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The Seventh Gate
Richard Zimler

Overlook Hardcover, 2012

By the author of the critically acclaimed international hits The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon and The Warsaw Anagrams , this novel proves Richard Zimler's mastery of the "riveting literary murder mystery" ( Independent on Sunday ). It's Berlin, 1932. Sophie is a smart and sexually precocious fourteen-year-old coming of age during Hitler's rise to power. Forced to lead a double life when her father and boyfriend become Nazi collaborators, she ...


The Man in the Picture
Susan Hill

Overlook Hardcover, 2008

An extraordinary ghost story from a modern master, published just in time for Halloween. In the apartment of Oliver's old professor at Cambridge, there is a painting on the wall, a mysterious depiction of masked revelers at the Venice carnival. On this cold winter's night, the old professor has decided to reveal the painting's eerie secret. The dark art of the Venetian scene, instead of imitating life, has the power to entrap it. To stare into ...


Stella Coe

Overlook Hardcover, 1984

Book by Coe, Stella


Can't Help Singin': The American Musical on Stage and Screen
Gerald Mast

Overlook Hardcover, 1987

Overlook Press 1987 hardcover 6.4 x 9.2 389p. Black letters on illustrated cover. Can't Help Singin' is an historical and critical look at the evolution of the American musical from its beginnings in the fusion of Tin Pan Alley and the Harlem of the Cotton Club through landmark shows and films, writers and composers, directors and performers.


Full Throttle: The Life and Fast Times of Curtis Turner
Robert Edelstein

Overlook Hardcover, 2005

Curtis Turner's life embodied everything that makes NASCAR the biggest spectator sport in American history. In gripping prose, and with full access to the files of Turner's widow, biographer Robert Edelstein thrillingly recreates the life of this American legend. Full Throttle is the first-ever full-scale chronicle of Turner's legendary life, from his days as a teenage moonshine runner, through his incredible comeback after four years of being ...


Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings: Sojourner at Cross Creek
Elizabeth Silverthorne

Overlook Hardcover, 1988

Rich with detail and anecdote, illustrated with beautiful black-and-white photographs, this is the first full-length biography of writer Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. 25 photos.


The Brontes: A Life in Letters
Juliet Barker

Overlook Hardcover, 1998

In the much anticipated follow-up to the landmark biography "The Brontes", Juliet Barker uses her unrivaled knowledge of the Bronte family, including newly discovered letters and manuscripts, to create an absorbing and entertaining book that is as original, compelling, and bold as the Bronte family. 35 photos .


The Complete Book of Curtains and Drapes
Lady Caroline Wrey

Overlook Hardcover, 1991

Her books have sold over 100,000 copies in the United States and her seminars across the country are always sold out. She’s the world’s foremost authority on window treatments, and her name is Caroline Wrey. The New York Times wrote, "To Lady Caroline, diamonds are not a girl’s best friend, but table clamps, Velcro, and a staple gun are." Combining her skill as an accomplished seamstress, an artistic eye that takes a dim view of boring ...


Church Signs Across America
Steve Paulson, Pam Paulson

Overlook Hardcover, 2007

Church Signs Across America celebrates the wit, charm, and verse of church signs from every state in the U.S. At the same time reverent and witty, these signs offer fascinating glimpses into American life that are variously humorous, inspirational, kitschy, and kind—and occasionally all those things at once. After finding their inspiration for the book during a road trip from Florida to Alaska, husband and wife team Steve and Pam Paulson ...


Andrew Mango

Overlook Hardcover, 2000

The first full-scale biography in over twenty years of the controversial founding father of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was virtually unknown until 1919, when he took the lead in thwarting the victorious Allies' plan to partition the Turkish core of the Ottoman Empire. He divided the Allies, defeated the last Sultan and secured the territory of the Turkish national state, becoming the first president of the new republic in 1923. ...


The Shakespeare Miscellany
David Crystal, Ben Crystal

Overlook Hardcover, 2005

In the best tradition of sound-bites and pithily entertaining witticism, David and Ben Crystal's The Shakespeare Miscellany gathers together essential facts and fascinating insights about William Shakespeare--probably the most famous writer of all time--and the world in which he lived and worked. The Shakespeare Miscellany includes essential biographical facts (and fictions) that have been part of Shakespeariana for centuries, as well as a ...


