in pastoral care and counselling. It contains more than 300 entries, over 180 contributors, and blends practical and theoretical examples. The subjects range from theology and ethics to psychology and medicine.


The Lover and the Beloved: A Way of Franciscan Prayer
John Michael Talbot

Crossroad Pub Co, 1985

Book by Talbot, John Michael


Spiritual Passages: The Psychology of Spiritual Development
Benedict J. Groeschel

Crossroad Pub Co, 1983

From renowned EWTN host and author Benedict Groeschel, this is a profound discussion of the stages of spiritual growth. Of special note is the way Groeschel identifies four distinct approaches to God (as Beauty, Truth, the Good, and the One) and shows how each leads to a different kind of spiritual path or pilgrimage.


Theology and Church
Walter Cardinal Kasper

Crossroad Pub Co, 1989

This new collection of essays by West Germany's most distinguished Roman Catholic theologian covers the two broad areas indicated in the title. The first half discusses the Christian understanding of God; the place of Christianity in the modern world; the modern sense of freedom and history and the theological definition of human rights; christology and anthropology; and the possibilities of a new spiritual christology in a trinitarian setting. ...


Gods in Our Midst: Mythological Images of the Masculine : A Woman's View
Christine Downing

Crossroad Pub Co, 1993

In a remarkable series of books Christine Downing has given us "perfected" as well as ambivalent images of the great goddesses of classical antiquity. In her latest book she turns to the "gods in our midst," the gods as they appear to women, and she shows how these energies and epiphanies embodied in male gods help us to see who we are and what we might become.


Evelyn Underhill: Artist of the Infinite Life
Dana Greene

Crossroad Pub Co, 1990

Evelyn Underhill (1875–1941) was one of the greatest spiritual writers of the twentieth century. Living most of her life in England, Underhill used writing as a vehicle to express her passionate search for the infinite life. Her philosophy transcends generations and her legacy as a pivotal figure in Christian mysticism endures today. In this comprehensive biography Dana Greene expertly captures Underhill's true essence. She gives us a thorough ...


The Gospel According to St. John
Rudolf Schnackenburg

Crossroad Pub Co, 1990


Fundamental Formation (Formative Spirituality)
Adrian Van Kaam

Crossroad Pub Co, 1983

Book by Van Kaam, Adrian


Human Formation (Formative Spirituality Volume 2)
Adrain Van Kaam

Crossroad Pub Co, 1985

Book by Van Kaam, Adrain


The Goddess: Mythological Images of the Feminine
Christine Downing

Crossroad Pub Co, 1981

Praise for The Goddess:"Exciting and important." —Library Journal "Remarkable." —Psychological Perspective "Direct and intimate." —The Journal of Analytic Psychology>


In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership
Henri J. M. Nouwen

Crossroad Pub Co,1993, 1993

In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership by Rev. Henri J. Nouwen. Crossroad Pub Co,1993


Text and Interpretation As Categories of Theological Thinking
Werner G. Jeanrond

Crossroad Pub Co, 1988

Book by Werner G. Jeanrond


Paradigm Change in Theology: A Symposium for the Future
Hans Kung

Crossroad Pub Co, 1989

Book by Kung, Hans



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