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The Bully
Gerald D. McLellan, 2014

The Bully is a legal thriller that is the story of the inner-workings of a Massachusetts Probate and Family Court, the function of the judge, the duties of the register of probate and the relationships of the lawyers who practice law there. From the heart of the City of Boston, the reader is taken to Taormina, Sicily, Rome, and Mexico City as Ted Eldridge, once again assumes the burden of representing a tortured wife, Maria, who files for ...


Finding Our Center: Wisdom from the Stars and Planets in Times of Change
Heather M. Ensworth Ph. D., 2009

Integrating astrology, mythology and spirituality, this book is a reflection on the themes of the astrological ages across the past 13,000 years and is an exploration of what astrology has to tell us about the meaning of the changes happening globally and culturally in this time. We are currently on the cusp of the Age of Aquarius, at the end of a 26,000 year precessional cycle and, according to ancient prophecies, at the close of a world era. ...


Funny Conversations with God: An Uncalled-For Dialogue
Dunn Neugebauer, 2012

What would your life be like if God lived next door? What would you talk about? What questions would you ask? In Funny Conversations with God, author Dunn Neugebauer shares his fictionalized discussions with God. In a noncontroversial, casual, humorous style, Funny Conversations with God shares Neugebauer’s feelings, philosophies, and life experiences as if he were talking directly to God. They discuss and analyze the key points in ...


Capnography, King of the ABC's: A Systematic Approach for Paramedics
Troy Valente, 2010

WRITTEN BY A PARAMEDIC FOR PARAMEDICS, THIS TEXT IS AN ALL INCLUSIVE LOOK INTO EVERY FACET OF CAPNOGRAPHY AS IT RELATES TO PREHOSPITAL PATIENT CARE. Capnography texts have been written in the clinical settings of anesthesiology, critical care and ventilator management ad nauseum, but never for the paramedic....unti l now. This book is the first of its kind written by a paramedic for paramedics to use in their everyday medicine. ...


Research Strategies: Finding Your Way Through the Information Fog
William B. Badke, 2011

Writing research papers does not have to be the painful experience many people make it out to be. It is possible to develop significant skills in order to make the writing process much easier than you think. In Research Strategies , author William Badke offers a clear, simple, and often humorous roadmap for conducting research and navigating the vast new world of information and technology. In this, the fourth edition, Badke details the entire ...


Euclidean Geometry: A First Course
Mark Solomonovich, 2010

This textbook is a self-contained presentation of Euclidean Geometry, a subject that has been a core part of school curriculum for centuries. The discussion is rigorous, axiom-based, written in a traditional manner, true to the Euclidean spirit. Transformations in the Euclidean plane are included as part of the axiomatics and as a tool for solving construction problems. The textbook can be used for teaching a high school or an introductory level ...


Unlikely Warriors: The Army Security Agency's Secret War in Vietnam 1961-1973d
Lonnie M. Long, Gary B. Blackburn, 2013

In early May 1961, a U.S. military aircraft taxied toward a well-guarded terminal building. The plane slowed to a halt; steps were maneuvered up to its side, and the door was pulled open. The tropical night air was heavy and dank, and the moon shone dimly through high thin clouds. On board the aircraft were ninety-two members of a specially selected team. The men were dressed in indistinguishable dark suits with white shirts and dark ties, and ...


The Skills System Instructor's Guide: An Emotion-Regulation Skills Curriculum for all Learning Abilities
Julie F. Brown, 2011

Having the capacity to benefit from emotions, rather than being paralyzed by them, offers people the opportunity to navigate difficulties, while being able to face life, relationships, and themselves with courage, grace, and strength. In The Skills System Instructor's Guide , author Julie F. Brown provides a curriculum for helping people improve emotion regulation capacities, which allows the person to actively participate in both joyful and ...


The Streets Are Blue: True Tales of Service from the Front Lines of the Los Angeles Police Department
Gary Farmer, 2014

In 1869, the police force in Los Angeles went from a voluntary to a paid city police force. Since then, thousands upon thousands of men and women have served on the Los Angeles Police Department. In this book, thirty-four former officers share stories of their experiences in police work in their own words. Of the thirty-four, the first officer came on in 1941 and the last officer retired in 2009, a range of time just short of seventy years. The ...


