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Instant C Programming
I. Morton, Ivor Horton

Peer Information Inc., 1995

This book provides comprehensive coverage of the ANSI C programming language for the complete beginner. Starting with the essentials of the PC and programming principles, it covers the full scope of the language and shows how to apply these techniques to writing clean and efficient C code. Readers will learn professional techniques fast.


Beginning XSLT
Jeni Tennison

Peer Information Inc., 2002

XML is established as the universal standard for delivering documents and data on the Web. The next step is to process that data and the XSL Transformation language, XSLT, has been developed as the primary means for such processing. XSLT can be used to convert XML data for presentational purposes as well as to modify data structure.


Visual Basic Oracle 8 Programmer's Reference
Dov Trietsch, Mike Erickson

Peer Information Inc., 1999

This book provides a concise and comprehensive guide to accessing Oracle databases with Visual Basic. With an introduction to Oracle, there is an explanation to how ADO fits into Oracle database access and describes both 0040 and ADO access. Detailed explanations show how ADO interfaces with the core OLE-DB data access driver model. A reference section for fast access to the VB-Oracle integration methods is included and performance tips for ...


The Beginner's Guide to C++ (Beginner's Guides)
O. Yaroshenko, Oleg Yaroshenko

Peer Information Inc., 1994

With comprehensive coverage of the language syntax, this guide teaches procedural and object-oriented programming to novice computer programmers. Each chapter features three example applications, including code fragments used to explain language syntax. Also includes substantial application development throughout.


.NET Compact Framework
Peter Stanski, Craig Morris, ...

Peer Information Inc., 2002

The .NET Framework is a vision of code being run on any device, anywhere. The .NET Compact Framework fits neatly into this vision. As a stripped down version of the .NET Framework designed for embedded devices, the same code used for .NET applications on a PC, can be recompiled for any mobile device with Visual Studio .NET (and the Smart Device Extensions), often with no changes. The .NET CF is currently supported on Pocket PC devices, all the ...


Beginning Java 2 JDK 1.3 Edition (Programmer to Programmer)
Ivor Horton

Peer Information Inc., 2000

A second edition Beginning Java title is now required because: In quarter one, 2000, Sun will release version 1.3 of their Java Developers Kit (JDK 1.3). This is significant because: The fastest Java platform performance ever is now available for download, and is coming to your mailbox from America Online (AOL), thanks to an agreement between Sun and AOL to deliver the Java Runtime Environment on the AOL 5.0 CD-ROM. The newest version of J2SE ...


Professional VB SAP R/3 Programming
Oleg Ovanesyan

Peer Information Inc., 1999

This book introduces the fundamentals of SAP, including the new SAP tools and technologies. SAP R/3 business objects and BAPIs are implemented and a guide to the SAP Business Framework is illustrated. The SAP R/3 Automation tools are used to replicate SAP functionality from VB and the DCOM Component Connector is used to generate business object proxies, aswell as programming the core components of the DCOM Component Connector. Browsing the SAP ...


Expert One on One Oracle
Thomas Kyte

Peer Information Inc., 2001

Tom Kyte has a simple philosophy: you can treat Oracle as a black box and just stick data into it or you can understand how it works and exploit it as a powerful computing environment. If you choose the latter course, then you will find that there are few information management problems that you cannot solve quickly and elegantly. Tom has selected the most important features and techniques and he teaches them in a proof-by-example manner, not ...


Revolutionary Guide to QBASIC, with Compiler and Disk
Vladimir Dyakonov, Victor Djakonov

Peer Information Inc., 1996

This guide features a range of advanced graphics and sound programming. Also included is a full guide to the QBasic language and all the information you need to make your QBasic programs run faster.


Professional .NET Network Programming
Srinivasa Sivakumar, Ajit Mungale, ...

Peer Information Inc., 2002

Networking is one of the core tasks of enterprise-level programming, and for the programmer familiar with the C# language this book will provide the information to put network programming at the heart of their .NET applications. Prior knowledge of network programming is not assumed, but the reader already familiar with networking from another environment will find the pace quick enough for the book to still prove valuable. This book will give ...


Revolutionary Guide to Delphi 2.0, with CD-ROM
Brian Long, Wrox Development

Peer Information Inc., 1996

Aimed at professional software developers who have latched onto Delphi as their vehicle for Windows development, this title covers the advanced areas of the language and development environment. Working Delphi programmers take the reader through Object Pascal implementation, InterBase engine applications and interfacing with OWL/Paradox and the Windows API. The CD is packed with source code, demos, and tools.


