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A Traveller's History of Turkey (Traveller's Histories Series)
Richard Stoneman

Interlink Pub Group, 2009

Throughout the millennia Turkey formed the core of several Empires--Persia, Rome, Byzantium--before becoming the center of the Ottoman Empire. All these civilizations have left their marks on the landscape, architecture and art of Turkey--a place of fascinating overlapping cultures. A Traveller's History of Turkey offers a concise and readable account of the region from prehistory right up to the present day. It covers everything from the ...


A Lake Beyond the Wind (Interlink World Fiction)
Yahya Yakhlif

Interlink Publishing Group, 2003

The year is 1948; the place, Samakh, a small town on Lake Tiberias, north of Jerusalem. People in Samakh are waiting for what, exactly, they do not yet know. The whistle of the Haifa-Deraa train doesn't sound anymore. Abd al-Karim, the shopkeeper, no longer goes into the city to buy new stock. You townspeople, says Haj Mahmoud, leader of the fighters in the 1936 rebellion, had better start digging trenches. There are dark days ahead. A Lake ...


Visiting Distilleries
Duncan Graham, Wendy Graham

Interlink Publishing Group, 2003

Over 40 malt whisky distilleries (and other related facilities) in Scotland and Northern Ireland are detailed in this visitors' guide. Arranged on a regional basis, centred around an appropriate touring base, the book looks at each facility in detail for the whisky enthusiast. Preliminary chapters deal with the manufacture of Scotch (and Irish) malt whisk(e)y, with an explanation of how the guide works and how it should be used, and a brief ...


Portuguese Homestyle Cooking
Ana Patuleia Ortins

Interlink Publishing Group, 2002

Everyone loves Mediterranean food. But few can say what makes the soul-comforting, understated peasant food of Portugal distinct from that of its neighbors. The abundant use of legumes and leafy greens in its hearty soups and stews? The unusual combinations of meat and shellfish? The wine and garlic marinated braises? The easy seafood preparations? Or, perhaps, the luscious, egg-sweet desserts, from light meringue puddings to rich, sweet breads? ...


A Traveller's Wine Guide to France
Christopher Fielden, Jim Budd

Interlink Publishing Group, 2007

France is the home of many of the world's greatest wines. The authors describe France's most important wine producing areas, give the background to the wines, and provide a guide to visiting the best producers.


A Traveller's History of Greece (Traveller's History Series)
T. Boatswain, C. Nicolson, ...

Interlink Publishing Group, 2003

In A Traveller's History of Greece, the reader is provided with an authoritative general history of Greece from its earliest beginnings down to the present day. It covers in a clear and comprehensive manner the classical past, the conflict with Persia, the conquest by the Romans, the Byzantine era and the occupation by the Turks; the struggle for independence and the turbulence of recent years, right up to current events. This history will help ...


Samarkand (Interlink World Fiction)
Amin Maalouf

Interlink Publishing Group, 2003

Samarkand (French: Samarcande) is Urdu Translation of a 1988 historical fiction novel by the French-Lebanese writer Amin Maalouf. The novel received the Prix Maison de la Presse. The first half of the story is set in Persia (present day Iran) and Central Asia in the 11th century, and revolves around the scientist, philosopher, and poet Omar Khayyám. It recounts the creation of his Rubaiyat throughout the history of the Seljuk Empire, his ...


Kahlil Gibran: His Life and World (Literature)
Jean Gibran, Kahlil Gibran

Interlink Publishing Group, 1998

Drawing on masses of new and rediscovered ma terial, this text describes Gibran''s boyhood in Lebanon, his family''s impoverished years in turn-of-the century Boston, and his eventual friendship with that city''s intellectual an d artistic elite. '


Food for the Vegetarian: Traditional Lebanese Recipes
Aida Karaoglan

Interlink Publishing Group, 1992

Lebanon's cuisine draws from a culinary history truly unlike any other in the world. This healthy and wholesome diet is a reflection of Lebanon's unique interaction with Babylonians, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Byzantines, Turks, and more recently, Europeans. This tantalizing collection of vegetarian recipes-passed down from mother to daughter, generation after generation-has been carefully collected from the rural ...


