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Cataloging and Classification: An Introduction
Lois Mai Chan

Scarecrow Press, 2007

The third edition of Lois Mai Chan's classic Cataloging and Classification covers the analysis and representation of methods used in describing, organizing, and providing access to resources made available in or through libraries, including both the materials owned by the library (mostly physical items such as books, journals, and nonprint materials) and external resources such as those in electronic form that are accessible through the ...


The Essentials of Beautiful Singing: A Three-Step Kinesthetic Approach
Karen Tillotson Bauer

Scarecrow Press, 2013

Voice research has revealed much about the singing voice, but this valuable information does not necessarily transfer into fine singing. In The Essentials of Beautiful Singing: A Three-Step Kinesthetic Approach , performer and scholar Karen Tillotson Bauer bridges this gap by reframing the complexities of voice science with a cultivated simplicity of style and terminology that speaks directly to the singer’s experience of singing. With ...


Human Trafficking, Human Misery: The Global Trade in Human Beings (Global Crime and Justice)
Alexis A. Aronowitz

Scarecrow Press, 2013

The scourge of human trafficking affects virtually all countries, which serve as a source, transit point, or destination, or a combination of these. While countries have long focused on international trafficking, internal movement and exploitation within countries may be even more prevalent than trans-border trafficking. Patterns of trafficking vary across countries and regions and are in a constant state of flux. Countries have long focused on ...


Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird: New Essays

Scarecrow Press, 2010

In 1960, To Kill a Mockingbird was published to critical acclaim. To commemorate To Kill a Mockingbird 's 50th anniversary, Michael J. Meyer has assembled a collection of new essays that celebrate this enduring work of American literature. These essays approach the novel from educational, legal, social, and thematic perspectives. Harper Lee's only novel won the Pulitzer Prize and was transformed into a beloved film starring Gregory ...


This Music Leaves Stains: The Complete Story of the Misfits
James Greene Jr.

Scarecrow Press, 2013

Few bands in the past three decades have proven as affecting or exciting as the Misfits, the ferocious horror punk outfit that lurked in the shadows of suburban New Jersey and released a handful of pivotal underground recordings during their brief, tumultuous time together. Led by Glenn Danzig, a singer possessed of vision and blessed with an incredible baritone, the Misfits pioneered a death rock sound that would reverberate through the various ...


Law Librarianship in the Digital Age

Scarecrow Press, 2013

It is absolutely essential that today’s law librarians are digitally literate in addition to possessing an understanding and awareness of recent advancements and trends in information technology as they pertain to the library field. Law Libraries in the Digital Age offers a one-stop, comprehensive guide to achieving both of those goals. This go-to resource covers the most cutting-edge developments that face today’s modern law libraries, ...


The Hollywood Propaganda of World War II
Robert Fyne

Scarecrow Press, 1994

During the Second World War, over 300 Hollywood motion pictures were produced that, in one way or another, bore the propaganda imprimatur. These popular movies — and they consistently glorified the achievements of the American fighting man while vilifying all the members of the Axis pact — and fostered morale on the Home Front and stood as tangible reminders that Old Glory, mom, apple pie, and the St. Louis Browns would emerge victorious ...


Company of Heroes
Harry, Jr. Carey

The Scarecrow Press, 1994

When Harry Carey, Sr. died in 1947, director John Ford cast Carey's 26-year-old son, Harry, Jr. in the role of The Abilene Kid in 3 Godfathers. Ford and the elder Carey had filmed an earlier version of the story, and Ford dedicated the Technicolor remake to his memory. Company of Heroes is the story of the making of that film, as well as the eight subsequent Ford classics. In it, Harry Carey, Jr. casts a remarkably observant eye on the ...


The Functional Unity of the Singing Voice
Barbara Doscher

Scarecrow Press, 1994

An understanding of how the singing voice functions should be a prerequisite for all those who wish to teach singing. And fundamental to any safe and efficient teaching method is the recognition that the singing voice is a functional unit. Consequently, this second edition, like the first, describes the anatomy and physiology of breathing and phonation and examines the acoustical laws necessary for an understanding of resonation. It is designed ...


The U.S. Women's Soccer Team: An American Success Story
Clemente A. Lisi

Scarecrow Press, 2013

In this new edition—updated through the team’s spectacular win at the 2012 London Olympics—Clemente A. Lisi examines how the sport of women’s soccer has gained popularity over the past few decades. While other books have been written about the team during a specific year, such as those focused solely on the 1999 World Cup win on U.S. soil, Lisi details the program's infancy and how it steadily became a model for women's teams around the ...


