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Your Hidden Food Allergies Are Making You Fat
Roger Deutsch, Rudy Rivera M.D.

Prima Lifestyles, 2002

Now You Can Lose Weight—and Feel Great! Do you know that there is a scientifically verified test and eating program that can change your life? It's simple: Discover your food allergies and intolerances, eliminate these trigger foods from your diet, and shed pounds effortlessly! Inside is everything you need to know about the ALCAT test, a revolutionary approach to weight loss and well-being that will help you regain control over your ...


The Best 125 Meatless Main Dishes
Susann Geiskopf-Hadler, Mindy Toomay

Prima Lifestyles, 1997

The Best 125 Meatless Main Dishes features healthful dishes from around the world that don’t sacrifice flavor, such as: • Black Bean and Rice Casserole with Tomatoes and Smoked Provolone • Asparagus, Chevre, and Fresh Dill Baked in Filo Pastry • Curried Risotto with Carrots and Currants • Baked Green Tomatoes with Spicy Cornbread Stuffing • Roasted Garlic, Red Pepper, and Ricotta Calzone with Fresh Basil • Summer Salad ...


Magnet Therapy: The Pain Cure Alternative
Ronald M. Lawrence M.D. Ph.D, Paul J. Rosch M.D. F.A., ...

Prima Lifestyles, 1998

Discover the Natural Healing Power of Magnets! Did you know that millions of people around the world are using magnets for pain caused by arthritis, repetitive stress injuries, muscle soreness, and more? In this groundbreaking book you will learn why. Now, two of the most renowned experts on magnet therapy share with you their knowledge of the exciting therapeutic benefits of magnets. You'll discover how magnet therapy: ·reduces chronic pain ...


Grown-Up Children Who Won't Grow Up
Cindy Graves, Larry V. Stockman

Prima Lifestyles, 1994

For every child who's a successfully independent young adult, there's another who can't quite get it together. This book provides a nonjudgmental and highly effective approach to dealing with children who won't grow up.


Raising Self-Reliant Children
Jane Nelsen Ed.D., H. Stephen Glenn

Prima Lifestyles, 1994

Authors H. Stephen Glenn and Jane Nelsen are real people with real answers. Each of them is a parent with many children. They know that parenting in today's self-indulgent society is not easy. As renowned educators whose seminars are attended by over 250,000 annually, they offer a fresh and common-sense approach that has struck a special chord in the hearts of parents and teachers everywhere.Those who think in terms of leniency versus ...


Triumph: The Power and the Glory of the Catholic Church: A 2,000-Year History
H.W. Crocker III

Prima Lifestyles, 2001

For 2,000 years, Catholicism—the largest religion in the world and in the United States—has shaped global history on a scale unequaled by any other institution. But until now, Catholics interested in their faith have been hard-pressed to find an accessible, affirmative, and exciting history of the Church. Triumph is that history. Inside, you'll discover the spectacular story of the Church from Biblical times and the early days of St. ...


Chinese Medicine for Beginners: Use the Power of the Five Elements to Heal Body and Soul
Achim Eckert

Prima Lifestyles, 1996

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water — the Chinese have known for centuries how to tap into these five elemental forces of nature and use them to strengthen and heal their minds and bodies. In Chinese Medicine for Beginners author Achim Eckert, M.D., explains the mystery and brings to the Western world an understanding of the Chinese approach to health and healing. Eckert explores the many facets of Chinese medicine, including the ...


Mary Kay: You Can Have It All: Lifetime Wisdom from America's Foremost Woman Entrepreneur
Mary Kay Ash

Prima Lifestyles, 1995

Mary Kay may be the most successful woman entrepreneur in the world today, but she started her company as a single mother supporting three children—using her total life savings of $5,000. Following her priorities—God first, family second, and career third—and some sound, savvy business strategies, she managed to create a multibillion-dollar international company as well as a fulfilling life that reflects her values. Here she reveals to you ...


The Wealthy Barber: Everyone's Common-Sense Guide to Becoming Financially Independent
David Chilton

Prima Lifestyles, 1991

Finally, for the folks on Main Street (not Wall Street)--a simple, sensible, and enjoyable guide to financial planning that shows people how to improve their fortunes by taking a few simple and painless steps.


Looneyspoons: Low-Fat Food Made Fun!
Janet Podleski, Greta Podleski

Prima Lifestyles, 1997

Who says low-fat food has to be tasteless, unappealing, and boring? No "weigh"! Looneyspoons is a refreshingly unique low-fat cookbook with a spunky personality that's destined to make you look at healthful eating in a different "light". Using an innovative and somewhat wacky presentation style to take the intimidation and confusion out of healthful eating, sisters Janet and Greta Podleski show you how to make it easy and fun! With over ...


