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The Inner Chamber and the Inner Life
Andrew Murray

Eremitical Press, 2010

Andrew Murray's most intimate work reveals the heart of the Christian prayer life, the time spent alone with God. The quality of this fellowship affects the quality of your entire day. Gain insight into the value of God's Word, and discover the correct way to read it. Learn how to meditate on what you read so that the Holy Spirit will bring it into your heart. Christ is our Teacher as well as our Savior. Prayer and feeding on God's Word are the ...


The Lotus Sutra: Saddharma Pundarika Sutra or the Lotus of the True Law

Eremitical Press, 2011

Dutch scholar Hendrik Kern offers a rare translation of the Lotus Sutra directly from the Sanskrit. Rather than starting from the Chinese of Kumarajiva, Kern worked principally from a manuscript written on palm leaves in Nepal in 1039. The original was part of the collection of Dr. Daniel Wright at the University Library of Cambridge, England. In the present edition, Sanskrit terms are set with modern diacritical marks.


The Greatest Thing in the World and Other Addresses
Henry Drummond

Eremitical Press, 2009

"The Greatest Thing in the World" is Henry Drummond's meditation on Paul's great hymn to love, 1 Corinthians 13. Also included here are Henry Drummond's talks "Pax Vobiscum," "The Changed Life," "First!" "How to Learn How," "What is a Christian?" and "The Study of the Bible." This volume is prefixed by a brief biography of Henry Drummond. Foreword by D. L. Moody.


Douay Rheims New Testament

Eremitical Press, 2008

The Douay Rheims translation is the traditional choice for English-speaking Catholics. This edition incorporates the Challoner revisions.


Waiting on God and Absolute Surrender
Andrew Murray

Eremitical Press, 2010

WAITING ON GOD is Andrew Murray's 31-day series of prayers and meditations on the theme of waiting on the Lord. Each day he offers a text from Psalms, or elsewhere in the Bible, along with an inspirational reflection on its meaning. Over the course of 31 days, you will discover the value and spiritual significance of silently waiting upon God. Andrew Murray expands on this theme in his powerful ABSOLUTE SURRENDER, which is included in this ...


Scottish Metrical Psalter

Eremitical Press, 2007

This is the translation approved by the Church of Scotland in 1650. All one hundred and fifty psalms are rigorously translated into rhythmic verses that are easy to sing and set to music. The beauty of 1650 English verse makes this volume a treasure. Includes preface and glossary.


All of Grace
Charles H. Spurgeon

Eremitical Press, 2010

Believers and unbelievers alike can learn from this classic presentation on faith and grace. In twenty short and clear chapters, powerful preacher Charles Spurgeon reveals the true meaning of being saved. His faith-strengthening masterpiece is filled with practical advice.


Introduction to the Devout Life, 400th Anniversary Edition
Francisco De Sales

Eremitical Press, 2009

For four hundred years this book has taught and inspired Christians. It provides step-by-step instructions in the form of a long letter addressed to Philothea, or one who loves God. The book teaches that anyone can live a life devoted to God, even while remaining in ordinary life. Contents include how to cultivate the desire for a devout life; the means of raising the soul to God by prayer and the sacraments; the practice of virtues; advice ...


The Glory of Christ
John Owen

Eremitical Press, 2009

John Owen was educated at Oxford, where he was awarded a master's degree at the age of nineteen. While pastoring a church in Essex, he preached before the English parliament. This led to Oliver Cromwell appointing him dean of Christ Church Cathedral and vice-chancellor of Oxford University. Owen later declined the presidency of Harvard College and concentrated instead on his work in England as a leader of the Puritan and Congregationalist ...


Absolute Surrender
Andrew Murray

Eremitical Press, 2009

Discover the meaning of a wholehearted commitment to Christ in Andrew Murray's powerful ABSOLUTE SURRENDER. Pastor Murray shows that this will lead to loving and unified Christian communities, filled with and guided by the Holy Spirit. He describes how Peter's life and transformation in Christ can be an example for us all. This transformation comes through realizing that with God, all things are possible. In both conversion and progress in the ...


