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Gay Witchcraft: Empowering the Tribe
Christopher Penczak

Red Wheel/Weiser, 2003

When Christopher Penczak was introduced to Witchcraft, he found a spiritual path that hononred and embraced his homosexuality. Now he has written a book of clearheaded theory and practice that is bound to become a classic. With Gay Witchcraft, Penczak joins the ranks of his forebearers in spirit, gay writers who have taken a tradition and made it home. This is a complete book of theory and spiritual practices of Witchcraft for the gay community. ...


Healing Pluto Problems
Donna Cunningham

Red Wheel / Weiser, 1986

Well-written and moving account of Pluto in the natal chart, and how Pluto aspects can affect childhood, adulthood, and life in general. Open discussion of child abuse, rape, incest, violence, repression, manipulative types and how they got that way. Also included are ways to heal Pluto problems using flower remedies, meditation and more.


Mudras: Yoga in Your Hands
Gertrud Hirschi

Red Wheel/Weiser, 2000

Mudras also playfully called the "finger power points" are yoga positions for your hands and fingers. They can be practiced sitting, lying down, standing, or walking. They can be done at any time and place while stuck in traffic, at the office, watching TV, or whenever you have to twiddle your thumbs waiting for something. Hirschi shows you how these techniques can prevent illness, relieve stress, and heal emotional problems. 82 illustrations. ...


Taoist Yoga: Alchemy & Immortality
Charles Luk, Lu K'uan Yu

Red Wheel/Weiser, 1999

A comprehensive course of Taoist yoga. Instructions by ancient enlightened patriarchs and masters are translated here for the first time. A classic work.


Awakening Osiris: The Egyptian Book of the Dead
Normandi Ellis

Red Wheel / Weiser, 2009

THE EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD is one of the oldest and greatest classics of Western spirituality. Until now, the available translations have treated these writings as historical curiosities with little relevance to our contemporary situation. This new version, made from the hieroglyphs, approaches the Book of the Dead as a profound spiritual text capable of speaking to us today. These writings suggest that the divine realm and the human realm ...


Tarot of the Spirit
Pamela Eakins

Red Wheel/Weiser, 1992

llustrated with the Tarot of the Spirit deck painted by Joyce Eakins. Centered on the Qabbalistic Tree of Life, this symbolism clearly explores the Minor Arcana as a representation of the four components of life: spirit, emotion, intellect, andbody; while it reveals the Major Arcana to be the keys to our emotional response patterns to the symbolic universe in which we live. Includes seven monthly meditations, individual readings, and layouts.


The Hieroglyphic Monad
Dr. John Dee

Red Wheel / Weiser, 2001

Written in thirteen days in 1564 by the renowned Elizabethan magus, Dr. John Dee, The Hieroglyphic Monad explains his discovery of the monad, or unity, underlying the universe as expressed in a hieroglyph, or symbol. Dee called The Hieroglyphic Monad a "magical parable" based on the Doctrine of Correspondences which lies at the heart of all magical practice and is the key to the hermetic quest. Through careful meditation and study of the glyph, ...


Meditation and the Bible
Aryeh Kaplan

Red Wheel / Weiser, 1978

A highly radical interpretation of the Bible demonstrating the methods of meditation used by the Prophets to attain their unique states of consciousness. First English translation from ancient unpublished manuscripts, with commentary.


The Book of the Law: Liber Al Vel Legis
Aleister Crowley, Rose Edith Crowley

Red Wheel Weiser, 2004

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." This oft-misunderstood phrase, which forms the basis for Crowley's practice of Magick, is found in The Book of the Law. Dictated to Crowley in Cairo between noon and 1 pm on three success days in April 1904, the Book of the Law is the source book and key for Crowley students and for the occult in general.


Kids' Random Acts of Kindness
Conari Press

Red Wheel / Weiser, 1994

An inspirational collection of heartwarming stories from kids of all ages.


A String and a Prayer: How to Make and Use Prayer Beads
Eleanor Wiley, Maggie Oman Shannon

Red Wheel/Weiser, 2002

Eleanor Wiley and Maggie Oman Shannon have taken an ancient practice and made it new. A String and a Prayer recounts the history and symbolism of prayer beads, teaches basic techniques for stringing beads and a host of other objects into prayer beads, and offers a variety of prayers and rituals to use those beads on a daily basis. Beads have appeared throughout history. Prayer beads are used in the spiritual practices of cultures as diverse as ...


