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The Plan A Woman in a Plan B World: What to Do When Life Doesn't Go According to Plan

Leafwood Publishers, 2010

Debbie Williams helps women realize through biblical teaching and true life stories that settling for less in life is not an option when things don t turn out as planned. Rather than simply accepting failure or settling for less in what the world calls Plan B, women can approach life with their own Plan A spirit and let God reignite their hopes and dreams. Women grow up dreaming of the life they hope to have. Many have prince charming in their ...


Miracles and Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories from Military Chaplains

Leafwood Publishers, 2012

In MIRACLES AND MOMENTS OF GRACE, seasoned author Nancy B. Kennedy brings together stories that touch the heart with inspiring messages drawn from the day-to-day lives of our nation's soldiers. This collection of compelling first-person stories comes from military chaplains who are eyewitnesses to amazing displays of divine intervention, whether in small moments of grace or through miracles of breathtaking wonder. Telling stories that range from ...


Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe

Leafwood Publishers, 2013

She may be tough, beautiful, and practically perfect in every way, but saving the world is only easy when you're Wonder Woman. Being a mom, on the other hand? Now, that takes some serious superpowers. A lasso of truth, bulletproof wristbands, and an invisible airplane. Throw in a golden tiara, great hair, and abs made of steel and you've got a gal theoretically capable of saving the planet (and looking fabulous in the process, too, I might ...


The Stained Glass Pickup: Glimpses of God's Uncommon Wisdom
Cathy Messecar

Leafwood Publishers, 2006

Where do you meet God? In Cathy Messecar's The Stained Glass Pickup discover God waiting for you in unpredictable places. Through poignant stories, the author points you to the One who created you - the One who is waiting for you in the details and chaos of everyday life. 52 inspiring chapters. This makes a wonderful gift book.


God Is My Refuge: 12 Weeks of Devotions and Scripture Memory for Troubled Times

Leafwood Publishers, 2013

In this daily devotional, Kathy Howard combines Scripture reading, insightful commentary, personal reflection, and Scripture memory to help women draw closer to God and experience his help in the midst of life's trials. "In this world you will have trouble." Jesus said it and our life experiences prove it. From financial need and illness to loss and broken relationships, every Christian woman encounters difficulties. Most believe God can help, ...


The Fulfillment Principle: Experiencing Pure Joy in Your Life
Bob Westfall

Leafwood Publishers, 2011

Drawing on the challenge of one of Jesus most powerful parables, The Fulfillment Principle is packed with stories, encouragement, and motivation to help readers discover and pursue their God-given gifts in order to experience the joy of a lifetime for a lifetime. Asking readers, ''Are you ready to dream God s Dream?'' Bob Westfall invites those who are overwhelmed and unfulfilled to realize this simple but profound truth: ''When you use the ...


Getting Out of Bed in the Morning: Reflections of Comfort in Heartache

Leafwood Publishers, 2013

Getting Out of Bed in the Morning motivates readers who are facing grief and loss to get out of bed and face a life which, although diminished by unfathomable sadness, still holds purpose and beauty. Written in devotional format, Getting Out of Bed in the Morning is a companion for those going through sorrow associated with loss—whether brought to the journey through the death of a loved one, failing health, job loss, broken relationships, or ...


Loves God Likes Girls: A Memoir
Sally Gary

Leafwood Publishers/Acu Press, 2013

For many Christians who experience same-sex attraction, reconciling faith and homosexuality is a lonely and painful journey. LOVES GOD LIKES GIRLS--A MEMOIR is one woman's recollection of her journey, allowing faith to plunge her into deeper discovery of the truth about her sexuality. No other issue has been more divisive in families and in faith communities than homosexuality. Rather than providing ''cookie-cutter'' answers as to why someone ...


When a Woman Finds Her Voice

Leafwood Publishers, 2013

What happens when brokenness stains our spirits, when the hurts of life linger? Secret or unresolved hurts leak into our everyday lives, filtering into everything we think we know about who we are. We tend to question our value and meaning. We feel unimportant, incapable, ""less-than"" or ""not good enough."" So we put on our false faces, the ""life-is-just-fine"" masks, while we bury ourselves in family, career, and service to others. And ...


I Used to Be So Organized: Help for Reclaiming Order and Peace
Glynnis Whitwer

Leafwood Publishers, 2011

Combining spiritual encouragement and practical application I Used to Be So Organized presents a balanced approach to finding order and peace for today s overwhelmed woman. I Used to Be So Organized addresses the frustrations many women feel when they can't get a handle on their lives. They know, deep in their hearts, they should be able to manage things. After all, they used to be organized . . . ten or twenty years ago. But now, life ...