A Guide for Nurse Case Managers
Charlotte Cox, 2010

The position of nurse case managers can be a rewarding but challenging career, as these managers play a vital role in a patient's care. In A Guide for Nurse Case Managers, author Charlotte Cox provides an insightful guide to this evolving field of medicine. Geared for those working in hospital settings, clinics, and health plan offices, this helpful reference text provides guidelines, tips, and tools for becoming a successful nurse case ...


Being Ana: A Memoir of Anorexia Nervosa
Shani Raviv, 2010

"I passed by the full-length mirror on the wall near the door. I caught a glimpse of a very thin girl with dead, straight, long, dry peroxided hair and a skimpy outfit like a whorish doll. I turned sideways to look at her. I saw a child. I saw a witch. I saw a dumb blonde. It took a few seconds for my mind to register that the girl in the mirror was me. I looked her up and down. I was thin, blonde and tanned and I was still not happy." Being ...


Elemental Danger
Willoughby S. Hundley III MD, 2014

Praise for Elemental Danger "An intriguing blend of suspense and reality." -Frank Ruff, Virginia senator, 15th district "A tightly told tale that gives you a taste of a unique region with plenty of flavor and characters." - Dallas Weston, Editor, The News Progress It's a puzzling case when skeletal remains are discovered on Buggs Island Lake in Southside Virginia. The sand, sun, and weather have cleaned and bleached the skeleton to the ...


The Alzheimer's Diary: One Woman's Experience from Caregiver to Widow
Joan Sutton, 2014

One who Forgets and One who is Forgotten One in eight over the age of sixty-five and one in three over the age of eighty will be diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. In her memoir, author Joan Sutton narrates a moving account of her years as caregiver to her husband, noting that "Alzheimer's is a disease of the brain that is paid for with the currency of the heart." A member of the board of overseers of The Alzheimer's Drug Discovery ...


How To Teach Daily Living Skills to Adults with Developmental Disabilities
John Meyers, 2008

As hard as it might be to imagine, there are people working in the social services field who aren't as well trained as they might be. This doesn't mean that they work for a "bad" agency or that we need to change the whole service delivery system. It means that those staff people need more training. Training in what? This book introduces readers to a wide range of principles used in teaching daily living skills to adults with developmental ...


Crime Wars and Narco Terrorism in the Americas: A Small Wars Journal-El Centro Anthology
Robert J. Bunker, John P. Sullivan, 2014

This work marks the 3rd Small Wars Journal-El Centro anthology. Its analyses, crafted by over thirty contributing authors, forms a compilation of the violence and corruption in Mexico plaguing the first year of Enrique Peña Nieto's presidency. Instances of spillover violence in the United States and the gang and cartel crime wars in other Latin American countries are also chronicled. Spanish language article appendices are additionally ...


U.S. Captive Insurance Law
JDLLM CAMCWMCTEP F. Hale Stewart, 2011

This is the first book on captive insurance which informs the reader whether or not he should form a captive insurance company, how to run it along with an explanation of the tax issues associated with running a property and casualty insurance company. In addition, the reader is taken through an entire case law history of captive insurance to better enable him to understand the issues related to forming a captive insurance company.


American Coin: A True Story of Betrayal, Gambling, and Murder in Las Vegas
Frank Romano, 2013

As Judge Robert Clive Jones enters the courtroom, plaintiff Frank Romano takes a deep breath. Finally, after all this time, his opportunity to seek justice has arrived. As Judge Jones bangs his gavel, a trial to determine the responsibility for the largest cheating scandal in Nevada Gaming History begins. Several years earlier, beneath the neon lights of Las Vegas, Romano became a partner in the American Coin Company. In the 1980s, as the ...


A Retired Art Teacher Tells All: One Hundred Simple Tips to Help Teachers Become Efficient, Inspiring, and ...
Marlene Nall Johnt, 2010

As a young art instructor, new on the block, Marlene Nall Johnt went looking for an instructive manual about successful art education techniques. To her dismay, she never found one. Now retired, Johnt realized what needed to be done: she needed to write just such a manual for the young teachers of today. A Retired Art Teacher Tells All is an educational guide and workbook with detailed tips for running a successful art classroom. It is a ...


The Way to Papou Lake
Michele J. Geraldi, 2011

Very few people have heard of Papou Lake, and no one knows for sure if anyone has ever been there. To some, it is a dream to seek. To others, it's a lie. Some will search the earth to find it. Others never try. Four faithful young boys, however, know in their hearts that it exists...and they are determined to prove it.



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