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Fundamental Concepts in Electrical and Computer Engineering with Practical Design Problems (Second Edition)
Reza Adhami, III Peter M. Meenen, ...

Universal Publishers, 2007

In many cases, the beginning engineering student is thrown into upper-level engineering courses without an adequate introduction to the basic material. This, at best, causes undue stress on the student as they feel unprepared when faced with unfamiliar material, and at worst, results in students dropping out of the program or changing majors when they discover that their chosen field of engineering is not what they thought it was. The purpose ...


Crown Molding & Trim: Install It Like a PRO!
Wayne Drake

Universal Publishers, 2012

This unique book (printed in full color) contains all the information needed to cut and install crown molding and trim. Cathedral/vaulted ceilings are rarely attempted because of the many diverse compound miter joints necessary. With our easy to follow 3-Step Method, written for the novice do-it-yourself person and the professional alike, you will be amazed how easy it is. This 141-page "Crown Molding & Trim" book contains over 400 color ...


Espanol Medico y Sociedad: Un Libro Para Estudiantes de Espanol En El Tercer Ano de Estudios
Alicia Giralt

Universal Publishers, 2012

This innovative textbook fulfills the needs of upper-division Spanish students who are pursuing degrees in the health professions, plan to become medical interpreters or just want to improve their proficiency in the language. It provides multiple opportunities to learn vocabulary related to the medical field, reviews hard-to-understand grammatical concepts, describes health-related cultural competence and presents opportunities to discuss issues ...


A Mother's Saga: An Account of the Rebel War in Sierra Leone
Kabba Karamoh

Universal Publishers, 2003

In March 1991, the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels waged a ruthless war on Sierra Leone, which was to last for a decade characterized by the worst forms of crimes against humanity. A single mother took a dreadful journey in a heroic effort to protect her terrified family from the trigger-happy and machete-swinging rebels across bloodbath diamond fields, intolerable savanna-grasslands, iniquitous rain forests and a petrified city in ...


Train the Brain to Hear: Brain Training Techniques to Treat Auditory Processing Disorders in Kids with ...
Jennifer L. Holland

Universal Publishers, 2011

Train the Brain to Hear was written by a parent and teacher for parents and teachers. The program utilizes brain training techniques specific to auditory learning to encourage development of the connection between the brain and the ears. The program also focuses on treating many of the symptoms of auditory processing disorders in children who have ADD/ADHD, low spectrum autism, hearing impairments and auditory processing disorders. One of the ...


Train the Brain to Hear: Understanding and Treating Auditory Processing Disorder, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, ...
Jennifer L. Holland

Universal Publishers, 2014

Train the Brain to Hear was written by a parent and teacher for parents and teachers. The book provides explanations of the learning disabilities dysgraphia, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyslexia and auditory processing disorder as well as the common areas that are affected by learning disabilities including short term memory, executive function and comprehension. The treatment program utilizes brain training and neuroplasticity techniques to ...


Caveman Chemistry: 28 Projects, from the Creation of Fire to the Production of Plastics
Kevin M. Dunn

Universal Publishers, 2003

Half a million years ago our ancestors learned to make fire from scratch. They crafted intricate tools from stone and brewed mind-altering elixirs from honey. Their descendants transformed clay into pottery, wool into clothing, and ashes into cleansers. In ceramic crucibles they won metal from rock, the metals lead to colored glazes and glass. Buildings of brick and mortar enshrined books of parchment and paper. Kings and queens demanded ever ...


Patristic Universalism: An Alternative to the Traditional View of Divine Judgment
David Burnfield

Universal Publishers, 2013

From the earliest days of the church, there have been three views on what happens to those who die without knowing Christ: damnation, annihilation, and restoration. Patristic Universalism presents scriptural, philosophical, and historical support for the restoration view and demonstrates why it was the model advocated by some of the earliest and greatest church fathers. Anyone disillusioned with the traditional view that one must get it right in ...


