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The First Six Weeks of School (Strategies for Teachers)
Paula Denton, Roxann Kriete

Northeast Foundation for Children, 2000

Learn how to structure the first six weeks of school to lay the groundwork for a productive year of learning. Discover how taking the time to build a solid foundation in the early weeks of school can pay off all year long in increased student motivation, cooperation, responsibility, and self-control. This comprehensive guidebook for K-6 teachers features: Daily plans for the first three weeks and commentary about these plans at three grade ...


Closing Circles: 50 Activities for Ending the Day in a Positive Way
Dana Januszka, Kristen Vincent

Northeast Foundation for Children, 2012

Bring the school day to a peaceful closing and reaffirm classroom community. Gather with your class for a 5- or 10-minute activity before dismissal and you'll all leave school feeling encouraged and competent. This book contains 50 easy-to-do activities for the end of the day: Songs and chants Individual reflection questions Energetic cheers Silent cheers Quick partner and group chats Team or class challenges Quiet thinking time, and ...


Yardsticks: Children in the Classroom Ages 4-14
Chip Wood

Northeast Foundation for Children, 2007

Written with warmth and humor, Yardsticks offers clear descriptions of children's development. This comprehensive, user-friendly reference helps teachers and administrators use knowledge of child development to shape classrooms and schools where all children can succeed. For each age, this book includes: Narrative description of developmental traits Charts summarizing physical, social, language, and cognitive growth patterns Suggestions ...


The Power of Our Words: Teacher Language that Helps Children Learn (Responsive Classroom)
Paula Denton

Northeast Foundation for Children, 2013

Simple changes in a teacher's language can bring about profound changes in students and classrooms. By paying attention to your words and tone of voice, you will: Increase students engagement with academics Build positive community More effectively manage your classroom That is the message of The Power of Our Words , a book that has changed the teaching lives of tens of thousands of educators since it was first published in 2007. In ...


80 Morning Meeting Ideas for Grades 3-6
Carol Davis

Northeast Foundation for Children, 2012

Eighty easy-to-do, classroom-tested ideas to help you plan engaging, purposeful Morning Meetings for third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students. The book includes: 20 friendly greetings 20 empowering sharings 20 engaged activities 20 inspiring messages This handy reference also includes: An introduction with tips and reminders to help you plan and lead successful meetings An at-a-glance chart listing content area and skills ...


Energizers! 88 Quick Movement Activities That Refresh and Refocus, K-6
Susan Lattanzi Roser

Northeast Foundation for Children, 2009

To learn well, children need to move! A few minutes of playful moving, laughing, chanting, or singing promote more—and more productive—learning. The energizers in this book including old favorites with new twists and the author's own lively originals are easy to teach and learn. You will use these activities every day! Anywhere: Inside or outside the classroom, with children circled up, at their desks or tables, or waiting in line ...


Rules in School: Teaching Discipline in the Responsive Classroom
Kathryn Brady, Mary Beth Forton, ...

Northeast Foundation for Children, 2011

Positive behavior can be taught. Join the thousands of teachers in schools nationwide who have used this positive approach to discipline to establish calm, safe classrooms in which students can do their best learning. The approach to discipline presented in this book helps children develop self-control, understand how positive behavior looks and sounds, and come to value such behavior. With many examples from their own classrooms, three ...


The Morning Meeting Book
Roxann Kriete, Carol Davis

Northeast Foundation for Children, 2014

Promote a climate of trust, academic growth, and positive behavior by launching each school day with a whole class gathering. This comprehensive, user-friendly book shows you how to hold Responsive Classroom Morning Meetings, a powerful teaching tool used by hundreds of thousands of teachers in K-8 schools. In the new edition of this essential text, you'll find: Step-by-step, practical guidelines for planning and holding Responsive ...


80 Morning Meeting Ideas for Grades K-2
Susan Lattanzi Roser

Northeast Foundation for Children, 2012

Eighty easy-to-do, classroom-tested ideas to help you plan engaging, purposeful Morning Meetings for kindergarten, first, and second grade students. The book includes 20 friendly greetings, 20 empowering sharings, 20 engaged activities, and 20 inspiring messages. This handy reference also includes: An introduction with tips and reminders to help you plan and lead successful meetings An at-a-glance chart listing content area and skills ...


Teasing, Tattling, Defiance and More... Positive Approaches to 10 Common Classroom Behaviors
Margaret Berry Wilson

Northeast Foundation for Children, 2013

"Filled with practical strategies that will help you teach positive behavior with skill, warmth, and understanding." -- Gianna Casetta, Co-Executive Director, SOAR Schools. This practical guide offers simple, effective techniques for addressing: Listening and attention challenges Teasing Cliques and exclusion Tattling Defiance Disengagement Silliness and showing off Too much physical contact Dishonesty Frustration and meltdowns ...


