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The Buddha and the Quantum: Hearing the Voice of Every Cell
Samuel Avery

Sentient Publications, 2011

Buddha and the Quantum is about the connection between meditation and physics. Many books show parallels between consciousness and physics; a few of these attempt to explain consciousness in terms of the physics of everyday experience. This is the only book on the market that explains physics and the everyday world in terms of consciousness alone. Space and time – and the physical world they define – are a structure of ...


What Is Self?: A Study of the Spiritual Journey in Terms of Consciousness

Sentient Publications, 2005

A renowned contemporary Christian mystic, Bernadette Roberts takes us to the ultimate consciousness that transcends self and experience. The book includes fascinating chronicles of her own spiritual journey.


Instead of Education: Ways to Help People do Things Better
John Holt

Sentient Publications, 2003

Instead of Education is Holt's most direct and radical challenge to the educational status quo and a clarion call to parents to save their children from schools of all kinds. In this breakthrough work Holt lays out the foundation for un-schooling as the vital path to self-directed learning and a creative life.


Doctors from Hell: The Horrific Account of Nazi Experiments on Humans
Vivien Spitz

Sentient Publications, 2005

A chilling story of human depravity and ultimate justice, told for the first time by an eyewitness court reporter for the Nuremberg war crimes trial of Nazi doctors. This is the account of 23 men torturing and killing by experiment in the name of scientific research and patriotism. Doctors from Hell includes trial transcripts that have not been easily available to the general public and previously unpublished photographs used as evidence in the ...


Cleansing the Doors of Perception: The Religious Significance of Entheogenic Plants and Chemical
Huston Smith

Sentient Publications, 2003

In this book, renowned philosopher and scholar of religion Huston Smith, takes a serious look at the use of psychedelic drugs as a means to achieve mystical union with the divine. In a unique blend of direct experience and academic depth, Smith examines this controversial subject and describes the historic and turbulent academic experiments of the sixties in which he was both a subject and an observer. Smith begins by telling the story of his ...


Radical Optimism: Practical Spirituality in an Uncertain World
Beatrice Bruteau

Sentient Publications, 2002


Publish Your Own Magazine, Guide Book, or Weekly Newspaper: How to Start, Manage, and Profit from a Homebased ...
Thomas A. Williams

Sentient Publications, 2002

Have you ever wanted to publish a magazine, guide book, or weekly newspaper and make substantial profits while working from your home? Tom Williams has done just that in his own profitable publishing career, and he can tell you how to run a highly successful home-based publishing company. In Publish Your Own Magazine, Guide Book, or Weekly Newspaper, Williams provides a dynamic step-by-step guide to creating everything from tourism ...


How to Heal with Singing Bowls: Traditional Tibetan Healing Methods
Suren Shrestha

Sentient Publications, 2009

No book on the market has the detailed, step-by-step instructions for ancient Tibetan healing bowl techniques that this one has. The healing methods are all illustrated with photographs showing how to place and strike the bowls, so that anyone can learn how to do it. Some of these methods have been taught to only a few Eastern practitioners, and are now spreading to the West where there is considerable interest in them.


They Can't Find Anything Wrong!: 7 Keys to Understanding, Treating, and Healing Stress Illness
David D. Clarke

Sentient Publications, 2007

Diagnostic tests are unable to find the cause of symptoms in at least half of all medical patients, most of whom are ill because of hidden stresses. Dr. David Clarke has done pioneering work with over 7,000 of these patients, often sent to him as a last resort. In plain language he describes the major types of stress and explains steps for treatment with a range of effective techniques. Case histories that read like medical mysteries illustrate ...


How to Attain Enlightenment: The Vision of Nonduality
James Swartz

Sentient Publications, 2010

This complete guide to enlightenment presents the wisdom of the ancient science of self-inquiry, a time-tested means for achieving spiritual freedom. The author convincingly refutes the popular view that enlightenment is a unique state of consciousness and debunks a host of other myths. In his straightforward style he reveals proven methods for purifying the mind, and takes the reader from the beginning to the end of the spiritual path, ...


Ask the Awakened: The Negative Way
Wei Wu Wei

Sentient Publications, 2002

Between the years 1958 and 1974 a series of books appeared that were attributed to the mysterious Wei Wu Wei. Perhaps the most important of these works, Ask The Awakened, is now available in a new edition. This work draws on a variety of sources, including Taoism--specifically the texts attributed to Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu; Buddhism--especially the Heart, Diamond and Lankavatara sutras; and Chan Buddhism as taught by Hui Neng, Huang Po, Hui Hai, ...


