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Building Bridges: Dramatic Personal Story of Evangelism and Reconciliation
Philip Mohabir

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1988


NIV Pocket Bible
International Bible Society

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1984

This illustrated Bible includes photographs of Biblical places, such as Mount Ararat, the Judean Desert and the Garden of Gethsemane.


Your Confirmation: An Essential Guide to Christianity (Hodder Christian paperbacks)
John Stott

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1995

A new edition of this guide to Christianity, in a handy format, this book explains the basics of Christianity for those new to the faith or in need of a refresher course. Starting with guidance on how to be sure of the faith and how to grow as a Christian, it explores central beliefs and how to live them. Together with a study guide, the book provides a useful introduction to the foundations of the Christian faith.


Tales of Prison to Praise: Three Stories of Lives Transformed by God
Merlin R. Carothers, Valeri Barinov, ...

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 2001

A collection of three Christian testimonies in one volume. This book recounts the personal stories of Merlin Carothers, leader of the Foundation of praise ministries, of rock musician Valeri Barinov who was arrested by the KGB for preaching, and of former Nixon confidant, Charles Colson.


Complete Bible Discussion Guide: New Testament
Mack Thomas

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1997


Celebration of Discipline
Richard J. Foster

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1989

This study of the classic spiritual disciplines includes meditation, prayer, fasting, study, simplicity, solitude, submission, service, confession, worship, guidance and celebration. The author claims that these disciplines can infuse life with joy, promoting inner peace and fulfilment. Richard Foster, an "evangelical" Quaker, founded and chairs the Milton Center which is designed to help Christian writers achieve exellence in their work. He won ...


The Happiest People on Earth: The Long-awaited Personal Story of Demos Shakaarian (Hodder Christian ...
Demos Shakarian, John Sherrill, ...

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1977


Fourth Wave: Charismatics and Evangelicals - Are We Ready to Come Together?
David Pawson

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1993

After defining and clarifying the respective positions of the Charismatics and Evangelicals, this book addresses such critical points of divergence as theology and experience, prophecy and scripture, initiation, tongues, ministry and holiness. The challenge for both, Pawson maintains, is to reconsider their traditional understanding in the light of all the biblical data, and that the time is now ripe for the two fastest-growing streams in ...


Crack In The Wall: Life & Death in Kowloon Walled City
Jackie Pullinger

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1993

This is a photographic account of Jackie Pullinger's work in Hong Kong which through interviews provides a gripping portrait of the drug addicts, prostitutes, Triad gang members and society's outcasts who live in the Walled City. It describes some of the most incredible stories of people she helped through the Holy Spirit. Today, the drug addicts who came off heroin painlessly are ministering to others. They go out from Hang Fook camp, "Camp of ...


Corrie Ten Boom Omnibus: "Hiding Place", "In My Father's House", "Tramp for the Lord"
Corrie Ten Boom

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1998

An omnibus of Corrie Ten Boom's three autobiographical stories concerning her family's protection of Jews during the Nazi occupation of Holland, their own experiences in concentration camps, and her final forgiveness of her concentration camp guard.


Some Said it Thundered
David Pytches

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1990

The author of this book combines some personal accounts of extraordinary prophecies and some personal encounters with a number of very ordinary prophets. The intention is to show how such prophets and prophecies have already proved productive for the leadership in local church affairs.


Richard Foster Omnibus: " Celebration of Discipline " , " Money, Sex and Power " , " Prayers from the Heart "
Richard Foster

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1996


Gorbachev, Glasnost and the Gospel (Keston College book)
Michael Bourdeaux

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1990

Based on research and visits to the Soviet Union and meetings with Gorbachev, Bourdeaux analyzes trends which are likely to ensure greater religious liberty in the Soviet Union. He embraces the Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant churches in his study.


I Believe in Preaching
John R.W. Stott

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1998

John Scott reminds us of the glorious heritage and mighty effect of preaching. He tackles contemporary objections to preaching, examines its theological foundations, and highlights the importance of applying biblical truth to the everyday lives of Christians.


A Witness Forever
Michael Cassidy

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1995

New book, cover minor edgewear from shelf, fast shipping from CA


Morality and the Market Place
Brian Griffiths

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1989

Staunchly defending the benefits of a market economy, but only if bound by Christian principles of justice and compassion, this book examines the morals of the marketplace with some proposed solutions, from one of this country's senior civil servants, in charge of the Prime Minister's policy units. Professor Brian Griffiths is a former member of the faculty of City University, London. A former consultant to the Bank of England and economic ...


God's Apprentice
Stephen Neill

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1991

Stephen Neill was a leading evangelical Anglican bishop. His influence on the worldwide Anglican Church, on the ecumenical movement and on missions in the 20th century has been significant. He was considered a turbulent priest and a great theologian.


The Book: TNIV Youth Bible

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 2005



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