Professional Java Data: RDBMS, JDBC, SQLJ, OODBMS, JNDI, LDAP, Servlets, JSP, WAP, XML, EJBs, CMP2.0, JDO, ...
Carl Calvert Bettis, Michael Bogovich, ...

Peer Information Inc., 2001

Java provides versatile technologies for data access and manipulation. This book investigates these technologies in detail and shows how they can be used to develop robust enterprise applications. The book is divided into five sections, the first of which looks at data and object modeling. The second section investigates accessing data in relational and object oriented databases, and directory services. The focus of the following section ...


Professional ASP XML
Mark Baartse, Dinar Dalvi, ...

Peer Information Inc., 2000

XML, the Extensible Markup Language, is a platform-independent language for describing data. The XML and related specifications, as well as the Document Object Model, have all been developed with language independence in mind. This was done to allow any programmer to use these powerful protocols and object models in their own language of choice, thus providing a huge development potential for the XML community and offering a myriad of ...


Professional JavaScript 2nd Edition
Nigel McFarlane, Paul Wilton, ...

Peer Information Inc., 2001

JavaScript is the language of the Web. It has an intuitive, accessible nature and is available with most modern browsers. JavaScript is used for making dynamic, interactive web pages - from form validation to creating games to dynamic menus - but its uses also go much further. Hardly a single commercial web page exists today that does not contain some JavaScript. This second edition of Professional JavaScript provides comprehensive coverage of ...


Visual C++ 6 Database Programming Tutorial
Wendy Sarrett

Peer Information Inc., 1999

Visual C++ 6 Database Programming has been designed to provide basic tuition in developing data access applications. It's an introductory book that covers the main data access technologies currently in use, including ODBC, DAO, OLE DB, ADO and RDS. Each of these technologies are demonstrated using pratical coded examples in C++, using MFC to provide the user interface. There is also coverage of database theory and database design, and an ...


Early Adopter VoiceXML
Stephen Breitenbach, Tyler Burd, ...

Peer Information Inc., 2001

VoiceXML brings the power of Voice to the Web - the information we are used to accessing through the visual web interfaces of our PCs and mobile devices can now be accessed through speech alone. Building on the functionality already seen in IVR applications deployed by our banks and utility companies, the tag based syntax of VoiceXML will instantly be familiar to existing web developers, and applications can already be deployed using one of the ...


Windows Script Host Programmer's Reference
Dino Esposito

Peer Information Inc., 1999

The Windows Script Host (WSH) is Microsoft's response to the need for a way of programming Windows in a manner analogous to the way batch files can be used to automate jobs in MS-DOS. Rather as Office 2000 provides VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) as a development tool, Windows 98 and Windows 2000 contain the Windows Script Host. WSH enables you to use scripting languages - VBScript and JScript are available by default - to access the ...


Professional Java Server Programming: with Servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSP), XML, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), ...
Danny Ayers, Hans Bergsten, ...

Peer Information Inc., 1999

An overview of the new server-side Java platform - Java 2 Enterprise Edition - as it relates to building n-tier web applications. It covers the building blocks (Servlets, JSP, EJB, JDBC, RMI, JNDI, CORBA) then goes into special design considerations for server side programming, (including resource pooling and component based design) before finally discussing future possibilities opened up by Jini and JavaSpaces technology. In a world where, ...


Visual Basic .NET Text Manipulation Handbook: String Handling and Regular Expressions
Paul Wilton, Craig McQueen, ...

Peer Information Inc., 2002

The .NET Framework brings a variety of string manipulation features to the VB language, and some of these, namely regular expressions and the StringBuilder class, are something VB 6 developers may not have seen before. This book teaches you how to manipulate text using these string matching, manipulation, and replacement classes. Issues such as Localization and data conversion will also be investigated.


Professional Visual Basic 6 Databases
Charles Williams

Peer Information Inc., 1999

Visual Basic is the #1 programming tool in the world and 70% of VB applications involve a database. However, there is little advanced information for VB database programmers that has been proven in the real world. This book has broad coverage of many issues relating to advanced database design and implementation using VB6. The main feature is the demonstration of the 3 tier solution, enabling more scalable applications. From the coverage of 2 ...



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