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viking: king's man
Tim Severin

Pan Macmillan UK, 2006

It is Constantinople in 1035, and Thorgils has become a member of the Varangian lifeguard, where he witnesses the glories of the richest city on earth. He embarks on a campaign launched to recover Sicily from the Saracens. After years of traveling, Thorgils retreats to Sweden, but is eventually summoned again to assist in coordinating William the Conqueror’s invasion of England. In September 1066, a Norse fleet of three hundred ships sails ...


A Crown of Lights (Merrily Watkins Mysteries)
Phil Rickman

Macmillan UK, 2001

When a derelict country church is bought by a pagan couple, the local evangelical minister reacts with fury. A modern witch hunt begins, and Merrily Watkins is expected to keep a lid on the cauldron. Meanwhile, there is the problem of the man who won’t be parted from his dead wife, the ancient mystery of the five local churches dedicated to St. Michael, and a killer with an old tradition to guard.


The Daily Telegraph Cryptic Crosswords 67 (Daily Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Book)
Telegraph Group Limited

Macmillan UK, 2011

A new collection of the best cryptic crosswords from The Daily Telegraph   A bumper selection of 80 of the most stimulating and entertaining recent cryptic challenges from the pages of The Daily Telegraph , which has been running these puzzles for over eighty years. They continue to baffle, infuriate and delight readers on a daily basis and are available here for those who need more than their daily fix! As always, if inspiration fails ...


The Travels of Ibn Battutah
Ibn Battutah

Macmillan UK, 2003

Ibn Battutah—ethnographer, bigrapher, anecdotal historian and occasional botanist—was just 21 when he set out in 1325 from his native Tangier on a pilgramage to Mecca. He did not return to Morocco for another 29 years, traveling instead through more than 40 countries on the modern map, covering 75,000 miles and getting as far north as the Volga, as far east as China, and as far south as Tanzania. He wrote of his travels, and comes across ...


A Garden of Eden in Hell: The Life of Alice Herz-Sommer
Melissa Muller, Reinhard Piechocki

Macmillan UK, 2008

Alice Herz-Sommer was born in 1903 in Prague—the Prague of the Hapsburgs and of Franz Kafka, a family friend. Musically very gifted, by her mid-teens Alice was one of the best-known pianists in Prague. But as the Nazis swept across Europe her comfortable, bourgeois world began to crumble around her, as anti-Jewish feeling not only intensified but was legitimized. In 1942, Alice's mother was deported. Desperately unhappy, she resolved to learn ...


The Wine of Angels (A Merrily Watkins Mystery)
Phil Rickman

Macmillan UK, 1999

The Rev. Merrily Watkins had never wanted a picture-perfect parish—or a huge and haunted vicarage. Nor had she wanted to walk straight into a local dispute over a controversial play about a strange 17th-century clergyman accused of witchcraft. But this is Ledwardine, steeped in cider and secrets. And, as Merrily and her daughter Jane discover, a it is village where horrific murder is an age-old tradition.


The Third World War (Future History)

Macmillan UK, 2003

THE THIRD WORLD WAR tells the story of four world leaders pitted against the raw power of failing states. A Russian president who needs to rein in his ambitious generals; an Indian prime minister experienced in the lethal consequences of the wrong decision; a Chinese president faced with competing forces within his country; and, in the White House, a man who tries to make peace with those who only want catastrophe. Flashpoint One - Pakistan; ...


Zulu Rising: The Epic Story of iSandlwana and Rorke's Drift
Ian Knight

Macmillan UK, 2011

The battle of Isandlwana was the single most destructive incident in the 150-year history of the British colonization of South Africa. In one bloody day more than 800 British troops, 500 of their allies, and at least 2,000 Zulus were killed in a staggering defeat for the British empire. The consequences of the battle echoed brutally across the following decades as Britain took ruthless revenge on the Zulu people. In Zulu Rising Ian Knight ...


Eric Cantona
Philippe Auclair

Macmillan UK, 2010

Many have tried to persuade Eric Cantona to write his autobiography. He never will. Philippe Auclair has interviewed every key player in Cantona's life to produce a biography that reveals, for the first time, the heart and inner thoughts of this most extraordinary character. Cantona played for six different French clubs, making his international debut at twenty-one, before going to England in 1992 and making an immediate impact with Leeds ...


