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Native Trees of the Southeast: An Identification Guide
Claud L. Brown, L. Katherine Kirkman, ...

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2007

The diversity of woody plants in the Southeast is unparalleled in North America. Native Trees of the Southeast is a practical, compact field guide for the identification of the more than 225 trees native to the region, from the Carolinas and eastern Tennessee south through Georgia into northern Florida and west through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas into eastern Texas. For confident identification, nearly 600 photographs, close to ...


Seedheads in the Garden
Noël Kingsbury

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2006

Seedheads bring impact to late summer borders and linger to provide interest well into autumn and winter. They look dramatic set against a backdrop of fading flowers, associate well with grasses and native plants, and are key components of the naturalistic garden in which every phase of a plant is enjoyed from first shoot to final decay. After providing historical context, Noël Kingsbury explains how plants reproduce and participate in the ...


Hardy Rhododendron Species: A Guide to Identification
J. Cullen

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2005

For the enthusiastic amateur or experienced rhododendron grower, this landmark reference provides the keys to the accurate identification of the nearly 300 rhododendron species widely in cultivation. An extensive introduction places the work in context as it examines the history of Rhododendron classification and gives a full survey of plant structures throughout the many species. Species are listed in systematic order, so that similar species ...


Pocket Guide to Ornamental Grasses (Timber Press Pocket Guides)
Rick Darke

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2004

An accessible and comprehensive reference to the wide range of striking grasses available to gardeners, this pocket guide features an assortment of plants with varied textures, forms, sizes, and flowering times. In a handy, compact format, new varieties are presented, as well as plant descriptions and cultivation information. More than 500 species and cultivars are covered, illustrated with over 300 color photographs.


Dirr's Hardy Trees and Shrubs: An Illustrated Encyclopedia
Michael A. Dirr

Timber Press, Incorporated, 1997

This bestselling encyclopedia, illustrated with brilliant photographs, describes the best woody plants adapted to cooler climates, showing both habit and details of more than 500 species, and including some 700 additional cultivars and varieties. Brief cultural information is supplied for each plant, as well as Dirr's perceptive comments and opinions.


Timber Press Pocket Guide to Japanese Maples (Timber Press Pocket Guides)
J. D. Vertrees

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2007

The Timber Press Pocket Guide to Japanese Maples describes and illustrates 300 of the most widely available Japanese maples in North America and Europe. Along with basic information on cultivation and maintenance, it provides lists of trees for specific landscape uses, enabling gardeners to select the best trees for various garden conditions. Fifty newer cultivars are presented, including four outstanding trees that are expected to become very ...


The Encyclopedia of Grasses for Livable Landscapes
Rick Darke

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2007

In this new book noted grass expert and advocate Rick Darke addresses both the aesthetic qualities of grasses in private gardens and the opportunities and challenges of using them in wild and constructed public landscapes. All the true grasses, sedges, rushes, restios, and cattails that possess ornamental merit or that can contribute to ecological plantings are described, and practical matters of propagation, growth, and maintenance are also ...


Designing with Succulents
Debra Lee Baldwin

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2007

Succulent plants offer dazzling possibilities for garden design and require only minimal maintenance to remain lush and alluring year round. Featuring the work of more than 50 professional garden designers and creative homeowners, this complete design compendium is as practical as it is inspirational. Lavishly illustrated with over 300 photographs, it gives design and cultivation basics for paths, borders, slopes, and containers; hundreds of ...


Frederick W. Case, Roberta B. Case

Timber Press, Incorporated, 1997

Both field guide and gardener's handbook, this book covers all 45 species of trilliums worldwide. The authors trekked all over North America to photograph the 38 American species in the wild.


The Well-Tended Perennial Garden: Planting & Pruning Techniques
Tracy DiSabato-Aust

Timber Press, Incorporated, 1998

Timber Press's all-time bestseller! Tracy DiSabato-Aust has devoted years of study to creating showplace gardens with minimal maintenance. Her methods of pruning and shaping perennials, thoroughly explained and illustrated here, produce more flowers, encourage lush new growth, discourage pests, stagger bloom times, and maintain vigorous health. Readers have given us rave reviews of this book since publication.


