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Interactive Media
Brian Bulm

Ziff-Davis Press, 1995

Now that you have your multimedia equipment, what do you do? By mapping out the design process from start to finish, this book answers that question and others. By leading the developer through guidelines and checklists, with dozens of realistic examples, author Blum gives the reader the foundation needed to embark on a successful multimedia development project.


How Music Computers Work (How It Works (Ziff-Davis/Que))
Erik Holsinger, Holsinger

Ziff-Davis Press, 1994

Computers and music are on a collision course that is bringing us an entirely new sound for the turn of the century. How does it all work? Multimedia expert, Erik Holsinger, answers this and many other questions in this completely illustrated, comprehensive overview of music and computers and how they work together. CD-ROM includes both music and an interactive graphical interface.


The Mac Almanac
Sharon Zardetto Aker

Ziff-Davis Press, 1994

Written in the same conversational tone that made The Macintosh Bible such a success, this book takes the concept of the ultimate reference book one step further. With completely updated information, more graphics, and dramatically improved internal design, this book is destined to become the premiere general reference book for today's Mac enthusiasts.


PC Learning Labs Teaches Excel 5: 0 for Windows
Logical Operations, Pc Learning Labs

Ziff-Davis Press, 1994

This classroom-tested book/disk learning system provides a fast introduction to this powerful Windows-based graphical spreadsheet program. The uniquely integrated book/disk package combines an easy-to-follow tutorial with carefully constructed examples on disk. The PC Learning Labs series teaches skills that can be applied directly to vital workplace tasks.


PC Magazine DOS 6 Memory Management With Utilities/Book and Disk
Jeff Prosise

Ziff Davis Press, 1993

Demonstrating how to extend the powers of DOS by increasing the amount of available RAM, and featuring simple steps making this process clear, this package also contains a diskette full of custom-made DOS 6.0 utilities.


How to Program a Virtual Community [With Packed with Palace Client & Server, VRML 2.0...]
Michael Powers

Ziff-Davis Press, 1997

Webmasters are invited to learn how to build a virtual community into their site using the three most common Web-based solutions. A virtual community is an online space where people interact in a social sense. The goal of almost every Web site is to get people to come back and stay for a while--accomplished with a Virtual Community. The multi-format CD contains all the software needed for implementing a virtual community in a Macintosh, Windows ...


Voices from the Net
Clay Shirky

Ziff-Davis Press, 1995

Voices From the Net looks at the Internet as a developing community, with a culture all its own. Clay Shirky listens to the diverse and plentiful identities that this cyberspace community has created and brings them together in this one-of-a-kind book, giving readers a brief history of the Net.


Database Backed Web Sites: The Thinking Person's Guide to Web Publishing
Philip Greenspun

Ziff-Davis Press, 1997

From the creator of Travels With Samantha and The Bill Gates Wealth Clock! comes this title that Internet geeks will know well. At once a book on how to do sites the Greenspun way, and an intermediate/high end tutorial, this book shows how to implement a Relational Database backed Web site.


PC Magazine Guide to Connectivity
Frank J. Derfler

Ziff-Davis Press,U.S., 1996

Focusing on problems of connectivity, the writer of a PC Magazine column on the subject offers complete coverage of such important issues as selecting the right network, exchanging files, installing adapters, and sharing printers.


Internet by E-mail
Clay Shirky

Ziff-Davis Press, 1994

A tremendous way for the millions who would like to tap the resources of the Internet, but can't access it in their areas, can't afford it, or simply don't want to learn complicated protocols, this book shows how E-Mail users of MCI Mail, Prodigy, CompuServe, America OnLine, college or business E-Mail accounts, and other similar services can tap the vast resources of the Internet.


How the World Wide Web Works (How It Works (Ziff-Davis/Que))
Chris Shipley

Ziff-Davis Press, 1996

Following in the footsteps of the successful How the Internet Works, this title brings lavish full-color illustrations and the bestselling how-it-works format to the subject of the World Wide Web. Shipley caters to the millions of Web surfers out there, as well as would-be net surfers.


Pcweek Switched & Fast Ethernet
Robert A. Breyer

Ziff-Davis Press, 1996

Computers and networking are becomming increasingly more pervasive. Ethernet has emerged as the technology standard for networking hardware. Here, case studies provide real-world examples of how networking professionals can effectively use Switched and Fast Ethernet to radically improve the performance of an existing network.


How to Program HTML Frames: Interface Design and JavaScript
Jason Cranford Teague

Ziff-Davis Press, 1997

Focuses on the design issues of using Frames, guiding readers through the programming tasks necessary to implement a good frame set, and the companion CD contains source code, templates, and design tools. Original. (Intermediate).


How to Use Prodigy (How It Works (Ziff-Davis/Que))
Douglas A. Hergert

Ziff-Davis Press, 1994

Organized into everyday, common-sense topics with step-by-step illustrations on every page, this book shows Prodigy users how to connect to the service and set up memberships for each person in the family, explaining how they can turn immediately to the topics--news, weather, shopping information, etc.--that interests them the most.


How to Program Delphi 3 [With CDROM]
Frank Engo

Ziff-Davis Press, 1997

Aimed at users who have some familiarity with programming concepts and teaching about optimizing Delphi's native code compiler to take advantage of direct connect with a Web server. The book also contains 70 reusable procedures and functions written for Delphi developers.


How Computer Graphics Work
Jeff Prosise

Ziff-Davis Press, 1994

An illustrated guide to the magic of computer graphics, this book explains everything from how familiar devices such as flight simulators, CAD systems, medical imaging machines and video games work, to how image processing, 3D photorealistic imaging, and special effects work. Bestselling author Jeff Prosise also discusses many of the algorithms used in today's computer graphics programs.


How Intranets Work (How It Works (Ziff-Davis/Que))
Preston Gralla

Ziff-Davis Press, 1996

This title follows the bestselling How It Works full-color, graphical format to give readers an inside view of intranet technology. How an Intranet Works stylishly illustrates the new standard in modern communictions, the intranet. This book provides an overview of what an intranet is and how it differs from other groupware systems.


How to Use HTML 3.2 (How it works)
Scott Arpajian, Robert Mullen

Ziff-Davis Press, 1996

The "how to use" graphical, step-by-step format in this book presents HTML coding to new and beginning web page developers. How to Use HTML 3.2 addresses users who are going to an intermediate level, teaching them how to do things like tables, add images and figures, create forms, and includes an introduction to frames, style sheets, and embedding ActiveX controls and Java applets.


How Weather Works (How It Works (Ziff-Davis/Que))
Rob DeMillo

Ziff-Davis Press, 1994

Addresses the mystery of our day-to-day climate observations using nontechnical language and informative full-color illustrations. Paper.


Atlas to the World Wide Web
Karen Wickre, Bob Powell

Ziff-Davis Press, 1995

A directory of services on the Internet available through the World Wide Web is a reference to more than one thousand opportunities, with categories ranging from aeronautics to zoology, for everyone from a "newby" to a "webspert." Original. (Beginner).



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