Funny, Peculiar: The True Story of Benny Hill
Mark Lewisohn

Macmillan UK, 2002

Benny Hill was an unlikely figure of global admiration—he was a deeply private individual, a loner, uninterested in money and the trappings of success. Acclaimed in the 1950s as the first British TV comedy superstar, loved for his pioneering ideas and humor, Hill's popularity remained undimmed for decades. But in the 1980s, he was reviled in Britain, with his innuendo-strewn humor branded sexist. His TV show's sudden end in 1989 was followed ...


The Daily Telegraph Big Book of Cryptic Crosswords 16 (Bk. 16)
The Daily Telegraph

Macmillan UK, 2006

Think big! Crosswords of any variety can be addictive and in this series you get more than your daily fix. Offering all the challenges of the usual Telegraph cryptic crossword books but in a larger, easy-to-use format, this collection features more than 200 carefully constructed puzzles. If it all gets too much, the solution to every single one is included at the back.


Midwinter of the Spirit (A Merrily Watkins Mystery)
Phil Rickman

Macmillan UK, 2000

As an early winter slices though the old city of Hereford, a body is found in the River Wye, an ancient church is desecrated, and there are signs of a dark ritual on the hill overlooking the city. Meanwhile, there are reports of psychic unrest in the city’s cathedral that speak of an undying evil lying close to the heart of the Church of England. In this second electrifying tale, exorcist Rev. Merrily Watkins must tread in places where an ...


How Black Was Our Sabbath: An Unauthorized View from the Crew
Dave Tangye, Graham Wright

Macmillan UK, 2004

During the seventies, David Tangye and Graham Wright were part of the Black Sabbath crew—and they have the stories to prove it. As the group grew in fame and notoriety, incidents of bad behavior mounted alarmingly. Whether it's Geezer's lyrical journeys into the underworld or the gun-obsessed Ozzy Osbourne at home in Atrocity Cottage, this is Sabbath as you've never known them before. A real-life Spinal Tap, this is a warm, funny tribute to ...


The Black Moon (The Poldark Saga)
Winston Graham

Macmillan UK, 1996

The birth of a son to Elizabeth and George Warleggan serves only to accentuate the rift between the Poldark and Warleggan families, and the enduring rivalry between George and Ross finds a new focus for bitter enmity and conflict.


Life at the Limit: Triumph and Tragedy in Formula One
Professor Sid Watkins

Macmillan UK, 1997

This work offers the memoirs of Grand Prix's on-track doctor, Professor Sid Watkins. If there is a crash, it is Watkins who gets there first. He is closely involved in improving safety at the circuits and in developing rapid response medical rescue.


The Quest
Wilbur Smith

Macmillan UK, 2007

Wilbur Smith returns with the eagerly awaited sequel to his thrilling "Egyptian" series. Following on from "River God", "The Seventh Scroll and Warlock", "The Quest" continues the story of the Warlock, Taita, wise in the lore of the ancient Gods and a master of magic and the supernatural. Egypt is struck by a series of terrible plagues that cripple the Kingdom, and then the ultimate disaster follows. The Nile fails. The waters that nourish and ...


Timebomb (Paul Richter)
James Barrington

Macmillan UK, 2011

The fourth action-packed techno-espionage thriller featuring maverick British agent Paul Richter What should have been a routine arrest turns into a bloody shoot-out near Geneva that leaves four terrorists and four policeman dead, and Richter on the run from a murder charge. Closer to home, a homeless person is viciously murdered on the Isle of Sheppey, then a surveillance operation in Stuttgart goes badly wrong when someone tips off the ...


The Paper Dolls Pb
Julia Donaldson

Pan Macmillan UK, 2013


The Cure of Souls (Merrily Watkins Mysteries)
Phil Rickman

Macmillan UK, 2002

As high summer bakes the rich earth of north-east Herefordshire, dark shadows gather around a converted hopkiln where the last owner was savagely murdered. Though the local vicar dismisses claims by its current occupants that the place is haunted, their story is soon splashed over a Sunday newspaper—and Merrily Watkins is directed by the Bishop of Hereford to defuse this situation. Merrily, however, is already contending with a woman's claim ...



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