Orthodoxy: A Companion to Heretics
G. K. Chesterton

Eremitical Press, 2009

In ORTHODOXY, G. K. Chesterton presents the arguments that led him to embrace the Christian faith. He examines the human situation from multiple points of view and discovers that Christianity is the only religion or system of belief to which all of these perspectives consistently point. G. K. Chesterton was born in London, where he worked in publishing and journalism. Among his literary friends and acquaintances were Bernard Shaw, Hillaire ...


Mysticism: Christian and Buddhist
Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki

Eremitical Press, 2011

In the first four essays in this collection, D. T. Suzuki reads Meister Eckhart with the eye of a master, pointing out where his understanding deeply coincides with that of Zen Buddhism. Next, he takes on a subject Christians often find difficult, the question of transmigration or reincarnation. Suzuki then compares the dimensionality of the crucifixion with that of enlightenment. In the later essays, Suzuki moves on to the Pure Land tradition ...


The Practice of the Presence of God
Brother Lawrence

Eremitical Press, 2009

In conversations and letters, Brother Lawrence shares the simple and straightforward devotion that has inspired millions. Beginning with pure faith in God, Brother Lawrence teaches that we should always draw near to God, and that God should so occupy us that we leave aside all other thoughts. Brother Lawrence's advice is practical, focused, single-minded, and wise. The book consists of four conversations with, and fifteen letters written by, ...


The Picture of Dorian Gray
Oscar Wilde

Eremitical Press, 2009

Originally condemned as morally corrupt, Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray is now recognized as a modern literary classic. The story of Dorian Gray, whose portrait grows old while its subject remains young, has been the basis for numerous television, film, and musical adaptations. Well known for its exploration of hedonism, the book also gives an early glimpse of Wilde's interest in Catholicism. The Picture of Dorian Gray story was first ...


The Pursuit of God
A. W. Tozer

Eremitical Press, 2009

A. W. Tozer pastored churches in West Virginia and Illinois. His education consisted of his prayer life and his personal study of the Bible and other literature, and this allowed him to preach in a direct and passionate style free of academic terminology. The Pursuit of God encourages the Christian to seek God with single-mindedness and devotion. Doctrinal knowledge is only a starting point on this journey toward a real and personal knowledge of ...


The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth Extracted Textually from the Gospels: The Jefferson Bible

Eremitical Press, 2009

In the early nineteenth century Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States and principal author of the Declaration of Independence, conceived the idea of extracting a gospel purified of what he saw as extraneous philosophical, mythological, and theological elements. To do so, he took verses from the four canonical gospels and arranged them into a single narrative, focusing on the actual words of Jesus. This work was never published ...


On Loving God: De Diligendo Deo
Bernard of Clairvaux

Eremitical Press, 2009

We should love God because he first loved us and also for his many gifts to us. Christians more than others should know this. Loving God brings a reward of peace we cannot find in earthly things. There are four degrees of love for God. It is natural that it should begin with loving God for selfish reasons, but we can love God at a higher level by loving our neighbors and by loving God for his own sake, to the extent that we love him without even ...


Humility: The Beauty of Holiness
Andrew Murray

Eremitical Press, 2009

In the life of Jesus we have the perfect model of humility and surrender of the self so that God may be glorified. Understand the roots of pride and the one possible means of redemption from it. Study the examples of the disciples and of Paul. Pastor Murray includes in his book a call for for church leaders to live humility in their personal lives. Andrew Murray was born in South Africa of Scottish extraction. He studied at the University of ...


St. Columba and Iona: The Early History of the Christian Church in Scotland
Alphons Bellesheim

Eremitical Press, 2010

From Ireland, the island of saints, came Colum Cille, or Colum of the Church, known to us as St. Columba. Leaving his homeland, Columba crossed the sea and settled on the island of Iona, where he built a monastery that would change the course of Scottish history. Columba's mission to the northern Picts led to the conversion of Scotland and the foundation of monasteries across the land. His successors would forge connections between Iona and ...


The Christian's Secret Of a Happy Life
Hannah Whitall Smith

Eremitical Press, 2009

The secret of happiness is to be wholly consecrated to God. This consecration comes about by God's grace acting in us through faith. We should seek always to follow His will, with the promptings of divine guidance being tested against Scripture and the circumstance of a way being open. There are ways for Christians to deal with doubts and temptations along the way. Learn the value of seeing God in every situation. Finally, see what the results ...



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