Portuguese Homestyle Cooking [Paperback] [2002] (Author) Ana Patuleia Ortins

Interlink Publishing Group, 2002


Tales of the Golden Corpse: Tibetan Folk Tales (International Folk Tales)

Interlink Publishing Group, 2006

Tales of the Golden Corpse is the first complete English version of the famous Tibetan folk tales told to a boy who has killed seven sorcerers in the defense of his Master. The boy must redeem himself by carrying a talking corpse full of wondrous tales on a long journey, without himself speaking a word. These 25 tales of intrigue and magic provide the reader with a window through which to view ancient Tibetan culture. Within them you will ...


Nicaragua In Focus: a Guide to the People, Politics and Culture (In Focus Guides)
Nick Caistor, Hazel Plunkett

Interlink Publishing Group, 2002

Whatever happened to Nicaragua? In the 1980s it was a byword for revolution, a bogeyman for US governments and a symbol of Latin America's quest for new paths to development and social justice. But since the Sandinistas' electoral defeat in 1990 it has dropped out of the headlines. In the new millennium, Nicaragua continues to be buffeted by international forces, although rather than troops, the US now sends the International Monetary Fund. ...


A Traveller's History of Italy (Traveller's Histories Series)
Valerio Lintner

Interlink Publishing Group, 2003

Compact portrait of Italy from pre-history to the present.


Lisbon: A Cultural and Literary Companion (Cities of the Imagination)
Shirley Booth, Paul Buck

Interlink Publishing Group, 2001

Lisbon stands alone as the last city on the western edge of Europe: a capital and port rich with a history of exploration and discovery, a place immersed in romantic dreams of its maritime past. Shackled by the decades of Salazar's dictatorship, contemporary Lisbon has embraced modernity and the European ideal, its modern architecture and planning intent on blending with ancient monuments, clanking trams, and the "old quarters." Lisbon today has ...


A People Without a Country: The Kurds and Kurdistan

Interlink Publishing Group, 1993

Traces the history of the Kurds and their search for independence Title: A People Without a Country Author: Chaliand, Gerard (EDT)/ Pallis, Michael (TRN)/ McDowall, David (FRW) Publisher: Interlink Pub Group Inc Publication Date: 1993/01/01 Number of Pages: 320 Binding Type: PAPERBACK Library of Congress: 92014618


Remembering Deir Yassin: The Future of Israel and Palestine

Interlink Publishing Group, 1998

For Palestinians, the 1948 massacre by Irgun and allied Stern Gang soldiers of more than 200 residents of Deir Yassin, a tiny village near Jerusalem, resonates sharply as a focal point of history. The dead victims almost all women, children and old men became irrefutable evidence of the consequences for Palestinians of the creation of the new Jewish state. The resulting forced exile of over 750,000 Palestinians in 1948 over two million ...


Disfigured: A Saudi Woman's Story of Triumph Over Violence
Rania Al-Baz

Interlink Publishing Group, 2008

"I am trying as a Saudi woman to raise the awareness of unstable men who see women as inferior, who resort to violence, and who are abusive to women." --Rania al-Baz, on 60 Minutes "I don't feel like I'm a hero... I feel that no woman should be a victim to her husband, or a victim in any way. A woman should have the ability to choose her own destiny." --Rania al-Baz, on The Oprah Winfrey Show Every morning for over six years, Rania ...


Flavors of Greece
Rosemary Barron

Interlink Publishing Group, 2005

Greek food is simple, honest and unfussy. It has a healthy indifference to fashion and trends but a supreme ability to promote feelings of well-being and conviviality. Even the most sophisticated world-traveled Greek approaches a village table laden with foods such as wild greens, spit roasted lamb, and sweet cheese pies with relish and enthusiasm. Dining in Greece is an activity that stimulates all the senses; the food is colorful, pungent and ...


A Traveller's History of North Africa
Barnaby Rogerson

Interlink Publishing Group, 1999

Provides a history of Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, and Libya, from their earliest beginnings through the twentieth century. Title: A Traveller's History of North Africa Author: Rogerson, Barnaby Publisher: Interlink Pub Group Inc Publication Date: 2000/12/01 Number of Pages: Binding Type: PAPERBACK Library of Congress: bl2006004066


Marly: Or, a Planter's Life (Caribbean Classics)

Interlink Publishing Group, 2005

When the young Scotsman George Marly arrives in Jamaica in 1816, his only ambition is to recover his inheritance. But before long he falls in love with the daughter of Simon McFathom, the unscrupulous attorney whose sharp practices have deprived him of his ancestral estate. Will Marly be able to win back his grandfather's plantation of Happy Fortune and secure the hand of the beauteous Miss McFathom? Written by a Scotsman who had experienced ...



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