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Irises: A Gardener's Encyclopedia
Claire Austin

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2005

The most comprehensive and up-to-date encyclopedia of irises available. Irises are beloved by enthusiasts who garden in a wide variety of zones, including hot and dry, temperate, and even cold northern climates. Irises bloom in every imaginable color-revealed here in more than 1100 captivating photographs-from deepest purples, blues, and reds through strong pinks, yellows, and oranges to pastels in every shade. This wide-ranging collection ...


Dendrobium and Its Relatives
Bill Lavarack, Wayne Harris

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2006

Dendrobium, popular for its beauty and diversity, is an enormous orchid genus of more than 1000 species native to south Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and the islands of Oceania. This study by three plant scientists, also active orchid growers, presents more than 400 of the species, all illustrated with color photographs. Almost all the horticulturally popular species are included, along with some lesser-known but spectacular species recently ...


Teaming with Microbes: A Gardener's Guide to the Soil Food Web
Jeff Lowenfels, Wayne Lewis

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2006

Smart gardeners know that soil is anything but an inert substance. Healthy soil is teeming with life-not just earthworms and insects, but a staggering multitude of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms. When we use chemical fertilizers, we injure the microbial life that sustains healthy plants, and thus become increasingly dependent on an arsenal of artificial substances, many of them toxic to humans as well as other forms of life. But there ...


The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Trees
John White, David F. More

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2005

This book is the result of 10 years of on-site, meticulous painting of individual living trees as well as their detailed parts. David More, a supremely gifted botanical artist, has contributed 330 more illustrations than the 2000 contained in the first edition. The main section of the book is devoted to almost 400 double-page spreads, which describe and illustrate more than 1800 species and cultivars of trees. The trees illustrated were ...


Hardy Bamboos: Taming the Dragon
Paul Whittaker

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2005

Bamboos are extraordinary in their ability to transform a garden, adapt to inhospitable surroundings, survive with little care and, most of all, surprise and delight the people who view them. Too long the exclusive pleasure of those with tropical and subtropical gardens, this hand-picked selection allows gardeners in cooler climes to experience the wonder and infinite variety of these magical plants. Besieged by winter wet, summer drought and ...


Merry Hall (Beverley Nichols Trilogy Book 1)
Beverley Nichols

Timber Press, Incorporated, 1998

First in a trilogy, Merry Hall is the account of the restoration of a house and garden in post-war England. Though Mr. Nichols's horticultural undertaking is serious, his writing is high-spirited, riotously funny, and, at times, deliciously malicious.


Garden Gallery: The Plants, Art, and Hardscape of Little and Lewis
George Little, David Lewis

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2005

Celebrated internationally as artists and gardeners, Little and Lewis open the gates to their renowned Puget Sound garden and share their personal wisdom for what informs and inspires their wild fantasia of plants, hardscape, and art. Water features, oversized and broadleaved plants, expansive use of color, zone-pushing tropicals, architectural emphasis, and elements of classicism and mystery-all combine to create a magical space. The authors ...


Restoring American Gardens: An Encyclopedia of Heirloom Ornamental Plants, 1640-1940
Denise Wiles Adams

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2004

Today's gardeners have more plants and design ideas to choose from than ever before. But is there something missing in their gardens if they ignore their ties to the past? Denise Wiles Adams has written a remarkable book of history and horticulture that documents the changing plant palette of American gardens. From the colonial era to the pre-World War II period, no region of the country is neglected and no major plant group unrepresented. From ...


The Classic Cattleyas
Arthur E. Chadwick

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2006

In 1818, William Cattley succeeded in flowering one of the first species of the genus that would bear his name. These first cattleyas are the classic cattleyas, whose form defined the essence of tropical orchids for generations to come. Indeed, the color of their flowers became known as "orchid." In this helpful and informative book, each classic Cattleya species is described in fascinating detail, and its role in breeding programs is ...


