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Deal: In a Deadly Game of Working Undercover, Dea Special Agent Michael S. Vigil Recounts Standing Face to ...
Michael S. Vigil, 2014

There were always two hotel rooms. One for his counterparts doing the surveillance and one he used as the stage to play a ruthless Mexican drug trafficker making the deal for enormous amounts of cocaine, marijuana or heroin. One small slip of the tongue, or a slight bead of sweat on the brow could result in his violent, painful death. He was willing to do anything to convince the dangerous criminals he was one of them. Whether showing them a ...


They Called Me Uncivilized: The Memoir of an Everyday Lakota Man from Wounded Knee
Walter Littlemoon, 2009

Walter Littlemoon's memoir, They Called Me Uncivilized , is a call to awareness from within the heart of Wounded Knee. In telling his story, Littlemoon describes the impact federal Indian policies have had on his life and on the history of his family. He gives a rare view into the cruelty inflicted on generations of Native American children through the implementation of U.S. government boarding schools, which resulted in a muted truth, called ...


Making News in the Digital Era
David E. Henderson, 2009

Media strategist and award-winning journalist David E. Henderson reveals how to navigate today’s complex and evolving traditional and online media environments. As new and not-so-new ways of communication collide, it is imperative to maximize an organization’s voice and awareness, all with the intent to better connect with audiences. The online democratization of mass communications is redefining how people connect, businesses work, and ...


How To Write An Inspired Creative Brief
Howard Ibach, 2009

How To Write An Inspired Creative Brief by: Howard Ibach


How To Teach Daily Living Skills to Adults with Developmental Disabilities
John Meyers, 2008

As hard as it might be to imagine, there are people working in the social services field who aren't as well trained as they might be. This doesn't mean that they work for a "bad" agency or that we need to change the whole service delivery system. It means that those staff people need more training. Training in what? This book introduces readers to a wide range of principles used in teaching daily living skills to adults with developmental ...


What College Trustees Need to Know: Important Questions Sometimes Asked Too Late...or Never at All
George J. Matthews, Norman R. Smith, 2013

WHAT COLLEGE TRUSTEES NEED TO KNOW is written for the tens of thousands of college and university trustees who oversee the over 1,700 independent institutions in America.  Written by three veteran higher education leaders, the book aspires to give these trustees the fundamental knowledge they need to understand the essential vital signs of their respective institutions and thereby be in the position to ask the right questions of management that ...


The Next Money Crash-and How to Avoid It: Proceedings from a Conference at the Federal Reserve Bank of ...
Uli Kortsch, 2014

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Admiral Mike Mullen, on May 10, 2012, stated that "the national debt is the single biggest threat to national security." The deficit spending and accumulated debt of many nations, including the United States, is a topic of wide discussion and concern. Offering provocative and compelling solutions for remedying the country's banking system, The Next Money Crash--and How to Avoid It presents the results of the ...


El Profeta (Alba) (Spanish Edition)
Kahlil Gibran, 1999

Una de las obras maestras de la literatura universal es El Profeta . En la voz de Almustafá, el profeta, se encierra la esencia última del pensamiento poético de Jalil Gibrán, poeta libanés emigrado a Estados Unidos y perseguidor errante de la verdad y la bellza, en cuya personalidad se da prodigiosa síntesis de un Oriente y Occidente fertilizados por la sensibilidad de un autor subyugante. Cada relectura arrojará un nueva ...


A Guide for Nurse Case Managers
Charlotte Cox, 2010

The position of nurse case managers can be a rewarding but challenging career, as these managers play a vital role in a patient's care. In A Guide for Nurse Case Managers, author Charlotte Cox provides an insightful guide to this evolving field of medicine. Geared for those working in hospital settings, clinics, and health plan offices, this helpful reference text provides guidelines, tips, and tools for becoming a successful nurse case ...


Research Strategies: Finding Your Way Through the Information Fog
William B. Badke, 2011

Writing research papers does not have to be the painful experience many people make it out to be. It is possible to develop significant skills in order to make the writing process much easier than you think. In Research Strategies , author William Badke offers a clear, simple, and often humorous roadmap for conducting research and navigating the vast new world of information and technology. In this, the fourth edition, Badke details the entire ...


The 10Ks of Personal Branding: Create a Better You
Kaplan Mobray, 2009

Are you an employee stuck in a career rut? Are you a student looking to get the right start? Or do you just want to create a better you? In The 10Ks of Personal Branding, author Kaplan Mobray offers ten must-know insights to building your personal brand. In this inspiring guide, learn how to focus your life's goals with your life's actions to create a powerful package called "you." Filled with easy-to-follow instructions and valuable tips on ...


