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Everything Starts from Prayer: Mother Teresa's Meditations on Spiritual Life for People
Mother Teresa

White Cloud Press, 2000

At the Home for the Dying in Calcutta, Mother Teresa often cared for the residents as they approached the end. As she was ministering to one illness-ravaged man, a visitor overheard her whisper a few words to him. These few words embody some of Mother Teresa’s most wonderful wisdom. This is what she said: You say a prayer in your religion, and I will say a prayer as I know it. Together we will say this prayer and it will be something beautiful ...


Way of the Winding Path: A Map for the Labyrinth of Life
M.A. Eve Eschner Hogan

White Cloud Press, 2003

We spend lifetimes looking for our spiritual path as if it is something lost that we must find — we seek, rather than see that we are always on a spiritual journey. While we cannot step off the path, we can certainly get lost and disoriented. Way of the Winding Path offers simple, practical steps for experiencing life as a spiritual pilgrimage, and serves as a map guiding you to find your way with ease, grace, and clarity. Through ...


Gifts from the Enemy (The humanKIND Project)

White Cloud Press, 2014

Gifts from the Enemy is the powerful and moving story based on From a Name to a Number: A Holocaust Survivor's Autobiography by Alter Wiener, in which Alter recalls his loss of family at the hands of the Nazis and his internment in five prison camps during World War II. This picture book tells one moving episode during Alter's imprisonment, when an unexpected person demonstrates moral courage in repeated acts of kindness to young Alter during ...


The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga: The Philosophy and Practice of Yin Yoga

White Cloud Press, 2011

The Yin Yoga Book provides an in-depth look at the philosophy and practice of Yin Yoga. Clark's fascinating and comprehensive book is divided into three sections: (I) What is Yin Yoga; (II) The Benefits of Yin Yoga, including discussions of anatomy, the energy body, and the heart and mind body; (III) The Practice of Yin Yoga, including illustrated descriptions of 30 yin yoga asanas (poses). Yin Yoga has the same goals and objectives as any ...


Unfolding: Slow Down, Drop In, Dare More
Nancy Hill

White Cloud Press, 2013

Nancy Hill’s Unfolding is a book for anyone seeking deeper knowledge of self and soul, but it is especially a book for women 45 and older. This is often the most creative periods of a woman’s life. There are the questions to be answered: Will I continue to grow and thrive? Which of my talents and skills have I left undeveloped? Where do I find meaning in my life? Unfolding is the perfect resource for women longing to explore their ...


Embrace Your Inner Wild: 52 Reflections for an Eco-Centric World
Mary Reynolds Thompson

White Cloud Press, 2011

Embrace Your Inner Wild: 52 Reflections for an Eco-Centric World is a brilliant, full-color book of photographs and reflections that invite you to seek out wildness wherever you find it – within or without. Don Moseman’s spectacular photographs feature the wildlife and terrain of Marin County, California: the fiercely intelligent eyes of the coyote, the spiraling hawk in the supine sky, a bobcat prowling through golden grasses. These photos ...


Bringing Bubbe Home: A Memoir of Letting Go Through Love and Death
Debra Gordon Zaslow

White Cloud Press, 2014

Debra Zaslow was humming along on baby-boomer autopilot, immersed in her life as a professional storyteller, wife of a Rabbi, and mother of two teenagers when she felt compelled to bring her 103-year-old grandmother, Bubbe, who was dying alone in a nursing facility, home to live and die with her family. Zaslow had no idea if she would have the emotional stamina to midwife Bubbe to the other side. Bringing Bubbe Home is the story of their time ...


Reclaiming the Wild Soul: How Earth's Landscapes Restore Us to Wholeness

White Cloud Press, 2014

Reclaiming the Wild Soul takes us on a journey into Earth’s five great landscapes — deserts, forests, oceans and rivers, mountains, and grasslands — as aspects of our deeper, wilder selves. Where the inner and outer worlds meet we discover our own true nature mirrored in the Earth's wild beauty and fierce challenges. A powerful archetypal model for transformation, the “soulscapes” return us to a primal terrain rich in knowing, healing, ...


love letter to the milky way: a book of poems
Drew Dellinger

White Cloud Press, 2011

A small book of very big poems. Drew Dellinger's poetry reaches out to the far ends of the Milky Way and to the inner depths of the soul. His poetry and performances have captivated thousands across six continents. He is, in the words of Cornell West, "one of the most creative, courageous and prophetic poets of his generation." This power of his poetry is tied to his passion for ecological survival and social justice movements. The Rev. Osagyefo ...


