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Invasion 1944
Hans Speidel

Paperback Library, 1972


The Rat Patrol
Norman Daniels

Paperback Library, 1966

Four desert commandos battle Rommel's deadly Afrika Korps------with only two armed jeeps!


Martin Caidin

Warner Paperback Library, 1972

He was a wonder of scientific perfection-- but it was lonely as hell at the top. All the resources of NASA, the Pentagon, and Government Money put the pieces of Lt. Col. Steve Austin's shattered body back together again. He came out of it more perfect than human. Better than new. A deadly, unstoppable weapon. Now all he needed was to find some human emotion in the tangle of plastic, wire and atomic metal that was fused to the remains of his ...


Justice, Inc. (The Avenger)
Kenneth Robeson

Paperback Library, 1972


All the President's Men
Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein

Warner Paperback Library, 1978

All the President's Men [Paperback] [Jan 01, 1978] Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein


The Tower
Richard Martin Stern

Warner Paperback Library, 1974


The Children of MU - #2 in Series
James Churchward

Paperback Library, 1968

The Children of MU -


Stand BY-Y-Y To Start Engines
Daniel V. Gallery

Warner Paperback Library, 1967


The Secret of Barnabas Collins

Paperback Library Gothic, 1969

Rear cover notes: "Here is another never-before-told story of the handsome, mysterious 175-year-old vampire. While searching for the woman who will replace his long-lost Josette, and thus end the terrible curse upon him, Barnabas meets lovely Clare Duncan. The story of their romance - and of the terror it brings to the beautiful young noblewoman - is a tale of gothic suspense which will chill and delight the legions of Barnabas Collins' fans."


Janis Joplin : Her Life And Times
Deborah Landau

Paperback Library, 1971


Dark Shadows
Marilyn Ross

Paperback Library, Inc., 1969


The Demon of Barnabas Collins
Marilyn Ross

Paperback Library, 1969

The arrival of a movie company at Collinwood gives Barnabas a chance to escape Angelique's awful curse - the curse which has made him one of the living dead. Barnabas meets and falls in love with beautiful film star Rita Glenn. In order to save him, she introduces him to the mysterious Dr Moreno who has a cure for Barnabas. Barnabas is jubilant over his recovery - but not for long. Suddenly he is in a life and death battle with another ...


Kung Fu, 1. The Way of the Tiger, the Sign of the Dragon
Howard Lee

Warner Paperback Library, 1973

US Warner TV edition paperback, vg


Out of Their League
Dave Meggyesy

Paperback Library, 1971


Barnabas Collins (Dark Shadows, #6)
Marilyn Ross

Paperback Library, 1968

Rear cover notes: "Barnabas Collins, the 175-year-old vampire who has taken the country by storm comes alive in this new novel of gothic suspense. Your blood will grow cold as you read the never-before-told story of the foggy night in 1899 when Barnabas Collins first arrived at Collinwood. You'll chill to the full horror of the real truth about Barnabas - a secret so terrible that it could not be revealed until now...."


The Phantom and Barnabas Collins
W. E. D. Ross

Paperback Library, 1969



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