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The Reluctant King: The Life and Reign of George VI, 1895-1952
Sarah Bradford

St Martins Pr, 1990


Psychic Warrior: Inside the Cia's Stargate Program : The True Story of a Soldier's Espionage and Awakening
David Morehouse

St Martins Pr, 1996

An ex-army officer reveals his experiences working for the CIA as a psychic and his ultimate spiritual transformation and awakening that led him to expose the CIA's Stargate program and begin to work for peace. 75,000 first printing. Tour.


River God
Wilbur A. Smith

St Martins Pr, 1994

A sprawling recreation of the grandeur of ancient Egypt follows the fortunes of the clever and scheming eunuch Taita; the beautiful Lostris, a lord's daughter; and Tanus, an ambitious soldier. 150,000 first printing. $150,000 ad/promo.


The Other Mrs. Kennedy: Ethel Skakel Kennedy : An American Drama of Power, Privilege, and Politics
Jerry Oppenheimer

St Martins Pr, 1994

Based on hundreds of interviews and years of research, an intimate and revealing portrait of the Ethel Skakel Kennedy, the widow of Robert Kennedy, reveals a driven woman with a tragic family history and with great political influence. 100,000 first printing. $150,000 ad/promo.


Unanswered Cries: A True Story of Friends, Neighbors, and Murder in a Small Town
Thomas French

St Martins Pr, 1991

The fatal night On a warm Florida evening, Karen Gregory saw a familiar face at her door. What the beautiful young woman could not know was that she was staring into the eyes of her killer--a savage monster who would rape her, stab her to death, and leave her battered body on the floor outside the bedroom. The desperate search Detectives frantically sifting through the evidence were tormented by one disturbing question after another: What did ...


Shadow of the Moon
M. M. Kaye

St Martins Pr, 1979

M.M. Kaye, author of "The Far Pavilions", sweeps her readers back to the vast, glittering, sunbaked continent of India. "Shadow of the Moon" is the story of Winter de Ballesteros, a beautiful English heiress who has come to India to be married. It is also the tale of Captain Alex Randall, her escort and protector, who knows that Winter's husband to be has become a debauched wreck of a man. When India bursts into flaming hatreds and bitter ...


And the Band Played on: Politics, People, And the AIDS Epidemic
Randy Shilts

St Martins Pr, 1987

Upon it's first publication twenty years ago, And The Band Played on was quickly recognized as a masterpiece of investigatve reporting. An international bestseller, a nominee for the National Book Critics Circle Award, and made into a critically acclaimed movie, Shilts' expose revealed why AIDS was allowed to spread unchecked during the early 80's while the most trusted institutions ignored or denied the threat.  One of the few true ...


The Climb: Tragic Ambitions on Everest
Anatoli Boukreev, G. Weston Dewalt

St Martins Pr, 1997

In May 1996, two commercial expedition groups attempted to ascend Mount Everest. Each group contained world class climbers and relative novices, some of whom had paid tens of thousands of pounds for the climb. But as the climbers neared the summit, they were overtaken by intense snow and wind, and found their crucial oxygen supplies depleted. Five of them died, including the expeditions' two charismatic leaders. Anatoli Boukreev emerged as the ...


By Way of Deception : The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer
Victor Ostrovsky, Claire Hoy

St Martins Pr, 1990

The # 1 New York Times best seller the Israeli foreign intelligence agency The Mossad tried to ban. The making of a Mossad officer is the true story of an officer in Israel's most secret agency. The first time the Mossad came calling, they wanted Victor Ostrovsky for their assassination unit, the kidon. He turned them down. The next time, he agreed to enter the grueling three-year training program to become a katsa, or intelligence case officer, ...


Isak Dinesen: The Life of a Storyteller
Judith Thurman

St Martins Pr, 1982

  Winner of the National Book Award   A brilliant literary portrait, Isak Dinesen remains the only comprehensive biography of one of the greatest storytellers of our time. Her magnificent memoir, Out of Africa, established Isak Dinesen as a major twentieth-century author, who was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize.   With exceptional grace, Judith Thurman's classic work explores Dinesen's life. Until the appearance of this book, the ...


