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Beginning JavaScript
Paul Wilton

Peer Information Inc., 2000

JavaScript is the language of the Web. Used for programming all major browsers, JavaScript gives you the ability to enhance your web site by creating interactive, dynamic and personalized pages. Our focus in this book is on client-side scripting, but JavaScript is also hugely popular as a scripting language in server-side environments, a subject that we cover in later chapters. Beginning JavaScript assumes no prior knowledge of programming ...


Beginning XSLT
Jeni Tennison

Peer Information Inc., 2002

XML is established as the universal standard for delivering documents and data on the Web. The next step is to process that data and the XSL Transformation language, XSLT, has been developed as the primary means for such processing. XSLT can be used to convert XML data for presentational purposes as well as to modify data structure.


Professional Visual Basic 6 Databases
Charles Williams

Peer Information Inc., 1999

Visual Basic is the #1 programming tool in the world and 70% of VB applications involve a database. However, there is little advanced information for VB database programmers that has been proven in the real world. This book has broad coverage of many issues relating to advanced database design and implementation using VB6. The main feature is the demonstration of the 3 tier solution, enabling more scalable applications. From the coverage of 2 ...


Fast Track ASP.NET
Brady Gaster, Marco Bellinaso, ...

Peer Information Inc., 2002

This book is a concise introduction to the concepts and techniques that you will need to grasp in order to start building ASP.NET applications. ASP.NET introduces many new features for web application development. It promises a wealth of benefits including higher performance, pain free multi-device development, and easier code reuse. This book will show you what is possible and give you an understanding of ASP.NET that you will find invaluable ...


C# Text Manipulation Handbook
Francois Liger, Craig McQueen, ...

Peer Information Inc., 2002

The .NET Framework has a variety of string manipulation features, but incorrect or ill-considered use of these methods could drastically increase your memory and processor consumption. This book teaches you how to make use of regular expressions to match and replace text, and how to manipulate text using the various string matching, manipulation, and replacement classes. Issues such as Internationalization and data conversion will also be ...


Expert One on One Oracle
Thomas Kyte

Peer Information Inc., 2001

Tom Kyte has a simple philosophy: you can treat Oracle as a black box and just stick data into it or you can understand how it works and exploit it as a powerful computing environment. If you choose the latter course, then you will find that there are few information management problems that you cannot solve quickly and elegantly. Tom has selected the most important features and techniques and he teaches them in a proof-by-example manner, not ...


Professional VB SAP R/3 Programming
Oleg Ovanesyan

Peer Information Inc., 1999

This book introduces the fundamentals of SAP, including the new SAP tools and technologies. SAP R/3 business objects and BAPIs are implemented and a guide to the SAP Business Framework is illustrated. The SAP R/3 Automation tools are used to replicate SAP functionality from VB and the DCOM Component Connector is used to generate business object proxies, aswell as programming the core components of the DCOM Component Connector. Browsing the SAP ...


Fast Track C#
Julian Templeman, Jon Reid, ...

Peer Information Inc., 2002

C# is a modern, object-oriented language, designed by Microsoft to be the language of choice for programming the .NET Framework. .NET provides a new environment for developing almost any Windows-based or web-based application. By taking the "Fast Track" to C#, you have a compact guide to this new world. Spanning an extensive range of topics, this book presents a tutorial to the C# language itself, and then takes you deeper into programming the ...


VB6 UML Design and Development
Jake Sturm

Peer Information Inc., 1999

UML (Unified Modeling Language) is a powerful notational approach to object-oriented analysis, design and implementation. If you understand and can utilize UML, your object-oriented Visual Basic programming becomes much more logical and effective. UML allows you to design, plan and implement great Visual Basic programs. The ease of learning the fundamentals of Visual Basic often misleads VB programmers - there is a common misperception that ...


The Beginner's Guide to C++ (Beginner's Guides)
O. Yaroshenko, Oleg Yaroshenko

Peer Information Inc., 1994

With comprehensive coverage of the language syntax, this guide teaches procedural and object-oriented programming to novice computer programmers. Each chapter features three example applications, including code fragments used to explain language syntax. Also includes substantial application development throughout.


XML Application Development with Msxml 4.0
Danny Ayers, Stephen Mohr, ...

