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The Unmasking of Oriana Fallaci: Part II and Conclusion to Her Life Story
Santo L. Aricò

Rosedog Pr, 2013

The Unmasking of Oriana Fallaci: Part II and Conclusion to Her Life Story brings to an end years of painstaking research. This biography highlights Fallaci's career as a journalist, interviewer, war reporter, essayist, and novelist. Its uniqueness consists less in a chronological listing of events but rather in emphasis on the core of Fallaci's psychological dynamism. This woman from Florence relentlessly placed her embellished persona in the ...


D-Day Hero Destroyer Identified After 68 Year Search
Ray Woods

Rosedog Pr, 2013

Ray Woods was the only schooled radarman on the USS O'Brien from its commisioning in Boston to the end of World War II in San Diego, California. Ray survived six major invasions from D-Day Normandy to Okinawa. His radarroom was blown up twice, once by a German shore battery and again by a Japanese suicide plane. His position enabled him to know the details as to why the USS O'Brien could not be found by the troops on Omaha beach on D-Day after ...


Scattered Leaves
Niki Karavasilis

Rosedog Pr, 2003

Scattered Leaves is a true story of one family in Trikorfon, Greece, as well as the story of many Greek families who suffered during the devastation of the Italian and German invasions and the Civil War of 1945-49. It offers a glimpse of the many layers of destruction and horror that resulted form starvation, executions, and terrorism by the Greek Communist guerrillas. This is the tale of Martha and Mitro's love for each other, their children, ...


An Unmarked Grave
Susan Morton

Rosedog Pr, 2014

An Unmarked Grave is the story of a murder that was hidden so well that decades passed before it was revealed to the family of the author. One casual computer keystroke while surfing the internet revealed the whole story. The author brings her family to life and walks the reader through their tragic discovery three generations later. The author grew up in a totally dysfunctional mismatched family unit in a small town in Maryland. The time she ...


Shadow Dance
Anne Erskine

Rosedog Pr, 2014

Shadow Dance is a collection of some of the poems Anne Marie Erskine has composed over the years. This collection centers on a variety of themes that are universal to the human spirit: death, love, loss, culture, beauty, and faith. The power of these experiences to evoke profound energy of thought demands hours of perspiration to take the idea and transform it to concrete expression. The journey can be a long encounter of sustained focus to ...


They're Just My Friends
Pat Nwamu

Rosedog Pr, 2008


Microaggressions Across the Great Divide: High-Stakes Written Assessments, the Threat of Stereotype and ...
Mark Pierce

Rosedog Pr, 2011


Big Blue Ablaze
Raymond Stolpe

Rosedog Pr, 2013

In June 1944 Raymond Stolpe boarded a ship in San Diego headed for the Mariana Islands (Saipan and Tinian) where, he experienced his first combat a midnight Banzai charge by the enemy- a frantic all-out, all night charge by the enemy. In the morning, Stolpe saw over 1,000 dead enemy soldiers. Later in the Tinian campaign, Lt. Shearer ordered Stolpe and his buddy Charles Leslie to set out booby traps in front of their position. Then at night, ...


A Day with My Aunt
Marguerite Trupiano

Rosedog Pr, 2010

A Day with My Aunt is a book about a fun-filled adventure with a little girl and her aunt. They go to their favorite places, like the park and the zoo. At the same time, it shows important lessons to young readers, such as wearing a seatbelt and never talking to strangers. Now close your eyes and count to ten, and join them on their magical day!


To God Be The Glory
", The Poet", ...

Rosedog Pr, 2014

These are spiritual poems written to draw others to the Cross and God s saving grace. The author takes no credit for his talent, as the title states TO GOD BE THE GLORY. The author s former books are distributed through the region of local libraries and in the hands of many who desired to purchase them and have them for their very own. He desires these poems of inspiration touch the hearts of others with conviction and devotion to our awesome ...


two west
Shirley Walker

Rosedog Pr, 2014

Sarah Ruston grew up in a small town in the southeastern part of Michigan. The Ruston children know their place in society and their duty to the family and the community. The story follows Sarah s life as she graduates from high school and goes to college in 1953. Her life does not adhere to the expectations of the era. Her life becomes the road less traveled by girls from small towns. Part I begins in the summer of 1953 when Sarah graduates ...


