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Patristic Universalism: An Alternative to the Traditional View of Divine Judgment
David Burnfield

Universal Publishers, 2013

From the earliest days of the church, there have been three views on what happens to those who die without knowing Christ: damnation, annihilation, and restoration. Patristic Universalism presents scriptural, philosophical, and historical support for the restoration view and demonstrates why it was the model advocated by some of the earliest and greatest church fathers. Anyone disillusioned with the traditional view that one must get it right in ...


"Listen To Me, I Am Still Somebody": Understanding the Alzheimer's Disease Sufferer
Sandra M. Kehoe

Universal Publishers, 2007

Listen to Me, I Am Still Somebody introduces the Alzheimer's disease sufferer to their caregivers and the community at large. Alzheimer's disease is a devastating disease process, yet the reader will laugh and perhaps cry a little, but begin to understand. Although this is an incurable disease, the reader will be given hope and begin to heal. Family caregivers are not the only ones affected by Alzheimer's. The professional caregiver, medical ...


365 Days Of Coaching: Because Life Happens Every Day
Rachelle Disbennett-Lee

Universal Publishers, 2004

365 Days of Coaching is like having your own personal coach who visits daily and supports you in making changes in your life. Coach Lee provides support, motivation and encourgement in a fun and enthusing way.


Cathy's Candles: Rekindle and Old Craft, Create Candles by Reusing and Recycling
Catherine Basten

Universal Publishers, 2004

Candle making dates back to early America, and was created mainly as a necessity for light. Today we enjoy watching the flickering light from our candle, and are relaxed by the soothing aroma that fills the room. My desire to create candles began years ago when we had our cabin "Up North." Our neighbor raised bees, which consequently lead to my interest in the bee hive and all its natural contents. My task began by melting the pieces of bee ...


The Legacy of the Wisecrack: Stand-up Comedy as the Great American Literary Form

Universal-Publishers, Inc., 2011

Despite the claim of many a Borscht Belt comic that he is a practitioner of "the world's second-oldest professsion," stand-up comedy is a young and distinctly American literary form. It was not until the last decades of the nineteenth century when, enabled by unprecedented prosperity and the right to free expression, that monologists began appearing in American vaudeville halls. Yet even though it has since become an entertainment industry ...


Still Life in Crete
Anthony Cox

Universal Publishers, 2001


Dieting: A Dry Drunk
Becky Lu Jackson

Universal Publishers, 2001

This book is for people with eating problems, weight problems, dieting problems. It's for those who have experienced obsessive and compulsive attempts to control their weight and eating. This is a book about how's-not whys- how to identify it, how to arrest it, and how to be free from "needing" it.


Don's Nam
Franklin D. Rast, Leonard Martin, ...

Universal Publishers, 1999


Dying to Know.Info: The Comprehensive Guide to Legal Forms Including Wills, Funerals, Death Certificates, ...
Julian J. Blum

Universal Publishers, 2014

"The Comprehensive Guide to Kicking the Bucket including Legal Forms, Estate Planning, Wills, Funeral Arrangments, Death Certificates, Obituaries, Life Insurance, and Everything Else to Prepare Before You Go" In summary, the full title and subtitle should be: Dying To Know.Info: The Comprehensive Guide to Kicking the Bucket including Legal Forms, Estate Planning, Wills, Funeral Arrangments, Death Certificates, Obituaries, Life Insurance, and ...


Stories from the Infirmary

Universal Publishers, 1999

Book by


Oil Addiction: The World in Peril
Pierre Chomat

Universal Publishers, 2004

Totally addicted to oil, Man in his industrial adventure has transformed nearly all the Earth's ecosystems into "egosystems" designed to serve only his own needs and desires, at the expense of all other species. He persists despite the irreversible damage he is causing to the environment. He has already disrupted the Earth's thermostats. Western society has reached the "Age of Excess," which will last only as long as there is still fossil energy ...


Frank Pais: Architect of Cuba's Betrayed Revolution
Jose Alvarez

Universal Publishers, 2009

Even though Fidel Castro founded the "26 of July" movement, this book shows that the organizing throughout Cuba fell on the shoulders of an underground leader named Frank Pais, who was also responsible for the survival of the incipient guerrilla force led by Castro in the Sierra Maestra. Pais became not only the National Chief of Action-as portrayed in the official publications-but the top leader of the M-26-7's National Directorate. The ...


The Hohmann Transfer
Tom Sylvester

Universal Publishers, 1999

Sara Peal was a brilliant and charming electrical engineer, living comfortably in Southern California, until her professional and personal life suddenly crumbled. First, the satellite she helped design, part of an earth-sensing project called Natasha, failed to enter its proper orbit. A few days later her boss (and dearest friend) is dead, the result of an unexplained small plane crash. Now, she's the only one with enough technical knowledge to ...


CORPORATE WILDLIFE: The Certified Guide to Modern Office Humor
Thejendra Bs Sreenivas

Universal Publishers, 2003

Management and Business sections of all bookstores are usually filled with hundred and hundreds of serious business books. An employee of today's modern, high-pressure corporate life will find very few books written on the lighter and satirical side of things we normally (or abnormally) do in today's workplace. This book attempts to fill that gap, and is a book about HUMOR in Office & Corporate life. The contents of the book are totally ...


Forever for All: Moral Philosophy, Cryonics, and the Scientific Prospects for Immortality
R. Michael Perry

Universal Publishers, 2000

Book by Perry, R. Michael


Born in violence, bathed in blood
J. Linwood Jones

Universal Publishers, 1998

Born in Violence/Bathed in Blood is a collection of violent and historical events beginning when the Spaniards came to this continent and continuing for centuries. There are three short fictionalized stories interspersed within that typify events of the times. This book looks at the violence perpetrated against races of people who had no legal protection and who were totally helpless in a society that cared little to nothing about their well ...


The Third Kind of Midnight
Henry Raymond

Universal Publishers, 1999

Radio Talk Show Host Ace Bark is in for the ride of his life. And so are you. Maybe there has been a real, justifiable...reason...for the government to hide things... The Third Kind of Midnight is an exciting, and emotionally twisting, page-turner of a novel. It's a palpable "thought experiment" -- that goes far beyond ho-hum speculation about whether the government may have kept extra-terrestrial craft and reverse-engineered technology secret. ...


Sculpture Off the Pedestal: Monuments and Their Makers
Joan B. Altabae

Universal Publishers, 2010

Sculpture Off the Pedestal is a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process of 25 leading sculptors from the Renaissance to the present through their own words or those who knew them. Aiming to avoid dry-as-dust art histories, Sculpture Off the Pedestal puts old and modern master sculptors by the reader's side, emptying their heads about their work and their ways of thinking. The book is intended not only for the art student or art lover, but ...


Old Age is a Terminal Illness: How I learned to Age Gracefully and Conquer my Fear of Dying
Alma H. Bond

Universal Publishers, 2006

Dr. Alma Bond provides insight into one of the greatest challenges of life: conquering the fear of death. Using her own experiences with the deaths of loved ones, Dr. Bond constructed a "Death Journal" in a style similar to Sigmund Freud's "Interpretation of Dreams" in order to overcome her fear of death. As a published author, Dr. Bond's goal is to pass her experiences on to all those who need to conquer the same fear in order to live the rest ...



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