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Effective Communication (Essential Managers)
James S. O'Rourke

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, 2009

This is a practical, pocket-sized guide to effective communication which will give you the information and skills to succeed. Find out how to improve your communication skills by learning to understand your audience, communicate strategically and discover which delivery approach is right for you. You'll develop confidence, learn to listen effectively and give and receive feedback. Tips, dos and don'ts and 'In Focus' features on what to do in a ...


Happyslapped by a Jellyfish: The Words of Karl Pilkington (Know Your)
Karl Pilkington

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, 2008

A collection of hilarious and compelling insights and anecdotes, diary entries, poems, 'true' facts and cartoons on travel from Karl Pilkington, unlikely star of the Ricky Gervais Show, the world's most successful podcast - now in paperback. This is the travel book for people who don't particularly like travelling, it's Karl Pilkington, star of The Ricky Gervais Podcast Show, with a suitcase, occasionally with his passport, more often with a ...


Five Language Visual Dictionary (English, French, German, Spanish and Italian Edition)

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, 2003

A thematic presentation of all aspects of modern living, "Five Language Visual Dictionary" brings together related vocabulary and useful phrases. Scene-based spreads, such as Bakery, Restaurant, and Doctor, prepare you for a whole range of everyday situations in all five languages. This is a unique learning tool and desk reference for school students, business travellers, tourists and second-home owners.


The New Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency
John Seymour

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, 2009

Make the break, realise the dream and start living "The Good Life!" with John Seymour. The new edition of this enduring classic from the founding father of modern self-sufficiency, John Seymour, is still the key reference to living off the land. Covering all the practicals from ploughing fields to milking cows as well as information on how to create an urban organic garden and harness natural energy, this is perfect for anyone aspiring to the ...


The Children's Step-by-step Cook Book
Angela Wilkes

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, 1999

NULL, "The Children's Step-by-Step Cookbook" is the very first complete cookery course for aspiring young cooks, with page after page of mouth-watering dishes. The book features more than fifty easy-to-follow recipes - from snacks and toast treats to pies and party cakes - that are fun to make and delicious to eat. Clear step-by-step photographs show each stage of the recipe as well as all ingredients and utensils.


DK Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide: Madeira

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, 2013

"DK Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide: Madeira" will lead you straight to the very best on offer. Whether you're looking for the things not to miss at the Top 10 sights, or want to find the best nightspots; this guide is the perfect pocket-sized companion. You can rely on dozens of Top 10 lists - from the Top 10 museums to the Top 10 events and festivals - there's even a list of the Top 10 things to avoid. The guide is divided by area with ...


Encyclopedia of Nature

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, 2007

What is life like underground? Where can you find the world's ugliest fish? Why are fungi so fantastic? Take an amazing look at the natural world to find out. Discover plants and animals and where they live - from deserts to oceans, rainforests to mountains. And find out how living things evolve, reproduce, feed and defend themselves - watch a chameleon catch its prey and come face-to-face with a jellyfish propelling through water. Packed with ...


Karlology: What I've Learnt So Far
Karl Pilkington

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, 2009

This is a voyage through the strange yet mesmerising mind of cult author Karl Pilkington, now in paperback. By his own admission Karl Pilkington left formal education behind with only an E in History to his name and not much else. Ever since, his thirst for knowledge has nagged. With this in mind, Karl has embarked on a tour of discovery to make up for the lost years of learning, and to find out more stuff. "Karlology" is the result.So what ...


Flight: 100 Years of Aviation
Reg Grant

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, 2010

This title contains 100 years of airborne innovation and adventure for aviation fans - in a new compact edition. From the Wright brothers' first powered flight, to Concorde's final voyage and the tragic crash of the Columbia, take a sky-high journey through the history of aviation. Charting the trailblazers, jet test pilots and constant progress at the cutting-edge of technology, every aspect of flight is explored. Recalling memorable events - ...



Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, 2009

Experience a story 3.8 billion years in the making, with this unparalleled visual guide to prehistoric life. Unprecedented visual detail, comprehensive entries on hundreds of species and the latest research provide the whole picture of the creatures and plants that represent Earth's prehistoric life. Journey through the millennia and explore the rise and fall of successive organisms, devastating extinctions and the knife-edge progress of ...