Secrets of a Baby Nurse: How to Have a Happy, Healthy, and SLEEPING Baby from Birth
Marsha Podd R.N., 2010

Every new parent has been there-sleepdeprived, exhausted, and pacing the floor at 3:00 a.m. with an irritable baby who is having difficulty calming down and going back to sleep. In Secrets of a Baby Nurse , a medical professional relies on scientific research, personal study, and a lifelong adoration of babies to provide parents with valuable tips that will lead them to discover the delight of a well-rested, tranquil, and happy child-and most ...


Twelve American Wars: Nine of Them Avoidable
Eugene G. Windchy, 2014

In this study, author Eugene G. Windchy exposes the tricks, errors, and secret plans that have taken the American people into avoidable wars—and he recommends ways to prevent future bloodshed. Following up on his earlier book, Tonkin Gulf (“superb investigative reporting”--N. Y. Times) Windchy examines twelve wars and finds that nine of them could have been avoided. Even the Civil War could have been avoided or, failing that, it could have ...


Group Coaching: A Comprehensive Blueprint
Ginger Cockerham MCC, 2011

My longtime colleague Ginger Cockerham has provided a must-have/must-read blueprint for all coaches who want to launch and thrive in a group coaching practice. Even those considering their options would do well to consult this step-by-step model, complete with a rich set of examples and case studies. It's all here, presented with a clear and engaging approach. -JUDY FELD, MCC, MS, AUTHOR OF SMARTMATCH ALLIANCES , PAST PRESIDENT, INTERNATIONAL ...


Pdp Cornell Notes: A Systematic Strategy to Aid Comprehension
Julie Adams, 2010

Studies suggest that when students are taught a structured note-taking strategy, engagement, reading comprehension and retention increase. Teach your students this systematic note-taking process and witness the difference it makes in your students' understanding of non-fiction text and their abilities to navigate it. Students will enjoy the high interest, adolescent friendly articles (with Spanish translations) and the 'scaffolded' forms provide ...


Macbeth (Alba) (Spanish Edition)
William Shakespeare, 1999

Macbeth es una de las grandes tragedias de William Shakespeare (1564-1616). Macbeth , el gran general del ejército del rey de Escocia, regresa victorioso después de una campaña de apaciguamiento cuando sucumbe a la tentación del poder. Desde entonces un mundo tenebroso y mágico, de apariciones y desconfianzas, sembrará de crímenes la pacífica vida de los escoceses hasta que Macbeth muere como habían viticinado las ...


This Is War: One Sailor's True Story of Survival in the South Pacific During WWII
Valeria Ann Carrano, 2014

Arcangelo "Sonny" Parisi grew up in New Haven, Connecticut, and as the eldest brother of eight siblings, he spent a lot of time protecting his family. There were plenty of fights with bullies and the Irish police, but he didn't let that stop him from running the streets, stealing food, and seeking out adventure. From an early age, he learned to rely on himself and his Italian-American instincts for survival, which served him well when he was ...


Capnography, King of the ABC's: A Systematic Approach for Paramedics
Troy Valente, 2010

WRITTEN BY A PARAMEDIC FOR PARAMEDICS, THIS TEXT IS AN ALL INCLUSIVE LOOK INTO EVERY FACET OF CAPNOGRAPHY AS IT RELATES TO PREHOSPITAL PATIENT CARE. Capnography texts have been written in the clinical settings of anesthesiology, critical care and ventilator management ad nauseum, but never for the paramedic....unti l now. This book is the first of its kind written by a paramedic for paramedics to use in their everyday medicine. ...


Fingerpainting in Psych Class: Artfully Applying Science to Better Work with Children and Teens
Jay Morgan M. S., 2010

Working with kids is challenging in the best of situations. Fingerpainting in Psych Class is a resource for parents, teachers, therapists and other adults who want to better meet this challenge and more effectively work with children of all ages. This book will help you: ���� Better understand children and teenagers. ���� Confidently work with children on a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues. ���� ...


24 Hours Inside the President's Bunker: 9-11-01: The White House
Lt Col Robert J. Darling Usmc (Ret), Robert J. Darling, 2010

After Maj. Robert J. Darling organizes President Bush's trip to Florida on Sept. 10, 2001, he believes the next couple of days will be quiet. He has no idea that a war is about to begin. The next day, after terrorists crash airliners into the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon, Maj. Darling rushes to the president's underground chamber at the White House. There, he takes on the task of liaison between the vice president, national ...



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