Enduring Love: Inspiring Stories of Love and Wisdom at the End of Life (The humanKIND Project)

White Cloud Press, 2014

As a hospice nurse and photographer, Mary Landberg has the honor to witness and capture in photographs the unwavering expression of love that endures between people living with terminal illness and their loved ones. She has had the privilege of bringing her camera into a most sacred and vulnerable time in peoples lives. The great similarity in the dying process regardless of economic status, age, or any cause or place of death is the way ...


Uprisings for the Earth
Osprey Orielle Lake

White Cloud Press, 2010

Uprisings for the Earth delves into a new kinship with nature while acknowledging the treasures of urban life and the unique stake each person has in resolving critical and timely challenges. While avoiding doomsday scenarios, Lake offers a frank inquiry into a variety of causes leading to our current global peril while also providing a deep well of hope and profound insight. She weaves together history, ecology, culture, governance, women's ...


Demanding Dignity: Young Voices from the Front Lines of the Arab Revolutions (I SPEAK FOR MYSELF)

White Cloud Press, 2012

Demanding Dignity: Young Voices from the Arab Revolutions is a collection of essays written by today’s generation of Arab youth who have directly inspired and sparked a revolutionary spirit that toppled governments, unearthing the aftermath of decades of suppression in the Middle East and North Africa. Their voices are as varied as their individual stories, but their destinies are shared. They are the connected generation. Their personal ...


Secrets of the 7th Day: How Everyone Can Find Renewal Through the Wisdom and Practices of the Sabbath ...
Sara Schley

White Cloud Press, 2014

Life is hectic. Moms, dads, kids — all of us — are running at breakneck speed. We need to find ways to be renewed — as individuals, as families, and in our communities. Sara Schley, who runs at her own breakneck speed as wife and mother of twins while leading a successful company consulting to businesses on sustainability, has found soul-saving sanity and renewal through her family's observance of the Jewish Sabbath (Shabbat). Secrets of ...


America Needs a Buddhist President
Brett Bevel

White Cloud Press, 2004

In this bold poetic vision of America under the leadership of a Buddhist president, Brett Bevell’s prophetic voice and Eben Dodd’s simple but elegant line drawings proclaim a radical alternative American dream in the tradition of Buddhism-inspired writers Allen Ginsburg and Jack Kerouac.


The Vision
Kahlil Gibran

White Cloud Press, 1994

The Vision brings together Gibran's Arabic writings concerned with the spiritual life. In 24 meditations, essays, and prose poems, Gibran expounds his unique philosophy of life while discussing such perennial themes as Beauty, Nature, Hidden Realities, Human Unity, Tragedy, Pride, Death, and the Immortality of the Soul.


Five Pillars of Prosperity: Essentials of Faith-Based Wealth Building
M. Yaqub Mirza

White Cloud Press, 2014

Five Pillars of Prosperity: Essentials of Faith-Based Wealth Building by Dr. M. Yaqub Mirza provides readers with a balanced and sensible approach to financial planning and security. The book is unique in that it is written by a leading Muslim financial expert who draws on Islamic teachings while showing how these Islamic values are consistent with Jewish and Christian values. Though the primary audience may be American Muslims, anyone ...


The Bones and Breath: A Man's Guide to Eros, the Sacred Masculine, and the Wild Soul

White Cloud Press, 2014

In The Bones and Breath , Heartsong asserts that we each have an essential gift to bring to the world and through actively embodying the soul—primarily via the body and our expanded, physical senses—we undertake a profound, transpersonal journey; one that serves humanity and the Earth at a crucial phase of our collective evolution. Our life task is not to transcend the body but to become fully human by descending into the bones and breath, to ...


Ways in Mystery: Explorations in Mystical Awareness and Life
Luther Askeland

White Cloud Press, 1998

Ways in Mystery presents a rare occurrence in the field of religious publishing. In this boisterous field, few original voices are heard in our time. Luther Askeland’s first book is a signal event for, in these essays, we hear the voice of a modern prophet and the “way of unknowing” — a path to wisdom that is not easy to initiate, difficult to pursue, and returns, time and again, to the place of beginnings. Askeland receives the wisdom of ...


The Storm
Kahlil Gibran

White Cloud Press, 1993

The Storm brings together fourteen short stories and prose poems from Gibran's Arabic writings, which exhibit several characteristic Gibran themes: the injustice perpetrated by society against the poor, the weak, and the sincere; nature and its destruction by man; and the purity and innocence of young love and its perversion and destruction by society. John Walbridge's clear, sensitive, and fluent translation provides us with an inspired and ...



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