Neal's Yard Remedies Healing Foods

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, 2013

This title helps to cook your way to lifelong healthy living. Take control of your life and your health through what you eat with Neal's Yard Remedies Healing Foods. This book will show you exactly which parts of ingredients are beneficial for you and how to optimise their super-food potential. Written with the experts at Neal's Yard, experts in holistic, healthy living, featuring over 200 functional foods, from carrots to clementines, with ...


DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Hamburg

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, 2014

The DK Eyewitness Hamburg Travel Guide will lead you straight to the best attractions Hamburg has to offer. The guide includes unique cutaways, floorplans and reconstructions of the city's stunning architecture, plus 3D aerial views of the key districts to explore on foot. You'll find detailed listings of the best hotels, restaurants, bars and shops for all budgets in this fully updated and expanded guide, plus insider tips on everything from ...


The Way Things Work
David Macaulay, Neil Ardley

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, 2004

What really makes the things around us tick? Did you know that the principle behind the zip fastener also governed the building of the pyramids? Or that the dentist's drill is a direct descendant of the first windmill? The inner workings of hundreds of machines and devices are explained in this fun, colourful and unique look at technology through time.


Science: The Definitive Visual Guide
Robert Dinwiddie, Giles Sparrow, ...

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, 2012

This is the complete illustrated science encyclopedia covering the history, key discoveries, inventions and people. "Science: The Definitive Visual Guide" reveals the story of scientific progress from the invention of the wheel to 21st-century climate solutions, including everything from ancient Greek geometry and quantum physics to the worldwide web. You can explore every key moment of scientific discovery with this remarkable reference book ...


Mary Berry Cooks the Perfect
Mary Berry

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, 2014

Find out how Mary Berry cooks her recipes to perfection Mary Berry Cooks the Perfect features over 100 exciting new recipes. What makes the book particularly special are the Keys to Perfection. For each recipe Mary identifies the crucial part to get right to guarantee best results, and then demonstrates it with step-by-step instructions. She reveals the secret to crisp pork crackling or melt-in-the-mouth salmon, how to bake a feather-light cake, ...


The Big Book of Dinosaurs

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, 1994

Dinosaurs fascinate young children. "The Big Book of Dinosaurs" is a colourful catalogue of these mysterious creatures from the past that will keep even toddlers entertained for hours. Children will love spotting all the different dinosaurs - from the fierce meat-eating Tyrannosaurus and the long-necked plant-eating Diplodocus to the heavily armoured Stegosaurus and the city Compsognathus.


Mary Berry's Complete Cookbook
Mary Berry

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, 1995

This is a cook's reference and guide to creating over 800 recipes. Designed to suit those who want to make delicious, nutritious meals in a limited amount of time as well as those who enjoy preparing eleborate dishes, this cookbook contains information on all the essential techniques and tips for specific dishes. Whether planning a substantial winter meal, a vegetarian feast, a low calorie snack, or party food for children, Mary Berry aims to ...


B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health
B. K. S. Iyengar, Dorling Kindersley

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, 2014

From globally recognised yoga authority B.K.S Iyengar, an accessible illustrated guide to Iyengar Yoga. BKS Iyengar Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health makes Iyengar Yoga accessible to all, while celebrating the life and work of the world renowned B.K.S Iyengar. B.K.S Iyengar is a world leading authority on hatha yoga and is globally respected for his holistic approach and technical accuracy. He has been practicing yoga every day for over 75 years ...


Green Lantern's Book of Inventions (DK Readers Level 4)
Clare Hibbert

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, 2005

JLA member Green Lantern looks at some of the great inventions that have transformed every area of life on earth, whether in transport, clothing, warfare, communications or energy - from the wheel to the internet. Along the way he introduces his colleagues from the Justice League of America. Some use technology to help them save the world, others draw on super-powers that human invention can only hope to emulate one day.


James Bond Encyclopedia: Updated Edition

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, 2014

21 Bond movies, 6 suave 007s, 24 evil baddies, 78 sexy girls, 112 Cool gadgets in one killer book. This book offers an explosive read exploring every aspect of the 007 story created in full collaboration with Eon Productions. From Bond's history to his style and personal tastes, get up close and personal with the world's most suave spy. A-Z sections bring you face to face with every aspect of his life. Meet the criminal masterminds, megalomaniac ...



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