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Creating Extraordinary Joy: A Guide to Authenticity, Connection and Self-Transformation

Hunter House, 2001

For 20 years, Chris Alexander has worked with business professionals and others, studying their interpersonal connection. He's found that emotional and spiritual connection is just as important as intellectual and physical connection. In this book, Alexander explains how to connect with others at all four levels, thereby empowering people to create the ultimate connection: love. In Creating Extraordinary Joy, Alexander takes readers on a journey ...


The Parents' Guide to Hip Dysplasia
Betsy Miller

Hunter House, 2013

The Parents’ Guide to Hip Dysplasia is the only consumer guide to one of the most common birth defects in our nation! Now instead of having to comb through medical texts or scour the internet for information, concerned parents of children with hip dysplasia can have all the information they need for treating their children at their fingertips. Hip dysplasia affects 1 in 1,000 babies, either as developmental hip dysplasia (DDH) or congential ...


The Complete Guide to Joseph H. Pilates' Techniques of Physical Conditioning: With Special Help for Back Pain ...

Hunter House, 2004

This second edition of the best-selling THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO JOSEPH H. PILATES' TECHNIQUES OF PHYSICAL CONDITIONING, offers strength-building and flexibility exercises for anyone who wants to get in shape. The exercises also are perfect to complement the training program of anyone who plays sports, as well as those who want relief for back or knee problems. The book contains: ** A thorough introduction to the history and philosophy of Joseph ...


Positive Options for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD): Self-Help and Treatment (Positive Options)
Elena Juris

Hunter House, 2005

Imagine that the mere breeze of an air conditioner could send you into excruciating pain. For those who suffer from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) this form of crippling nerve pain is a chronic reality. With symptoms including swelling, stiffness, skin discoloration, and chronic burning pain, RSD is an underdiagnosed and undertreated syndrome that often leaves its victims bedridden. This book provides self-help techniques, focusing on ...


Anywhere, Anytime, Any Body Yoga

Hunter House, 2011

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Body Yoga is for anyone interested in improving health and flexibility who does not have the time or money to visit a yoga studio or cannot sit on the floor and twist like a pretzel. Anyone can practice yoga regardless of their physical condition, flexibility, or schedule. The book introduces the spiritual and physical benefits of yoga and how readers can learn to work with their own body type to perform postures safely ...


The Art of Getting Well: A Five-Step Plan for Maximizing Health When You Have a Chronic Illness

Hunter House, 2002

A majority of chronic illnesses have no medical cure. The best therapy, asserts the author, is self-care. This comprehensive guide suggests healthy behaviors and holistic approaches while acknowledging the barriers people face in applying them.


The Parents' Guide to Clubfoot

Hunter House, 2013

About one in every thousand babies born each year has clubfoot, a disorder that affects foot and calf muscles. Because treatment usually begins soon after birth and continues for several years, parents play a key role in the treatment of clubfoot and need to be able to communicate effectively with their child’s doctor. The Parents’ Guide to Clubfoot is the only book about clubfoot that is written for parents so they can learn everything ...


When Violence Begins at Home: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Ending Domestic Abuse
K. J. Wilson Ed.D

Hunter House, 2005

Since its initial publication, this far-reaching reference has provided professionals and victims of abuse with guidance on everything from indicators of an abusive relationship to domestic violence legislation, from antiburnout tips for helpers to advice on leaving an abusive partner. This updated edition addresses new research and programs, adding information on date rape drugs, stalking, cyber-stalking, pregnancy and domestic violence, and ...


How to Spot a Dangerous Man Workbook: A Survival Guide for Women
M.A. Sandra L. Brown

Hunter House, 2005

This workbook is a companion piece to the author's forthcoming book HOW TO SPOT A DANGEROUS MAN BEFORE YOU GET INVOLVED, pub date 12/04. It is created to be used along with the book and also in the author's workshops on how women can make good relationship choices, although it can also be used by itself. Women who date dangerous men fall into many categories, from the teenager to the divorcee, from the waitress to the professional woman. They ...