Flora's Orchids

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2005

From the producers of the bestselling Flora (Timber Press, 2003) comes the definitive reference for orchid enthusiasts, with more than 1500 orchids described in detail. Genus entries give information on natural distribution, characteristics, and cultivation; species coverage includes a description and symbols indicating the type of plant-whether terrestrial, lithophyte, or epiphyte-average height and spread, and temperature and light ...


Insects and Gardens: In Pursuit of a Garden Ecology
Eric Grissell

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2001

Professional entomologist and amateur gardener Eric Grissell suggests that it might be time to declare a truce with the insects in our lives. With a sound basis in science and a practical grounding in gardening experience, Grissell introduces the reader to the role of insects in garden ecology. His insightful account of insect biology is supported by gorgeous photographs, which reveal a captivating beauty and illustrate the vital interdependence ...


The Encyclopedia of Grasses for Livable Landscapes
Rick Darke

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2007

In this new book noted grass expert and advocate Rick Darke addresses both the aesthetic qualities of grasses in private gardens and the opportunities and challenges of using them in wild and constructed public landscapes. All the true grasses, sedges, rushes, restios, and cattails that possess ornamental merit or that can contribute to ecological plantings are described, and practical matters of propagation, growth, and maintenance are also ...


Garden Bulbs for the South
Scott Ogden

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2007

There are hundreds of choice bulbs that revel in southern warmth and humidity, and Scott Ogden profiles the best of them in this fascinating, comprehensive volume. In a series of chapters that takes us through the gardening year, Ogden introduces the plants that help to give southern gardens their distinct regional flavor, many with charmingly descriptive names: rain lilies, oxblood lilies, jonquils, crinums, and scores of others. Weaving in ...


A Pattern Garden: The Essential Elements of Garden Making
Valerie Easton

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2007

A Pattern Garden gives us the tools for creating our own highly satisfying garden spaces. Easton identifies 14 garden patterns that she sees as fundamental to successful design and that will turn any landscape into a memorable and rewarding retreat. This book will help you identify what pleases you, and why, and provide inspiration and direction in the planting and layout of your own garden. Discussions of essential patterns, such as the ...


The Color Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses: Sedges, Rushes, Restios, Cat-Tails and Selected Bamboos
Rick Darke

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2000

Timber Press is proud to announce a CD-ROM version of a distinguished horticultural reference: The Color Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses on CD-ROM. More than just an electronic version of Rick Darke's critically acclaimed Color Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses, the CD version includes nearly two dozen new plants and more than 200 striking color photos not found in the hardcover book. The Color Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses on CD-ROM is ...


Conifers: The Illustrated Encyclopedia (2 Volumes)
D. M. Van Gelderen, J. R. P. Van Hoey Smith

Timber Press, Incorporated, 1996

This magnificent pictorial encyclopedia includes not only the latest cultivars but also rarities such as Wollemia nobilis, recently discovered in Australia. From towering redwoods photographed in their coastal habitat to recent dwarf varieties so popular in small gardens, conifers are presented in all their astonishing diversity.


The Encyclopedia of Dahlias
Bill McClaren

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2004

Known for their bright colors and dramatic forms, dahlias are enjoying a surge of popularity in today's gardens. From "pompons" to "waterlilies" few flowers can boast such a variety of choices for every garden and gardener. In this delightful and profusely illustrated encyclopedia, noted hybridizer and nurseryman Bill McClaren provides an authoritative account of garden-worthy dahlias for every garden design. Nearly 700 selections are included, ...


Time-Tested Plants: Thirty Years in a Four-Season Garden
Pamela J. Harper

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2005

In this remarkable book, Pamela Harper takes us on a walk through 30 years of gardening, focusing her attentions on those trees, shrubs, and perennials that have earned her trust and affection for a decade or more-plants that have stood the test of time. Over 250 color photographs of the author's garden are included.


Creative Flower Arranging: Floral Design for Home and Flower Show
Betty Belcher

Timber Press, Incorporated, 1993

This informative and encouraging book is written by an author with more than 35 years' experience. It explores flower arranging as an art form, with special emphasis on creativity and developing one's own style, while not neglecting functional uses such as table settings.



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