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Launching New Ventures Fifth Edition
Kathleen R. Allen

South-Western College Pub, 2008

Launching New Ventures provides tomorrow's entrepreneurs with the tools to launch a successful new business in a global marketplace. The text follows the logical development process, from initial idea through drafting of the actual business plan.The Fifth Edition represents the most current thoughts, ideas, and practices in the field of entrepreneurship. Allen focuses on the pre-start-up and start-up stages of a new business, with special ...


Financial Management: Theory & Practice (with Thomson ONE - Business School Edition 1-Year Printed Access ...
Eugene F. Brigham, Michael C. Ehrhardt

South-Western College Pub, 2007

Written for and praised by students just like you, FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: THEORY AND PRACTICE gives you relevant, practical, and easy-to-understand information covering all of the financial management topics you need to succeed in this course. Underlying theory is presented first in an accessible style and then followed by the practical application.


Records Management Student Instruction Manual
Judith Read, Ginn

South-Western Pub, 2010

This simulation provides realistic activities for filing and retrieval of both paper and electronic records in a business environment and is also compatible with ARMA (Association of Records Managers and Administrators, Inc.) guidelines. It is appropriate for records management courses covering filing and management of the records system.


South-Western Federal Taxation: Individual Income Taxes 2013

South-Western Pub, 2012

Clearly introduce individual income tax concepts and today's ever-changing tax legislation with Hoffman/Smith's SOUTH-WESTERN FEDERAL TAXATION 2013: INDIVIDUAL INCOME TAXES, 36E. Renowned for its understandable, time-tested presentation, this book remains the most effective solution for helping students thoroughly grasp individual taxation concepts with even more coverage of tax planning in this edition. This book reflects the latest tax ...


Small Business Management: Launching and Growing Entrepreneurial Ventures (with Online Premium Site Printed ...
Justin G. Longenecker, J. William Petty, ...

South-Western College Pub, 2009

Help your students realize their dreams of small business success with this market-leading book. SMALL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: LAUNCHING AND GROWING ENTREPRENEURIAL VENTURES, 15E provides the practical concepts, entrepreneurial insights, and comprehensive resources essential for students' success now and throughout your management future. This edition's solid coverage of the fundamentals of business management teaches not only how to start a ...


Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management (with Thomson ONE - Business School Edition)
Frank K. Reilly, Keith C. Brown

South-Western College Pub, 2008

INVESTMENT ANALYSIS AND PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT, Ninth Edition, teaches readers how to manage their money to derive the maximum benefit from what they earn. It mixes investment instruments and capital markets with theoretical detail on evaluating investments and opportunities to satisfy risk-return objectives--as well as offers insight on how investment practice and theory are influenced by globalization. Providing a solid foundation in ...


Essentials of Managerial Finance (with Thomson ONE - Business School Edition 6-Month Printed Access Card)
Scott Besley, Eugene F. Brigham

South-Western College Pub, 2007

Trust the book that has already helped hundreds of thousands of students like you understand the importance of managerial finance theory and the practical impact these principles have on business today. This leading ESSENTIALS OF MANAGERIAL FINANCE, 14e offers a well-written, understandable, complete introduction that equips you with the basic financial management tools you need for business success. This edition's 18 chapters cover all the ...


Payroll Accounting
Bernard J. Bieg, Judith A. Toland

South-Western College Pub, 2010

Prepare your students for career success with first-hand experience in calculating payroll, completing payroll taxes, and preparing payroll records and reports. The annual revision of Bieg/Toland's market-leading PAYROLL ACCOUNTING 2011 text addresses all of the latest laws and up-to-the-minute updates regarding payroll.


Financial Reporting, Financial Statement Analysis, and Valuation: A Strategic Perspective (with Thomson One ...
Clyde P. Stickney, Paul Brown, ...

South-Western College Pub, 2006

Stickney/Brown/Wahlen is a balanced, flexible, and complete Financial Statement Analysis book that is written with the premise that students learn financial statement analysis most effectively by performing the analysis on actual companies. Students learn to integrate the concepts from economics, business strategy, accounting, and other business disciplines through the integration of a unique six-step process.


Fraud Examination - Third Edition
W. Steve Albrecht, Conan C. Albrecht, ...

South-Western College Pub, 2008

Help your students understand the growing significance of fraud in today's accounting world as the latest edition of this provocative text teaches students how to identify, detect, investigate, and prevent financial fraud. Albrecht/Albrecht/Albrecht/Zimbelman's FRAUD EXAMINATION, Third Edition, closely examines the nature of fraud using memorable business examples and captivating actual fraud cases drawn from the first-hand experience of ...


