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The Lone Ranger: Vendetta

Moonstone, 2012

The Masked Man in a brand-new adventure! From out of the past comes a mysterious killer systematically murdering anyone with a connection to the Masked Rider of the Plains former identity. When all signs point to Butch Cavendish, a man long dead, The Lone Ranger finds himself trapped in a deadly game of cat and mouse with the life of his faithful Indian companion hanging in the balance!


BUCKAROO BANZAI: TPB vol.1: Return of the Screw
Mac Rauch, W. D. Richter, ...

Moonstone, 2014

Written by Buckaroo's creators! Along with his Hong Kong Cavaliers, Banzai must battle more than one surprise arch enemy, each with their own motives, but all acting in concert to bring Banzai to his knees! All this sandwiched between a couple of great rock and roll guitar solos, a few surgical procedures, a crazy gun battle on land and air, Buck's one chance for the ultimate revenge, his soul in turmoil, all the chicks digging him, engineering ...


Kolchak the Night Stalker: Compendium
Max Allan Collins, Christopher Golden, ...

Moonstone, 2011

Carl Kolchak was TV's first paranormal investigator, albeit a reluctant one. His exploits have been the inspiration for the X-Files and beyond! Kolchak is a talented newspaper reporter who used to handle all of the big stories, but his reputation has taken a few hits over the years as his stories have become more and more strange, surreal, and unknown. He is a relentless truth-seeker, no matter how bizarre that truth may be. The fact that no ...


Kolchak: The Night Stalker

Moonstone, 2012

The original Kolchak novel by Jeff Rice


The Avenger: Justice Inc.

Moonstone Books, 2012

From the flames of tragedy, a hero rises! In the roaring heart of the crucible, steel is made. In the raging flame of personal tragedy, men are sometimes forged into something more than human. Life was bliss for millionaire adventurer Richard Henry Benson until the fateful day crime and greed took away his wife and daughter and turned him into something more than human. Driven by loss, compelled by grief, The Avenger is a chilled impersonal ...


Kolchak and the Lost World
C. J. Henderson

Moonstone, 2012

After getting a serial killer to confess, Kolchak is offered an international assignment with massive coverage around the world. With fame and fortune finally within reach, Kolchak is ready to cover the story - until he''s confronted by a mysterious monk who warns him that "the seventy-two must always be." What this means is not explained. But, before he knows it, Kolchak's dreams are invaded by unexplainable images that let him know every step ...


The Avenger: Roaring Heart of the Crucible, ...

Moonstone, 2013

The greatest crime-fighter of the 40’s returns in a third thrilling collection of original action-packed tales of adventure, intrigue, and revenge. Life was bliss for millionaire adventurer Richard Henry Benson until that fateful day crime and greed took away his wife and young daughter…and turned him into something more than human. Driven by loss, compelled by grief, he becomes a chilled impersonal force of justice, more machine than ...


Honey West: This Girl for Hire
Trina Robbins, Mark Simmons

Moonstone, 2013

Honey West: equal part Marilyn Monroe and part Mike Hammer! The first woman of private eye fiction, and the first woman character in the lead role of an action TV show, returns with all-new, swinging 60's sexy and thrilling mysteries by best-selling authors Trina Robbins and Elaine Lee!


Kolchak: Necronomicon (Kolchak the Nightstalker)
C.J. Henderson

Moonstone, 2013

Carl Kolchak, whether he wants the mantle or not, is the world's premier supernatural investigator. Vampires, werewolves, witches, demons, he has seen it all. Or ... has he? Can even all the horrors he has stumbled across prepare him for the monstrous denizens of the Lovecraft Mythos, let alone its most damned volume, the Necronomicon?


Honey West and T.H.E. Cat: A Girl and Her Cat
Win Scott Eckert, Matthew Baugh

Moonstone, 2014

When an exotic green-eyed Asian doctor hires Honey to recover a stolen sample of a new influenza vaccine from a rival scientist, the blonde bombshell private eye--suspicious but bored--takes the case. But when she's attacked not once, but twice, on her way from Long Beach to San Francisco to track down her quarry, she knows there's more--much more--to her femme fatale client than meets the eye. Along the way, Honey's one-time paramour Johnny ...