The Christ s Shed Revelations:Past, Present, and Future Life Evolution, Tribulation, and Glory by God s ...
I Timothy

Rosedog Pr, 2014

This book s author, I Timothy, is a newly inspired Christian God and Christ s ordained layman minister of unprecedented verse by verse revelations on the Bible books Genesis and The Revelation. The inspiration of this book is a product of the author s Christian God and Christ s mutual heart-felt posthumous sympathy for the premature death of the author s earthly father and related posthumous fellowship Christians. Therefore, the author s ...


The Vision...The Voice
Christopher Charles Howarth

Rosedog Pr, 2014

Take a day... an ordinary day... a day like any other... the author Christopher Charles Howarth is about to tell you in this book how his life was changed forever... in a mind blowing moment! Chris was born into a working class family. He worked in a job he loved. He would tell you that he always felt protected, but did not associate this with anything special. Little did he know that he was being gently led into a world of magical mystery and ...


We Are Our Ancestors
Richard F. Weaver

Rosedog Pr, 2009

The title represents the running theme all through to the end of the book. We Are Our Ancestors is the outcome of my near-death experience combined with an informing knowledge I acquired during my lifetime of studies. I state in the foreword how the beliefs I had concluded were substantiated in this NDE, along with much more information I had ever thought possible. The book describes the workings of reincarnation, why it has to be this way, ...


A World of Wisdom
Shannon Joe Hegdal

Rosedog Pr, 2014

The author has seen the best, and the worst, of human behavior and nature. He has come to the conclusion that a great many of us do not hear the voice of our own human consciousness. And an even greater few seem to listen. Our lives can be greatly enhanced by this knowledge. We always know how to live our lives in such a way that will, as Friedrich Nietzsche said, heighten the feeling of life energy. This energy makes us happy and gives us the ...


BEYOND THE BLUE IKARIAN SEA: Life in Greece and North America 2nd Ed.
John Chrysochoos, Ph.D.

Rosedog Pr, 2014

Aris s innocent early childhood on the beautiful and serene Greek island of Ikaria was painfully interrupted by World War II and the subsequent Greek Civil War. The occupation by the enemy, the following famine, the flight to Palestine and the subsequent Greek Civil War had a profound effect upon Aris s personality. His interest in political, educational, social and societal issues while in Greece was attributed to those experiences. His ...


Mookie's First Camping Trip
Connie Zakowski

Rosedog Pr, 2014

Mookie s First Camping Trip is the third book in Connie Zakowski s series. In this book, readers will see insects, animals and activities which Mookie and his friend Mikey experience. Children can relate to the many things they might have done while camping. Connie also incorporates The Insect Book during her story line. As the Mookie series continues, each book will have an interaction page at the end of the story to see what the reader ...


The Halted Continuation
B. K. Slocumb

Rosedog Pr, 2014

He is watching, praying he can be a better man than the monster he sees. It is time he owns up to his mistakes. Is he strong enough? Can love change the will of a man? A shocking event that sought to destroy Nich s family catapults him in triumph and chaos. His mind hungers for vengeance. Darkness follows Micah and seeks to destroy the family she fights to keep. Ruth, deciding that anger and misery was all she had left, is jolted into a reality ...


Little Michael & Snappy in 'Around the Block'
Paul Vakerics II

Rosedog Pr, 2014

Remember as a child, when things did not go well for you? Remember what your mother did? She erased those things. And you felt her love. Her love made everything O.K. Little Michael and Snappy stepped off the front porch into a beautiful summer day. Little Michael had a plan. But things got in the way of Little Michael s plan We teach our children not to give up in difficult situations. Did Little Michael give up? How did Little Michael ...


The Tri-Ad: The Rise and Fall
Steve Peck, Sandy Peck

Rosedog Pr, 2014

Steve Peck and Sandy Assonga met at church in 2002 and they were married in 2003 by Pastor Pete Jalilie. Steve comes from a family of four as Sandy comes from a family of nine. They gave birth to their only child and blessing from God Angelina Peck in 2006 and have lived happily ever after since as a family with God leading them every step of the way. This is their first book projects together as husband and wife in the first installment of the ...



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