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If Holden Caulfield Were in My Classroom: Inspiring Love, Creativity, and Intelligence in Middle School Kids

Sentient Publications, 2008

With humanity, humor, and compassion, Schein gets his middle-school students to reveal the secrets of their lives, helping them through this joyous and difficult endeavor. Through stories from his classroom, he describes how true emotion, rather than pure reason, is the key to discovering real relationships and personal truth. His account is psychologically sensitive, socially accurate, and will be a real eye-opener for parents.


The Alchemy of Teaching: The Transformation of Lives
Jeremiah Conway

Sentient Publications, 2013

Education is, or should be, a spiritual act. It concerns the development of consciousness and how we relate to the world. In fact, the desire to affect lives in this deeper sense is what drives many people into teaching in the first place. Yet books on education often neglect this aspect of teaching, which gets buried under comprehensive plans, organizational restructuring, and curriculum reform. The Alchemy of Teaching takes readers into the ...


A Compromised Generation: The Epidemic of Chronic Illness in America's Children
Beth Lambert, Victoria Kobliner

Sentient Publications, 2010

A Compromised Generation reveals how seemingly benign elements of American culture are making millions of children chronically ill, disabled, or dysfunctional. Children are being diagnosed with illnesses such as autism, asthma, allergies, and ADHD at a breathtaking rate. The etiology of autism continues to confound mainstream medicine, yet parents, medical researchers, and healthcare practitioners dedicated to unraveling the mystery are ...


The Art of Aging: Celebrating the Authentic Aging Self
Alice & Richard Matzkin

Sentient Publications, 2009

In this beautiful book, painter and sculptor Alice and Richard Matzkin explore the experience of aging through their art, finding inspiration rather than despair. Both in their sixties, they use their paintings and sculptures and personal narrative to examine aspects of growing older-the progression of physical changes, sensuality and relationships, aging parents, spirituality, and death. They feature well-known people such as feminist Betty ...


Looking for God: Seeing the Whole in One
Chuck Hillig

Sentient Publications, 2007

A lighthearted and amusing approach to what is often a ponderous subject—the search for ultimate truth. To read it is to experience a gentle meditation on the nature of existence. The author does a wonderful job of expressing the inexpressible in as few words as possible. Packed with enlightening insights, this book, in its deceptive simplicity, is an easy-to-take introduction to nondualism—a great gift book for spiritual seekers.


Our Secret Territory: The Essence of Storytelling (Culture Tools)
Laura Simms

Sentient Publications, 2011

Laura Simms is an acclaimed storyteller whom The New York Times has called a major force in the revival of storytelling in America. Laura's way of telling a story allows the mind of the listener to rest in a realm of imagination beyond thought, and stimulates its faculties of kindness and relationship. In this book she examines the spiritual and social aspects of storytelling, and its process of engagement.


You Can Beat the Odds: The Surprising Factors Behind Chronic Illness and Cancer
Brenda Stockdale

Sentient Publications, 2009

This book takes a step forward in addressing the underpinnings of illness, collating ground-breaking discoveries in genetics with time-tested techniques for optimal healing. Each technique boosts not only the quality of your life but even the way your body responds to daily stress, a virus, or serious illness. Get Started Now exercises help you personalize your program and integrate insights quickly into your everyday life. You'll also learn how ...


One: Essential Writings on Nonduality

Sentient Publications, 2007

This is the first book on nonduality intended for a mainstream audience. Nonduality means not two or One without a second. That One has many names-God, consciousness, truth, the Self-and the writings in this collection turn the reader toward this nondual reality. This is done through the practice of inquiry, in which questions about the source of one's action or thought lead one to see the fact of non-separation, and through expressions of ...


Song of Trusting the Heart: A Classic Zen Poem for Daily Meditation
Tamarack Song

Sentient Publications, 2011

Enlivening the spirit without overwhelming the mind, the poem Hsin-Hsin Ming, or Song of Trusting the Heart, was written in the sixth century by the third Zen patriarch of China. It is perhaps the most encompassing and profound statement of Zen awareness we have. A beautiful daily meditation guide, the book will become a year-round fixture in readers' lives. These haunting lyrics inspire a peaceful awakening that helps one see through ...


Courageous Confrontations: Lives Transformed by Life-Threatening Illness
Richard H. Helfant

Sentient Publications, 2005

Why are some people able to overcome fear and summon their inner strength to find the will to live? Courageous Confrontations is an inspiring account of the possibility of transformation and deep healing in the face of profound health challenge. This book will bring hope to those patients who encounter severe illness, and to those familes and friends who want to aid a loved one in full and fundamental recovery.