Travels on my Elephant
Mark Shand

Overlook Hardcover, 1992

Started on a whim and pursued with a passion, Mark Shand's journey across India on the back of an elephant covered 800 miles. All Indian life is here--scavenging dogs and exquisite temples, jostling crowds and empty wilderness. Rivaling Kipling, this story of man and elephant is by turns exciting, terrifying and moving. 30 full-color photographs.


Thermopylae: The Battle That Changed the World
Paul Cartledge

Overlook Hardcover, 2006

In 480 BC, a huge Persian army, led by the inimitable King Xerxes, entered the mountain pass of Thermopylae as it marched on Greece, intending to conquer the land with little difficulty. But the Greeks—led by King Leonidas and a small army of Spartans—took the battle to the Persians at Thermopylae, and halted their advance—almost. It is one of history’s most acclaimed battles, one of civilization’s greatest last stands. And in ...


My So-Called Normal Life
Erin Zammett

Overlook Hardcover, 2005

A compellingly inspirational memoir of a young woman confronting the battle of her life with hope, humor, and style.


Fortitude: The D-Day Deception Campaign
Roger Hesketh

Overlook Hardcover, 2000

Behind the astonishing success of D-Day was the most sophisticated deception scheme ever devised. The objective was to persuade the enemy that the long-awaited landings would take place in the Pas-de-Calais, and that any attack in Normandy would be nothing more than a diversionary feint that could be safely ignored. Hundreds of bogus agent reports were manufactured, an entire US Army Group was invented, false radio signals transmitted, and ...


Stone Heart: A Novel of Sacajawea
Diane Glancy

Overlook Hardcover, 2003

In Stone Heart, Diane Glancy grippingly retells the story of American legend Sacajawea, the young Shoshoni woman who traveled with Lewis and Clark on their expedition to the West. Presented in Sacajawea’s voice in the form of a diary, the book makes moving and illuminating fiction out of a famed piece of history that has long been masked by myth. Glancy adds breadth and immediacy to the story by juxtaposing excerpts from Lewis and Clark’s ...


The Secret Lives of Alexandra David-Neel: A Biography of the Explorer of Tibet and Its Forbidden Practices
Barbara Foster, Michael Foster

Overlook Hardcover, 1997

Alexandra David-Neel was the first European to explore Tibet at a time when foreigners were banned. Few people have led a life of adventure equal to hers, or made so much of it. This book presents a vividly detailed chronicle of David-Neel's quest to conquer her personal demons and of the outer journey that made her one of the most celebrated figures of her day. 26 photos. 2 maps.


Maritime Supremacy & the Opening of the Western Mind: Naval Campaigns That Shaped the Modern World
Peter Padfield

Overlook Hardcover, 2000

From "the best naval historian of his generation" (John Keegan), a brilliant exploration of the significance of maritime power in shaping the western ideal of political freedom. In the great wars of modern history maritime powers have always prevailed over land-based empires, whether Habsburg, Napoleonic, Nazi or Soviet. This extraordinary book charts the growth of these powers in various western countries, while also revealing the way in which ...


The Man With the Golden Touch: How The Bond Films Conquered the World
Sinclair McKay

Overlook Hardcover, 2010

The Man with the Golden Touch tells the unlikely story of how Eon Productions‹the owners of the Bond franchise‹has kept James Bond at the top of the charts for forty-five years when originally only three or four films were planned. Through twenty-one films featuring three M¹s, two Q¹s, and six Bonds‹from Sean Connery¹s career-transforming turn in 1962¹s Dr. No to Daniel Craig¹s debut in the 2006 blockbuster Casino Royale ‹the ...


Bare Fists: The History of Bare Knuckle Prize Fighting
Bob Mee

Overlook Hardcover, 2001

In its heyday, which spanned the mid 18th to the late 19th centuries, the bare-knuckle prize-fight was a wildly popular sport which, as gloved boxing does now, produced some extraordinary characters and legendary bouts, both in Britain and the United States. With contests lasting hours and going into over 100 thrilling, punishing rounds, the sport drew crowds both common and elite-from royals and politicians to writers like Jonathan Swift and ...



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