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Transforming Teacher Education: Reflections from the Field
David Carroll, Helen Featherstone, ...

Harvard Educational Pub Group, 2007

Transforming Teacher Education offers an intimate, reflective account of the development of the renowned Team One teacher education program at Michigan State University. Over a ten-year period, Team One established a first-rate reputation as a beacon of progressive teacher education. In this book, the creators of Team One describe their ongoing efforts to nurture and sustain a teacher education program that could serve as a learning community ...


Educational Entrepreneurship: Realities, Challenges, Possibilities
Frederick M. Hess

Harvard Educational Pub Group, 2006

Entrepreneurship has emerged in recent years as an unprecedented and influential force in U.S. K-12 education. Yet the topic has received surprisingly little serious or systematic attention. Educational Entrepreneurship aims to fill this gap. This timely volume addresses a number of central questions: What is educational entrepreneurship and what does it look like? Who are the educational entrepreneurs and what motivates them? What tools do ...


Afterschool Education: Approaches to an Emerging Field
Gil G. Noam, Gina Biancarosa, ...

Harvard Educational Pub Group, 2002

Afterschool education has grown in recent years into a vast and diverse enterprise. In the United States, young people spend almost a third of their organized time (including school hours) in afterschool and summer programs. Yet there is little clear and conclusive research on afterschool programs-research that would help guide the practice of existing afterschool programs and establish guidelines for the creation of new programs. This timely ...


Collective Bargaining in Education: Negotiating Change in Today's Schools
Jane Hannaway

Harvard Educational Pub Group, 2006

Collective bargaining shapes the way public schools are organized, financed, staffed, and operated. Understanding collective bargaining in education and its impact on the day-to-day life of schools is critical to designing and implementing reforms that will successfully raise student achievement. But when it comes to public discussion of school reform, teachers unions are the proverbial elephant in the room. Despite the tremendous influence of ...


The Power of Culture: Teaching Across Language Difference

Harvard Educational Pub Group, 2002

The U.S. educational system and teacher education programs have not adjusted to demographic changes in the student population, including a growing number of language minority students. Mainstream teachers are expected to teach all students to high standards, but they are frequently not given the professional skills to teach students whose language and culture are different from their own. The Power of Culture: Teaching Across Language ...


With the Best of Intentions: How Philanthropy Is Reshaping K-12 Education
Frederick M. Hess

Harvard Educational Pub Group, 2005

With the Best of Intentions offers lively perspectives on the role of philanthropy in K-12 education. It opens by surveying the current landscape in philanthropic giving to education, then examines the major goals of recent philanthropic efforts: building new schools, supporting troubled districts, promoting school choice, and advancing educational research and policy. The book concludes by looking at some of the major lessons--for educators, ...


Data Wise: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Assessment Results to Improve Teaching And Learning
Kathryn Parker Boudett

Harvard Educational Pub Group, 2005

In the wake of the accountability movement, school administrators are inundated with data about their students. How can they use this information to support student achievement? This book presents a clear and carefully tested blueprint for school leaders. It shows how examining test scores and other classroom data can become a catalyst for important schoolwide conversations that will enhance schools' ability to capture teachers' knowledge, ...


The 21St-Century Principal: Current Issues in Leadership and Policy

Harvard Educational Pub Group, 2002

The 21st-Century Principal offers imaginative, thoughtful discussions of major issues confronting today's public school principals. This collection by leading thinkers in the field of education, including Richard F. Elmore, Chester E. Finn, Jr., Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco, Pedro A. Noguera, Belinda Williams, and Douglas B. Reeves, aims to provoke new thinking and inspire bold action, all with an eye toward improving public schools and the ...


Racial Inequity in Special Education

Harvard Educational Pub Group, 2002

Racial inequities pervade special education in U.S. schools today. Minority children-especially African Americans-are far more likely than white children to be designated mentally retarded or emotionally disturbed and therefore in need of special education. Even when appropriately placed in special education classes, minority children often receive poorer services than disabled white children. This book explores the inequities experienced by ...


