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P. C. Cast, Kristin Cast

St Martins Pr, 2014

In the final electrifying novel in the HoN series, Neferet has finally made herself known to mortals. A Dark Goddess is loose on Tulsa and the world. No single vampyre is strong enough to vanquish her - unless that creature has the power to summon the elements as well as the ability to wield Old Magick. Only Zoey Redbird is heir to such power...but because of the consequences of using Old Magick, she is unable to help. Find out who will win ...


A Royal Murder
Elliott Roosevelt

St Martins Pr, 1994

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt journeys to the Bahamas to visit the exiled Duke and Duchess of Windsor and uncovers dangerous plots involving Nazi plans for expansion, smuggling, defection, wartime profiteering, and murder.


Golden Boy: The Untold Story of William Holden
Bob Thomas

St Martins Pr, 1983

When William Holden was found dead at sixty-three, all America mourned and wondered what had driven it's Golden Boy to the alcoholic binges that in the end cost him his life. Golden Boy is the story of William Holden's life, his loves, his films, his international adventures....and his valiant combat against his personal demons.


My Posse Don't Do Homework
Louanne Johnson

St Martins Pr, 1992

An account of an inner-city teacher's first years on the front lines at Parkmont High School presents entertaining anecdotes about how the former Marine employed various creative devices to get her students to learn.


By Way of Deception : The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer
Victor Ostrovsky, Claire Hoy

St Martins Pr, 1990

The # 1 New York Times best seller the Israeli foreign intelligence agency The Mossad tried to ban. The making of a Mossad officer is the true story of an officer in Israel's most secret agency. The first time the Mossad came calling, they wanted Victor Ostrovsky for their assassination unit, the kidon. He turned them down. The next time, he agreed to enter the grueling three-year training program to become a katsa, or intelligence case officer, ...


Shadow of the Moon
M. M. Kaye

St Martins Pr, 1979

M.M. Kaye, author of "The Far Pavilions", sweeps her readers back to the vast, glittering, sunbaked continent of India. "Shadow of the Moon" is the story of Winter de Ballesteros, a beautiful English heiress who has come to India to be married. It is also the tale of Captain Alex Randall, her escort and protector, who knows that Winter's husband to be has become a debauched wreck of a man. When India bursts into flaming hatreds and bitter ...


And the Band Played on: Politics, People, And the AIDS Epidemic
Randy Shilts

St Martins Pr, 1987

Upon it's first publication twenty years ago, And The Band Played on was quickly recognized as a masterpiece of investigatve reporting. An international bestseller, a nominee for the National Book Critics Circle Award, and made into a critically acclaimed movie, Shilts' expose revealed why AIDS was allowed to spread unchecked during the early 80's while the most trusted institutions ignored or denied the threat.  One of the few true ...


Thrones, Dominations: A Lord Peter Wimsey / Harriet Vane Mystery
Dorothy L. Sayers, Jill Paton Walsh

St Martins Pr, 1998

Announcing the long-awaited return of newlyweds Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane in Dorothy L. Sayers' never-before-published final mystery. Set in 1939, during the short-lived reign of King Edward VIII, "Thrones, Dominations" is based on Sayers' original outline, and has been completed in Sayers' voice and style by Jill Paton Walsh, the celebrated, Booker Prize-winning author of "Knowledge of Angels" .


Linda Goodman's Star Signs
Linda Goodman

St Martins Pr, 1987

The Master Astrologer's Classic Spiritual and Physical Self-Help Guide She has helped millions improve their lives, loves, and businesses through her bestselling books, Sun Signs and Love Signs. Here, in her most personal book yet, Linda Goodman, America's premier astrologer, has written an enlightening and remarkably accurate cuide to help you discover all the powers you possess. How can you achieve financial freedom and financial security? ...


The Market Square Dog
James Herriot, Ruth Brown

St Martins Pr, 1989

An enchanting book that mixes the heartwarming story of a vagabond dog with the warm and vibrant watercolors of award-winning illustrator, Ruth Brown.


The Other Mrs. Kennedy: Ethel Skakel Kennedy : An American Drama of Power, Privilege, and Politics
Jerry Oppenheimer

St Martins Pr, 1994

Based on hundreds of interviews and years of research, an intimate and revealing portrait of the Ethel Skakel Kennedy, the widow of Robert Kennedy, reveals a driven woman with a tragic family history and with great political influence. 100,000 first printing. $150,000 ad/promo.


The Vanderbilt Women: Dynasty of Wealth, Glamour, and Tragedy
Clarice Stasz

St Martins Pr, 1991

Lucius Beebe said that "The nearest thing to a royal family that has ever appeared on the American scene was the Vanderbilts ... their vendettas, their armies of servitors, partisans and sycophants, their love affairs, scandals, and shortcomings, all were the stuff of an imperial routine." Stasz reveals new facts and insights into the fascinating lives of three generations of Vanderbilt women who dominated New York society from the middle of the ...


The Reluctant King: The Life and Reign of George VI, 1895-1952
Sarah Bradford

St Martins Pr, 1990


The Seventh Scroll
Wilbur A. Smith

St Martins Pr, 1995

The discovery of the Seventh Scroll, an ancient papyrus written by Taita--hero of River God --and containing the secret to the Pharaoh's hidden tomb and its wealth, unleashes a deadly race to find the secret treasure. $250,000 ad/promo.


The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People
John Loftus, Mark Aarons

St Martins Pr, 1994

An explosive story, suppressed for years, about Western espionage against the Jews in Israel from the 1930s to the present. "Loftus and Aarons make a most convincing case in The Secret War Against the Jews that one-third of modern history is classified".--Peter Wright, author of Spycatcher. 16-page photo insert.


Search the Dark (Inspector Ian Rutledge Novels)
Charles Todd

St Martins Pr, 1999

In his extraordinary mysteries Charles Todd transcends the boundaries of the form to bring us works built on the basic premise of any good fiction--to show and reflect on the myriad facets of the human condition. Search the Dark , the latest in his post-World War I series featuring Inspector Ian Rutledge, sends the war-damaged detective to a small Dorset town to locate two missing children. The body of a woman, assumed to be their mother, has ...


The Climb: Tragic Ambitions on Everest
Anatoli Boukreev, G. Weston Dewalt

St Martins Pr, 1997

In May 1996, two commercial expedition groups attempted to ascend Mount Everest. Each group contained world class climbers and relative novices, some of whom had paid tens of thousands of pounds for the climb. But as the climbers neared the summit, they were overtaken by intense snow and wind, and found their crucial oxygen supplies depleted. Five of them died, including the expeditions' two charismatic leaders. Anatoli Boukreev emerged as the ...


The Hairstons: An American Family in Black and White
Henry Wiencek

St Martins Pr, 1999

The Hairstons are extraordinary families, both black and white, who share a complex and compelling history that embodies the legacy of slavery and shows how that legacy has passed into our own time. Opening at the remote North Carolina plantation of Cooleemee, The Hairstons reads like a gothic tale filled with vexing mysteries. In an attempt to resolve those mysteries, Henry Wiencek crisscrossed the old plantation country in Virginia, North ...


Elsa Lanchester, Herself
Elsa Lanchester

St Martins Pr, 1983

Being known as "The Bride of Frankenstein" is an unusual form of fame, but for Elsa Lanchester the unusual came naturally. Born to radical socialist parents who made civil disobedience a way of life, Elsa attended a Summerhill-like all-boys school and later "studied" in Paris with Isadora Duncan. She returned to London at age thirteen to dance and give lessons in the new style. At seventeen, she opened her own theater. The Cave of Harmony, which ...



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