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Staying Strong
Demi Lovato

Headline Book Publishing, 2013


Underwater Dogs
Seth Casteel

Headline Book Publishing, 2013


" Friends " ...'Til the End: The One with All Ten Years
David Wild

Headline Book Publishing, 2005


Tilly Trotter Widowed
Catherine Cookson

Headline Book Publishing, 2007


Debra Webb

Headline Book Publishing, 2013


Abigail Padgett

Headline Book Publishing Ltd, 1995



Kathryn Harvey

Headline Book Publishing Ltd, 1989

Above an exclusive men's store on Rodeo Drive there is a private club called Butterfly, where women are free to act out their secret erotic fantasies. Only the most beautiful and powerful women in Beverly Hills are invited to join ... Jessica--The lawyer, who longs for the days when men were men, and women dressed to please them Trudie--The builder, who wants a man who will challenge her-all of her-with no holds barred Linda--The surgeon, who ...


Debra Webb

Headline Book Publishing, 2013


Dean Koontz

Headline Book Publishing, 1988

They escape from a secret government: two mutant creatures, both changed utterly from the animals they once were. And no one who encounters them will ever be the same again: a lonely widower; a ruthless assassin; a beautiful woman; a government agent. Drawn together in a deadly hunt, all four are inexorably propelled towards an evil beyond human imagining.


Il Divo: Our Music, Our Journey, Our Words
Il Divo

Headline Book Publishing, 2007

In late 2004 Il Divo burst onto the music scene with their unique blend of opera and popular music. The group has since conquered the hearts of fans and the charts of nations around the world, selling 18 million albums worldwide and scoring an incredible 36 number-one records. This insider’s account features exclusive and intimate interviews with each member, as well as stunning, previously unreleased photographs. Rounded out by an ...


Lens of the World
R. A. MacAvoy

Headline Book Publishing, 1991

This is the story of Nazhuret, an outcast, a dwarfish offspring of unknown parents. Yet his story is a great one, filled with surprising rewards and amazing adventures. By the hands of Powl, mentor, madman, and lens grinder, Nazhuret is put to extreme mental and physical test and is blessed with knowledge. He embarks upon a journey to his destiny through war, darkness, and death. He is determined to emerge above the tiny status he was given at ...


Steve Zell

Headline Book Publishing, 1995

Bryce Willems, the fourteen-year-old son of a New York artist who has joined in the revival of an Arizona arts colony at Pinon Rim, discovers eerie and deadly secrets about the town's haunted past.


Dancing with Demons
Peter Tremayne

Headline Book Publishing, 2008

In the late 7th Century, the High King of Ireland is killed at night in the middle of his compound. Who killed him is not in question - there are unimpeachable witnesses that point directly to the clan chieftain responsible. Dubh Duin is, after all, found by the High King's guards in the High King's bed chamber holding the murder weapon. But with impending civil war in the balance, the motive for the murder becomes of paramount importance. The ...


Atonement of Blood
Peter Tremayne

Headline Book Publishing, 2014


The Assassin's Riddle (The sorrowful mysteries of Brother Athelstan)
Paul Harding

Headline Book Publishing, 1996

Set in the Summer of 1380. The Coroner of the City of London, Sir John Cranston, and his secretarius, Brother Athelston, are called in to investigate two mysterious deaths. The first death seems reasonably straightforward compared to the second, the victim of which was in a strongroom which was locked from the inside.


Greely's Cove
John Gideon

Headline Book Publishing Ltd, 1991


Poirot and Me
David Suchet

Headline Book Publishing, 2013

Hercule Poirot, with his distinctive moustache and fastidious ways, is one of Agatha Christie's finest creations, and one of the world's best-loved detectives. Through his television performance in ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot , David Suchet has become inextricably linked with the "little Belgian," a man whom he has grown to love dearly through an intimate relationship lasting more than 20 years. Here, he shares his many memories of creating ...


The Subtle Serpent (A Sister Fidelma Mystery: A Celtic Mystery)
Peter Tremayne

Headline Book Publishing, 1996

A headless female corpse is found in the drinking well of a remote abbey in south-west Ireland. One hand clasps a crucifix; tied to the other arm is a pagan death symbol...A merchant ship is encountered under full sail on the high seas off the Irish coast. But the crew and cargo have vanished - as if by sorcery...Whose is the body in the well? Where is the crew of the vessel? Are these bizarre events connected? And if so, who is ...



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