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The Fire Cat (an I Can Read book)
Esther Averill

Mammoth, 1961

Pickles is a young cat with big paws and big plans. But all he can find to do is chase other cats, until he is adopted by the local firehouse. Knowing that this is his chance to do big things, Pickles works hard to be a good fire cat. He learns to jump on a fire truck. He learns to help put out a fire, and he even helps out in a rescue! Beginning readers will cheer when Pickle's dream finally comes true.


Frog and Toad Together (I Can Read)

Mammoth, 1992


"Stand Back, " Said the Elephant, "I'm Going to Sneeze"
Patricia Thomas

Mammoth, 1972

All the animals are in a panic. The elephant's sneeze would blow the monkeys out of the trees, the feathers off the birds, the stripes off the zebra. Even the fish and the fly, the crocodile and the kangaroo, know what a catastrophe that sneeze would be. "Please don't sneeze!" they beg. . . . The classic story of an enormous sneeze in the marking, told in sprightly nonsense verse, has been newly illustrated in full color to delight a new ...


Little Bear (I Can Read)
Else Holmelund Minarik

Mammoth, 1992

One of the "Little Bear" stories in a series for beginner-readers. Little Bear wants something warm to wear, so he can play in the snow, but then he discovers that his own fur coat is the warmest thing of all. He also tries to make some birthday soup, and then tries to fly to the moon.


Hippos Go Berserk
Sandra Boynton

Mammoth, 1990


The House at Pooh Corner

Mammoth, 1994


Owl at Home (I Can Read)
Arnold Lobel

Mammoth, 1993


Diana Wynne Jones

Mammoth, 1993


Anne of the Island (Anne of Green Gables)
L.M. Montgomery

Mammoth, 1994


Small Pig
Arnold Lobel

Mammoth, 1970

No mud! Small Pig loves to sit in good, soft mud. When the farmer's wife cleans his pigpen, Small Pig runs away. In the city he finds a new mud puddle—but it is not full of mud at all. And now Small Pig has one big problem!


Little Bear's Friend (I Can Read)
Else Holmelund Minarik

Mammoth, 1992

One of the "Little Bear" stories in a series for beginner-readers. On his way home for lunch one day, Little Bear finds a lost girl in the forest. He takes her home and befriends her, and when it's time for her to go back to school, Little Bear writes her a letter with his new pen.


Tintin in Tibet



Big Sister and Little Sister
Charlotte Zolotow

Mammoth, 1968


Archer's Goon
Diana Wynne Jones

Mammoth, 1986

When the Goon turns up demanding "Archer's two thousand", life turns upside-down. As Howard desperately tries to get to the bottom of this peculiar demand, he discovers that the town is run by seven crazy wizards (not all of whom live in the present!) and someone is trying to take over the world!


Green Grass of Wyoming
Mary O'Hara

Mammoth, 1989


Big Max: The Worlds Greatest Detective! [An I CAN READ Mystery]
Kin Platt

Mammoth, 1966

"The world's greatest detective" follows the clues that lead to the King of Pooka Pooka's missing prize elephant. "The character of Big Max, a kind of miniature Sherlock Holmes, is well drawn in both words and pictures." —SLJ.



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