Pots in the Garden: Expert Design and Planting
Ray Rogers

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2007

No longer a technique just for apartment dwellers or novice gardeners, the use of ornamental containers on decks, patios, terraces, and in the garden itself can save time, space, and money, while offering experienced home gardeners unique creative challenges, site flexibility, and experimental fun. Author and award-winning horticulturist Ray Rogers takes you on an engaging exploration into basic design principles as well as how to create focal ...


Miniature Orchids
Steven A. Frowine

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2007

Some of the most intriguing orchids are those classified as miniatures - plants that range from just an inch or two in height to a maximum of 12 inches. Steven Frowine profiles more than 300 of these gems, including representatives of some of the most popular genera. Entries include information on the plant's geographic or hybrid origin; details about the flowers; bloom season; mature size and habit; ease of culture; light and temperature ...


Carnivorous Plants of the United States and Canada
Donald E. Schnell

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2002

In this greatly expanded and revised edition of his classic treatment, Donald Schnell examines in detail the 45 species and numerous hybrids of carnivorous plants that grow in the U.S. and Canada. Information on each species includes an identifying description, the preferred habitat, the range in which it can be found, and the season for flowering and trapping, making this book a useful field guide as well as a fascinating source of leisure ...


Insects and Gardens: In Pursuit of a Garden Ecology
Eric Grissell

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2001

Professional entomologist and amateur gardener Eric Grissell suggests that it might be time to declare a truce with the insects in our lives. With a sound basis in science and a practical grounding in gardening experience, Grissell introduces the reader to the role of insects in garden ecology. His insightful account of insect biology is supported by gorgeous photographs, which reveal a captivating beauty and illustrate the vital interdependence ...


Vandas: Their Botany, History and Culture
Martin R. Motes

Timber Press, Incorporated, 1997

Now available in paperback! Modern vandas are among the more spectacular cultivated orchids, offering a dramatic range of colors as well as long-lasting, frequent-blooming flowers. Drawing on 40 years of practical experience, the author offers a comprehensive horticultural treatment that includes the botany, breeding, and cultivation of vandas. More than 100 beautiful color photographs augment the work. Addressing the concerns of amateur ...


In Search of Ancient Oregon: A Geological and Natural History
Ellen Morris Bishop

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2003

Geology is an extremely visual subject, and In Search of Ancient Oregon is a beautifully photographed, expertly written account of Oregon's fascinating geological story. Written by a passionate and professional geologist who has spent countless hours in the field exploring and photographing the state, In Search of Ancient Oregon is a book for all those interested in Oregon's landscapes and environments. It presents fine-art-quality color ...


Pocket Guide to Shade Perennials (Timber Press Pocket Guides)
W. George Schmid

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2004

Rich with descriptions and illustrations of more than 1000 readily available species and cultivars that will enliven and thrive in your shade garden. The easy-to-read format, illustrated with more than 300 photographs, makes this the perfect handy reference. You will find definitions of shade intensities; information about plant cultivation, maintenance, and pests and diseases; as well as lists of plants for specific landscape uses. Also ...


The Natural History of Medicinal Plants
Judith Sumner

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2000

Wild and cultivated plants have provided humans with cures for thousands of years. Aspirin, for example, the most widely used drug in the Western pharmacopoeia, was first isolated from willows to treat fever, pain, and inflammation. Writing for the lay reader, the author surveys the history of the use of plants in medicine, the range of chemicals produced by plants, and the prospects for future discoveries.


The Well-Designed Mixed Garden: Building Beds and Borders with Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Annuals, and Bulbs
Tracy Disabato-Aust, Martin Knapp, ...

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2003

The Well-Designed Mixed Garden is a design book with a difference. Written for gardeners who are passionate about plants of all kinds (hence the "mixed garden" of the title), it reflects decades of professional experience and artistic innovation. As with her bestselling book The Well-Tended Perennial Garden, master designer and plantswoman Tracy DiSabato-Aust provides not only inspiration but also scrupulously organized information on design and ...


Variegated Plants: The Encyclopedia of Patterned Foliage
Susan Conder

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2001

Previously available in hardcover, but long out of print, this book describes nearly 700 variegated plants, including annuals, perennials, grasses, climbers, and trees and shrubs. Every entry includes a useful quick-reference table with details of botanical family, height, spread, flowering time, and minimum temperatures. Photographer Andrew Lawson shows beautifully the marbling, veining, and contrasting edges for which these plants are coveted.



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