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Building Bridges: Dramatic Personal Story of Evangelism and Reconciliation
Philip Mohabir

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1988


Heaven: A Bright and Glorious Place
Betty Malz

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1990

The author attempts both a personal and researched view of Heaven in this work. Betty Malz claimed to have glimpsed Heaven when, following a severe illness, she was clinically dead for 28 minutes. Much of the author's teaching is in scripture, but she also explores personal accounts of near-death experiences from both children and adults who have miraculously survived. The author has previously written six books, including "My Glimpse of ...


Thomas Moore

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1996

This collection of reflections attempts to capture the "alchemy" through which the author's secular life has distilled the emotions and experiences of a religious community.


I Believe in Preaching
John R. W. Stott

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1998

John Scott reminds us of the glorious heritage and mighty effect of preaching. He tackles contemporary objections to preaching, examines its theological foundations, and highlights the importance of applying biblical truth to the everyday lives of Christians.


Exploring Celtic Spirituality: Historic Roots for Our Future
Ray Simpson

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1995

An exploration of Celtic Christians, featuring in each chapter an aspect of their spirituality, such as cherishing the earth, contemplative prayer and the healing of society. There are prayers and responses at the end of each chapter, offering everyone the opportunity to enrich their faith.


Come Holy Spirit: Learning How to Minister in Power
David Pytches

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1994

Many churches have experienced renewal and are seeking to know God more deeply and share His power and love with others. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are an integral part of this process, but are often neglected or used with little confidence. "I have become convinced that signs and wonders are a proper element in the ministry of all the people of God", writes David Pytches. In this clear and practical handbook he offers guidelines for ...


Crack In The Wall: Life & Death in Kowloon Walled City
Jackie Pullinger

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1993

This is a photographic account of Jackie Pullinger's work in Hong Kong which through interviews provides a gripping portrait of the drug addicts, prostitutes, Triad gang members and society's outcasts who live in the Walled City. It describes some of the most incredible stories of people she helped through the Holy Spirit. Today, the drug addicts who came off heroin painlessly are ministering to others. They go out from Hang Fook camp, "Camp of ...


God Who is There
Francis A. Schaeffer

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1974

Francis A. Schaeffer shows how historic Christianity fearlessly challenges the competing philosophies of the modern world and ultimately meets the deepest needs of men and women.


New International Version Nave's Topical Bible

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1992

Brings together in encyclopaedic form all that the Bible contains on particular subjects, both biblical and contemporary. There are new entries on homosexuality, abortion, drug abuse, nuclear war and discipleship. Archaic vocabulary is cross-referenced to modern NIV terminology.


At Christmas the Heart Goes Home
Marjorie Holmes

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1992

Offering a personal celebration of Christmas with a selection of extracts from the author's books and articles, this book captures the excitement of the Christmas season for children and adults alike as Marjorie Holmes describes hectic preparations for family gatherings, shopping for gifts with the children and other special memories. The nativity story from "Two From Galilee" is included, together with extracts from "Lord, Let Me Love". Other ...


For the Love of Zion
Kelvin Crombie

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1991

Would a Jewish nation have been restored in Israel without the strategic work of British Christians? It is doubtful, argues Kelvin Crombie. Certainly the foundation of an active Church amongst the Jews would not have been possible without the London Jews Society. Its supporters included prime ministers and statesmen and together they shared the courageous belief that the return of the Jews to the Promised Land would hasten the return of Christ. ...


Who Am I?: Discovering Your Identity in Christ (Hodder Christian Books)
Mary Pytches

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1999


Celebration of Discipline
Richard J. Foster

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1989

This study of the classic spiritual disciplines includes meditation, prayer, fasting, study, simplicity, solitude, submission, service, confession, worship, guidance and celebration. The author claims that these disciplines can infuse life with joy, promoting inner peace and fulfilment. Richard Foster, an "evangelical" Quaker, founded and chairs the Milton Center which is designed to help Christian writers achieve exellence in their work. He won ...


The Happiest People on Earth: The Long-awaited Personal Story of Demos Shakaarian (Hodder Christian ...
Demos Shakarian, John Sherrill, ...

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1977


Hudson Taylor and China's Open Century: Barbarians at the Gates Bk. 1
A.J. Broomhall

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1990

Providing the essential background to Hudson Taylor's story, this book describes the land and people of China and explores Chinese attitudes to the white barbarians knocking at their gates with ambitions of trade and empire. This is volume one of "Hudson Taylor and China's Open Century".


A Witness Forever
Michael Cassidy

Hodder & Stoughton Religious, 1995

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