SelfDesign: Nurturing Genius Through Natural Learning
Brent Cameron

Sentient Publications, 2005

SelfDesign, a methodology developed by Brent Cameron over the past 23 years, is much more than another take-off from traditional teaching methods. It is instead a philosophy and a practice based in the belief that children are natural learners. Cameron uses individualized strategies, specific language tools, and a focus on the positive to shift the very premise on which education is built. Through his stories of learners and families he takes ...


You Can Beat the Odds: The Surprising Factors Behind Chronic Illness and Cancer
Brenda Stockdale

Sentient Publications, 2009

This book takes a step forward in addressing the underpinnings of illness, collating ground-breaking discoveries in genetics with time-tested techniques for optimal healing. Each technique boosts not only the quality of your life but even the way your body responds to daily stress, a virus, or serious illness. Get Started Now exercises help you personalize your program and integrate insights quickly into your everyday life. You'll also learn how ...


The Mystique of Enlightenment: The Radical Ideas of U.G. Krishnamurti
U. G. Krishnamurti

Sentient Publications, 2002

An underground spiritual classic distributed widely for the first time in the U.S., this is the story of one of the most unusual figures in contemporary spirituality, U.G. Krishnamurti, in his own words. The Mystique of Enlightenment is a scathing critique of contemporary spirituality. In a world in which spiritual techniques, teachers, concepts, and organizations are legion, U. G. stands nearly alone in his rejection of it all: "I am only ...


One: Essential Writings on Nonduality

Sentient Publications, 2007

This is the first book on nonduality intended for a mainstream audience. Nonduality means not two or One without a second. That One has many names-God, consciousness, truth, the Self-and the writings in this collection turn the reader toward this nondual reality. This is done through the practice of inquiry, in which questions about the source of one's action or thought lead one to see the fact of non-separation, and through expressions of ...


The Shut-Down Learner: Helping Your Academically Discouraged Child
Richard Selznick

Sentient Publications, 2008

One of the worst feelings a child can have is being discouraged in school. The sense of hopelessness that pervades can become almost insurmountable. This is the emotional experience for the child called the shut-down learner. Also referred to as Lego kids or high-spatial children, such kids thrive with hands-on tasks that use their visual and spatial abilities. This book offers perspective and hope to parents who are struggling with these issues.


Open Secret
Wei Wu Wei

Sentient Publications, 2004

Open Secret is an essential work by the mysterious Wei Wu Wei, author of a series of Buddhist and Taoist spiritual classics. In poetry, dialogs, epigrams, and essays, he addresses our illusions concerning the mind, the self, logic, time, space, and causation. His substantive interpretation of The Heart Sutra—the epitome of Buddhist teachings—conveys the inexpressible truth of existence. Reading this jewel of a book, one enters into a heart ...


Enlightenment for Beginners: Discovering the Dance of the Divine
Chuck Hillig

Sentient Publications, 2006

Enlightenment for Beginners is the simple account of how and why you’ve been imaging yourself to be only a separate and limited being. Using clever but easily understood words and drawings, Hillig invites the seeker to discover that they are already who they’ve been looking to become and that a life of love and connection is already at hand. Although this deceptively uncomplicated book can be read in a sitting, its profound spiritual impact ...


Homebirth in the Hospital: Integrating Natural Childbirth with Modern Medicine
Stacey Marie Kerr MD

Sentient Publications, 2009

The personalized and empowering experience of a home birth can also occur in a hospital setting. This book presents fifteen powerful testimonies about this kind of emotionally satisfying birth. The stories show that expectant mothers can minimize fear and put technology where it belongs.Dr. Kerr focuses on the Five C's: Choice, Communication, Continuity, Confidence, and Control of protocols. Prospective parents will learn what questions to ask ...


Sky Above, Earth Below: Spiritual Practice in Nature
John P. Milton

Sentient Publications, 2006

Written by meditation teacher and workshop leader John P. Milton, Sky Above, Earth Below: Spiritual Practice in Nature is a simple guide to healing one's physical and spiritual body and creating a new relationship with oneself through meditation and connecting with nature's healing energy. Chapters walk the reader through how to experience the joys of meditation, a 10-minute practice designed to restore internal balance, means by which to cut ...



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