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The Ways of Mental Prayer with Introductory Letter by Pope Pius X
Vital Lehodey

Eremitical Press, 2009

Dom Vital Lehodey was the fourth abbot of the Trappist monastery of Notre-Dame-de-Grace in Bricquebec, Normandy, France. In THE WAYS OF MENTAL PRAYER he offers a systematic presentation of the teachings on contemplative prayer of St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, St. Francis of Sales, St. Alphonsus of Liguori, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, and many more. Part One introduces the reader to contemplative or "mental" prayer. Part Two gives ...


Scottish Metrical Psalter

Eremitical Press, 2007

This is the translation approved by the Church of Scotland in 1650. All one hundred and fifty psalms are rigorously translated into rhythmic verses that are easy to sing and set to music. The beauty of 1650 English verse makes this volume a treasure. Includes preface and glossary.


The Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena, Seraphic Virgin and Doctor of Unity
Catherine of Siena

Eremitical Press, 2009

The Dialogue takes the form of a conversation between God and Saint Catherine of Siena covering four subjects. The treatise on divine providence explains the connection between love and suffering, emphasizing that God wants only our love and the service we give to our neighbors. The treatise on discretion introduces the metaphor of the Bridge from earth to heaven. The treatise on prayer gives instructions for the progress from vocal to mental ...


The Confession of St. Patrick Translated from the Original Latin with an Introduction and Notes
Saint Patrick

Eremitical Press, 2010

This translation of the Confession of St. Patrick is accompanied by a lengthy introduction by Thomas Olden, who argues that St. Patrick's Christianity was closer to that of the Reformed Church than to modern Catholicism. The introduction and translation are both meticulously documented as to sources. This edition also includes the prayer known as "St. Patrick's Armor" or "Breastplate" (the Lorica of St. Patrick). Thomas Olden (1823-1900) was the ...


Tertullian, Origen, and Cassian on Prayer: Essential Ancient Christian Writings
Quintus Tertullian, Origen Adamantius, ...

Eremitical Press, 2010

Quintus Tertullian (c. 160-c. 220) is distinguished by being the first major Christian thinker to write in the Latin language. According to Eusebius, he was raised in Carthage, the son of a Roman centurion. Following his conversion to the faith, he became an impassioned defender of the rights of Christians. Origen Adamantius (c. 185-254) taught in Alexandria, reviving the catechetical school of Alexandria in which Clement of Alexandria had ...


Shadow of the Third Century: A Revaluation of Christianity
Alvin Boyd Kuhn

Eremitical Press, 2010

Shadow of the Third Century begins with the assertions that a true history of Christianity has never before been written and that the roots of the Christian religion lie in earlier religions and philosophies of the ancient world. Christianity as we know it, says Kuhn, took the form it did due to a degeneration of knowledge rather than to an energization produced by a new release of light and truth into the world. In the ancient world, knowledge ...


The Practice of the Love of Jesus Christ
Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Eremitical Press, 2010

In The Practice of the Love of Jesus Christ, Saint Alphonsus Liguori points out the practical wisdom contained in St. Paul's meditation on love in 1 Corinthians 13. We should love Jesus, he says, no matter what happens, and we should be kind and without envy in our everyday dealings. The reader will learn the benefits of desire, resolution, prayer, and frequent communion. Those who love Jesus are humble and forsake personal ambition. They ...


Abandonment to Divine Providence: Loving God in the Present Moment
Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Eremitical Press, 2009

Our simple task is to love God in the present moment. In this life-changing work, Jean-Pierre de Caussade reveals a spiritual exercise appropriate no matter what our duties and circumstances. We must love God whatever happens and take everything around us an expression of his will. We should allow all our actions to be divinely and intuitively guided. Sanctity consists simply in this loving response to God. Jean-Pierre de Caussade was a member ...


On Loving God: De Diligendo Deo
Bernard of Clairvaux

Eremitical Press, 2009

We should love God because he first loved us and also for his many gifts to us. Christians more than others should know this. Loving God brings a reward of peace we cannot find in earthly things. There are four degrees of love for God. It is natural that it should begin with loving God for selfish reasons, but we can love God at a higher level by loving our neighbors and by loving God for his own sake, to the extent that we love him without even ...


Introduction to the Devout Life, 400th Anniversary Edition
Francisco De Sales

Eremitical Press, 2009

For four hundred years this book has taught and inspired Christians. It provides step-by-step instructions in the form of a long letter addressed to Philothea, or one who loves God. The book teaches that anyone can live a life devoted to God, even while remaining in ordinary life. Contents include how to cultivate the desire for a devout life; the means of raising the soul to God by prayer and the sacraments; the practice of virtues; advice ...


