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Screams in the Desert: Hope and Humor for Women in Cross-Cultural Ministry

William Carey Library Publishers, 2007

Screams in the Desert is an invitation to participate in one woman s cross-cultural journey and the lessons she learns along the way. Sue Eenigenburg s poignant and humorous accounts of life overseas provide insight into issues that many women encounter in the mission field. Join Sue for trips to the zoo, bouts of illness, landmine fields, miscommunications, and other everyday experiences of life in a foreign country. Providing women with ...


City Reaching: On the Road to Community Transformation: 1st (First) Edition
Jack Dennison

Carey, William Library Publishers, 2003


Communicating Christ in the Buddhist World
Paul De Neui, David Lim

William Carey Library Publishers, 2006

You will find theological approaches as well as practical strategies for Evangelical Christians to use in the evangelization efforts among Buddhists. The first four chapters reflect on the theological framework by which Christians can fulfill the biblical mandate to evangelize and transform peoples. The next five chapters consider the significant sociological issues that have arisen in the Christian encounter with Buddhist peoples. And the last ...


Nexus: The World House Church Movement Reader

William Carey Library Publishers, 2007

Welcome to the Nexus, your point of connection to the world house church movement. Grassroots Christianity is exploding all over the world. Northern India sees 4,000 churches planted in just a decade. China witnesses 160,000 new believers baptized in a single year. Cuba's petrol crisis catalyzes the birth of almost 10,000 churches. What is happening in all these places? Saturation church planting through simple, inexpensive, participatory, ...


Integral Ministry Training: Design & Evaluation

William Carey Library Publishers, 2006

This manual is an invaluable resource for anyone from the global evangelical community who is involved with training people for ministry. As a textbook, it methodically presents a biblical and educational framework for whole person training and a context sensitive process to follow in its design, or in the evaluation of existing programs. Packed with practical examples and aids, it is a tool trainers will keep handy and use often in their course ...


By Alan Richard Tippett - Introduction to Missiology: 1st (first) Edition
Alan Richard Tippett

Carey, William Library Publishers, 1988


On Being a Missionary
Thomas Hale

Carey, William Library Publishers, 2004


Abuse of Christian Women in India & Remedy in 12 Biblical Studies on Equality of Man and Women

William Carey Library Publishers, 2005

This book on the abuse of Christian women in India and the remedy, which lies in understanding and promoting the true biblical and God given relationship of woman and man, deserves our careful attention. Jane McNally, who spent most of her life in India, bares the tip of the problem of abuse in Indian Christians' homes with accuracy and authority, also with pain and passion. The Bible Study outlines are of tremendous help in this regard. We need ...



William Carey Library Publishers, 2013


The Field is the World: Proclaiming, Translating, and Serving By the American Board of Commissioners for ...
Donald Philip Corr Ph.D.

William Carey Library Publishers, 2009

In the midst of the Second Great Awakening and a growing Trinitarian-Unitarian controversy, a small group of college students met in 1806 to discuss the spiritual condition of the Asian nations. A storm arose and they took shelter in a haystack. From this "Haystack Prayer Meeting" came the resolve to take the Gospel to those who had not heard. The Field is the World tells the story of the students' petition to the General Association of ...


Christianity in Russia and Post Communist Europe: Directory 2003

William Carey Library Publishers, 2003

Contents: Introduction / Sharon Linzey -- Is it possible to witness and not proselytize? / Yakov Krotov -- Russian Orthodox and Protestants: dialogue on missions / Fr. George Kochetkov -- Religion as politics in Russia / Sharon Linzey and Yakov Krotov -- Data of Christian organizations.


Diversified Theological Education: Equipping All God's People
Ross Kinsler

William Carey Library Publishers, 2011

The central concern of Diversified Theological Education, which includes Theological Education by Extension, is access. TEE and DTE models have made enormous progress in the urgent task of equipping all God's people for ministry. Ross Kinsler has compiled in this anthology important case studies of the diverse means of contemporary theological education.


The Goal of International Development: God's Will on Earth, as It Is in Heaven (Paperback) - Common
By (author) Beth Snodderly

William Carey Library Publishers, 2009

This anthology is a collection of William Carey International University faculty and student writings concerning the nature and goals of international development. This book is the first in the WCIU Press International Development Series. The perspectives of twelve different authors are represented. Sign up for the WCIU Press newsletter to be notified about new books from this author and more htt...


From Fear To Faith : Muslim and Christian Women by Downey, Karol; Cate, Mary Ann published by William Carey ...

William Carey Library Publishers, 2003



William Carey Library Publishers, 2013


For Such a Time as This: Strategic Missions Power Shifts for the 21st Century (Paperback) - Common
By (author) Ruth Ford By (author) Howard L Foltz

Carey (William) Library Publishers,U.S., 2012

For Such a Time as This: Strategic Missions Power Shifts for the 21st Century


Hinduism: A Brief Look at Theology, History, Scriptures, and Social System with Comments on the Gospel in ...

William Carey Library Publishers, 2007

Visitors to the world of Hinduism seldom probe its complex system of diverse beliefs and practices. If you want to better understand the 900 million Hindus of the world, you must read H. L. Richard's brief but insightful booklet. In Hinduism, he addresses both esoteric and practical issues through numerous selections from the Hindu scriptures, an overview of basic Hindu philosophies, and a glossary of Hindu terminology.


Christian Witness in Pluralistic Contexts in the 21st Century: EMS 11

William Carey Library Publishers, 2004

This volume is not a set of textbook answers on how to witness to Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims and people with other religions based on simple formulas. It is the wrestlings, affirmations and testimonies of those who have been deeply involved in ministries to people of other religious faiths, and have thought deeply about the issues religious pluralism raises -Paul G. Hiebert, Professor Emeritus, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School



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