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Writing Articles About the World Around You
Marcia Yudkin

Writers Digest Books, 1998

Get Started Writing for Magazines - and Learn to Make a Living At It Through examples, explanations and tips, Writing Articles About the World Around You demonstrates how to generate original and saleable article ideas using information that is part of your everyday life. Even if you live in Nowheresville, you'll learn how to recognize topics and angles that can interest editors at magazines and newspapers. Use your experience, on-the-job ...


The Writer's Complete Crime Reference Book
Martin Roth

Writers Digest Books, 1993

The aim of this book is to highlight the great variety of interpretations of Aquinas' work that have begun to develop since the 1980's. Much of this renewal of scholarship has been conducted by specialists, and communicated only amongst them. This book aims to provide a more general scholarly English readership with access to a far greater variety of approaches to Aquinas, as a way of expanding and developing the reception of the contemporary ...


Scene of the Crime: A Writer's Guide to Crime Scene Investigation (Howdunit Series)
Anne Wingate

Writers Digest Books, 1992

Provides information on how evidence is measured, collected, identified, and analyzed, the timetable of activity at a crime scene, and technical terms and professional techniques used.


Writing the Blockbuster Novel
Albert Zuckerman

Writers Digest Books, 1994

Ken Follett and Eileen Goudge, among others, have something common: They have mastered the craft of building the compelling novels that appear on bestseller lists around the world. And here Albert Zuckerman, agent and editorial advisor to many successful authors in every genre, discloses the somewhat hidden nuts and bolts of what makes this type of book tick, and shows how you, too, could write a novel that might sell in the millions.


It's Here...Somewhere
Alice Fulton, Pauline Hatch

Writers Digest Books, 1991

Fulton & Hatch go step-by-step through every room, advising what to keep, and where to keep it.


The Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in the 1800s (Writer's Guides to Everyday Life)
Marc McCutcheon

Writers Digest Books, 1993

The wonderful and fascinating details of the 1800s have been gathered into one interesting volume, in which McCutcheon has included quotes from 19th-century citizens concerning or describing hairstyles and fashion, favorite swear words and slang, jokes of the period, courtship and marriage rituals, and more. A must for both fiction and nonfiction historical writers.


The Craft of Lyric Writing
Sheila Davis

Writers Digest Books, 1984

Successful author and songwriter, Davis provides a complete guide to writing words for and to music, showing how to create lyrics with universal appeal.


World-Building (Science Fiction Writing Series)
Stephen L. Gillett, Ben Bova

Writers Digest Books, 1996

A blueprint in words, calculations, tables and diagrams, designed to help writers transport readers from this world to another. Using what they learn in Word-Building, writers will land readers on believable planets, real or invented.


The Writer's Guide to Everyday Life from Prohibition Through World War II (Writer's Guides to Everyday Life)
Marc McCutcheon

Writers Digest Books, 1995

Not just for writers, but historians, hobbyists, and anyone interested in the small details of life in other times. This volume, like the others in the series, includes chapters (with figures and illustrations) on food, clothing, family life, work, education, religion, leisure activities, social and political history, etc. Great for browsing, great for research. Well recommended.


How to Write the Story of Your Life
Frank Thomas

Writers Digest Books, 1989

How to Write the Story of Your Life shows writers how to mine the depths of their experience to write an engaging and saleable memoir. Frank P. Thomas gives readers the instruction they need to write the stories of their lives, including: The five Rs essential to the completion and publishing of a life story; research, remembering, 'riting, reading and reproduction Hundreds of memory sparkers to get readers started Organizational techniques for ...


The Craft of Writing Science Fiction That Sells
Ben Bova

Writers Digest Books, 1994

Guides writers step by step through the major elements of SF storytelling, showing how to construct strong, editor-attracting stories and novels.


Murder One: A Writer's Guide to Homicide (Howdunit Series)
Mauro V. Corvasce, Joseph R. Paglino

Writers Digest Books, 1997

From accidental murder to a crime of passion, Murder One gives you the nuts and bolts necessary to build your fictional murder scenario. Prosecuting investigators Mauro Corvasce and Joseph Paglino take you step by step through motives, plans, murders and disposal of the bodies. You'll be taken to the scenes of familial murders, set off by simmering feuds; gang murders, from contract hits to drive-by shootings; business and financial murders, ...


The Complete Book of Scriptwriting
J. Michael Straczynski

Writers Digest Books, 2002

Here, together for the first time, are the first three Freddy books that Walter Brooks wrote, in a single volume, in the order in which they first appeared. Freddy Goes to Florida (first published as TO and Again), alongside Freddy Goes to the North Pole (More To and Again), followed by the unforgettable Freddy the Detective -- each lavishly illustrated by Kurt Wiese. These are Walter Brooks's first forays into the world of Freddy and his Bean ...


How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy (Genre Writing)
Orson Scott Card

Writers Digest Books, 1990

Orson Scott Card shares his advice on how to break into this field, how to develop fantastic story ideas, and evolve fresh plots.


How to Write Mysteries (Genre Writing Series)
Shannon O'Cork

Writers Digest Books, 1989

How to Write Mysteries (Genre Writing Series)


The Writer's Digest Sourcebook for Building Believable Characters
Marc McCutcheon

Writers Digest Books, 1996

Using this reference, readers can create characters who think, hope, love, cry, cause or feel pain, save the day - and seize readers by emotion. Mark McCutcheon eases the process of building convincing characters for stories and novels. He starts by conducting an inspiring and informative roundtable where six novelists reveal their approaches to characterization. Next, he provides a character questionnaire more detailed than the nosiest survey. ...


The Creative Writer's Style Guide: Rules and Advice for Writing Fiction and Creative Nonfiction
Christopher T. Leland

Writers Digest Books, 2002

This book arises out of twenty-five years of both writing fiction and teaching creative writing at university level. Its purpose is to provide a helpful and easy to follow reference guide to Story Press grammar and mechanics that is specifically addressed to writers of fiction and creative non-fiction. The Creative Writer's Style Guide provides the rules of grammar, punctuation and style as well as great advice on effective writing. Beginners ...


Order in the Court: A Writer's Guide to the Legal System (Behind the Scenes)
David S. Mullally

Writers Digest Books, 1999

Few topics are as fascinating and as complicated as the U.S. legal system-which is why this guide will be welcomed by writers of mystery, romance, thrillers, crime fictions, screenplays and more. It breaks down the complex interworkings of the law and its professionals to help writers build intriguing, credible stories based on accurate facts and details. Using easy-to-reference lists, charts and descriptions, Order In the Court covers virtually ...


Make Your Words Work
Gary Provost

Writers Digest Books, 1990

Gary Provost practices what he preaches in Make Your Words Work. He helps you learn to write well by, among other things, writing well himself. His warm, witty, entertaining instruction teams with solid examples as well as exercises. Get the good word now. This is the writing course to help you make your work more powerful, more readable, more salable.


Word Painting: A Guide to Writing More Descriptively
Rebecca Mcclanahan

Writers Digest Books, 1999

Let Rebecca McClanahan guide you through an inspiring examination of description in its many forms. With her thoughtful instruction and engaging exercises, you'll learn to develop your senses and powers of observation to uncover the rich, evocative words that accurately portray your mind's images. McClanahan includes dozens of descriptive passages written by master poets and authors to illuminate the process. She also teaches you how to weave ...



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