Encyclopedia of Great Popular Song Recordings
Steve Sullivan

Scarecrow Press, 2013

From John Philip Sousa to Green Day, from Scott Joplin to Kanye West, from Stephen Foster to Coldplay, The Encyclopedia of Great Popular Song Recordings covers the vast scope of its subject with virtually unprecedented breadth and depth. Approximately 1,000 key song recordings from 1889 to the present are explored in full, unveiling the stories behind the songs, the recordings, the performers, and the songwriters. Beginning the journey in ...


World War I and the Origins of U.S. Military Intelligence
James L. Gilbert

Scarecrow Press, 2012

In World War I and the Origins of U.S. Military Intelligence , military historian James L. Gilbert provides an authoritative overview of the birth of modern Army intelligence. Following the natural division of the intelligence war, which was fought on both the home front and overseas, Gilbert traces the development and use of intelligence and counterintelligence through the eyes of their principal architects: General Dennis E. Nolan and ...


The Complete Lyrics of P. G. Wodehouse
Barry Day

Scarecrow Press, 2004

Although he wrote hundreds of songs and was a key figure in the birth of the American stage musical, P. G. Wodehouse's (1881-1975) long and influential career as a lyricist has been almost completely forgotten and unheralded - until now. Highly regarded by literati for his rich, sardonic Wooster and Jeeves books (among his more than ninety novels and volumes of short stories), Wodehouse broke new ground by writing songs that were cohesively ...


Stage Presence from Head to Toe: A Manual for Musicians
Karen Hagberg

Scarecrow Press, 2003

Stage Presence from Head to Toe is the only resource of its kind-a practical, authoritative guide to accepted practices of stage presence for performing musicians. It answers the basic questions every musician has about a performance: how to prepare, how to dress, how to walk out on stage, how to bow, how to look confident and put your audience at ease, how to interact with other musicians on stage and with backstage personnel. Hagberg ...


An Introduction to Intelligence Research and Analysis (Security and Professional Intelligence Education ...
Jerome Clauser

Scarecrow Press, 2008

Since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on United States soil, the intelligence community has been scrutinized on how it performs its functions. Consequently, the 9/11 Commission made several recommendations on how to improve the quality of intelligence analysis. Those charges and the United States' involvement in a war in Iraq have spawned additional charges of the politicization of intelligence. All this is being played out as the ...


Orchestral Music: A Handbook
David Daniels

Scarecrow Press, 2005

Also Available: Orchestral Music Online This fourth edition of the highly acclaimed, classic sourcebook for planning orchestral programs and organizing rehearsals has been expanded and revised to feature 42% more compositions over the third edition, with clearer entries and a more useful system of appendixes. Compositions cover the standard repertoire for American orchestra. Features from the previous edition that have changed and new ...


Conversations with Joseph Flummerfelt: Thoughts on Conducting, Music, and Musicians
Donald Nally

Scarecrow Press, 2010

In Conversations with Joseph Flummerfelt: Thoughts on Conducting, Music, and Musicians , Donald Nally presents a window into the mind and heart of one of America's most celebrated and distinguished choral conductors. Through questions from Nally, his former student, Flummerfelt provides a captivating narrative tracing his formative years and influences, his most important artistic collaborations, and his approach to conducting and music. The ...


Library 2020: Today's Leading Visionaries Describe Tomorrow's Library

Scarecrow Press, 2013

Thinking about the future of libraries, librarianship and the work librarians do is as old as libraries themselves. (No doubt seminars were organized by the Alexandria Librarians Association on the future of the scroll and what to do about the rising barbarian tide.) At no time in our memory, though, have these discussions and conversations been so profound and critical. Here one of today’s leading thinkers and speakers about the future of ...


Piano 300: Celebrating Three Centuries of People and Pianos
Cynthia Adams Hoover, Patrick Rucker, ...

Scarecrow Press, 2001

The piano is where art, craftsmanship, musicianship, design and technology meet to form one of the most beloved and popular musical instruments of our times. The exhibition Piano 300 at the Smithsonian's International Gallery in Washington D.C. in 2000 and 2001 presented the astonishing 300-year history of this great musical instrument from its beginnings in Florence to the great manufacturers of the last century. The instruments themselves, and ...


Wicked: A Musical Biography
Paul R. Laird

Scarecrow Press, 2011

In 2004, the original Broadway production of Wicked earned 10 Tony nominations, including best musical. Based on the best-selling novel by Gregory Maguire, the show continues to run on Broadway and has touring companies throughout the United States and around the world. In Wicked: A Musical Biography , author Paul Laird explores the creation of this popular Broadway musical through an examination of draft scripts, interviews with major ...



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