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Final Gifts: Understanding and Helping the Dying
Patricia Kelley, Maggie Callaghan

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1994

For everyone who has been or ever will be close to someone who is dying, this book is aimed at helping them to understand not only what the experience of death is like, but also how to interpret the symbolic messages by which the dying attempt to communicate their needs to us. In many cases, the dying need to pass on some vital message before they feel able to "let go". Often, communication can break down entirely, with neither side feeling able ...


Exploring Celtic Spirituality: Historic Roots for Our Future
Ray Simpson

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1995

An exploration of Celtic Christians, featuring in each chapter an aspect of their spirituality, such as cherishing the earth, contemplative prayer and the healing of society. There are prayers and responses at the end of each chapter, offering everyone the opportunity to enrich their faith.


Corrie Ten Boom Omnibus: "Hiding Place", "In My Father's House", "Tramp for the Lord"
Corrie Ten Boom

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1998

An omnibus of Corrie Ten Boom's three autobiographical stories concerning her family's protection of Jews during the Nazi occupation of Holland, their own experiences in concentration camps, and her final forgiveness of her concentration camp guard.


The True Light: A Pilgrimage to Orthodoxy
Michael Harper

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1997


Legacy of a Magpie
Ruth Bell Graham

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1989

Discover the legacy of a magpie in this collection of snippets from Ruth Bell Graham's life. The readers are invited to share in her family life as she shows the numerous ways in which God has blessed the Graham household. This book includes her favourite verses from the Bible, literature and poetry, and stories collected from the four corners of the globe. It is a glimpse into the life of the woman at the centre of a very busy household. Ruth ...


The Happiest People on Earth: The Long-awaited Personal Story of Demos Shakaarian (Hodder Christian ...
Demos Shakarian, John Sherrill, ...

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1977


Crack In The Wall: Life & Death in Kowloon Walled City
Jackie Pullinger

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1993

This is a photographic account of Jackie Pullinger's work in Hong Kong which through interviews provides a gripping portrait of the drug addicts, prostitutes, Triad gang members and society's outcasts who live in the Walled City. It describes some of the most incredible stories of people she helped through the Holy Spirit. Today, the drug addicts who came off heroin painlessly are ministering to others. They go out from Hang Fook camp, "Camp of ...


John Wesley
John Pollock

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1989

This biography of the father of Methodism is published just ahead of the 200th anniversary of his death. The book covers Wesley's upbringing in an unconventional family, and his years at Charterhouse, then Oxford where he formed the Holy Society who sought Christian perfection. It goes on to discuss the effect of his rejection by the girl he hoped to marry, and gives an account of Wesley's lifelong mission to the people of Britain. The Reverend ...


NIV Pocket Bible
International Bible Society

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1984

This illustrated Bible includes photographs of Biblical places, such as Mount Ararat, the Judean Desert and the Garden of Gethsemane.


Hymns for Today's Church

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1987

This complete words edition of the "Hymns for Today's Church" can be used alongside modern Bible translations and modern orders of service. It combines traditional hymns with recent compositions.


Seeking Spirituality
Ronald Rolheiser

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1998

In this wide-ranging text, Ronald Rolheiser gives information and practical advice on how to build a spi rituality for today and for the next century. He also explai ns what Christian spirituality is and why we struggle with it.


The Example of Jesus (Jesus library)
Michael Griffiths

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1985


God's Apprentice
Stephen Neill

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1991

Stephen Neill was a leading evangelical Anglican bishop. His influence on the worldwide Anglican Church, on the ecumenical movement and on missions in the 20th century has been significant. He was considered a turbulent priest and a great theologian.


Thomas Moore

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1996

This collection of reflections attempts to capture the "alchemy" through which the author's secular life has distilled the emotions and experiences of a religious community.



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