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Mail-Order Wings
Beatrice Gormley, Inc., 2000

Nine-year-old Andrea orders wingsguaranteed to fly!through an ad in her comic book. Incredibly, they work. This is the beginning of her exciting and disturbing adventures with the wings, culminating in a long flight and a difficult decision. A fast-paced story with a spirited heroine and enough buoyancy to keep anyone who fancies flight.Booklist


Harem Girl: A Harem Girls Journal
M Saalih, 2004


Rosemary Lunardini, 2008

The Mass in My Life is the story of a Catholic laywoman's lifelong experience of the Mass. She recaptures childhood experiences, traces a path to adulthood, and in her elder years finds a wondrous gratitude for the Mass. Along the way, family, friends, pastors, favorite authors, and the Mass itself lighten her way as she seeks, in the words of an old missal, "the God who is the joy of my youth."Personal and family memories are recalled ...


The Marsh: A Folly Beach Mystery
Bill Noel, 2011

Chris Landrum's morning has already started on a down note, as he stands in a cemetery listening to the eulogy for a friend. But his entire day deteriorates rapidly when he hears that a murder victim has been found in the marsh behind his retirement home on Folly Beach, South Carolina. Worse yet, the victim is the business associate of one of his friends. In a matter of hours, Chris's quiet, relaxed life is turned upside down.


Blood On The Battlefield: A Combat Medic's Story of Service to God and Country
Preston S. Williams, 2011

January 1968, the Viatnamese New Year, Tet, began and Medical Sevice Specialist Preston Williams was in the thick of it. In one year from January to December, during Tet, America, lost over 16,200 of it's soldiers or the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force in one of the most brutal offensive battles in the annals of American warfare. Preston, worked on ward 5-North, also called the "Meat Factory" at Clark A.F.B, Philippines throughout the entire ...


Sherry L Meinberg, 2003


The Mystic Manager
PhD John P. Cicero, 2011

The Mystic Manager is a vision for the future and a counterbalance to the disturbing economic times we face - times brought about by greed and misuse of corporate power. The book is personal and a contribution placed into the collective unconscious to do what good it can. Mystic Management is a unique approach to the development of positive corporate culture. The building blocks for this culture are creativity, empowerment, generosity, kindness, ...


By George J. Matthews What College Trustees Need to Know: Important Questions Sometimes Asked Too Late...or ...
George J. Matthews, 2013


Eat To Your Good Health: Exchange Lists and Meal Planning for Eating Disorders
Amy E. Galena M.S.H. R.D., 2011

EAT to Your Good Health: Exchange Lists and Meal Planning for Eating Disorders offers an excellent resource for the development of healthy eating habits for those challenged by eating disorders. Rather than focusing on calories, dieting, or weight gain, author Amy E. Galena, RD, lays out guidelines that encourage readers to develop a positive relationship with food for life-long health. This guide provides • nutrition education and ...


My Healing Heart: A Life Journey to Find Love
Rosalie B. Kahn, 2011

My Healing Heart is the simple, true story of Rosalie's search for God and love. Her quest began early in life, catalyzed by a painful childhood marked by sexual and emotional abuse. As this story unfolds, you are given a window into Rosalie's trials, tribulations, and joys during her lifelong search for love and truth. It's her story, but it's also your story. If you suffered from abuse or some other form of betrayal, no one taught you ...


More than Luck: A Memoir
James S. Griffin, 2011

If someone was to ask me what comes to mind when I think about Jim, I'd say he didn't let life slide away -Booth Gardner, governor, State of Washington


UNIX System Security: A Guide for Users and System Administrators (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing)
Dave Curry

iUniverse.Com, Inc., 1992

Because the UNIX system was originally designed by programmers for use by other programmers, it was used in an environment of open cooperation where security was of minimal concern. Now that its use has spread to universities, businesses, and government, the confidential and sensitive nature of the data stored on UNIX systems has made the security of these systems of paramount importance. Despite all the technical papers and workshops on UNIX ...


The 10Ks of Personal Branding: Create a Better You by Mobray, Kaplan published by (2009), 0001


Capnography, King of the ABC's: A Systematic Approach for Paramedics by Valente, Troy (2010) Paperback
Troy Valente, 2010


Nursery Crimes
Karen Mauck, 2011

With only twisted nursery rhymes as clues, a tough, dedicated cop puts his life, and his heart, on the line to protect a schoolteacher and her young students from a killer calling himself Father Noose.


Paper Gun: Crossing the line is easy, getting back is the hard part
Robert Redbone, 2011

After suddenly finding themselves on the wrong side of the law, a young couple strives to put their lives back together in an uncertain world. Johnny Boxer is about to cross the line. He is broke, a hundred miles from home, and living on the edge of right and wrong. With a paper gun stuffed into the waistband of his pants, he walks into a small-town Dairy Queen and changes the course of his life forever. With forty-six dollars crammed in ...


How To Write An Inspired Creative Brief by Ibach, Howard published by (2009), 0001


Sleeping With Lumbago: Often Humorous, Always Personal Stories
Sam R. Culotta, 2011

Spanning seven decades from his 1940s childhood in Rochester, New York, to his retirement in Southern California, Sleeping with Lumbago documents the events and experiences of author Sam R. Culotta's life. He recalls his Catholic school days, his family's migration west, his teens, his military service, and, most notably, the dynamics of his Sicilian-American family.


Research Strategies: Finding Your Way Through the Information Fog by Badke, William B. published by ..., 0010


Total Mind Power: How to Use the Other 90% of Your Mind
Donald L. Wilson M.D., 2011

You "run" on 10% of your mind. Imagine what you could do with the other 90%. TOTAL MIND POWER is a foolproof, effortless, step-by-step procedure for using the "idling" 90% of your mind to solve specific practical problems... Learn Quickly.Remember Names.Stop Smoking.Enjoy Sex.Lose Weight.Retard Aging.Improve Health. Increase Memory Control. Developed from the latest scientific research, TOTAL MIND POWER is not a theory, not a ...



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