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Looking for a Change
MJ Moore

Rosedog Pr, 2014

When a sheltered head-strong innocent preacher s kid, Kizah Miller, is able to be free from under her Mother s control and find a man like whom she has dreamed about her entire young life, her life will be forever changed. Her sister Miranda has always been her lifeline and, as Kizah grows, she will learn just how important that bond has become. She is very naïve and has no idea of how the real world will be or how she will handle the ...


Teaching Tips for Horseback Riding Instructors
Jo Struby

Rosedog Pr, 2013

Jo holds a M.A. in Education with an emphasis in Equestrian Studies (1986) and a B.S. in Equestrian Studies with a minor in Education (1986- graduating magna cum laude). Both of her academic degrees are from Salem International University, West Virginia. She also holds a Riding Master Diploma, 1975 from Meredith Manor School of Horsemanship where she was named to the Who s Who List for Outstanding Students in American Vocational and Technical ...


The Last Granny: Journal of an Alzheimer's Daughter
Claudia Jokinen

Rosedog Pr, 2014

The Last Granny: Journal of an Alzheimer's Daughter is a celebration of the life of the author s mother. While Jokinen was truly saddened by her mother s death, the author was encouraged by the new beginning for her mother, the return to personal dignity and the removal of all pain. The author s mother was Amazing Grace, world traveler, and a Simon Legree educator, always seeming surer of herself than was supported by her inner confidence. The ...


Blood Feud
Daniel Harris

Rosedog Pr, 2012

This is a simple story. It begins with an immigrant grocer selling vegetables from a pushcart and ends in a court case with two billion dollars at risk. Two brothers, sons of the founder, inherit equal shares of a burgeoning food chain. One dies, and his widow, suspecting that she is being short-changed from profits earned, sues to recover. Now it becomes complicated. The author, an insider with over thirty years working in the food industry, ...


Viet Nam Quoc Dan Dang: A Contemporary History of a National Struggle: 1927-1954
Van Dao Hoang

Rosedog Pr, 2008

Vietnamese Communists praised them for their anti-French and American Imperialism regime and declared democracy for people. In reality, they're dictators by means of terrorists. In 1930, while VNQDD carried out its general uprisings, Communists delivered flyers announcing it was going to make an attack on Northern Vietnam. In 1945, cooperating with the French, they maneuvered against the Vietnamese Nationalists by terrorizing, detaining, and ...


Over Susquehanna
Jane Spangler

Rosedog Pr, 2012

Many Americans are familiar with the story of Molly Pitcher, or Mary Ludwig Hays, who became famous when she stepped up and operated her husband's cannon after he was injured in the Battle of Monmouth in New Jersey during the Revolutionary War. Few are aware, however, of the many other Revolutionary War generals and high-ranking officers from Molly's hometown of Carlisle, PA. In fact, General William Irvine and four of the five fighting Butler ...


The Bootlegger's Daughter
Ms. Dorothy

Rosedog Pr, 2013

I was raised in a café my first years of living. My father s brother and his wife raised me on their own. There was bootlegging, gambling, police raids, and people put in jail. I didn t get to church very much, but there were older women around who looked out for me the best they could. I was molested, burned with a cig, and drunk by the time I was eight. I picked a little cotton as time went on. I became a businesswoman, and an addict of ...


The Principal: Traversing the High-Wire with No Net Below: 79 Places Where the High-Wire Can Be Greasy
Dr. Don Sternberg

Rosedog Pr, 2012

The minefield that is public school administration is littered with the bleached bones of both new and established principals who could not successfully traverse the period between their first day as a principal to their retirement party. During that time, you will be a high-wire aerialist, traversing the wire from the beginning of your career, as you step off the platform and onto the wire-high above the ground, until you step off the wire at ...


A Day with My Aunt
Marguerite Trupiano

Rosedog Pr, 2010

A Day with My Aunt is a book about a fun-filled adventure with a little girl and her aunt. They go to their favorite places, like the park and the zoo. At the same time, it shows important lessons to young readers, such as wearing a seatbelt and never talking to strangers. Now close your eyes and count to ten, and join them on their magical day!


Big Blue Ablaze
Raymond Stolpe

Rosedog Pr, 2013

In June 1944 Raymond Stolpe boarded a ship in San Diego headed for the Mariana Islands (Saipan and Tinian) where, he experienced his first combat a midnight Banzai charge by the enemy- a frantic all-out, all night charge by the enemy. In the morning, Stolpe saw over 1,000 dead enemy soldiers. Later in the Tinian campaign, Lt. Shearer ordered Stolpe and his buddy Charles Leslie to set out booby traps in front of their position. Then at night, ...