Diversity Challenged: Evidence on the Impact of Affirmative Action
Civil Rights Project (Harvard University)

Harvard Educational Pub Group, 2001

In the courts and in referenda campaigns, affirmative action in college admissions is under full-scale attack. Though it was designed to help resolve a variety of serious racial problems,affirmative action's survival may turn on just one question- whether or not the educational value of diversity is sufficiently compelling to justify consideration of race as a factor in deciding whom to admit to colleges and universities. Diversity Challenged is ...


K.P.Boudett's,R. J. Murnane's Data Wise (Data Wise: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Assessment Results to ...
R. J. Murnane K.P.Boudett

Harvard Educational Pub Group, 2005


Minding the Gap: Why Integrating High School With College Makes Sense and How to Do It

Harvard Educational Pub Group, 2007

Minding the Gap argues that in today s highly competitive, global economy, all young people need a postsecondary education. Yet only one in ten students from the lowest economic quintile in the United States currently earns a postsecondary credential. This timely and instructive book from Jobs for the Future explores policies and practices that would quickly enable a larger number of low-income and first-generation college students to earn ...


New Directions in Special Education: Eliminating Ableism in Policy And Practice
Thomas Hehir

Harvard Educational Pub Group, 2005

A comprehensive study that is also practical and realistic, New Directions in Special Education outlines principles for decisionmaking about special education at every level from the family to the classroom, school, and district and for state and federal policy. With this volume, leading scholar and disability advocate Thomas Hehir opens a new round of debate on the future of special education. Extending the conceptual framework developed in ...


School Reform From The Inside Out: Policy, Practice, And Performance
Richard F. Elmore

Harvard Educational Pub Group, 2004

Giving test results to an incoherent, badly run school doesn't automatically make it a better school. The work of turning a school around entails improving the knowledge and skills of teachers-changing their knowledge of content and how to teach it-and helping them to understand where their students are in their academic development. Low-performing schools, and the people who work in them, don't know what to do. If they did, they would be doing ...


Spotlight on High-Stakes Testing

Harvard Educational Pub Group, 2003

Whatever you think about the emphasis on testing, most educators agree that this approach to school reform is here to stay-at least for the foreseeable future. This inaugural volume of our Spotlight Series features recent Harvard Education Letter articles on testing and new reports never before published on this important topic. Contributors address such issues as how educators can manage the "avalanche" of tests; whether the benefits of ...


The Transformation of Great American School Districts: How Big Cities Are Reshaping Public Education

Harvard Educational Pub Group, 2008

In The Transformation of Great American School Districts, William Lowe Boyd, Charles Taylor Kerchner, and Mark Blyth argue that urban education reform can best be understood as a long process of institutional change, rather than as a series of failed projects. They examine the core assumptions that underlay the Progressive Era model of public education apolitical governance, local control, professional hierarchy, and the logic of confidence and ...


Understanding Youth: Adolescent Development for Educators
Michael J. Nakkula, Eric Toshalis

Harvard Educational Pub Group, 2006

Adolescent development research and theory have tremendous potential to inform the work of high school teachers, counselors, and administrators. Understanding Youth bridges the gap between adolescent development theory and practice. Nakkula and Toshalis explore how factors such as social class, peer and adult relationships, gender norms, and the media help to shape adolescents sense of themselves and their future expectations and aspirations.


Data Wise: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Assessment Results to Improve Teaching And Learning [Paperback]
Kathryn Parker Boudett; Elizabeth A. City; Richard J. Murnane (Editor) Kathryn Parker Boudett (Author)

Harvard Educational Pub Group, 2005


Something in Common: The Common Core Standards and the Next Chapter in American Education
Robert Rothman

Harvard Educational Pub Group, 2011

This book tells the story of the unfolding political drama around the making of the Common Core State Standards for math and English language arts, which were adopted by 43 states and the District of Columbia over a six-month period in 2010, after decades of similar proposals had gone down in flames. As a senior fellow at the major organization promoting the Common Core standards, education writer Bob Rothman gives the reader a bird s eye view ...



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