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How to Handle a Child Custody Case without an Attorney in California
A. David Akintimoye

Rosedog Pr, 2007


A Day with My Aunt
Marguerite Trupiano

Rosedog Pr, 2010

A Day with My Aunt is a book about a fun-filled adventure with a little girl and her aunt. They go to their favorite places, like the park and the zoo. At the same time, it shows important lessons to young readers, such as wearing a seatbelt and never talking to strangers. Now close your eyes and count to ten, and join them on their magical day!


A Burst of Sunshine
Anthony Mondal

Rosedog Pr, 2012

Anthony Mondal is a modern poet and writer. He considers himself simply as an artist beyond the confines of nationality and religion. He published his first book of poems under a different name. The collection of poems was entitled Dialogues with My Self (ISBN 1-58915-022-8). He lived in New York City for almost ten years where he also pursued Acting and Song writing. He has appeared in the film "Sabrina" and the TV show "Strangers with ...


Sharecropping in the Sixties
Betty Lane Maddox

Rosedog Pr, 2010


The Lies Beneath The Mask
Linda L. Nucci

Rosedog Pr, 2004

2004, 1st trade paperback edition, RoseDog Books, Pittsburgh, PA, 153 pages.


Magic in the Sea
Amanda Russo

Rosedog Pr, 2013

In a magical land under the sea, Sally the Seahorse is scared to learn that sharks are trying to take over the ocean. She refuses to let this happen and asks Ody the Octopus to help her make a plan. Together, with other creatures from the sea, they go on a mission to find two mermaids who have secret powers to defeat the sharks.


Qualified to Be a Legend
Mark Phillips

Rosedog Pr, 2012

Qualified to be a Legend is a close glimpse into life in the entertainment industry. This piece of literature is a guide for upcoming artists and producers to understand there are natural consequences that come with choosing certain lifestyles. Qualified to be a Legend extends the notion that regardless of circumstance and situations, dreams come true. The key is to have faith and believe in yourself.


The Tri-Ad: The Rise and Fall
Steve Peck, Sandy Peck

Rosedog Pr, 2014

Steve Peck and Sandy Assonga met at church in 2002 and they were married in 2003 by Pastor Pete Jalilie. Steve comes from a family of four as Sandy comes from a family of nine. They gave birth to their only child and blessing from God Angelina Peck in 2006 and have lived happily ever after since as a family with God leading them every step of the way. This is their first book projects together as husband and wife in the first installment of the ...


In the Palm of My Hand
Tonga Coleman

Rosedog Pr, 2014

What goes around comes around... Sandy lives a wild life. She, with her friends Liz and Barbara, frequent bars to get drunk until they pass out, and then engage in casual sex with men they meet there. Sandy doesn t think much about marriage or her future. She lives for the moment. One day, an old man knocked on her door and said, In the palm of your hand. Then something strange occurred to her. In the palm of her hand were eyes that transformed ...


The Voyager and the Stolen Crystal
LeRoy Paine

Rosedog Pr, 2010

Josh Clayton and his father, John, start a trip from Miami to Bermuda and encounter a storm that washes Josh's father overboard and starts Josh on a journey of intrigue and adventure. Pirates, a mystery ship that appears and disappears, love, betrayal, and the Voyager are just some of the surprises that Josh must deal with. New times, new worlds, and untold secrets are found on each step of the adventure. This book provides one's insight into a ...


In Shadows of Dreams
Lynne Britton

Rosedog Pr, 2012

Jesse is a young girl who knows too much. She knows things before they happen; she knows places she's never been and people she's never met...yet. In a search to discover who she is and why she is so different, she loses herself in her dreams, turning away from a reality too harsh and painful for her to survive in. In these dreams, she finds a quiet peace and sense of belonging. She meets Jade, a boy who will stay in her heart forever...but was ...


Teaching Tips for Horseback Riding Instructors
Jo Struby

Rosedog Pr, 2013

Jo holds a M.A. in Education with an emphasis in Equestrian Studies (1986) and a B.S. in Equestrian Studies with a minor in Education (1986- graduating magna cum laude). Both of her academic degrees are from Salem International University, West Virginia. She also holds a Riding Master Diploma, 1975 from Meredith Manor School of Horsemanship where she was named to the Who s Who List for Outstanding Students in American Vocational and Technical ...


50 Ways We Can Improve Our Country
Morgan Paris

Rosedog Pr, 2010

Our political system today is badly in need of repair many experts claim, and all across the country we are hearing the repeated refrain that we need to change the way that Washington works. First and foremost is the need to have a vibrant economy that is able create strong economic growth, along with fiscal restraint so we don't waste taxpayers' money. But there are many other areas of our government that need attending to and where new ...


The Epidemic of Teen Pregnancy: An American Tragedy
Lisa Covitch

Rosedog Pr, 2012

This book, The Epidemic of Teen Pregnancy: An American Tragedy is about the trials of becoming a teenage mother. The author shares some of the teen mother cases she has dealt with personally over the years. This book discusses methods of preventing teen pregnancy. The author includes various resources that could be helpful to a teenager if she discovers she is pregnant. The author believes parents and schools need to become proactive when ...


Wilbur the Elephasaurus Great Adventure
Denise Allegretti

Rosedog Pr, 2012

Denise Allegretti resides in Bolingbrook, IL. She is the mother of seven children and they are the inspiration for the Wilbur stories.


James Woodward Seven Stones
James and Tina Sparks

Rosedog Pr, 2010

James had always been a good, law-abiding citizen-until he lost everything important to him, including his life. One day he collapses suddenly and is declared dead. A stranger shows up at the scene unexpectedly, leans over James' body, says a few words, and brings him back to life. His life restored, James begins a strange new journey into a world he'd heard of only in childhood stories. At the verge of insanity, something happens that will ...


Cherokee Short Stories
Running Moon Sweetiebird

Rosedog Pr, 2011

O-si-yo (hello) everyone. My name is RunningMoon Sweetiebird. I am the author of this book. I am here to talk to you about this book. The stories in this book are mostly learning stories; in other words, you will take lessons from these stories. Each one of you will learn something different. Each of you will have different opinions about these stories. So I hope that you all will enjoy the stories and take something good from each one, ...


Be a Successful District Manager
Toula Kountouris

Rosedog Pr, 2010

BE A SUCCESSFUL DISTRICT MANAGER is a bottom-line guidebook for DM's to learn how to retrain, renew, & re-energize management staff to perform more effectively. In today's highly competitive retail industry, managing from the corporate office no longer gets the job done. It's time for DM's to get fired up & go back into their stores where the action is. That's where you truly learn to become a successful DM.


The Epic Adventure
Appollos A. Martin

Rosedog Pr, 2012

This book is nonfiction and it tells the story of the young author's life. The story starts from birth and goes all the way to the author's current life. Obstacles are overcome and tragedies along with triumphs are spoken of. The story goes into detail about school life, work life, personal life, and even dating life. Goals have been set and accomplished and some things still to this day are left unfinished.



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