Financial Accounting (Media Enhanced Edition)
Jr. Belverd E. Needles, Marian Powers

South-Western College Pub, 2007

The Media Enhanced Edition of Financial Accounting combines the respected authors, flexible and balanced approach, and content coverage and accuracy of the text's Ninth Edition with an increased emphasis on multimedia applications. The revised program more fully reflects current accounting and business practices with additional emphasis on issues of ethics, service enterprises, and globalization. The streamlined text features a new design to ...


Supply Chain Management A Logistics Perspective

South-Western College Pub, 2013

The ninth edition of SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT: A LOGISTICS PERSPECTIVE refined its focus on the supply chain approach by blending logistics theory with practical applications and includes updated material on the latest technology, transportation regulations, pricing, and other issues. Each chapter opens with "Supply Chain Profiles" vignettes introducing students to real-world companies, people, and events. New and updated "On the Line" boxed ...


Cost Accounting: Foundations and Evolutions (Available Titles Cengagenow)
Michael R. Kinney, Cecily A. Raiborn

South-Western College Pub, 2010

The eighth edition of Kinney/Raiborn's COST ACCOUNTING: FOUNDATIONS AND EVOLUTIONS provides in-depth coverage of current cost management concepts and procedures in a straightforward and reader-friendly framework. The clean, concise presentation of materials and fresh, new exhibits reinforce and clarify the topics that readers traditionally struggle with most. In addition, real-world examples and ethical coverage are woven into the text so ...


History of Economic Thought
Harry Landreth, David C. Colander

South-Western College Pub, 2001

An upper-level text, History of Economic Thought continues to offer a lively, accessible discussion of ideas that have shaped modern economics. The Fourth Edition has been thoroughly revised to reflect recent scholarship and research, as well as a more pointed focus on modern economic thought. The text remains a highly understandable and opinionated--but fair--presentation of the history of economic thought.


Spreadsheet Modeling & Decision Analysis: A Practical Introduction to Management Science, Revised (with ...
Cliff Ragsdale

South-Western College Pub, 2007

Cliff Ragsdale is an innovator of the spreadsheet teaching revolution and is highly regarded in the field of management science. The revised fifth edition of SPREADSHEET MODELING AND DECISION ANALYSIS retains the elements and philosophy that has made its past editions so successful. New topics have been added as well as examples that are relevant to decision making in today's business world. This version of SPREADSHEET MODELING AND DECISION ...


Data Analysis for Managers with Microsoft Excel (with CD-ROM and InfoTrac )
S. Christian Albright, Wayne L. Winston, ...

South-Western College Pub, 2003

This text presents statistical concepts and methods in a unified, modern, spreadsheet-oriented approach. Featuring a wealth of business applications, this examples-based text illustrates a variety of statistical methods to help students analyze data sets and uncover important information to aid decision-making. DATA ANALYSIS FOR MANAGERS contains professional StatPro add-ins for Microsoft Excel from Palisade, valued at one hundred fifty dollars ...


Accounting: Concepts and Applications
W. Steve Albrecht, Earl K. Stice, ...

South-Western College Pub, 2010

Every job requires you to prepare, use, respond to, or be evaluated using accounting data. Understanding what accounting is, why it's important, and how to effectively use and prepare accounting data will give you a competitive edge in any organization. The focus of ACCOUNTING: CONCEPTS & APPLICATIONS, 11E is on developing the ability to critically analyze accounting information and make informed business decisions. Readers are exposed to a ...


Principles of Economics
N. Gregory Mankiw

South-Western College Pub, 2003

In writing this textbook, Mankiw has tried to put himself in the position of someone seeing economics for the first time. The author's conversational writing style is superb for presenting the politics and science of economic theories to tomorrow's decision-makers. Because Mankiw wrote it for the students, the book stands out among all other principles texts by encouraging students to apply an economic way of thinking in their daily lives. ...


Introductory Econometrics: A Modern Approach
Jeffrey Wooldridge

South-Western College Pub, 2002

Econometrics has moved from a specialized mathematical description of economics to an applied interpretation based on empirical research techniques - and the modern approach of this innovative book is proof. Introductory Econometrics bridges the gap between the mechanics of econometrics and modern applications of econometrics by employing a systematic approach motivated by the major problems currently facing applied researchers. Offering a solid ...


Financial Accounting: An Introduction to Concepts, Methods, and Uses
Clyde P. Stickney, Roman L. Weil

South-Western College Pub, 2002

This widely respected financial accounting text captures the predominant market share among graduate, MBA, and better undergraduate programs. It focuses on presenting, with great clarity, both the basic concepts underlying financial statements and the terminology and methods that allow students to interpret, analyze, and evaluate actual corporate financial statements.



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