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The Gospel of Buddha
Paul Carus

Watchmaker Publishing, 2011

An Unabridged, Unaltered Edition of "The Gospel of Buddha Compiled from Ancient Records," To Include Over Fifty Original Illustrations, Comprehensive Index, A Table of Reference (indicating the main sources of various chapters and points out the parallelisms with Western thought, especially in the Christian Gospels) followed by their abbreviations, Glossary of Names and Terms, Pronunciation Table, with Remarks from the Illustrator At Book's End.


Just David
Eleanor H. Porter

Watchmaker Publishing, 2010

An unabridged, fully illustrated edition of the Eleanor Porter's (1916) classic


A Modest Proposal
Jonathan Swift

Watchmaker Publishing, 2010

An unabridged edition of Swift's 18th century, satirical classic


The Swiss Chalet Book
William S. B. Dana

Watchmaker Publishing, 2009

An unabridged, digitally enlarged edition of the of the 1913 classic by William Dana


Lead The Charge To Business Success
Jay Hearst

Watchmaker Publishing, 2004

Jay bought into his first business at age 32, acquired the rest of it over three years, for a total of $75,000, ran it for 14 years, and sold it to two of his managers for $500,000. After taking a couple of years off from "real" business to guide horse trips in Colorado, he started another business "on his kitchen table." This venture was initially capitalized at $3,000. He and his partners sold it 19 years later, for $60 million. That’s ...


I Call It Heresy!
A. W. Tozer

Watchmaker Publishing, 2010

An Unabridged Edition Of 'Twelve Timely Themes From First Peter,' To Include: I Call It Heresy! (Obedience Taught Throughout Bible - In The Name Of "Individualism" - God Is the Sovereign - No Such Concept of Salvation - A World of Disobedience - A Serious Decision - Remember What the Bible Says) - The Bible Is Not Dead! - You Can Have The Trappings! - Never Apologize For God's Mercy! - Holiness Is Not An Option! - God Names Me His Beneficiary! - ...


Transforming the Global Biosphere
Elliott Maynard

Watchmaker Publishing, 2000

Includes our global water crisis, satellite monitoring of global forest cover, polluters can’t hide, marine foreign species introduction underground fires, a hidden cause of atmospheric pollution and global warming, fiber, not forests, paper from clay, paper from pond scum, world’s fastest-growing trees, the test-tube forest, plastic lumber, tropical rainforests: our precious resources, clear cutting the ocean floors, wasteful fishing ...


Henry David Thoreau

Watchmaker Publishing, 2010

An unabridged, illustrated edition with a foreword by Ralph Waldo Emerson, to include: Biographical Sketch - Natural History of Massachusetts - A Walk to Wachusett - The Landlord - A Winter Walk - The Succession of Forest Trees - Walking - Autumnal Tints - Wild Apples - Night and Moonlight


Above Life's Turmoil
James Allen

Watchmaker Publishing, 2011

An Unabridged, Unaltered Edition With A Foreword By The Author To Include The Following "20 Pieces": True Happiness - The Immortal Man - The Overcoming Of Self - The Uses Of Temptation - The Man Of Integrity - Discrimination - Belief, The Basis Of Action - Belief That Saves - Thought And Action - Your Mental Attitude - Sowing And Reaping - The Reign Of Law - The Supreme Justice - The Use Of Reason - Self-Discipline - Resolution - The Glorious ...


Out From The Heart
James Allen

Watchmaker Publishing, 2010

An Unabridged Edition to Include: The Heart and the Life - The Nature and Power of Mind - Formation of Habit - Doing and Knowing - First Steps In the Higher Life - Mental Conditions and Their Effects - Exhortation


Legends of a Sky Marshal
Jerrald Ozzie Worley

Watchmaker Publishing, 2012

This is a reprint of the 2003 publication which gives a first hand account of the first large scale air marshal program in the 1970's. This program was mandated by President Nixon to deal with the air piracy problem. It has been updated with a dedication to the current air marshal program in TSA and the 50th Anniversary of the first air marshal.


Messages Everywhere
Martha Ajango

Watchmaker Publishing, 2005

Often the events of each day have layered meanings. We see the obvious, but God beckons us to peek below the surface to discover messages waiting to be discovered there. These short stories are like modern parables that transform every day occurances into lessons that help us grow. The author shares her struggles and triumphs as a Christian learning to trust. The inspirations she uncovers will help deepen your faith.


The People of the Mist
H. Rider Haggard

Watchmaker Publishing, 2010

An Unabridged, Fully Illustrated Story of Barefaced, Flagrant Adventure, To Include Updated Typeface.


General Investigations Of Curved Surfaces - Unabridged
Carl Friedrich Gauss

Watchmaker Publishing, 2007

An Unabridged Printing Of The Morehead And Hiltebeitel Translation, With Bibliography And An Introduction By H. D. Thompson, Professor Of Mathematics, Princeton University -


As A Man Thinketh
James Allen

Watchmaker Publishing, 2010

An Unabridged Edition To Include: Thought and Character - Effect of Thought on Circumstances - Effect of Thought on Health and the Body - Thought and Purpose - The Thought-Factor in Achievement - Visions and Ideals - Serenity


The Upanishads
Swami Paramananda

Watchmaker Publishing, 2011

An Unabridged, Unaltered Printing of the Second Edition to Include All Parts of the Following Upanishads: Isa-Upanishad - Katha-Upanishad - Kena-Upanishad, Taken From the Original Sanskrit Text with Preface and Introduction.


Popular Tales from the Norse

Watchmaker Publishing, 2010

A Selection Of Tales, With Illustrations, To Include: True And Untrue - The Old Dame And Her Hen - East Of The Sun, And West Of The Moon - Boots Who Ate A Match With The Troll - Boots Who Made The Princess Say, 'That's A Story' - The Twelve Wild Ducks - The Giant Who Had No Heart In His Body - The Fox As Herdsman - The Cat On The Dovrefell - Princess On The Glass Hill - The Cock And Hen - How One Went Out To Woo - The Two Step-Sisters - ...


A Treatise On Probability - Unabridged
John Maynard Keynes

Watchmaker Publishing, 2007

An Unabridged Printing, With Bibliography And A Comprehensive Index. Chapters Include: The Meaning Of Probability - Probability In Relation To The Theory Of Knowledge - The Measurement Of Probabilities - The Principle Of Indifference - Other Methods Of Determining Probabilities - The Weight Of Arguments - Historical Retrospect - The Frequency Theory Of Probability - The Theory Of Groups, With Special Reference To Logical Consistence, Inference, ...


The Windy Hill
Cornelia Meigs

Watchmaker Publishing, 2010

An unabridged edition to include: The Beeman - The Seven Brothers of the Sun - John Massey's Landlord - The Garden Wall - The Ghost Ship - Janet's Adventure - The Portrait of Cicely - The Fiddler of Apple Tree Lane - A Man of Straw - Three Cousins - Medford River


Hermann Hesse

Watchmaker Publishing, 2013

An unabridged edition of Herman Hesse' 1922 classic -



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