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The Darkest Thirst: A Vampire Anthology
Design Image Group Inc

Design Image Group Inc., 1998

Sixteen tales of the undead's darkest thirsts...and darkest desires. Eerie, thought provoking stories by some of the genre's finest writers and emerging new talents, including Robert Devereaux, Edo van Belkom, William R. Trotter, Rick R. Reed, Barb Hendee, Margaret Carter, Sue Burke, Scott Goudsward, d.g.k. goldberg, Thomas J. Strauch, Michael Arruda, Kyle Marffin, Paul McMahon, Deborah Markus, Julie Anne Parks and Stirling Davenport.


The Blues Ain't Nothin': Tales of the Lonesome Blues Pub
Tina L. Jens

Design Image Group Inc., 2002

Ramble on up to the Chicago North Side, where you'll feel the twelve-bar blues beat vibrating right through you. Welcome to the Lonesome Blues Pub, where the sign on the door says it all: "This club is haunted. If you're afraid of ghosts, go away." Grab a stool by the bar, toss back a cool one and join Miss Mustang, the Lonesome Blues proprietor, and a colorfully quirky cast of neighborhood regulars and the ghosts of blues legends both real and ...


Bell, Book & Beyond
P. D. Cacek

Design Image Group Inc., 2000

They turn people into toads, ride on brooms, wear long pointy hats and keep black cats. Evil hags casting wicked spells? Benign pagans carrying on ancient Wiccan traditions? Sitcom suburban teens and moms snapping their fingers for witchy whimsy? Perhaps the real 'magic' in witchcraft may be our own continuing belief that some little bit of sorcery is at work around us. Stoker Award winner P.D. Cacek and The Horror Writers Association -- the ...


And Flesh and Blood So Cheap: A Joe Hannibal Mystery (Joe Hannibal Mysteries)
Wayne D. Dundee

Design Image Group Inc., 2001

Popular hard-boiled Rockford, Illinois P.I. Joe Hannibal is back, this time swept up in a murderous mystery in a Wisconsin summer resort town. It'll take two fists and a lot of guts to navigate through the tacky tourist traps and gin mills, while dangerous dames are determined to steer Hannibal clear of the town's darkest secrets.


Carmilla : The Return
Kyle Marffin

Design Image Group Inc., 1998

Kyle Marffin debuts with a provocative modern day retelling of Sheridan LeFanu's classic 19th century novella, resurrecting the genre's most notorious female vampire - the seductive Countess Carmilla Karnstein. Revealing her unwritten history while replaying the events of the original classic tale, Carmilla relentlessly stalks an unsuspecting victim through glittering city streets to the desolate northwoods, ultimately returning to ...


Kyle Marffin

Design Image Group Inc., 2000

Step into the dark side of the darkwave. Join the children of the night--desperately hoping, dreaming, wishing for it all to be true, to become real: their songs, their books, their films, their role-playing games and all their fashionable flirtations and imagined supernatural power and dark romance. Oh please, be real... A city anxiously embraces the grand opening of Gothique. 'Nightclub Extraordinaire', mecca for the disaffected goth kids ...


Waiting for the 400
Kyle Marffin

Design Image Group Inc., 2003

She's the kind of dame that can turn a man's head, till danger doesn't matter anymore, till desire can only lead to death. Because folks are dying, and the tiny northwoods station master's in over his head now, waiting for the 400 and his red-headed beauty to step off the train with his ticket out of town.


Shadow Of The Beast
Margaret L. Carter

Design Image Group Inc., 1998

It begins with a hellish night of bloodshed and horror. A nightmare legacy arises from Jenny Cameron's past - destroying her family, threatening everyone she loves - and now it's come to claim her in an orgy of violence and death. A beast roams the dark streets of Annapolis, Maryland, a terrifying creature more animal than man. And the only way Jenny can combat the evil from her past is to surrender to the dark and violent power lurking within ...


Kiss Of Death
The Design Image Group Inc.

Design Image Group Inc., 1998

They lurk among the shadows in grimy city alleys, they reveal themselves amidst humanity's own man-made horrors, they rise from the darkness in fog shrouded forests, they may even hide in the house right next door, sitting there beside us, mirroring our strangest dreams and our most terrifying nightmares, weaving their dark magic of sin and lust and delicious violence, just waiting to embrace us with their kiss of madness...their kiss of ...


Doomed to Repeat It
D. G. K. Goldberg

Design Image Group Inc., 2001

It's a miracle that sassy, self-proclaimed punk-cowgirl Layla Mac Donald hasn't gone off the deep end: Her mother gruesomely murdered in one of Charlotte, North Carolina's most scandalous love triangles, 'Daddy-Useless' drinking himself into despair, another temp job leading nowhere fast, and the painful memories of her boyfriend's abuse still as fresh as open wounds. Till she meets Ian. And suddenly, dormant desires are awakened. Madness is ...


A Face Without a Heart: A Modern-Day Version of Oscar Wilde's the Picture of Dorian Gray
Rick R. Reed

Design Image Group Inc., 2000

A Modern-day Version of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray. Amidst a gritty background of millennial urban nihilism, a young man bargains his soul away, while his painfully beautiful holographic portrait mirrors his each and every sin, each nightmarish step deeper into depravity...even cold blooded murder. A Face Without A Heart takes you on a thought provoking tour of the darkest sides of greed, lust, addiction and violence.


Julie Anne Parks

Design Image Group Inc., 1998

Braxton Defoe once ruled the bestseller lists with his novels of calculating horror. But now he and his wife, Piper, have fled to the desolate backwoods of North Carolina with nothing left between them but a loveless marriage. And there they meet Ren, keeper of the legends, the Storyteller, who challenges Braxton Defoe and ignites passions that have laid dormant in Piper's heart. But an ancient evil lurks in the dark woods, a malevolent ...


Night Players
P. D. Cacek

Design Image Group Inc., 2001

Meet Allison Garrett, the unluckiest gal who ever became a vampire, with an irreverently sharp tongue to go along with her sharp teeth. Meet her sidekick, Mica, a Bible-thumping street corner preacher. Both of them are on the run from the catty coven of L.A. strip-club vampire vixens they narrowly escaped from in P.D. Cacek's Stoker Award nominated debut novel Night Prayers. Hiding out in Las Vegas, Allison's now a night-shift showgirl, while ...



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