The Spider: Extreme Prejudice, ...

Moonstone Books, 2014

New short stories of SEARING WHITE HOT PROSE starring pulpdom’s most violent and ruthless crime fighter ever: THE SPIDER! More just than the law, more dangerous than the Underworld...hated, feared and wanted by both! One cloaked, fanged, border-line crazy denizen of the dark force-feeding hard justice with a pair of 45's! Guest starring: The Black Bat, The Green Ghost, and Operator 5! 282 pgs.


The Green Hornet Chronicles

Moonstone Books, 2012

With his faithful valet Kato, Britt Reid, daring young publisher, matches wits with the Underworld, risking his life so that criminals and racketeers may feel the weight of the law through the sting of the Green Hornet! Moonstone is proud to present The Green Hornet Chronicles, the first anthology featuring all-new original crime fiction tales of the man who hunts the biggest game, public enemies that even the FBI can't reach! It's the mid ...


Domino Lady: Money Shot Novel

Moonstone, 2014


The Green Hornet: Still at Large

Moonstone Books, 2012

The long-awaited return of the Green Hornet & Kato and their rolling arsenal the Black Beauty, back again with all-new stories! Moonstone is proud to present The Green Hornet: Still at Large, the third anthology featuring all-new, original crime fiction tales of the man who hunts the biggest of all game, public enemies that even the FBI can't reach! It's the mid 1960's, the political climate is shaky, there's civil unrest, freedom and equality ...


Kolchak: The Night Strangler (Kolchak: The Night Stalker)

Moonstone, 2012

Second Kolchak novel by Jeff Rice, adaptation of the screenplay by Richard Matheson


Honey West: Honey For Hire
Fernando Ferreiro, Nancy Holder, ...

Moonstone, 2014

Literature (and TV's) first female private eye is back with all new adventures! Honey For Hire features all-new material of noir, mystery, action-adventure, and some heat by the likes of Ed Gorman, Will Murray, Mel Odom, Trina Robbins, C.J. Henderson, Mike Black, and others!


The Green Hornet Casefiles

Moonstone Books, 2012

The Green Hornet Casefiles Edited by Joe Gentile and Win Scott Eckert Written by: Joe McKinney, Jim Mullaney, John Everson, Paul D. Storrie, Eric Fein, Vito Delsante, Win Scott Eckert, Dan Wickline, Paul Kupperberg, Howard Hopkins, Bobby Nash, Arthur A. Lyon, Bradley Sinor, Matthew Baugh, F.J. Desanto, David Boop, Micheal Uslan, Joe Gentile, Tim Lasiuta, Rafael Nieves Cover Art: Rubén Procopio 300+pgs The long-awaited return of the Green ...


Buckaroo Banzai TP Vol 02 No Matter Where You Go
Earl Mac Rauch

Moonstone, 2014

First time in paperback! Writer Mac Rauch and director WD Richter return to their creation with brand new stories! Everyone's favorite adventurer/surgeon/rock star is back again just in time to save the world! Get the low down on the events that transpired before the movie! See for the first time a good look at Buckaroo's beginnings! This volume reprints the 2 issue "Prequel" series, the two-issue "H.O.T.H." series, and the "Origin" and "Big ...


The Spider Chronicles SC (New Printing)
John Jakes, Mort Castle, ...

Moonstone, 2007

More just than the law, more dangerous than the Underworld... hated, feared, and wanted by both. One cloaked, fanged, border-line crazy denizen of the dark force, feeding hard justice with a pair of 45's! Moonstone is proud to present 20 new short stories of searing white hot prose starring pulpdom's most violent and ruthless crime fighter ever: The Spider! Here you will find relentless, hard-fisted action that remains true in tone to his ...



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