Keep Safe!: 101 Ways to Enhance Your Safety and Protect Your Family
Donna Wells, Bruce Morris

Hunter House, 2000

This potentially lifesaving guide explains how to avoid crimes and dangerous situations through forethought and planning. The authors offer easy-to-implement suggestions from public safety experts, law enforcement officers, and security specialists for protecting family, home, car, and office.


Positive Options for Colorectal Cancer: Self-Help and Treatment
Carol Ann Larson

Hunter House, 2005

Did you know: * Approximately 80-90 million Americans are considered at risk for developing colorectal cancer * More than 147,000 new cases of colorectal cancer will be diagnosed this year in the US. * Colorectal cancer is the second leading cancer killer of adults in America, and the 4th most commonly diagnosed cancer * Although the majority of people diagnosed with colorectal cancer are over 50, it can strike people of any age, any race ...


Living Well in a Nursing Home: Everything You and Your Folks Need to Know

Hunter House, 2006

While life in a nursing home is rarely considered a first choice, at times it's the best choice. Still, the decision to put a loved one in a home is incredibly difficult. This book concentrates on the positive aspects of nursing homes and offers strategies for identifying the best facilities. Among the topics covered are how to recognize signs that a family member needs extra support, determining whether in-home care is a viable option, the ...


Helping Hyperactive Kids - A Sensory Integration Approach: Techniques and Tips for Parents and Professionals
Ms. Lynn J. Horowitz MHS OT, Cecile Rost

Hunter House, 2007

Sensory integration has provided help to children with behavior, learning, and motor skills problems for over 40 years. A treatment based on play, it helps children absorb, process, and respond to information in an appropriate manner. This book provides a complete overview and explanation of the therapy, as well as practical sensory integration–based techniques that can be used by teachers and parents to help the hyperactive child. This ...


101 More Music Games for Children: More Fun and Learning with Rhythm and Song (SmartFun Activity Books)

Hunter House, 2001

This action-packed compendium offers parents, teachers, and anyone else who works with kids a wide array of ingenious sound and dance activities from a variety of cultures to get kids singing, dancing, listening, interacting, and involved. 101 More Music Games for Children includes games that facilitate musical development, such as sound games, rhythm games, game projects, and card and board games. All of them have simple, clear rules, and they ...


Chinese Herbal Medicine Made Easy: Effective and Natural Remedies for Common Illnesses
Thomas Richard Joiner

Hunter House, 2001

This comprehensive guide features alphabetical listings of more than 250 illnesses, information on their treatment in both Western and Chinese medicine, and more than 750 herbal formulas used to treat specific complaints.


Women's Sexual Passages: Finding Pleasure and Intimacy at Every Stage of Life
Elizabeth Davis

Hunter House, 2000

A woman's sexuality evolves dramatically during her life. In this book, Elizabeth Davis explores hormones and menstruation, pregnancy and birth, menopause and aging, fertility management through body awareness, and much more, for a complete picture. She analyzes controversial hormone replacement therapy and looks at what effect stress, overwork, major life events, relationship upheaval, and sexual abuse have on a woman's sexual health. The book ...


The EROS Equation: A “Soul-ution” for Relationships
M.A. Eve Eschner Hogan

Hunter House, 2014

Based on the idea that it is our own response to a situation — rather than the situation itself — that creates a particular outcome, The EROS Equation is a unique approach to improving relationships. Instead of focusing on difficult partners or problems, author and relationship adviser Eve Eschner Hogan enables us to uncover new and creative responses in ourselves using the EROS equation. As she explains in the introduction, Hogan developed ...


Free Yourself From an Abusive Relationship
Ph.D. Richard Kraus, Andrea Lissette, ...

Hunter House, 1999

This book is a comprehensive guide to recognizing and dealing with domestic abuse and violence. It outlines the different types and stages of abuse, and provides information on how to change such relationships or escape from them.



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