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The Reluctant King: The Life and Reign of George VI, 1895-1952
Sarah Bradford

St Martins Pr, 1990


The Seventh Scroll
Wilbur A. Smith

St Martins Pr, 1995

The discovery of the Seventh Scroll, an ancient papyrus written by Taita--hero of River God --and containing the secret to the Pharaoh's hidden tomb and its wealth, unleashes a deadly race to find the secret treasure. $250,000 ad/promo.


And the Band Played on: Politics, People, And the AIDS Epidemic
Randy Shilts

St Martins Pr, 1987

Upon it's first publication twenty years ago, And The Band Played on was quickly recognized as a masterpiece of investigatve reporting. An international bestseller, a nominee for the National Book Critics Circle Award, and made into a critically acclaimed movie, Shilts' expose revealed why AIDS was allowed to spread unchecked during the early 80's while the most trusted institutions ignored or denied the threat.  One of the few true ...


Man After Man: An Anthropology of the Future
Dougal Dixon

St Martins Pr, 1990

Fine; Dust Jacket - Very Good; New York: St. Martin's Press, 1990. First Edition and First Printing, both stated. Illustrations by Philip Hood. Foreword by Brian Aldiss. Quarto, illustrated jacket, gray boards with gilt spine imprinting, 128 pp. Fine Book in an unclipped jacket which would be fine but for a one notable closed tear at bottom right (see scan; zoom on the scan to see the closed tear). Another of Dixon's absorbing speculative ...


P. C. Cast, Kristin Cast

St Martins Pr, 2014

In the final electrifying novel in the HoN series, Neferet has finally made herself known to mortals. A Dark Goddess is loose on Tulsa and the world. No single vampyre is strong enough to vanquish her - unless that creature has the power to summon the elements as well as the ability to wield Old Magick. Only Zoey Redbird is heir to such power...but because of the consequences of using Old Magick, she is unable to help. Find out who will win ...


Isak Dinesen: The Life of a Storyteller
Judith Thurman

St Martins Pr, 1982

  Winner of the National Book Award   A brilliant literary portrait, Isak Dinesen remains the only comprehensive biography of one of the greatest storytellers of our time. Her magnificent memoir, Out of Africa, established Isak Dinesen as a major twentieth-century author, who was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize.   With exceptional grace, Judith Thurman's classic work explores Dinesen's life. Until the appearance of this book, the ...


By Way of Deception : The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer
Victor Ostrovsky, Claire Hoy

St Martins Pr, 1990

The # 1 New York Times best seller the Israeli foreign intelligence agency The Mossad tried to ban. The making of a Mossad officer is the true story of an officer in Israel's most secret agency. The first time the Mossad came calling, they wanted Victor Ostrovsky for their assassination unit, the kidon. He turned them down. The next time, he agreed to enter the grueling three-year training program to become a katsa, or intelligence case officer, ...


Where Troy Once Stood: The Mystery of Homer's Iliad & Odyssey Revealed
Iman Wilkens

St Martins Pr, 1991

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Golden Boy: The Untold Story of William Holden
Bob Thomas

St Martins Pr, 1983

When William Holden was found dead at sixty-three, all America mourned and wondered what had driven it's Golden Boy to the alcoholic binges that in the end cost him his life. Golden Boy is the story of William Holden's life, his loves, his films, his international adventures....and his valiant combat against his personal demons.


The Escape Factory: The Story of Mis-X, the Super-Secret U.S. Agency Behind World War II's Greatest Escapes
Lloyd R. Shoemaker

St Martins Pr, 1990

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The Perry Mason TV Show Book: The Complete Story of America's Favorite Television Lawyer, by Two of the ...
Brian Kelleher, Diana Merrill

St Martins Pr, 1987

Discusses the creation, production, characters, and 275 episodes of the mystery show featuring the popular fictitious lawyer.


Gideon's Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad
Gordon Thomas

St Martins Pr, 1999

Mossad. The word has a hundred different meanings: To some, Mossad is the precise--and at times lethal--instrument of Israel's will, a fiercely dedicated group of men and women who masterminded the abduction of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann and stole a MiG jet out from under the nose of the Iraqis. To others, Mossad is a fearsome intelligence organization, loyal only to those who can control it, a shadowy, ruthless cabal of spies who have ...


The Lingerie Book
Mitchel Grey

St Martins Pr, 1980

Since its release in 1980, The Lingerie Book has drawn thousands of captivated readers, both men and women, into the secret boudoirs of the 20th century. The book captures women's most intimate apparel, decade by decade, since 1900, and its photos show top models in authentic period lingerie. 90 photos.


The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People
John Loftus, Mark Aarons

St Martins Pr, 1994

An explosive story, suppressed for years, about Western espionage against the Jews in Israel from the 1930s to the present. "Loftus and Aarons make a most convincing case in The Secret War Against the Jews that one-third of modern history is classified".--Peter Wright, author of Spycatcher. 16-page photo insert.


Rotten No Irish No Blacks No Dogs
John Lydon, Kent Zimmerman

St Martins Pr, 1994

Johnny Rotten tells his own side of the Sex Pistols story and the era that spawned them, in a memoir that includes comments by Chrissie Hynde, Billy Idol, and others who were there during the punk revolution.


The I Ching or Book of Changes: A Guide to Life's Turning Points

St Martins Pr, 1992

format, this ancient Chinese oracle presents clear, comprehensive instructions on how to consult the work for all of life's decisions.


The Alphabet Effect: The Impact of the Phonetic Alphabet on the Development of Western Civilization
Robert K. Logan

St Martins Pr, 1987


Vincent Price: A Daughter's Biography
Victoria Price

St Martins Pr, 1999

Vincent Price is a true Hollywood legend, whose vast and distinguished career--as the voice of The Saint on the radio, in such unforgettable films as House of Wax and The Fly , and on the Broadway stage--spanned more than a half-century. In addition to being an icon of stage and screen large and small, Price was also an avid art collector, a gourmand, a dashing and relentless charmer, and a loving father. His daughter Victoria was born ...


On Gold Mountain: The 100-Year Odyssey of a Chinese-American Family
Lisa See

St Martins Pr, 1995

Documenting the history of her own Chinese-American family, a journalist shares the results of five years of research, including interviews with nearly one hundred Chinese and Caucasian relatives, in a story of acceptance and discrimination. 85,000 first printing. $85,000 ad/promo. Tour.



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