The Black Pullet: Science of Magical Talisman

Red Wheel / Weiser, 2007

First surfacing in France in the 18th century, The Black Pullet > is a guide to the construction and use of magical talismanic rings. With the use of these rings, people attained extraordinary powers. Perhaps the most wonderful secret revealed is the power to produce the Black Pullet, otherwise known as the "Hen with the Golden Eggs." Unlimited wealth was granted to the person who achieved the creation of this incredible Hen. Includes ...


Light on Relationships: The Synastry of Indian Astrology
Hart Defouw, Robert E. Svoboda

Red Wheel Weiser, 2000

The only book that makes relationship analysis accessible to the modern student of Indian astrology. If you want to learn how to use this system for chart comparison, this book gives you the complete details. The authors cover the techniques of synastry and explore all the facets of what makes a relationship work or not including personal karma and goals, family influences, the Ayurvedic constitution or dosha of each individual, and how these ...


Spirit Taking Form: Making a Spiritual Practice of Making Art
Nancy J. Azara

Red Wheel/Weiser, 2002

Anyone can make art. Finding one's spiritual center can come of making art. Making art can come of finding one's spiritual center. Nancy Azara has been teaching the making of art, art-making as a spiritual practice, and other spiritual practices for thirty-five years. She has developed a system that combines her lifelong spiritual practice with techniques designed to help anyone get and stay in touch with their own inner artistic souls. Spirit ...


The Hieroglyphic Monad
Dr. John Dee

Red Wheel / Weiser, 2001

Written in thirteen days in 1564 by the renowned Elizabethan magus, Dr. John Dee, The Hieroglyphic Monad explains his discovery of the monad, or unity, underlying the universe as expressed in a hieroglyph, or symbol. Dee called The Hieroglyphic Monad a "magical parable" based on the Doctrine of Correspondences which lies at the heart of all magical practice and is the key to the hermetic quest. Through careful meditation and study of the glyph, ...


Intuitive Living: A Sacred Path
Alan Seale

Red Wheel/Weiser, 2001

The first book to fully integrate spiritual awakening with intuitive development, Intuitive Living: A Sacred Path brings together timeless wisdom of ancient traditions with practical spirituality for today. Alan Seale leads the reader on a very personal journey of spiritual self-discovery — a journey free of dogma or attachment to any particular belief system. A ground-breaking book, it offers clear and practical tools for sacred living, ...


Hermetic Magic: The Postmodern Papyrus of Abaris
Stephen Edred Flowers

Red Wheel / Weiser, 2009

The Egyptians worshipped their own gods with particular rituals. This translation of The Magical Papyrus of Abaris shows modern seekers how to perform their own ritual celebrations of life.


The Essential Laws of Fearless Living: Find the Power to Never Feel Powerless Again
Guy Finley

Red Wheel/Weiser, 2008

What would our lives be like if we could break through the illusions of imitation, if we could have everything we want and become truly conscious in our daily lives? What would it feel like if we could access our own True Selves? Through forty concise, incisive essays in The Essential Laws of Fearless Living, Guy Finley provides readers a picture of what they can all aspire to. The lessons in this book are for readers to take into their hearts, ...


Runecaster's Handbook: The Well of Wyrd
Edred Thorsson

Red Wheel/Weiser, 1999

This complete guide shows you how to: make your own runes; load the rune with harmonious power; prepare the optimum setting for a rune reading. Includes general rune meanings, divination tables, the positive and negative aspects of each rune, itslinguistic component and phonetic value, runic layouts, and sample readings. By the author of the best-selling, Futhark: Handbook of Rune Magic.


The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation: Homeopathic Remedies for the Sign Types
Dr. George Washington

Red Wheel / Weiser, 1989

After digesting the material presented by Carey and Perry, readers will have a new understanding of basic homeopathic principles, as well as being able to tie various homeopathic remedies to the sun signs. Once this is understood, it is reasonable that the position of the Moon and ascendant in the natal chart and even the position of Saturn may well be indicators of homeopathic remedies that are needed by the physical body. For example, when ...



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