Trade Wind
M. M. Kaye

St Martins Pr, 1981

The story takes place 100 years ago in Zanzibar, "Isle of Cloves", which was the last and greatest centre of the slave trade. Hero Hollis, niece of the American consul in Zanzibar, a passionate opponent of slavery is involved in a revolt that sweeps the island and, later, the outbreak of cholera.


Olivia and Jai
Rebecca Ryman

St Martins Pr, 1990

A first novel set in mid-19th-century colonial Calcutta, by an author who was born and lives in India. It tells of a tormented romance between a spirited young Englishwoman and a mysterious, ruthless half-caste, the bastard son of an unknown Englishman and an Indian girl from the hills.


Blossom Comes Home
James Herriot

St Martins Pr, 1988

Herriot tells another timeless story of the friendship between man and animal. Making his veterinary rounds, he meets Farmer Dakin and his old cow, Blossom. Blossom is about to be sent away to market, but the cow has a surprise in store for everyone. Her reunion with Farmer Dakin is sure to warm the heart of every reader. Full-color illustrations.


The Packer Way : Nine Stepping Stones to Building a Winning Organization
Ron Wolf, Paul Attner, ...

St Martins Pr, 1998

This instructive and inspiring book, written by the man who built the Green Bay Packers into champions, tells businesspeople how to get to the top by implementing the nine core principles that he used as executive vice president and general manager of the team.


The Invention of Religion: Reason, Identity and the Colonialist
Craig A. Phillips

St Martins Pr, 2014

This volume is an unprecedented work in that it examines the complicity of colonialist discourses with the discourses of religion. It investigates the ways in which the construction of 'religion' by the British functioned within a variety of colonialist discourses, and how it might continue to function as a colonialist discourse now.


Linda Goodman's Star Signs
Linda Goodman

St Martins Pr, 1987

The Master Astrologer's Classic Spiritual and Physical Self-Help Guide She has helped millions improve their lives, loves, and businesses through her bestselling books, Sun Signs and Love Signs. Here, in her most personal book yet, Linda Goodman, America's premier astrologer, has written an enlightening and remarkably accurate cuide to help you discover all the powers you possess. How can you achieve financial freedom and financial security? ...


Beekeeper's Apprentice (Mary Russell Mystery)
Laurie R. King

St Martins Pr (a), 2014

In 1915, long since retired from his observations of criminal humanity, Sherlock Holmes is engaged in a reclusive study of honeybee behavior on the Sussex Downs. Never did he think to meet an intellect to match his own–until his acquaintance with Miss Mary Russell, a very modern fifteen-year-old whose mental acuity is equaled only by her audacity, tenacity, and penchant for trousers and cloth caps. Under Holmes’s tutelage, Russell hones ...


Building a Champion: On Football and the Making of the 49Ers
Bill Walsh

St Martins Pr, 1990

Football's most innovative and successful coarch reveals the philosophy and tactics that shaped the teams of the decade, the San Francisco 49ers. Walsh shares for thefirst time his unique insights into building a dynasty and reveals how he learned from his mistakes as well as his many successes in route to Super Bowl victories and a consistent winning legacy. 16 pages of photographs.


Vincent Price: A Daughter's Biography
Victoria Price

St Martins Pr, 1999

Vincent Price is a true Hollywood legend, whose vast and distinguished career--as the voice of The Saint on the radio, in such unforgettable films as House of Wax and The Fly , and on the Broadway stage--spanned more than a half-century. In addition to being an icon of stage and screen large and small, Price was also an avid art collector, a gourmand, a dashing and relentless charmer, and a loving father. His daughter Victoria was born ...


King of Comedy: The Life and Art of Jerry Lewis
Shawn Levy

St Martins Pr, 1997

A provocative portrait of one of America's most influential comedians analyzes the complex, sometimes disturbing world of Jerry Lewis, from his rise to fame and philanthropic work to the dark side of his career and personal life. 60,000 first printing. $60,000 ad/promo.



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