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Potassium Nutrition: In Heart Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, Diabetes, and Metabolic Shock
Charls Weber, 2011

Book by Weber, Charls


The Mystic Manager
PhD John P. Cicero, 2011

The Mystic Manager is a vision for the future and a counterbalance to the disturbing economic times we face - times brought about by greed and misuse of corporate power. The book is personal and a contribution placed into the collective unconscious to do what good it can. Mystic Management is a unique approach to the development of positive corporate culture. The building blocks for this culture are creativity, empowerment, generosity, kindness, ...


Keep My White Sneakers, Kit Carson (Frontier Days and Love), 2009

Anyone looking for adventure, romance, authentic American frontier life, and colorful characters, all based on people who actually lived at that juncture in history, can consider reading this book an accomplishment that makes her/his day or week, however long it takes to knock off this book. Throw in a bit of modern science, like the van de Graaff generator, and you have something unbelievable. Holding her own with the very masculine male ...


The Marsh: A Folly Beach Mystery
Bill Noel, 2011

Chris Landrum's morning has already started on a down note, as he stands in a cemetery listening to the eulogy for a friend. But his entire day deteriorates rapidly when he hears that a murder victim has been found in the marsh behind his retirement home on Folly Beach, South Carolina. Worse yet, the victim is the business associate of one of his friends. In a matter of hours, Chris's quiet, relaxed life is turned upside down.


The Lion's Path
C. J. Kelly, 2009

In December 1944, a raw American infantry division has its baptism of fire in the Battle of the Bulge. Caught up in this maelstrom of death and destruction, are two very different Americans. One, a battlewise but reluctant officer, who fights not only the Germans, but his own past as well. The other, a book smart sergeant who yearns to break through the wall of race that separates him from so many. Trapped behind enemy lines, they experience the ...


Eat To Your Good Health: Exchange Lists and Meal Planning for Eating Disorders
Amy E. Galena M.S.H. R.D., 2011

EAT to Your Good Health: Exchange Lists and Meal Planning for Eating Disorders offers an excellent resource for the development of healthy eating habits for those challenged by eating disorders. Rather than focusing on calories, dieting, or weight gain, author Amy E. Galena, RD, lays out guidelines that encourage readers to develop a positive relationship with food for life-long health. This guide provides • nutrition education and ...


The Way of the 4th Toe: Into the Feeling Body
Cmdt Jack Wiener, 2011

Eliminate pain in feet, legs, lower back, and neck by how you stand and walk . This body-mind book details how to change habitual physical and emotional patterns by the way you move. For dancers teachers, physical therapist, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, artists, who know that the body unconsciously controls to deny feelings! * “The Way of the 4th Toe” is a work of genius. There is no one who cannot benefit from its wisdom ...


Mail-Order Wings
Beatrice Gormley, Inc., 2000

Nine-year-old Andrea orders wingsguaranteed to fly!through an ad in her comic book. Incredibly, they work. This is the beginning of her exciting and disturbing adventures with the wings, culminating in a long flight and a difficult decision. A fast-paced story with a spirited heroine and enough buoyancy to keep anyone who fancies flight.Booklist


Research Strategies: Finding Your Way Through the Information Fog by Badke, William B. published by ..., 0010


Global Health Training In Graduate Medical Education: A Guidebook, 2nd Edition, 2011

Global Health Training in Graduate Medical Education is a guide to help medical schools, residency programs, students, residents, fellows, educators and allied health professionals create, expand and improve global health education. Investigate the history of global health work, learn from the experience of established programs and health care leaders, seek out new educational resources, and consider the ethical implications of health work in ...


When the Leaves Fall
Mary Nyman, 2002

Although When the Leaves Fall is an adventure story, it is also a story about recovery. Seventeen year old Corey, controlled by peer pressure and addiction, develops the courage to change, which results in renewed self-esteem and learning to take control of his life."First there was Anne. Then there was Stephanie, and Steve and the others. But this is really a drama about what it means to come home. It all begins early one morning in a cold, ...


Navy Seal: Death is Not an Option
Liliane Colburn, 2011

On a fateful day in May of 1997, Mark Colburn, a Navy SEAL with the elite Leap Frog parachuting team, prepared to make the last jump of the day with his two team members. Mark jumped from a plane at 12,000 feet in the sky above Brown's field in Otay Mesa, California.


You'Re A Human Being-What'S That?: The Scientific Answer
Frederick R. Bauer, 2011

What is a human being? The question is both highly controversial and important. In You're a Human Being-What's That? Dr. Frederick R. Bauer presents a methodical analysis of the ontological structure of the human being.


Blood On The Battlefield: A Combat Medic's Story of Service to God and Country
Preston S. Williams, 2011

January 1968, the Viatnamese New Year, Tet, began and Medical Sevice Specialist Preston Williams was in the thick of it. In one year from January to December, during Tet, America, lost over 16,200 of it's soldiers or the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force in one of the most brutal offensive battles in the annals of American warfare. Preston, worked on ward 5-North, also called the "Meat Factory" at Clark A.F.B, Philippines throughout the entire ...


Arthur Baldonado, 2008

Gen Yers are making waves! Like it or not, Gen Y workers are here to stay. They are truly the workforce of the future. Employers across all industries must understand and appreciate the qualities and values of younger workers in order to recruit, motivate, and retain them. This book explores the motivational needs of Gen Y and their impact in the workplace. It also provides 25 ways to motivate Gen Y in the workplace.


The Orange Robe: My Eighteen Years as a Yogic Nun
Marsha Goluboff Low, 2011

After graduating from college, Marsha Low left home to spend eighteen years as an Ananda Marga yogic nun, living in countries throughout the Middle and Far East, Australasia, and Eastern Europe. After undergoing training with the organization, she taught meditation and yoga, opened schools, and performed social work and relief projects.


Chalkboards And Clipboards: My Thirty-Five Years at The Montgomery Academy
Tommy Jones, 2011

Some people would think twice before accepting the responsibility of educating twelve- and thirteen-year-old students, but for author Tommy Jones, teaching seventh-grade students would rate as one of the most rewarding aspects of his life. In this memoir, Jones recounts a thirty-five-year career at The Montgomery Academy in Montgomery, Alabama.


Ten Lessons Bankers Never Learn: How Banks Operate and Why Bankers Screw Up
Courtney Dufries, 2011

We have a very good banking system, but you wouldn't know it. It has gotten a well-deserved bloody nose. Bankers put the country on the verge of a complete financial collapse, and it's going to take a lot of work to regain the public's trust.


Jumping the Fence: A Journey from Darkness to Light
Kurt Chavarie, 2011

Kurt Chavarie began his life with big dreams. As a small child, he dreamed of growing up to be someone important: a policeman or a professional baseball player. A difficult home life ruined these dreams until, as an adult, Kurt searched for solace in alcohol, drugs, and an unhealthy routine.



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