Waiting on God and Absolute Surrender
Andrew Murray

Eremitical Press, 2010

WAITING ON GOD is Andrew Murray's 31-day series of prayers and meditations on the theme of waiting on the Lord. Each day he offers a text from Psalms, or elsewhere in the Bible, along with an inspirational reflection on its meaning. Over the course of 31 days, you will discover the value and spiritual significance of silently waiting upon God. Andrew Murray expands on this theme in his powerful ABSOLUTE SURRENDER, which is included in this ...


Dissertation on the Nature of True Virtue
Jonathan Edwards

Eremitical Press, 2010

What does it mean to be virtuous? How is virtue connected to the love of God? These are the questions Jonathan Edwards sets out to answer in his dissertation on the nature of true virtue. With relentless logic, Edwards argues from common experience to general principles. He distinguishes between primary and secondary forms of virtue and shows that the highest human actions must necessarily arise from a clear sense of God's purpose. "The general ...


The Inner Chamber and the Inner Life
Andrew Murray

Eremitical Press, 2010

Andrew Murray's most intimate work reveals the heart of the Christian prayer life, the time spent alone with God. The quality of this fellowship affects the quality of your entire day. Gain insight into the value of God's Word, and discover the correct way to read it. Learn how to meditate on what you read so that the Holy Spirit will bring it into your heart. Christ is our Teacher as well as our Savior. Prayer and feeding on God's Word are the ...


A Method for Prayer and Directions for Daily Communion with God
Matthew Henry

Eremitical Press, 2009

In the first of the two works included in this volume, Matthew Henry teaches the elements of prayer using exclusively Bible phrases. The reader will draw spiritual nourishment from the copious examples of prayer under the headings of adoration, confession, petition, thanksgiving, intercession, and the conclusion of prayer. The first work also includes a reflection on the Lord's Prayer, again drawing on Scriptural expressions, plus Biblical ...


The Dhammapada and the Sutta Nipata: Second Edition
Max Muller, Viggo Fausboll

Eremitical Press, 2011

Beginning this work, Max Muller provides a thorough introduction to his translation of the Dhammapada -- perhaps the best-loved piece of Buddhist scripture. In it he explores the chronology of early Buddhism and its literature. The translation itself is accompanied by copious notes on the choices Muller made in rendering the original Pali into English. The Dhammapada, a collection of wisdom-sayings, is traditionally held to consist of words ...


True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin
Louis de Montfort

Eremitical Press, 2009

Louis de Montfort shows that devotion to Mary is more important now than ever before. To approach Jesus through Mary is the humble approach. But we most know how to distinguish true devotions from false devotions, and this book explains how. Then we must understand the motives and benefits of consecration. Louis describes both exterior and interior forms for devotion, special prayers for Holy Communion, and a prayer of consecration. Louis de ...


The Ladder of Perfection: Scala Perfectionis
Walter Hilton

Eremitical Press, 2009

THE LADDER OF PERFECTION is a guide to the contemplative life in which the soul is reformed to the image and likeness of God. Book One provides an overview of contemplation and its prerequisites, a discussion of prayer and meditation, and a path for dealing with sins, both obvious and hidden, through self-awareness, humility, and the love of God. By these means one passes through the darkness known to another English mystic as "the cloud of ...


Freedom! Escaping the Prison of the Mind
Ozay Rinpoche

Eremitical Press, 2008

After going absent without leave from the British army, Ozay Rinpoche begins down a path that leads to solitary confinement in prison. There he establishes a disciplined program of exercise, Bible-reading, and meditation. Pushing himself to meditate for four hours at a time, he arrives at a point of liberation. Ozay's story is the universal story of self-discovery and redemption. Freedom! includes instructions for meditation and dream ...


Mysticism: Christian and Buddhist
Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki

Eremitical Press, 2011

In the first four essays in this collection, D. T. Suzuki reads Meister Eckhart with the eye of a master, pointing out where his understanding deeply coincides with that of Zen Buddhism. Next, he takes on a subject Christians often find difficult, the question of transmigration or reincarnation. Suzuki then compares the dimensionality of the crucifixion with that of enlightenment. In the later essays, Suzuki moves on to the Pure Land tradition ...


St. Columba and Iona: The Early History of the Christian Church in Scotland
Alphons Bellesheim

Eremitical Press, 2010

From Ireland, the island of saints, came Colum Cille, or Colum of the Church, known to us as St. Columba. Leaving his homeland, Columba crossed the sea and settled on the island of Iona, where he built a monastery that would change the course of Scottish history. Columba's mission to the northern Picts led to the conversion of Scotland and the foundation of monasteries across the land. His successors would forge connections between Iona and ...



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