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The Big Book of Realistic Drawing Secrets: Easy Techniques for drawing people, animals, flowers and nature
Carrie Stuart Parks, Rick Parks

North Light Books, 2009

This is the book that can teach anyone to draw (yes, even you!) If you're not getting the kind of true-to-life results you want in your drawings (or if you can't even draw a straight line), Carrie and Rick Parks can help. As award-winning teachers, they have a proven game plan for helping artists of all levels overcome common problems and see immediate improvement in their work. As professional composite artists, they know the tricks and tools ...


Secrets to Drawing Realistic Faces
Carrie Stuart Parks

North Light Books, 2003

Draw amazingly accurate portraits starting today! Even if you're an absolute beginner, you can render strikingly realistic faces and self-portraits! Instructor and FBI-trained artist Carrie Stuart Parks makes it simple with foolproof step-by-step instructions that are fun and easy to follow. You'll quickly begin to: Master proportions and map facial features accurately Study shapes within a composition and draw them realistically Use value, ...


Realistic Figure Drawing
Joseph Sheppard

North Light Books, 1991

Realistic Figure Drawing offers hundreds of beautiful figure drawings executed in Sheppard's classical, timeless style. Each of the ten chapters opens with a brief introduction, followed by illustrations presenting the key ideas about drawing the figure. Through studying these drawings, and honing your own skills through practice, you'll learn how to: Capture the dynamic action of the figure Render the figure in light and shade Proportion the ...


Realistic Rock for Kids: My 1st Rock & Roll Drum Method [With 2 CDs]
Carmine Appice

Alfred Music, 2002

Realistic Rock for Kids is a method by drum legend Carmine Appice. Similar to his award-winning method Realistic Rock, this book shows kids how to play rock 'n' roll drums the quick and easy way. It teaches basics such as note reading, holding the sticks, simple hand/foot coordination exercises, and more. All of the exercises are performed on the accompanying CDs. The disc also include tracks of Carmine rockin' out to some great songs with his ...


The Realistic Joneses
Will Eno

Theatre Communications Group, 2015

"[A] tender, funny, terrific new play. . . . Mr. Eno's voice, which teases out the poetry in the pedestrian and finds glinting humor in the static that infuses our faltering efforts to communicate, is as distinctive as any American playwright's today."— The New York Times "Weird and wonderful . . . Eno's familiar sudden-shifting between profound and playful verbiage is delightfully disarming and sometimes awfully funny."— Variety ...


Realistic Abstracts: Painting Abstracts Based on What You See
Kees Van Aalst

Search Press, 2011

Shows how to create abstract paintings within the rules of realism through a list of tools and materials, lessons on applying traditional elements to abstract art, and projects with instructions and color illustrations.


The Realistic HDR Image (Fuel)

Peachpit Press, 2014

Creating a realistic HDR image with multiple exposures depends on your ability to analyze a scene and translate your impressions into a photograph. Today’s digital camera sensors capture quite a bit, but still fall short of what your eyes see. Lightroom, Photoshop, and Photomatix software provide a more accurate and elegant solution to this the age-old problem. (Whether you’re shooting wild landscapes or calm real estate interiors, pro ...


Drawing Realistic Textures in Pencil
J. D. Hillberry

North Light Books, 1999

You won't believe the incredible drawings you can create using common pencils and the special techniques illustrated in this book. These methods are so easy that anyone—from doodler to advanced artist—can master them in minutes! Step by step, you'll learn how to capture the look of metal, glass, weathered wood, skin, hair and other textures. Two detailed start-to-finish demonstrations show you how to use these textures to create drawings ...


Realistic Bug Out Bag
Max Cooper

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

Realistic Bug Out Bag by Max Cooper sets itself apart from many other similar books. This book covers the reality of bug out bags. Too many people solely focus on loading up their bag until the zippers are about to rip apart. Their bags are too full and way too heavy to travel on foot. You cannot assume that in a bug out situation you will be able to use your 4x4 and travel to your bug out location. Chances are gridlock or other road conditions ...


Realistic Textures: Discover your "inner artist" as you explore the basic theories and techniques of pencil ...
Diane Cardaci

Walter Foster Publishing, 2007

With step-by-step projects that are designed to help sharpen artists' skills and heighten their confidence, this book demonstrates simple techniques for rendering the textures of everyday objects, such as metal, wood, plastic, hair, fur, feathers, and more. This 64-page book simplifies the process with easy-to-understand instructions and comprehensive illustrations.