Thin Places: An Evangelical Journey into Celtic Christianity
Balzer Tracy

Leafwood Publishers, 2007

There has been a revival of all things Celtic in recent decades, producing everything from Irish folk music to a rise in pagan mysticism. By contrast, Tracy Balzer's book, Thin Places: An Evangelical Journey into Celtic Christianity is written to introduce contemporary Christians to the great spiritual legacy of the early Celts, a legacy that has remained undiscovered or inaccessible for many in the evangelical tradition. Thin Places not only ...


The Baby Companion: A Faith-Filled Guide for Your Journey through Baby's First Year, ...

Leafwood Publishers, 2013

The baby's first-year guide for women who long to experience God's fullness and presence throughout their journey. They don't have to walk through their first days of motherhood alone. The creator of Life is their ultimate Baby Companion. The Baby Companion offers every new mom a guide that includes both information and encouragement for her journey through baby's first year. Equipping women with practical advice and resources including ...



Leafwood Publishers, 2013

Shattered explores how grief-avoidance strategies can keep us from fighting the battle to reclaim and reinvest our hearts after loss, and what faith-based strategies are necessary for healing. Too many people today are suffering from the catastrophic effects of loss. This year, three million people will die from diseases alone, leaving loved ones grieving, not to mention millions more affected by divorce, suicide, the rise of mental health ...


The True Heaven: Not What You Thought Better Than You Expected

Leafwood Publishers, 2013

What The Bible Actually Says Instead of Clichés!     There are all kinds of ideas about what heaven will be like but many of them just don't fit with what God has said in his Word. Beam and Wilson take an insightful and biblical look at heaven and what it will really be like. What's your picture of heaven? Will you be sitting on a cloud strumming a golden harp? Will you be singing in an eternal worship service? Will the gates be pearly ...


The Pregnancy Companion: A Faith Filled Guide for Your Journey to Motherhood

Leafwood Publishers, 2012

A doctor's counsel and a girlfriend's wisdom combine to create an information-packed, inspiration-filled resource for the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs of pregnancy. Halfway through her own pregnancy, author Jessica Wolstenholm realized that although she rushed to every book sitting on her bookshelf each time she encountered a question or a scary symptom, she found that the information there, while accurate, usually ...


A Scrapbook of Motherhood Firsts: Stories to Celebrate and Wisdom to Bless Moms
Leslie Wilson, Trisha Berg, ...

Leafwood Publishers, 2012

A SCRAPBOOK OF MOTHERHOOD FIRSTS celebrates motherhood milestones in a collection of topics from conception to school days, and recipes to family fun days. With nearly 150 years of collective mothering, Leslie, Trish, Terra, Cathy, and Karen combine common sense, heartfelt advice, and humor to encourage young women in their journey through motherhood. Through tips, stories, recipes, and memories, these women bring faith-filled words of wisdom ...


The Feast

Leafwood Publishers, 2009

What if Jesus really meant the stuff he said? The Feast responds to our hunger for a holistic spirituality that is rooted in the Jesus Story. It invites us to pull up around the table and feast on the Scripture stories of God at work in the world. And it tells its own fresh tales of people who embody that Story in our world today passionate Christ-followers who are not afraid to do daring things with their lives. Josh tells of a God who asks us ...


Miracles & Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories from Moms

Leafwood Publishers, 2013

Hear touching and inspiring stories from fifty women who have taken on the toughest, yet most rewarding, assignment of their lives—motherhood! In Miracles & Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories from Moms, fifty mothers--from new moms to seasoned moms--share their most memorable moments. From the hilarious to the heartbreaking, these stories reveal the depth of a mother's love and her delight at wearing the title of ''Mom.'' One mother tells a ...


A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts: Stories to Warm Your Heart and Tips to Simplify Your Holidays

Leafwood Publishers, 2008

Is your December cluttered? Does Christmas leave you fretting instead of singing quot;Joy to the Worldquot;? In A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts, discover how to bring harmony to this busy month. Tips for family traditions, connecting generations, children, gift giving, how to grow myrrh and much more. Try the scrumptious quot;Cookie Canisterquot; recipes. Read about families who experienced Christmas firsts. This is a book to help you ...


A Woman Called: Piecing Together the Ministry Puzzle
Sara G. Barton

Leafwood Publishers, 2012

The call to ministry is profound and life-changing, one that women are often forbidden to answer. In this sensitive and moving memoir Sara Barton speaks openly and vulnerably about how the conflict has played out in her life. In many churches today, Christians assume that women are excluded from the public role of preaching--yet women like Sara Barton experience a call to preach, forcing congregations and individuals to confront a complicated ...



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