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Read Anything Good Lately? (Millbrook Picture Books)
Susan Allen, Jane Lindaman

Millbrook Press, 2006

An alphabetical look at some different places and things to read, from an atlas at the airport to a zodiac at the zoo.


Under, Over, by the Clover: What Is a Preposition? (Words Are Categorical)
Brian P. Cleary

Millbrook Press, 2003

In this fun-filled book, playful puns and comical cartoon cats combine to show, not tell, readers what prepositions are all about. Each preposition in the text, like under, over, by the clover, about, throughout, and next to Rover, is highlighted in color for easy identification. This is the newest addition to the Words Are CATagorical(tm) series, which has sold over 450,000 copies.


Africa Is Not A Country
Margy Burns Knight

Millbrook Press, 2002

Africa Is Not A Country


I Am An Artist
Pat Lowery Collins

Millbrook Press, 1994

Are you an artist? Do you see the world around you in a special way? I Am an Artist shows you how, by simply observing the delights of nature, you can be inspired to create. Can you name the colors inside a seashell? You're an artist!


Animals in Fall: Preparing for Winter (Cloverleaf Books - Fall's Here!)
Martha E. H. Rustad

Millbrook Press, 2011

Honk! Geese are flying south. Grr! Black bears are looking for a den. Munch! Deer are eating extra food. Find out what other animals do to get ready for winter. What happens in fall? Find out in the Fall's Here! series, part of the Cloverleaf Books(tm) collection. These nonfiction picture books feature kid-friendly text and illustrations to make learning fun!


What Is A Scientist ?
Barbara Lehn

Millbrook Press, 1999

Simple text and photographs depict children engaged in various activities that make up the scientific process.


Slide and Slurp, Scratch and Burp: More about Verbs (Words Are CATegorical)
Brian P. Cleary

Millbrook Press, 2009

One book is never enough to explore the wide range of verbs! The crazy cats deliver loads of additional examples to illustrate the power of both action verbs and linking verbs. Brian P. Cleary's playful verse and Brian Gable's comical cats turn traditional grammar lessons on end. Each verb is printed in color for easy identification. Read this book aloud and share the delight of the sense and nonsense of words.


It'S Back To School We Go!: First Day Stories from Around The World
Ellen Jackson

Millbrook Press, 2003

In easy-to-read text, describes what the first day of school might be like for a child in Kenya, Kazakhstan, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Peru, Germany, India, Russia, and the United States.


It's Fall (Celebrate the Seasons!)
Linda Glaser

Millbrook Press, 2001

A child experiences the colors and textures of fall. Includes nature activities to do during that season.


Written Anything Good Lately?
Susan Allen, Jane Lindaman

Millbrook Press, 2010

Have you ever thought about all the different types of writing you can do? You may write papers for school and e-mails to your friends. Some of you might enjoy writing stories and poems. Communicating through writing can take many forms. This book will show you twenty-six of them - one for each letter of the alphabet. In school you could write to answer Questions on a Quiz, prepare a Report on the Rainforest, or create a Sensational Speech for ...


No One Saw
Bob Raczka

Millbrook Press, 2001

With a simple, rhyming text and beautifully reproduced paintings, NO ONE SAW explores modern art. Each painting highlights the way in which the artist looked at the world in his or her own way. One look at the oversized details of her calla lilies convinces us hat no one saw flowers like Georgia O'Keeffe. A city becomes art when looked at by Kandinsky. And Miro shows us the flight of a bird like we've never seen it before. The message is a ...


Pattern Fish
Trudy Harris

Millbrook Press, 2000

Book Details: Format: Library Binding Publication Date: 10/1/2000 Pages: 40 Reading Level: Age 5 and Up


A Day at a Zoo (Time Goes by)
Sarah Harrison

Millbrook Press, 2009

Monkeys! Seals! Tigers! Check out these eight action-packed scenes to see what happens during a full day at a busy zoo. In each picture, the zoo buzzes with activity. Visitors, zookeepers, and animals move from place to place. Look for the changes that happen. Keep your eye on the clock too. By spending a whole day in the same place, you can watch events unfold from morning to night.


A Year at a Farm (Time Goes by)
Nicholas Harris

Millbrook Press, 2009

Horses! Ducks! Cows! Would you like to see what happens during a year at a farm? Then come spend the next twelve months at this farm. Check out eight action-packed scenes for a bird's-eye view of spring planting, a summer festival, and an autumn harvest. Look out for an escaped cow and a surprise landing by a hot air balloon. Keep your eye on the calendar too. By spending a whole year at a farm, you can watch events unfold as the seasons change.


Wonderful Worms
Linda Glaser

Millbrook Press, 1994

Encourages an appreciation for the small creatures of the earth by explaining the vital role that earthworms play in the planet's ecosystem, with cross-section illustrations of the worm's underground environment and informative charts.


David Lubar

Millbrook Press, 2014

When Logan's class takes a trip to a math museum, his mischievous friend Benedict is sure it will be a boring day—until he discovers a robot and its creator in an off-limits area. The robot proves feisty, and soon both boys get zapped. They realize only later that they'd left the museum without their math skills. To get back the knowledge they need for school—not to mention buying food at the mall, divvying up dinner at home, and much ...


It's Winter! (Celebrate the Seasons!)
Linda Glaser

Millbrook Press, 2002

THIS EDITION IS INTENDED FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. A child observes the coming of winter and its effects on the weather, animals, and plants. Includes suggestions for wintertime activities.


Dear Wandering Wildebeest: And Other Poems from the Water Hole
Irene Latham

Millbrook Press, 2014

Welcome wildebeest / and beetle, / Oxpecker and lion. / This water hole is yours. / It offers you oasis / beside its shrinking shores. Spend a day at a water hole on the African grasslands. From dawn to nightfall, animals come and go. Giraffes gulp, wildebeest graze, impalas leap, vultures squabble, and elephants wallow. Irene Latham's gorgeous poems are accompanied by additional facts that provide further details about the animals and their ...


Pattern Bugs
Trudy Harris

Millbrook Press, 2001

Book Details: Format: Library Binding Publication Date: 9/1/2001 Pages: 40 Reading Level: Age 4 and Up


Marilyn Singer

Millbrook Press, 2014

Beware! Poisonous things are all around you. In the spirit of What Stinks?, Marilyn Singer brings kids the coolest, newest info on creatures that can harm or even kill with a bite or sting.



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