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Liquid Diet: A Vampire Satire
Michael McCarty

KHP Publishers, 2009

INTERLUDE WITH THE VAMPIRE...As the blood-red sun sets over the Chicago skyline, vampire writer-and real life vampire-Andrew Bloodsworth makes his way into WOLF 99.9 FM, an all-night radio station hosted by the beautiful Bella Donna, Goth queen of the airwaves. As Bloodsworth reveals how he first became a vampire and the dark secrets and desires of the undead, listeners call in to talk to the undead writer. Most of the listeners are vampire and ...


Karen Koehler

KHP Publishers, 2007

In a city ravaged by crime and submerged in fear lies an underworld more horrific than anyone has ever imagined. Now the horror has emerged into the daylit world. Our world. And the hunter has become the hunted. Nothing you have ever read...nothing you have ever seen...nothing in this world can prepare you for the world of Slayer. The original cult underground gothic thriller. "Koehler has created a cast of characters that are ...


The Nameless
Ray Wallace

KHP Publishers, 2009

Nameless. They move through the city streets under cover of darkness, claiming human prey. Powerful. Flesh-hungry. Immortal. One short of the thirteen that would make their Coven strong. But the Master Nicolae has seen in a vision the face of a mortal woman, young, beautiful, who will claim the vacant position within the Coven. But first she must become Nameless. Ariella is no stranger to pain. Having lost everyone close to her, she has finally ...


The Midnight Eye Files: The Amulet
William Meikle

KHP Publishers, 2005

Derek Adams is a Glasgow PI with plenty of time on his hands. Until the Bogart Case walks in. A priceless family heirloom has been stolen and everyone in town is looking for it. The stars are right once more, and an ancient evil has been awakened from its dreaming sleep. It was supposed to be an easy case, fast money. But pretty soon Derek is up to his armpits in bodies, femme fatales and tentacles. The city's dark side has him. And it doesn't ...


Cairnwood Manor: Keepers of the Dead
Bob Freeman

KHP Publishers, 2008

From the haunted halls of Cairnwood Manor to the bowels of Rosslyn Chapel, Bob Freeman hurls you into the very heart of the eternal conflict between the forces of darkness and the forces of light. It's fang versus claw, spell versus steel, and love versus death in an epic battle of blood and thunder. When a sinister cabal converges to unleash the ultimate evil against an unsuspecting world, only the combined strength of the Wolves of Cairnwood ...


The Watchers Omnibus
William Meikle

KHP Publishers, 2009

The Watchers Omnibus brings together three sword-swinging adventure novels in one volume by acclaimed Scottish author William Meikle. This collected volume includes: Book I: The Coming of the King, Book II: The Battle for the Throne, and Book III: Culloden! Three novels in one.


Eldren: The Book of the Dark
William Meikle

KHP Publishers, 2007

Two boys in the West of Scotland awaken an ancient vampire. And the only way to stop it is in the power of a book--a bible detailing the dark religion of the Eldren. But time is running out, and the sun is getting low. Are you afraid of the dark? You will be.


The Sting of the Scorpion (Scorpion #1)
Warren Stockholm

KHP Publishers, 2006

DEATHSTALKER! Imagine a world where the Allies lost the war to Nazi Germany and America has spentsixty years under duress by Axis powers. Now imagine an America newly freed fromoppression and trying to find its way-through crime and punishment. Welcome tothe new America. Steeltown, USA. Another time, another place... Post-War profits have helped Steeltown grow into a thriving industrial metropolis.Unfortunately, the criminal element is growing ...


The Midnight Eye Files: The Sirens
William Meikle

KHP Publishers, 2007

The Midnight Eye first it's a simple lost son case, but for PI Derek Adams things turn quickly to the twilight zone. Soon he's on a remote island and up to his hips in mer-women, shape-changers and ancient fisher cults. Running back to the city doesn't help; there's magic and mayhem loose on the streets. An ancient god is waking up, and only blood will stop him!


The Blackburn & Scarletti Mysteries Volume II
Karen Koehler

KHP Publishers, 2007

THE DANGEROUS DUO RETURN IN TWO NEWBLOODTHIRSTY MYSTERY TALES... LEGION On an old Southern plantation in the Deep South, beneath the shade of sleepy willows and perpetual shadow, an ancient and malevolent force has been unearthed. Left unchecked, it will devour the hearts and souls of all those it encounters. January Blackburn and Dorian Scarletti are quickly drawn into a mystery of ancient rites and black magic rituals, demonic high priests and ...


Vampire Apocalypse: Fallout
Derek Gunn

KHP Publishers, 2009

A New War begins. The Vampires rule. Humanity is enslaved in a nightmare world wherein those who have survived are bred as food for the vampires and as entertainment for the vicious thralls who guard them. The brief but bitter conflict between rival vampires has left Von Kruger victorious. But the thralls have used the war to their own advantage and have grown in power and confidence. The rivalry between vampire and thrall is set to escalate, ...


Vampire Apocalypse: Descent Into Chaos
Derek Gunn

KHP Publishers, 2008

DESCENT INTO CHAOS is the second book in Derek Gunn's Vampire Apocalypse series. The War is Over. The Vampires have Won. But a new campaign is about to begin. The first battle is over and Nero is dead. Now the human survivors will pull themselves from the ruins of their base to find that the world is a very different place outside Nero's territory. Nationally, the vampires have organized themselves into cabals but the scramble for power, ...


The Cage
Jason Brannon

KHP Publishers, 2007

Freakshow... ...A caravan proclaiming itself Captain Omaha's Cryptozoological Fair and Freak Show pulls into the town of Crowley's Point, bearing cargo that is both deadly and highly intelligent. .....A broken family embarks on a day of fun to try and repair all of the damage that adultery has wrought, unaware that there are things loose in the world that can tear a family apart which have nothing to do with infidelity. ....A storm is brewing ...


Raiju: A Kaiju Hunter Novel
K. H. Koehler

KHP Publishers, 2010

His home destroyed by a rampaging kaiju, or giant monster, Kevin Takahashi and his father relocate to New York City where Kevin believes the nightmare is over and the only battleground left to face from now on is high school. But soon after his arrival in the Big Apple, a new kaiju emerges. Qilin is so powerful that even the U.S. Military may be unable to contain or destroy the monster. And if that isn't bad enough, Kevin is falling in love with ...


Vampire Apocalypse: A World Torn Asunder
Derek Gunn

KHP Publishers, 2006

This is the first book in Derek Gunn's Vampire Apocalypse series. The war is over and the Vampires have won. The drying up of the world's oil resources leads to the fabled End of Days. Technology stagnates and communities grow ever more insular. With communication between cities lost and attention turned inward, the vampires rise from the shadows where they have survived for centuries and sweep across the globe. By the time word spreads it ...


Slayer: Stigmata
Karen Koehler

KHP Publishers, 2003

Unholy Trinity... A rogue warrior hunted by an army of immortal soldiers...a demon prince newly arisen from the ashes of his own death...a dangerous girl whose power can unlock the destiny of the entire world. Three lost souls bound together by fate are about to learn that passion and pain are forever... In this ambitious, lush and electrically erotic third installment in the now-infamous industrial gothic Slayer series, horror newcomer Karen ...



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