The 7th Guest: A Novel
Matthew J. Costello, Craig Shaw Gardner

Prima Lifestyles, 1995

Every child in town wanted one of Henry Stauf’s handcrafted toys—so intricate, detailed, almost magically lifelike. After a terrible illness claimed the life of each child who cherished one of the toys, Stauf retired to the seclusion of his mansion on the hill—perhaps unspeakably saddened by the puzzling deaths. Perhaps not. Years pass, and the Stauf mansion, slowly deteriorating, stands as a macabre reminder of the horror that swept ...


Wave 3: The New Era in Network Marketing
Richard Poe

Prima Lifestyles, 1994

Catch the Wave! Fueled by new technology and innovative marketing ideas, cutting-edge network-marketing companies have set out to change the way North Americans live and work. To the corporate world, these companies offer a secret formula for lightning growth and global dominance. To people like you, they offer a chance to start a business at minimal cost, to work comfortably from your home and—for a fortunate few—to acheive wealth beyond ...


Oscar Peterson: The Will to Swing
Gene Lees

Prima Lifestyles, 1990

Oscar Peterson, the young man from Montreal`s St. Antoine district, became an internationally known artist while still in his twenties. In this wide-ranging biography, critic and lyricist Gene Lees examines the life and motivation of one of the world`s greatest jazz pianists - a brooding genius who has sought constantly to explore all the possibilities of his chosen instrument and is still engaged in that process of discovery today. Richly ...


Total Wellness: Improve Your Health by Understanding the Body's Healing Systems
Joseph Pizzorno N.D.

Prima Lifestyles, 1996

We have all been told to ?eat right,? ?exercise,? and ?reduce stress.? Although these clichés offer good general advice, how do they meet the specific health concerns of an individual? Each of us has unique needs for optimizing our own health. In his latest book, Total Wellness , Dr. Joseph Pizzorno teaches us how to pinpoint exactly what our bodies need to be healthy. Written in a clear and understandable style, this book covers each of ...


Positive Discipline for Your Stepfamily: Nurturing Harmony, Respect, and Joy in Your New Family
Jane Nelsen Ed.D., Cheryl Erwin, ...

Prima Lifestyles, 2000

A Blueprint for Bringing Together Two Families Living in a stepfamily is challenging. But a household where yours and mine must become ours can become a harmonious family unit. It is possible to build a stepfamily that works for all of its members—an environment where both adults and children can feel safe, loved, and free to grow and learn. Written to address the particular challenges that stepfamilies typically confront, this latest ...


Hot & Spicy & Meatless: Over 150 Delicious, Fiery, and Healthful Recipes
Dave Dewitt, Mary Jane Wilan, ...

Prima Lifestyles, 1993

New Mexico Pumpkin Seed Dip, Jalapeno Pasta, Chili Con Queso Overkill--who needs meat with fiery treats like these? This collection eliminates the meat but increases the heat.


Kava: Nature's Answer to Stress, Anxiety, and Insomnia
Terrence McNally, Hyla Cass

Prima Lifestyles, 1998

Discover Nature's Treatment for Stress, Anxiety, and Insomnia Kava has been used ritually and medicinally in the islands of the South Pacific for centuries. Widely used in Europe, this amazing herb has been shown to relieve tension and anxiety while maintaining alertness. In larger doses kava promotes deep, restful sleep. Safe, natural, and inexpensive, kava is the perfect supplement for today's stress-filled lifestyle, and the ideal ...


Good Old-Fashioned Maine Cookery
Terry Rohe, Sally Cohen

Prima Lifestyles, 1994

softcover book


The Pre-Paid Legal Story: The Story of One Man, His Company, and Its Mission to Provide Affordable Legal ...
Harland C. Stonecipher, James W. Robinson

Prima Lifestyles, 2000

It began by accident. In 1969 Harland Stonecipher came face-to-face with the high price of justice when a car accident he was involved in found its way into the courts. Even though the accident was not his fault, the staggering costs of legal protection nearly destroyed him financially. This traumatic experience planted the seeds of a vision that would eventually become Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc., the company that is revolutionizing justice ...


The Wave 3 Way to Building Your Downline
Richard Poe

Prima Lifestyles, 1996

His last bestselling book described it: A nineties revolution that would redefine network marketing strategies forever! Now , in response to thousands of network marketers wanting to know how to use these strategies to build their own empire, comes Wave 3 Way to Building Your Downline. Based on extensive interviews with multi-level marketing leaders, Author Richard Poe offers proven strategies to building a wide, deep downline—quickly! ...



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