The Extraordinary Workplace: Replacing Fear with Trust and Compassion (Culture Tools)

Sentient Publications, 2010

This book shows us how to heal the workplace culture by rebuilding relationships to honor our own and others’ spirits. When fear is replaced with trust and compassion, a shift in consciousness can occur. The shallow interpretation of ourselves as people who need to battle for power and validation belies our incredible authentic power.


Escape from Communist Heaven
Dennis W. Dunivan

Sentient Publications, 2013

For Viet Nguyen, the only thing worse than rules are the people who enforce them. This may not be the best attitude to have in a society that punishes dissent with death. A rebellious teenager is often the main character of young adult fiction, but what makes Viet particularly interesting is that he challenges a system that borders on genocide. Communist tanks advance through Viet’s Saigon neighborhood when he is fourteen years old, ...


The Inspired Heart: An Artist's Journey of Transformation
Jerry Wennstrom

Sentient Publications, 2002

Jerry Wennstrom tells the extraordinary story of his daring exploration into the source of his creativity. He tells of a life lived by the singular requirement of Grace—to remain fearlessly attuned to the heart. The Inspired Heart includes 16 color pages of Wennstrom’s beautiful and intriguing art, and has a foreword by Care of the Soul author, Thomas Moore.


One Less Bitter Actor: The Actor's Survival Guide
Markus Flanagan

Sentient Publications, 2007

An invaluable reference for anyone who is a working actor, or wants to be. Learn how to make it in the day-to-day business of acting and stay sane and focused while attempting to merge art and commerce. This book covers everything the author wishes someone had told him about how casting decisions are made, what rejection really means, how to behave on a set, the two factors the business is built on, and much more. Markus Flanagan offers ...


Unplugged: How to Disconnect from the Rat Race, Have an Existential Crisis, and Find Meaning and Fulfillment ...
Nancy Whitney-Reiter

Sentient Publications, 2008

The tremendous success of Po Bronson's What Should I Do With My Life and Neil Crofts's Authentic, and the resurgence of Paolo Coelho's The Alchemist indicate the inner struggle faced by many working professionals today. Unplugged explains why career breaks are necessary in our modern, technologically-driven society, and explains how to take such a break in easy to follow steps. The emerging trend of young people taking mid-career breaks calls ...


Lives of Passion, School of Hope: How One Public School Ignites a Lifelong Love of Learning
Rick Posner

Sentient Publications, 2009

Lives of Passion, School of Hope tells how a progressive public school in Colorado has transformed the lives of its alumni. It is about what happens to children and adults when they are encouraged to follow their bliss. It is also about personal empowerment and the development of confidence, curiosity, and compassion in our public schools. This book offers stories and reflections from the alumni of a school where the students hired the teachers, ...


School Struggles: A Guide to Your Shut-Down Learner's Success
Richard Selznick

Sentient Publications, 2012

Richard Selznick is a child psychologist who has helped parents with their children’s struggles in school for more than 25 years. His first book, The Shut-Down Learner, identified the problems faced by spatial learners and recommended ways that parents and teachers can help them learn. School Struggles offers aid, comfort, and perspective to parents whose children have difficulty in school for a multitude of reasons. Selznick addresses reading ...


God Is an Atheist: A Novella for Those Who Have Run Out of Time
N. Nosirrah

Sentient Publications, 2008

A profoundly funny romp through religion, spirituality, and the contemporary clash of cultures of belief, with special attention to the human obsession with knowing what can't be known. Nosirrah provokes just about everyone as he describes a world where God is on the run from Islamic extremists, the Pope announces he shares a bed with Richard Dawkins, and Buddha's son disappoints by getting enlightened instead of becoming a doctor. To say this ...


The Open Path: Recognizing Nondual Awareness

Sentient Publications, 2012

Many serious spiritual students have turned to nonsectarian teachers to further their practice. These readers will find The Open Path to be an excellent guide to the realization of the silent ground of all being and to the expression of that realization in the diverse conditions of their lives. The book includes very helpful exercises and practices that foster a sense of equanimity and natural insight, as well as methods and teachings from ...


Holy Stars!: Favorite Deities, Prophets, Saints & Sages from Around the World
Kathleen Edwards

Sentient Publications, 2009

People everywhere revere images and stories of religious figures—from Buddha and Jesus to Kuan Yin and the Virgin of Guadalupe—to remind themselves of the spiritual dimensions of life. But whether raised in a religious tradition or not, many people are mystified by spiritual icons from other cultures. This gift book for all seasons provides essential information about 27 figures from the world's wisdom traditions in a beautiful and lively ...



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