Realistic Oil Painting Techniques
Kurt Anderson

North Light Books, 1995

Here are step by step demonstrations that give you a foundation for painting radiant still lifes, portraits, florals & landscapes using a classical approach. You will find: ? Step by step illustrated lessons ? Color photos ? Chapters on classic drawing techniques ? Using oil paint, the author shows you how to see natural colors & recreate them on your palette ? An array of helpful information Contents: (main headings only) ? Building a ...


Realistic Animation, Lighting & Sound (Model Railroader)
Model Railroader magazine

Kalmbach Publishing Company, 2012

This completely redesigned edition helps modelers use today s technology to add interest and action to their model railroad layouts. Enthusiasts learn how to install streetlights and building lights, use fiber optics, and simulate neon sign lighting. A working coal tipple, a spinning windmill, and a wig-wag crossing signal are just a few of the projects included.


Track Planning for Realistic Operation: Prototype Railroad Concepts for Your Model Railroad (Model ...
John Armstrong

Kalmbach Publishing Company, 1998

Provides step-by-step design techniques and track planning tips to save model railroaders time, money, and headaches. This must-have book also covers aspects of prototype freight and passenger operations, route design, and contemporary railroading.


Realistic Model Railroad Building Blocks: An Introduction to Layout Design Elements (Model Railroader)
Tony Koester

Kalmbach Publishing Company, 2005

This 96 page book is a complete guide to building realistic looking model railroads. Included is an introduction to layout design elements, with descriptive text covering the topics of towns and cities, junctions, industries, small and mid-size yards, engine terminals, signature scenes, bridges, railorading with a nautical flavor, and more plus many color and black and white photos.


Realistic Recipes - Volume 1, 2010

Realistic Recipes that anyone can do. So simple it's stupid simple. The Disneyland Blue Bayou Gumbo alone is worth the price of admission. This cookbook is designed to allow everyone to enjoy a thoroughly healthy meal at least twice a month. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, desserts, and treats are all included for your pleasure. Recipes: Chicken Continental Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies Tahini Sauce Garlicky Baked Butternut ...


Evaluating Research in Academic Journals: A Practical Guide to Realistic Evaluation
Fred Pyrczak

Pyrczak Publishing, 2008

This supplementary guide is for students who are learning how to evaluate published reports of empirical research. Numerous excerpts from journals in the social and behavioral sciences provide examples that allow students to learn the practical aspects of evaluating research. By de-emphasizing jargon, this book allows students to begin evaluating research with confidence. New to this edition: Throughout this edition, the examples from published ...


Realistic Evaluation
Ray Pawson, Nick Tilley

SAGE Publications Ltd, 1997

Realistic Evaluation shows how programme evaluation needs to be, and can be bettered. It presents a profound yet highly readable critique of current evaluation practice, and goes on to introduce a `manifesto' and `handbook' for a fresh approach. The main body of this book is devoted to the articulation of a new evaluation paradigm, which promises greater validity and utility from the findings of evaluation studies. The authors call this ...


How to Build Realistic Model Railroad Scenery, Third Edition (Model Railroader Books)
Dave Frary

Kalmbach Publishing Company, 2005

A cookbook approach to creating scenery like an expert that delivers predictable results every time. Teaches how to design, build, model, and finish backgrounds, mountains, hills, trees, bushes, water, dirt, and much more. Features detailed photos, techniques, and product information.


The Ultimate Realistic Rock Drum Method
Carmine Appice

Alfred Music, 2000

Drumming legend Carmine Appice has once again updated the best-selling drumset book in the history of rock drumming. In addition to the classic information on basic rock rhythms and polyrhythms, linear rudiments and groupings, hi-hat and double bass drum exercises, and shuffle rhythms and syncopation exercises, Carmine has included over 20 new pages and a second CD of fresh material. The recordings have been re-mastered, with updates including ...


Realistic Cost Estimating for Manufacturing
William Winchell

Society of Manufacturing, 1989

This revised edition contains material on the use of software, organization strategies in cost estimating, new types of costs, learning curves, and much more. Topics presented include manufacturing costs, standard vs. actual costs, cost in relation to product volume, analysis, types of estimates, cost estimating controls, cost requests from other departments, evaluating supplier quotes, calculating selling prices, and much more.



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