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The Lawyer Who Died Trying (Ariel Quigley Mystery and Cookbook Series 2)

El Amarna Publishing, 2012

This edition of the novel includes the complete "Killer Cookbook #1, Recipes to Accompany The Chef Who Died Sautéing." (There is a link in the Kindle edition to a free PDF download of the cookbook.) Psychic sleuth Ariel Quigley is back, and this time she’s dealing with the death of a prominent lawyer, an investment scheme that may be a scam, and the machinations of a black magician. Add to this a budding romance with a hunky cop, a cast of ...


Color Me Butterfly: A True Story of Courage, Hope and Transformation
L. Y. Marlow

El Publishing, 2007


The Chef Who Died Sauteing (Ariel Quigley Mystery and Cookbook Series 1)

El Amarna Publishing, 2012

Agatha Award Nominee and Lovey Award Winner This edition of the novel includes the complete "Killer Cookbook #1, Recipes to Accompany The Chef Who Died Sautéing." (There is a link in the Kindle edition to a free PDF download of the cookbook.) (*If you had difficulty downloading the PDF, please try again!) The Chef Who Died Sautéing takes place in Alexandria, Virginia. Our heroine—Ariel Quigley—is a young English instructor who talks to ...


Marketing Partnerships For Authors: Effective Marketing For Today's Author

En El Publishing, 2014

Marketing guide written by an author for authors. Stop wasting money you don't have and take the guess work out of who your target market while seeing worth while gains on a shoestring budget. Your book sales will improve and your readership will grow with these proven and VERY cost friendly techniques.


Santa Barbara Then and Now
Neal Graffy

El Barbareno Publishing, 2012


The Heart: Doorway to Your Power

Leah-el Publishing, 2012

You are a spiritual being living the illusion of limitation. Amma the Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of God, discusses the role of limitation in life and how humans can access the Divine power hidden within them. Strategies are discussed for increasing awareness of who you truly are. You are Love Incarnate as is everyone else. Learning to use this knowledge will assist you in spiritual expansion assist in your life path being smoother.


Weight Loss Healing Plan: Food Messes with Your Brain

Leah-El Publishing, 2014

Learn how food cravings can be directly related to the food you eat. For the last few decades we've been given false information about food. This information has made money for the food and pharmaceutical industry as it has led to an epidemic of obesity and Type 2 diabetes. This short book gives you the basics you need to know to make healthy choices for yourself and your family.


Hurt No More! A Journey of Healing from Abuse

El Roi Publishing, 2011

In Hurt No More! A Journey of Healing from Abuse, Kelly Ann Evers reaches out to abused and battered women with her own compelling and inspirational story. After escaping from her abusive husband, she was unable to enjoy her new found freedom because of the emotional, physical, and spiritual scars left from years of domestic violence that kept her feeling hopeless, defeated, and depressed. Determined to set herself free from her suffering, she ...


Rock Climbs of Cosumnes River Gorge 1997
William H Cottrell

El Dorado Publishing, 1997

The North Fork of the Cosumnes River carves a spectacular gorge between steep-walled domes of granite. The gorge provides climbers with year round opportunities. New climbers discover rock climbing in an outdoor enviroment. Climbing gym rats transition to real rock. Seasoned climbers hone their crack techniques for leading. When foul weather sets in along 50 Highway, climbers flock to Cosumnes to get their "fix". Cosumnes is a fantastic outdoor ...


Cross Currents

El Amarna Publishing, 2012

In a world where money, sex, and power are primary goals, Powell Smily’s protagonist Mike Vaughn can’t see much purpose to the drives of those successful people for whom he works. Those he calls his friends, therefore, are often unfortunates who find themselves pawns in the games of manipulation and dominance that are really running the show. Cross Currents, a neo-noir novel, is literate, well plotted, entertaining, and enlightening., and ...



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