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Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul: Stories of Life, Love and Learning
Jack Canfield

Vermilion, 1999

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul is your handbook for surviving and succeeding during the exciting teen years with both your sanity and sense of humour intact. It contains invaluable lessons on the nature of friendship and love, the importance of belief in the future and the value of respect for yourself and others. It also deals with tough issues like death, suicide and the loss of love. You'll relate to and learn from the inspirational ...


Kingdomality: A Unique Guide to Using Your Personality to Master the World Around You
Sheldon Bowles, Richard Silvano, ...

Vermilion, 2005

'By nature, by instinct, by personality, people react differently and use different techniques and ways of dealing with a situation. Success in the future will come to those who see people as unique individuals, with unique talents. Rather than just selecting people with the right skills, winning organizations will be those that also focus on selecting people with the skills who are also suited by temperament to complete the task successfully. ...


Autism Breakthrough: The ground-breaking method that has helped families all over the world



Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II: 101 More Stories of Life, Love and Learning. [Compiled By] Jack ...
Jack Canfield

Vermilion, 2007

The teen years are one of the most difficult periods of life; while at the same time one of the most fun. Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II is the handbook for all teenagers for surviving and succeeding during these exciting years. Teenagers will treasure this heart-warming collection of stories and find comfort in the advice they offer. These inspirational stories are infused with courage, hope and wisdom; they offer guidance, sustenance and ...


Happy Child, Happy Adult: The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness - A Five-Step Plan
Edward M. Hallowell

Vermilion, 2005

It's never been easy to raise children, and arguably it's even more difficult now. In this measured and humane book Dr Edward Hallowell offers a sensible strategy for raising happy children. In his plan he has two primary goals for children: 1) that they develop a sense of 'connection' with those around them and 2) the development of a sense of mastery over one or more areas of their lives. When parents guide their children towards these goals, ...


The House on Beartown Road: A Memoir of Learning and Forgetting
Elizabeth Cohen

Vermilion, 2004

'Daddy walks around, dropping pieces of language behind him, the baby following, picking them up. He asks for 'the liquid substance from the spigot'. She asks for 'wawa'. He wants a tissue to wipe his 'blowing device'. She says 'Wipe, Mummy' and points to her runny nose. The brain of my father and the brain of my daughter have crossed. On their ways to opposite sides of life, they have made an X-On his way out of life, Daddy has passed her the ...


Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul: Heartwarming Stories That Celebrate the Joys of Motherhood
Marci Shimoff, Jack Canfield, ...

Vermilion, 2007

These heartening short stories celebrate the defining moments of motherhood - from birth to letting go as your children leave the family home. Stories of courage, sacrifice, laughter and love will make you laugh and cry and will appeal to mothers of all ages - from the mother-to-be to the revered grandmother.


Juju Sundin's Birth Skills: Proven Pain-Management Techniques for Your Labour and Birth
Juju Sundin

Vermilion, 2008

The most anticipated part of pregnancy is giving birth; yet most pregnancy books devote only a chapter or two to this miraculous event and the physical discomfort that accompanies it. Uniquely, "Birth Skills" concentrates solely on helping you, and your partner, manage the pain of childbirth - from the first contraction, throughout the labour to the actual birth itself. Written by leading obstetric physiotherapist Juju Sundin, with Sarah Murdoch ...


To My Daughter, With Love : A Mother's Memory Book
Donna Green

Vermilion, 1993

Create a loving keepsake about the special relationship between mother and daughter. This beautiful book captures all the special moments of a daughter's life through her loving mother's eyes, from her first day of school to her wedding day, with sections devoted to: - "About Our Family" - "About Myself" - "About My Daughter" To My Daughter With Love helps mothers pass down and preserve the precious moments and family history they hope their ...


The Power of Ethical Management (Positive Business)
Norman Vincent Peale, Kenneth H. Blanchard

Vermilion, 2000


Diet Delusion
Gary Taubes

Vermilion, 2009

Where mainstream nutritional science has demonised dietary fat for 50 years, hundreds of millions of dollars of research have failed to prove that eating a low-fat diet will help you live longer. Nutrition and obesity scientists have struggled to make sense of the paradox that obesity has become an epidemic, that diabetes rates have soared and the incidence of heart disease has not declined despite the fact that society is more diet and health ...


Doors , The
Danny Sugerman

Vermilion, 1983


The Art of Leading Yourself: Tap the Power of Your Emotional Intelligence
Randi Noyes

Vermilion, 2003

'Like the tip of a great iceberg, the true significance of our emotional intelligence is only now being uncovered. "The Art of Leading Yourself" is a superb book that teaches you how to discover this powerful tool within and apply it personally, publicly and professionally.' - Stephen R. Covey. Intellect and technical know-how alone can't get you where you want to be, but combine them with the power of Emotional Intelligence and you become ...


To My Daughter, With Love
Donna Green, Margery Williams Bianco

Vermilion, 2000

Create a loving keepsake about the special relationship between mother and daughter. This bestselling volume captures all the special moments of a daughter’s life through her loving mother’s eyes, from her first day of school to her wedding day, with sections devoted to: - "About Our Family" - "About Myself" - About My Daughter" To My Daughter With Love helps mothers pass down and preserve the precious moments and family ...



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