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Internet Marketing in Real Estate
Barbara Cox, William Koelzer

South-Western Educational Pub, 2000

Based on an empirical body of tried and proven methods, this business-oriented guide taps into the Internet. In one easy-to-follow handbook it includes all of the techniques, strategies, and tactics necessary to effective Web marketing. Examining the sales advantages offered on the Internet today, it discusses an agent's Web success or his/her site, and on other Web sites (e.g., search engines, Web portals, MLS search sites and directories ...


Streamlined: 14 Principles for Building & Managing the Lean Supply Chain
Mandyam M. Srinivasan

South-Western Educational Pub, 2004

Focusing on the lean supply chain from an operations perspective, this insightful book offers a thorough overview, covering the activities of all the companies involved in the flow of products, services, finances, and information - from the initial suppliers to the ultimate users. It provides candid discussions of managers' tasks and responsibilities and how they may be best accomplished through the use of such conceptual tools as lean thinking, ...


College Accounting, Chapters 1-26
Douglas (Douglas J. McQuaig) McQuaig, Patricia Bille

South-Western College Pub, 2007

The Ninth Edition of College Accounting retains the successful characteristics that make it a market leader--accuracy, careful pacing, and repetition of accounting terms, concepts, and procedures--while integrating Internet features that provide students with real-world business experience.


Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases (6th Edition)
O. C. Ferrell, John Fraedrich, ...

South-Western College Pub, 2004

Business Ethics fulfills the need for a practical, applied text at the core of the ethics course or used as a supplement in other undergraduate and graduate courses. This accessible, up-to-date text covers the complex environment in which managers confront ethical decision making. Through this managerial framework, the authors cover the overall concepts, processes, and best practices associated with successful business ethics programs--helping ...


Study Guide with Activities Manual for Reece/Brandt's Effective Human Relations: Personal and Organizational ...
Barry Reece

South-Western College Pub, 2004

This study aid contains many participative exercises, as well as review exercises--in matching, true/false, and multiple-choice format--that help students review and master the content from each chapter.


How 10: Handbook for Office Professionals (How:: A Handbook for Office Professionals)
James L. (James L. Clark) Clark, Lyn R. Clark

South-Western College Pub, 2003

Since 1975, HOW and its subsequent editions have been a prominent reference source for business writers, office personnel, and students. With every new edition, HOW has kept pace with changes in our language and the business environment, striving to provide a useful and easy-to-understand reference manual for all professionals involved in organizational operations. It includes detailed and precise information for writing, formatting, and ...


Ten Key Customer Insights: Unlocking the Mind of the Market
Robert Schieffer

South-Western Educational Pub, 2005

Develop effective marketing strategies and tactics, by gaining deeper insights into the perceptions, needs, motivations and preferences of your target customers with CUSTOMER INSIGHTS: UNLOCKING THE MIND OF THE MARKET. Companies that implement these strategies and tactics can expect to attract and retain more customers, grow their share of market, increase the productivity of their marketing efforts, and increase their profitability.


Managing Your Personal Finances
Joan S. Ryan

South-Western Pub, 1984

While focusing on the student's role as citizen, student, family member, consumer, and active participant in the business world, Managing Your Personal Finances 6E, International Edition informs students of their various financial responsibilities. This comprehensive text provides opportunities for self-awareness, expression, and satisfaction in a highly technical and competitive society. Students discover new ways to maximize their earning ...


The Leadership Experience
Richard L. Daft

South-Western Pub, 2001

Packed with interesting examples and real world leadership, this readable, upper-level textbook helps students develop an understanding of theory while acquiring the necessary skills and insights to become effective leaders. It is written for courses teaching leadership theory and application.


Introductory Econometrics: A Modern Approach
Jeffrey Wooldridge

South-Western College Pub, 2002

Econometrics has moved from a specialized mathematical description of economics to an applied interpretation based on empirical research techniques - and the modern approach of this innovative book is proof. Introductory Econometrics bridges the gap between the mechanics of econometrics and modern applications of econometrics by employing a systematic approach motivated by the major problems currently facing applied researchers. Offering a solid ...


Ohio Real Estate Law
Carol Knowlton Irvin, James D. Irvin

South-Western Educational Pub, 1996

This practical guide to understanding real estate law meets all Ohio state education standards for the required Real Estate Law course. Actual case briefs allow students to apply their knowledge in the "real-world."


Human Resources Management
Wendell French

South-Western College Pub, 2002

Ideal for management majors who plan to become HRM professionals, this highly accessible text presents a conceptual model of the field--placing HRM in the overall context of business management. Students gain a broad, practical understanding of how HRM policies affect the workplace from productivity, quality, and customer service to employee morale. French addresses timely issues changing the current role of HRM, including international topics, ...


Contemporary Mathematics for Business and Consumers (with CD-ROM)
Robert Brechner

South-Western College Pub, 2005

Contemporary Mathematics for Business and Consumers is a 21-chapter educational adventure into today's business world and its associated mathematical procedures. The book is designed to provide solid mathematical preparation and foundation for students going on to business courses and careers. It begins with a business-oriented review of the basic operations, including whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. Once students have mastered these ...


Strategy Synthesis: Resolving Strategy Paradoxes to Create Competitive Advantage
Bob de Wit, Ron Meyer

South-Western College Pub, 2005

This is a streamlined version of de Wit and Meyer's successful text, Strategy: Process, Content, Context. It contains a range of articles with text contextualising the debates around key issues, allowing a wide range of views to be explored within each debate.


Introductory Econometrics: A Modern Approach
Jeffrey M. Wooldridge

South-Western Pub, 1999

The modern approach of this text recognizes that econometrics has moved from a specialized mathematical description of economics to an applied interpretation based on empirical research techniques. It bridges the gap between the mechanics of econometrics and modern applications of econometrics by employing a systematic approach motivated by the major problems facing applied researchers today. Throughout the text, the emphasis on examples gives ...


College Accounting, Chapters 1-15
James A. Heintz, Robert W. Parry

South-Western College Pub, 2007

Develop the practical accounting skills now to secure a successful future with this popular college accounting text choice. This edition introduces accounting concepts using a proven step-by-step approach and inviting narrative style that focuses on the practical skills you'll need as you transition to tomorrow's workplace. The book begins with a basic foundation and simple service industry examples before advancing to accounting within the more ...


Texas Real Estate Law
Charles J. Jacobus

South-Western Educational Pub, 2008

As the most trusted and well-informed legal resource on Texas real estate law, Charles J. Jacobus delivers clear and thorough coverage of the many aspects and complexities of real estate law today in Texas. The 10th edition is a complete and well-organized study covering what the law has been in the past before moving to what it is at the present--all with a perfect balance of principles and practice.



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