A Thematic Approach to French Cultural Studies: Love, Sex and Desire in French Literature and Cinema
Marie-Anne Visoi

Universal Publishers, 2011

A Thematic Approach to French Cultural Studies: Love, Sex and Desire in French Literature and Cinema introduces a selection of major literary texts and film adaptations to students at the intermediate college and university level. The goal of this book is to provide a theme-based approach for teaching French Cultural Studies by enabling undergraduate students to contextualise and to think conceptually about French culture and its place in the ...


Currents of Thought in African Sociology and the Global Community: How to Understand Research Findings in the ...
Joshua Adekunle Awosan

Universal Publishers, 2009

Currents of Thought in African Sociology and the Global Community focuses on research findings further enriched in the realm of the emergent, indigenous African sociology within a global context. An authentic guide, it has potential to expose readers to the intricacy of research in its various ramifications. Its uniqueness consists in casting, in an explanatory framework, what each of the subdisciplines of sociology is all about, while ...


The 8051/8052 Microcontroller: Architecture, Assembly Language, and Hardware Interfacing
Craig Steiner

Universal Publishers, 2005

This book was written with the novice or intermediate 8052 developer in mind. Assuming no prior knowledge of the 8052, it takes the reader step-by-step through the architecture including discussions and explanations of concepts such as internal RAM, external RAM, Special Function Registers (SFRs), addressing modes, timers, serial I/O, and interrupts. This is followed by an in-depth section on assembly language which explains each instruction in ...


The Plain Truth About Living in Mexico: The Expatriate's Guide to Moving, Retiring, or Just Hanging Out
Doug Bower, Cynthia M. Bower

Universal Publishers, 2005

Expatriates Doug and Cindi Bower have successfully expatriated to Mexico, learning through trial and error how to do it from the conception of the initial idea to driving up to their new home in another country. Now the potential expatriate can benefit from their more than three years of pre-expat research to their more than two years of actually living in Mexico. They explain: How to begin the process of deciding whether Mexico is for you. How ...


A High School First Course in Euclidean Plane Geometry
Charles H. Aboughantous

Universal Publishers, 2010

A High School First Course in Euclidean Plane Geometry is intended to be a first course in plane geometry at the high school level. Individuals who do not have a formal background in geometry can also benefit from studying the subject using this book. The content of the book is based on Euclid's five postulates of plane geometry and the most common theorems. It promotes the art and the skills of developing logical proofs. Most of the theorems ...


Dying to Know.Info: The Comprehensive Guide to Legal Forms Including Wills, Funerals, Death Certificates, ...
Julian J. Blum

Universal Publishers, 2014

"The Comprehensive Guide to Kicking the Bucket including Legal Forms, Estate Planning, Wills, Funeral Arrangments, Death Certificates, Obituaries, Life Insurance, and Everything Else to Prepare Before You Go" In summary, the full title and subtitle should be: Dying To Know.Info: The Comprehensive Guide to Kicking the Bucket including Legal Forms, Estate Planning, Wills, Funeral Arrangments, Death Certificates, Obituaries, Life Insurance, and ...


Barbie: The Icon, the Image, the Ideal: An Analytical Interpretation of the Barbie Doll in Popular Culture
Kristin Noelle Weissman

Universal Publishers, 1999

Book by Weissman, Kristin Noelle


Practical Shooting Scene Investigation: The Investigation & Reconstruction of Crime Scenes Involving Gunfire
Dean Garrison

Universal Publishers, 2003

A basic nuts and bolts guide to the on-scene investigation of shooting cases.


Gapology: How Winning Leaders Close Performance Gaps, 2nd Edition
Mark Thienes

Universal Publishers, 2013

For more than a decade, Mark Thienes has been documenting and analyzing the tactics and behaviors of winning leaders, comparing them to leaders who were not meeting expectations. In his research, Thienes found that all winning leaders shared a common thread. They consistently closed three distinct performance gaps in their teams: The Knowledge Gap The Importance Gap The Action Gap His discoveries and how you can bring them to life is now at your ...



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