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Planting the Wild Garden
Kathryn O. Galbraith

Peachtree Publishers, 2015

A farmer and her son carefully plant seeds in their garden. In the wild garden, many seeds are planted too, but not by farmers hands. Different kinds of animals transport all sorts of seeds, often without knowing it. Sometimes rain washes seeds away to a new and unexpected location. And sometimes something extraordinary occurs, as when the pods of Scotch broom burst open explosively in the summer heat, scattering seeds everywhere like popcorn. ...


We've Got a Job: The 1963 Birmingham Children's March
Cynthia Levinson

Peachtree Publishers, 2015

We've Got a Job tells the little-known story of the 4,000 black elementary-, middle-, and high school students who voluntarily went to jail in Birmingham, Alabama, between May 2 and May 11, 1963. Fulfilling Mahatma Gandhi's and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s precept to fill the jails, they succeeded where adults had failed in desegregating one of the most racially violent cities in America. Focusing on four of the original participants who have ...


Rodeo Red
Maripat Perkins

Peachtree Publishers, 2015

Rodeo Red and her hound dog Rusty are happier than two buttons on a new shirt… until Side Swiping Slim shows up. Red is sure that anyone who hollers that much will be hauled to the edge of town and told to skedaddle, but her parents seem smitten. When that scallywag sets his eye on Rusty, Rodeo Red had better figure out a way to save her best friend in all the world. Can she make a bargain with a varmint?


P. Zonka Lays An Egg
Julie Paschkis

Peachtree Publishers, 2015

Extraordinary hen P. Zonka spends her time taking in the beauty around her: the shiny green of the grass, the buttery yellows of the dandelions, the deep blue of the sky. The other hens can't understand why she never lays eggs like they do. Finally, P. Zonka gives in and lays an egg. To everyone's delight, she produces a wondrous egg that contains all the colors and designs that she has stored in her creative imagination.


Random Body Parts: Gross Anatomy Riddles in Verse
Leslie Bulion

Peachtree Publishers, 2015

Witty and nimble verse about body parts pairs with whimsical drawings in this informative, fun collection. It begins with an invitation to solve a series of poetic riddles: "Of course you have a body, / But do you have a clue / Where all the body parts you've got are found / And what they do?" Each poem that follows poses a puzzle in verse (with a sly wink and a nod to Shakespeare) and provides hints for uncovering the body part in question. ...


If You See a Kitten
John Butler

Peachtree Publishers, 2015

From a pretty peacock (oooh!) to some slimy slugs (yuck!), the animals depicted by acclaimed illustrator-author John Butler will delight the very young. This simple, interactive look at various animals and the responses they evoke will coax giggles and spirited responses from young children as they follow along.


Toad Weather
Sandra Markle

Peachtree Publishers, 2015

There's nothing to do on a rainy day or so Ally thinks. But Mama says she's seen something amazing, so despite Ally's misgivings, she sets out on an adventure with her mother and grandmother. On her journey, she sees all sorts of things: dripping awnings, wet cardboard, splashing cars...but also earthworms, storm drain geysers, and oil slick patterns. And then they turn the corner, just in time to see a big crowd. What's happening?


Back to Bed, Ed!
Sebastien Braun

Peachtree Publishers, 2014

Getting ready for bed is lots of fun at Ed's house. Ed plays silly games with Dad. He has a drink and brushes his teeth. He takes a bath and cuddles with Mom for a bedtime story. Then Ed is off to bed with hugs and kisses. But while Ed loves going to bed, he doesn't like staying there. Night after night he tiptoes down the hall and climbs into Mom and Dad's big bed. Mom and Dad aren't getting much sleep so they come up with a plan to keep Ed in ...


About Birds: A Guide for Children, 2nd edition
Cathryn Sill

Peachtree Publishers, 2013

This kid-friendly book offers a first thoughtful glimpse into the world of birds: from eggs to nests, from song to flight. In this delightful book, teacher and birder Cathryn Sill explains to children what birds are, what they do, and how they live. Accompanied by beautifully detailed illustrations from noted wildlife illustrator John Sill, About Birds is a first thoughtful glimpse into the world of birds, from eggs to nest, from songs to ...


Stanley the Farmer
William Bee

Peachtree Publishers, 2015

It's going to be a busy day down on Stanley's Farm! From plowing the field, to planting the seeds, to harvesting the wheat, Stanley has a lot to do. Luckily, his friends Shamus and Little Woo come to help him.