Don't Be Gentle; I'm Not Used to It
Guy Valentine

Rosedog Pr, 2014

Caveat Lector! The book before you contains more sticky steamy stuff per square inch than a communal sleeping-mattress in a teenage nudist colony. (It's not a Rube Goldberg operation here). This is a compendium of one-liners; instances of premium wit that get your heart pumping like a sphygmomanometer bulb in the hands of a jumped-up jackhammer-operator. Naturally, they're illustrated, because life is a multimedia event. And everything is true ...


The Love, Peace, Inside, Health, and Perspicacity: Book 5: Our Uncle's Universe
Ninh Vinh Loi

Rosedog Pr, 2014

Are we sometimes too busy dealing with our day-to-day lives to know what we have gained or lost? We have built incredible civilizations, but do we know if the human race if heading in the right direction or toward self-destruction? These questions are impossible to answer unless we have the opportunity to live outside our solar system or even outside our universe. Fortunately, there is help. Ninh Vinh Loi is fortunate to have found help. He was ...


Brother Africa
Johann Heydenrych

Rosedog Pr, 2014

The author grew up in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. A Seventh generation African, his passion is for the land, its battered inhabitants, its teeming wildlife, its heartache. His masterful writings absorb the reader in this Epic, as it navigates the historic events that have ravaged the precious tip of Africa. The novel is based in the Karoo, a farming and hunting district harsh, unique, yet achingly beautiful where all life on earth is ...


Angelina Sweetheart's Outer Space Adventure
Ann Wills

Rosedog Pr, 2014

Angelina s Outer Space Adventure is about a teddy bear who dreams of traveling and exploring outer space. Follow her on her exploration from the Outer Space Museum to the wonderful things she sees on her travels. She visits other planets and visits with the inhabitants. Angelina sees things one would only see in outer space or in dreams.


Finding Rose
Judy Godfrey

Rosedog Pr, 2014

Sometimes when we wax nostalgic, interesting truths rise from the secrets of the long forgotten past. Finding Rose reflects the sorrow and heartache, joy and pleasure, gifts and achievements, enjoyed by the mother, Rose, and how those intertwined with and influenced the daughter, Jean. At her mother s death, Jean is left with questions. Did Rose love her brother more than Jean, or was Jean simply more mischievous and thus in trouble more? After ...


Everyday Poems for Everyday People
Esther Lazarson

Rosedog Pr, 2013

There is a poem Esther Lazarson will never forget. It was written by her mother, when Esther was five. Esther s mother was born in Lithuania, which was under Russian rule at that time. She loved Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin, a great poet and political activist. She did not forgive his wife for cheating on him, embroiling him in a duel that caused his early death. Esther was born in Newcastle upon Tyne in the north of England. Here is the ...


Paws: A Place For Lost Cats and Dogs
Carole Mauck

Rosedog Pr, 2014

Noocee, Nuffy and Peacher Boy were happy house cats. Escaping to the outdoors to play with their forest friends in the near by woods was their most favorite thing to do. The forest animals told them many times about a far away place where only cats and dogs could go. It was told to them that a bright light would appear and the next thing you know they would be gone. The cats thought they were only teasing because they never heard a cat or dog ...


Knee High to a Grasshopper
Janet Chancellor

Rosedog Pr, 2014

Knee High to a Grasshopper is a book of poems portraying the innocence, naivety and joy of three sisters growing up in small town America in the 1950s. Written from the perspective of a four-year-old, Knee High to a Grasshopper is poetry that kids, parents and grandparents will all enjoy reading time and time again. More than a nostalgic reminiscence of yesterday, Knee High to a Grasshopper is relevant today. Published as a check off on a ...


Watching Politics from the Cheap Seats: The Story of the NEPA Freedom Writers
Richard Yost

Rosedog Pr, 2014

This book is about politics, both local and national, and how each impacts the other. The city of Scranton is itself a hotbed of partisan politics and, at other times, a home to apathy and antipathy. The host of Hard Ball, Chris Mathews, talks about ordinary citizens from Scranton to Oshkosh. In the last couple presidential elections, Scranton has had an outsized effect because it is the hometown of Joe Biden and was the nearby summer vacation ...


The Abducted Greek Children of the Communists: "Paidomazoma"
Niki Karavasilis

Rosedog Pr, 2006



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