Peer Information Inc., 2002

MSXML (Microsoft XML Core Services) version 4.0 is a free, feature-rich server component for all types of XML processing, including XML, XSLT, and Schemas. It has comprehensive support for W3C and other major specifications, as well as many proprietary enhancements. This makes MSXML 4.0 a useful and robust tool that can be used as the processing engine behind a wide range of XML-based applications. This book is arranged in three parts. The ...


Professional Windows Forms
Jason Bell, Benny B. Johansen, ...

Peer Information Inc., 2001

Microsoft have invested much time in dramatically improving how we create interfaces for client based applications - Windows Forms is the result. Developers building Windows-based applications can use their .NET language of choice to create rich, flexible, data-aware Graphical User Interfaces that benefit from the full support of the .NET Framework classes. This book will show you everything you need to know about this new technology so that ...


Visual Basic .NET Text Manipulation Handbook: String Handling and Regular Expressions
Paul Wilton, Craig McQueen, ...

Peer Information Inc., 2002

The .NET Framework brings a variety of string manipulation features to the VB language, and some of these, namely regular expressions and the StringBuilder class, are something VB 6 developers may not have seen before. This book teaches you how to manipulate text using these string matching, manipulation, and replacement classes. Issues such as Localization and data conversion will also be investigated.


Instant HTML Programmer's Reference Html
Alex Homer, Chris Ullman

Peer Information Inc., 1998

This is the second edition of the Wrox Press Instant HTML Programmer's Reference. We have taken the existing book, which covered all HTML and browser implementations up to and including HTML 3.2, and added coverage of IE4, Communicator 4 and HTML 4.0. It is a practical programming book, so we have concentrated on those features of HTML 4.0 which are currently supported by browsers. However, we do also touch on the features of HTML 4.0 ...


Beginning Java 2
Ivor Horton

Peer Information Inc., 1999

This book has now been updated to cover JDK 1.3. This updated book is Beginning Java 2- JDK 1.3 edition, by Ivor Horton (ISBN- 1861003668). The Java 2 platform, which is the release name for JDK 1.2, was released in December 1998. Java 2 is an important stage in the evolution of Java as a serious programming language. There are no substantial changes to the language - instead JavaSoft have focussed on extending class library support for ...


Professional Visual Basic 6 XML
James G. Britt, Teun Duynstee

Peer Information Inc., 1999

Professional Visual Basic 6 XML teaches XML theory and application for VB programmers with no previous XML experience. Following a complete introduction to XML concepts and syntax, you'll rapidly discover where and how you can take advantage of XML in your own applications, and how to create new and innovative applications that use XML to achieve powerful results. The open, extensible and self-describing nature of XML makes it ideal ...


Professional Java Server Programming J2EE Edition
Subrahmanyam Allamaraju, Andrew Longshaw, ...

Peer Information Inc., 2000

Rather than a simple update of the existing Professional Java Server Programming book, the J2EE edition represents an evolution of the content to reflect the changing state of server-side Java development. Whereas the first edition can be seen as an introduction to Java on the server, the new edition is a more tightly integrated vision of how to combine the Java technologies to develop n-tier applications in Java based primarily around J2EE. ...


Revolutionary Guide to QBASIC, with Compiler and Disk
Vladimir Dyakonov, Victor Djakonov

Peer Information Inc., 1996

This guide features a range of advanced graphics and sound programming. Also included is a full guide to the QBasic language and all the information you need to make your QBasic programs run faster.


Windows Script Host Programmer's Reference
Dino Esposito

Peer Information Inc., 1999

The Windows Script Host (WSH) is Microsoft's response to the need for a way of programming Windows in a manner analogous to the way batch files can be used to automate jobs in MS-DOS. Rather as Office 2000 provides VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) as a development tool, Windows 98 and Windows 2000 contain the Windows Script Host. WSH enables you to use scripting languages - VBScript and JScript are available by default - to access the ...


Professional PHP Programming
Jesus M. Castagnetto, Harish Rawat, ...

Peer Information Inc., 1999

This book covers middle-tier programming with PHP. PHP is a server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language. It is an open source technology, rapidly gaining popularity as a scripting language for people running dynamic websites. One of its major attractions over Perl, JavaScript and other scripting languages is that PHP has a built-in database integration layer and seamless IP connectivity, with LDAP and TCP as well as the IMAP mail interface. ...



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