Jake's 100th Day of School
Lester L. Laminack

Peachtree Publishers, 2008

JAKE AND HIS FELLOW STUDENTS are getting ready for a celebration. Tomorrow is the 100th day of school and everyone is going to share their collections of 100 things. The day of the celebration arrives. Jake's friend Henry brings 100 bottle caps and Emily brings 100 paper clips. But Jake forgets the 100 family pictures he has glued into a special memory book at home. Disaster! The problem is solved thanks to Jake's ingenuity and the ...


Spectacular Spots
Susan Stockdale

Peachtree Publishers, 2015

With engaging rhymes and bright, bold images, award-winning author and illustrator Susan Stockdale introduces young readers to the many ways in which animals benefit from their spots. An afterword tells a little bit more about each animal and where it lives, and readers can test their knowledge of animal spots with a fun matching game at the end!


14 Cows for America
Carmen Agra Deedy

Peachtree Publishers, 2009

In June of 2002, a very unusual ceremony begins in a far-flung village in western Kenya. An American diplomat is surrounded by hundreds of Maasai people. A gift is about to be bestowed on the American men, women, and children, and he is there to accept it. The gift is as unsought and unexpected as it is extraordinary. A mere nine months have passed since the September 11 attacks, and hearts are raw. Tears flow freely from American and Maasai ...


Three Hens and a Peacock
Lester Laminack

Peachtree Publishers, 2014

The Tuckers' farm is a peaceful place: cows chew their cud, hens lay their eggs, and the old hound rests on the porch. Everyone has a job and no one complains. That is, until a hapless peacock suddenly falls off the back of a passing truck and stirs things up. Soon, customers are flocking to the farm to see what all the fuss is about, and business is booming. But the hens don't like the newcomer getting attention while they stay cooped up doing ...


About Hummingbirds: A Guide for Children
Cathryn Sill

Peachtree Publishers, 2015

Educator and author Cathryn Sill uses simple, easy-to-understand language to teach children what hummingbirds are, how they look, how they move, what they eat, and where they live. Illustrator John Sill introduces readers to many varieties of hummingbirds, from the smallest type the Bee Hummingbird of Cuba to the largest the Giant Hummingbirds of the Andes Mountains in South America. An afterword provides details on the hummingbirds featured and ...


Age Defying Fitness: Making the Most of Your Body for the Rest of Your Life
Marilyn Moffat, Carole B. Lewis

Peachtree Publishers, 2006

THERE IS NO DOUBT that our bodies change with age, as the baby boomer generation is now learning firsthand. But many of the problems attributed to inevitable age-related changes are in fact not inevitable and are often lifestyle induced and reversible. In this new book, Moffat and Lewis show how to overcome the aches, stiffness, and unsteadiness in your muscles and joints. Using their simple, self-administered tests, you will assess your level ...


Snow Day!
Lester L. Laminack

Peachtree Publishers, 2010

When the television weatherman predicts a big snowfall, the narrator gleefully imagines the fun-filled possibilities of an unscheduled holiday from school. Piling under warm blankets. Sipping hot chocolate in snowman mugs. Building a snow fort. Sledding in the neighbor s field. In scene after snowy scene, from sunrise to sundown, a pair of siblings, with their father in tow, show how they would make the most of their day off. But when the ...


The Boy Who Cried Ninja
Alex Latimer

Peachtree Publishers, 2014

Tim witnesses some strange happenings around his house, but no one believes his explanations. In fact, no matter what Tim says, his parents just punish him with chores. To save himself, he hatches a clever plan to expose the truth. Will it work, or will Tim have to spend the rest of his life raking the yard? Bubbling with wit and humor from start to finish, author-illustrator Alex Latimer's debut picture book will have readers of all ages ...


Martina the Beautiful Cockroach
Carmen Agra Deedy

Peachtree Publishers, 2014

Martina the beautiful cockroach doesn't know coffee beans about love and marriage. That's where her Cuban family comes in. While some of the Cucarachas offer her gifts to make her more attractive, only Abuela, her grandmother, gives her something really useful: un consejo increíble, some shocking advice. "You want me to do what?" Martina gasps. At first, Martina is skeptical of her Abuela's unorthodox suggestion, but when suitor after suitor ...


Seaman: The Dog Who Explored the West With Lewis and Clark (Peachtree Junior Publication)
Gail Langer Karwoski

Peachtree Publishers, 1999

It is 1804 - an historic year in America - and Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and their Corps of Discovery set out on the now-legendary exploration of the Louisiana Purchase. Starting from St. Louis, they're hoping to reach the Pacific Ocean and then return. In this fictionalized biography, based upon the journals of Lewis, Clark, and other members of the team, readers meet Seaman, a 150-lb, Newfoundland dog and an unheralded member of the ...



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