Doing Math in Morning Meeting: 150 Quick Activities That Connect to Your Curriculum (Responsive Classroom)
Andy Dousis, Margaret Berry Wilson

Northeast Foundation for Children, 2010

Bring joy and energy to math learning without adding to your already-packed schedule! 150 fun and engaging math activities for kindergartners to 5th graders: guessing games, songs, chants, hands-on experiments, and more. Get math-themed ideas for all four Morning Meeting components: greeting, group activity, sharing, and morning message. Includes an appendix that shows how the activities in Doing Math in Morning Meeting correlate with Common ...


Teaching Children to Care: Management in the Responsive Classroom
Ruth Charney

Northeast Foundation for Children, 1992

NOTE: This was replaced by a second edition in 2002, ISBN 978-1892989086, $32. This remarkable book speaks to the heart of every classroom teacher—offering a proven, practical approach that can help reduce the exhausting and often overwhelming classroom management problems confronting today's K-8 teachers.


99 Activities and Greetings: Great for Morning Meeting...and Other Meetings Too!
Melissa Correa-Connolly

Northeast Foundation for Children, 2004

From Magic Number to UFO Experts, this fun collection of activities, chants, and greetings helps teachers build a positive climate for learning while giving students practice in reading, math, problem-solving, and more. Each activity includes: Suggested grade level Academic and social skills practiced Materials needed Concise, easy-to-follow directions


Doing Science in Morning Meeting: 150 Quick Activities that Connect to Your Curriculum
Lara Webb, Margaret Berry Wilson

Northeast Foundation for Children, 2013

Foster science learning with quick, fun, meaningful activities for K-6. Increase students' excitement about science, deepen content knowledge, and enhance science skills. The topics and activities in this book are based on A Framework for K-12 Science Education, the foundation for the Next Generation Science Standards. The activities are easy to set up, require minimal materials, and are flexible enough to use at any time of day. Select ...


Teaching Children to Care: Classroom Management for Ethical and Academic Growth, K-8
Ruth Sidney Charney

Northeast Foundation for Children, 2002

Turn your vision of respectful, friendly, academically rigorous classrooms into reality. This definitive work about classroom management shows you how to: Set priorities and expectations with children Establish classroom routines Generate rules with students and using logical consequences Work with families and staff to support the rules Plan and conduct individual conferences and class meetings Avoid power struggles Choose effective ...


The Language of Learning: Teaching Students Core Thinking, Listening, & Speaking Skills (Responsive Classroom)
Margaret Berry Wilson

Northeast Foundation for Children, 2014

The Language of Learning offers a practical approach to teaching these essential communication skills: Listening and understanding Thinking before speaking Speaking clearly and concisely Asking thoughtful questions Giving high-quality answers Backing up opinions with reasons and evidence Agreeing thoughtfully Disagreeing respectfully Includes: Skills chapters on listening, speaking, questioning, crafting an argument, and ...


Learning Through Academic Choice (Strategies for Teachers Series)
Paula Denton

Northeast Foundation for Children, 2005

Giving children choices leads to deep engagement in learning. This comprehensive guidebook shows you step by step how to give children structured, meaningful choices about what and how they learn. Within any curriculum, the powerful teaching strategy of Academic Choice will help you create a classroom culture in which children see themselves and each other as capable learners. You'll learn how to: Build on children's natural curiosity, desire ...


Parents and Teachers Working Together (Strategies for Teachers)
Carol Davis, Alice Yang

Northeast Foundation for Children, 2005

Build positive relationships with parents and work with them to support their children's learning. Carol Davis and Alice Yang offer a wealth of manageable ways, combining the voice of a master teacher with spotlights of a dozen other teachers in action in rural, urban, and suburban schools. Sample letters and forms throughout. Topics include: Working with diverse family cultures Setting the stage for a positive relationship during the early ...


Responsive School Discipline: Essentials for Elementary School Leaders
Chip Wood, Babs Freeman-Loftis

Northeast Foundation for Children, 2011

Bring positive behavior to your school through strong, consistent, and positive discipline. Experienced administrators Chip Wood and Babs Freeman-Loftis offer practical strategies for building a safe, calm, and respectful school climate—strategies based on deep respect for children and for staff. See how to: Establish signals that get children's quick, quiet attention anytime and anywhere in school Craft school rules that children take ...


What Every Kindergarten Teacher Needs to Know (What Every Teacher Needs to Know K-5)
Margaret Berry Wilson

Northeast Foundation for Children, 2011

You're teaching kindergarten this year. What do you need to know? Welcome kindergartners to the new world of school and address their need for repetition, routine, structure, and lively, hands-on explorations. Margaret Berry Wilson shows you how in this practical book. In a warm, conversational style punctuated with anecdotes from her own classrooms she offers practical, specific advice for kindergarten teachers on topics such as: Arranging ...



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