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Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful : Experience the Natural Power of Pregnancy and Birth with Kundalini Yoga and ...
Cindy Crawford, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

St Martins Pr, 2004

From internationally renowned yoga teacher Gurmukh comes a book on pregnancy unlike any other. Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful is a treasury of wisdom, information, and inspiration for pregnancy and motherhood based on the spiritual and physical practices of Kundalini yoga, which Gurmukh has taught for the last thirty years. With illustrated, step-by-step instructions, she teaches time-tested techniques, meditations, and exercises that will ...


The Cowboy and His Elephant: The Story of a Remarkable Friendship
Malcolm MacPherson

St Martins Pr, 2002

In the late 1980s, a female baby elephant was born on the plains of Southern Africa. In a "cull," her family was slaughtered. Only the newborn female's life was spared. Terrified and bewildered the young elephant was transported to America to be sold. Bob Norris is a cowboy with an enormous empathy for animals. Handsome as a movie star, he was the Marlboro Man, with his face appearing on billboards around the world. But something was missing. ...


Before She Dies
Steven F. Havill

St Martins Pr, 1996

Investigating a shooting that takes the life of a Posadas County deputy and wounds a young reporter, New Mexico Undersheriff Bill Gastner and his chief of detectives Estelle Reyes-Guzman have trouble finding clues.


Tisha: The Story of a Young Teacher in the Alaska Wilderness
Robert Specht, Anne Purdy

St Martins Pr, 1976

The author tells the story as told to him of Anne Hobbs, a woman who went to Alaska in the 1920's to teach, but who had trouble due to her kindness to the Indians there.


Heart of the Falcon
Francis Ray

St Martins Pr 2010-11-30, 2010

Madeline Taggert shares a single night of passion with her brother's best friend, millionaire Daniel Falcon, but he walks away, leaving her upset and confused, until he realizes that he cannot resist the desire between them and must win her love. Title: Heart of the Falcon Author: Ray, Francis Publisher: St Martins Pr Publication Date: 2010/11/30 Number of Pages: 286 Binding Type: PAPERBACK Library of Congress: bl2010033256



St Martins Pr (a), 1995

In the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee in 1912, 19-year-old Christy forsakes hercity life to teach poor children. 3 cassettes.


The Pity of It All: A Portrait of the German-Jewish Epoch, 1743-1933 The Pity of It All

St Martins Pr, 2003


The Darkness
L. A. Banks

St Martins Pr 2008-12-30, 2008

In the wake of their battle at Masada, the Neteru return to San Diego believing that they have eradicated the demon horde and Lilith's spawn, unaware that they are on the brink of Armageddon, the anti-Christ has been born, daywalkers Fallon Nuit and Sebas Title: The Darkness Author: Banks, L. A. Publisher: St Martins Pr Publication Date: 2008/12/30 Number of Pages: 340 Binding Type: PAPERBACK Library of Congress: bl2012028844


All on Fire: William Lloyd Garrison and the Abolition of Slavery
Henry Mayer

St Martins Pr, 1998

Wiliam Lloyd Garrison, the most significant abolitionist in American history, is brought to life in this extensively researched and exquisitely nuanced biography. Long denied his well-deserved acknowledgment, Garrison finally appears in all his thunderous and prophetic brilliance in this inspiring work that will be read for years to come.


The Dark Descent

St Martins Pr, 1987

In The Dark Descent , hailed as one of the most important anthologies ever to examine horror fiction, editor David G. Hartwell traces the complex history of horror in literature back to the earliest short stories. The Dark Descen t, which won the World Fantasy Award for Best Anthology, showcases the finest of these ever written--from the time-honored classics of Edgar Allan Poe, D.H. Lawrence, and Edith Wharton to the contemporary writing of ...


Deeply, Desperately
Heather Webber

St Martins Pr 2010-08-03, 2010

Using her gift of finding lost things, Lucy Valentine, in order to breathe new life into her family's Boston-based matchmaking company, finds lost loves until she gets involved in a murder investigation, which leads her straight into the arms of her hot f Title: Deeply, Desperately Author: Webber, Heather Publisher: St Martins Pr Publication Date: 2010/08/03 Number of Pages: 312 Binding Type: PAPERBACK Library of Congress: ...


Where the Wild Things Were

St Martins Pr, 2008


Cal 99 Death by Chocolate Calendar: The Last World on a Consuming Passion
Marcel Desaulniers

St Martins Pr (Cal), 1998

This collection of over 60 detailed recipes include a range of sauces, ice creams, cakes, sorbets and puddings. The author is the chef and co-owner of Trellis restaurant, and has selected these recipes as the finest of his repertoire. The recipes include chocolate caramel surprise with bourbon anglaise, double mocha madness and a white and dark chocolate dacquoise and are explained by the use of stage-by-stage instructions which assume no prior ...


Christopher Hinz

St Martins Pr, 1987

Two hundred years after a nuclear apocalypse forced humanity to flee earth, humans still remember the most feared warriors of that planet—-the Paratwa, genetically modified killers who occupy two bodies controlled by one vicious mind. The legendary Paratwa named Reemul, known as the Liege-Killer, was the strongest of them all. Now someone has revived Reemul from stasis and sent him to terrorize the peaceful orbital colonies of Earth. Is this ...


The Blue Bedroom and Other Stories
Rosamunde Pilcher

St Martins Pr, 1990


Intuitive Eating: A Recovery Book for the Chronic Dieter Rediscover the Pleasures of Eating and Rebuild Your ...
Evelyn Tribole, Elyse Resch

St Martins Pr, 1995

Shows chronic dieters how to restore their intuition about how much food their body needs, how to rediscover the delights of food, how to lose weight naturally, and how to discover their natural weight. Tour.


Homemade Love
J. California Cooper

St Martins Pr, 1986

Awed, bedevilled, and bemused, all Cooper's characters are borne up by the sheer power of life itself in these wise and exhilarating stories from Cooper's newest book.



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