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Constructing Cassandra: Reframing Intelligence Failure at the CIA, 1947-2001

Stanford Security Studies, 2013

When it was created in 1947, the CIA had a clear remit to prevent strategic surprises. On key occasions, it has failed spectacularly. How is this possible? Although there has been no shortage of studies exploring how intelligence failures can happen, none of them have been able to provide a unified understanding of the phenomenon. Constructing Cassandra analyzes four key strategic surprises experienced by the US:  the Cuban Missile Crisis in ...


Union with Christ: Reframing Theology and Ministry for the Church
J. Todd Billings

Baker Academic, 2010


Reframing Hope: Vital Ministry in a New Generation

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2010

Much has been written about the changing landscape the church finds itself in, and even more about the church's waning influence in our culture. From her vantage point as an under-40 pastor, Carol Howard Merritt, author of Tribal Church, moves away from the handwringing toward a discovery of what ministry in, with, and by a new generation might look like. What does the substance of hope look like right now? What does hope look like when it is ...


The Healing Dimensions: Resolving Trauma in Body, Mind and Spirit

Healing Dimensions ACC, 1997

In his first book, The Healing Dimensions, Brent reveals his discovery of the principles of “Holographic Memory Resolution®” — a breakthrough in the “emotional reframing” of stress and trauma, which led to his involvement with Oklahoma City Bombing rescue personnel and survivors, as well as the staff of TWA Flight 800 and many other traumas of the last two decades. His success in helping to resolve memory-based pain led to his ...


Solutions for the Treatment Resistant Addicted Client: Therapeutic Techniques for Engaging Challenging Clients
Nicholas A. Roes

Routledge, 2001

Help addicts to better their lives, even though they oppose treatment! This useful volume, the result of more than ten years of work in researching and refining the techniques most likely to lead to positive client outcomes, offers field-tested methods for dealing with the most challenging addicted client types. These include hopeless clients, clients considered to be in denial, and those who are in treatment not because they desire it, but ...


Reframe Your Life: Transforming Your Pain into Purpose
Stephen Arterburn

Hachette Audio, 2007

Everyone needs a way to break free from the pain of their past. By explaining and illuminating a psychological technique known as 'reframing,' bestselling author Stephen Arterburn puts listeners on the path to freedom from old wounds. Arterburn realizes that in many cases, traumas are so severe that individuals feel unable to take even the most basic steps toward healing. REFRAME YOUR LIFE instructs listeners on how to view hurtful events ...


The Hauerwas Reader
Stanley Hauerwas

Duke University Press Books, 2001

Stanley Hauerwas is one of the most widely read and oft-cited theologians writing today. A prolific lecturer and author, he has been at the forefront of key developments in contemporary theology, ranging from narrative theology to the “recovery of virtue.” Yet despite his prominence and the esteem reserved for his thought, his work has never before been collected in a single volume that provides a sense of the totality of his vision. The ...


Reframing International Development: Globalism, Postmodernity, and Difference
Nelson W. Keith

SAGE Publications, Inc, 1997

Attempts to theorize contemporary globalization rarely stray beyond variations on old themes of superordination versus subordination. Yet there are many new definers of our present global reality - depletion of strategic resources, degradation of our environment, counter-offensives against modern patterns of thought and action - which suggest that a new framework of global relations is needed. Nelson Keith challenges the presumptions upon ...


Be Happy No Matter What: 5 Steps to Inner Freedom

Clear Path Publishing, 2012

Be Happy No Matter What is for people who have been emotionally steamrolled by the challenges and pressures of everyday life, who race around to accomplish ever changing priorities, meeting everyone else’s needs, barely keeping their heads above water as they struggle through divorce, family problems, job loss, and health issues. The key to recovery is recognition of self-worth through reframing negativity. Seigel welcomes you into a new kind ...


Fishing for Barracuda: Pragmatics of Brief Systemic Theory (Norton Professional Book)
Joel S. Bergman

W. W. Norton & Company, 1985

Fishing For Barracuda ? Is this a book about therapy? Most certainly! In fact, it is about working systemically with the most challenging families and individuals, the ones who have already defeated therapist after therapist. At the same time, Joel Bergman presents a multitude of therapeutic tactics that will be useful with a wide range of families, from minnows to submarines. Drawing extensively upon his own experiences as a therapist and ...


Learn to Be an Optimist
Lucy MacDonald

Chronicle Books, 2004

Research has revealed that an optimistic approach to life leads to concrete mental, emotional, and physical results, including a longer lifespan, reduced stress, and a better chance of recovering from serious illness. Learn to Be an Optimist, the latest title in our popular mind, body, and spirit series, explores the benefits of a good attitude. Author Lucy MacDonald teaches readers to develop the confidence, resilience, and peace of mind that ...


Reframing Ministry
Anthony J. Headley

Evangel Publishing House, 2007

How does a pastor stay afloat amid the multiple demands of ministry? Dr. Headley says too many ministers experience lives that resemble firefighters in a California wildfire. In his fresh, interesting style, he contends that our definition of ministry needs to be revamped--in his words, reframed. Drawing from the lives of Moses and Jesus, Headley presents a ministry model that helps the minister minimize stress, avoid burnout, and eliminate ...


Life Reframing in Hypnosis (Seminars, Workshops, and Lectures of Milton H. Erickson, Vol 2)
Milton H. Erickson

Irvington Pub, 1984

Describes Milton Erickson's contribution to practical psychotherapy. The text presents the actual approaches, methods and techniques Erickson developed that would enable people to use their own experiences to change behaviour.


How Great Leaders Think: The Art of Reframing

Jossey-Bass, 2014

The proven model that offers powerful and elegant strategies for leaders How Great Leaders Think: the Art of Reframing uses compelling, contemporary examples to show how more complex thinking is the key to better leadership. Leaders who understand what's going on around them see what they need to do to achieve the results they want. Bolman and Deal's influential four-frame model of leadership and organizations—developed in their ...


Leadership Landscapes
Tom Cummings, Jim Keen

Palgrave Macmillan, 2008

Most of the books on leadership written over the last 50 years have focused on how to lead where tasks are mainly internal to the organization, and relationships between companies are straightforward market or buy-sell transactions. Things have now changed dramatically. This new book looks at the reality of most large-scale organizations, networks and constellations of today.


Teaching for Faith: A Guide for Teachers of Adult Classes
Richard Robert Osmer

Westminster John Knox Press, 1992

This useful, theologically informed guide prepares teachers in the church, whose purpose is to awaken, support, and challenge faith. Richard Osmer offers practical suggestions for preparing good lectures and leading lively discussions. He explores four important dimensions of faith--faith as belief, as commitment, as relationship, and as mystery--and describes different teaching approaches to address each of these dimensions.


Say What You Mean/Get What You Want: A Businessperson's Guide to Direct Communication
Judith C. Tingley Ph.D.

AMACOM, 1996

Explaining how to be assertive in business, this text describes what to do in situations such as: giving and receiving feedback; expressing opinions; asking for what you want; dealing with rejection; delegating responsibility; and expecting accountability. The book provides examples of typical workplace communications scenarios, as well as two self-tests to help readers assess their present levels of directness. Readers will discover eight steps ...


Renegotiating Health Care: Resolving Conflict to Build Collaboration
Leonard J. Marcus, Barry C. Dorn, ...

Jossey-Bass, 1995

The health care sphere we inhabit would unquestionably be more satisfying if everyone adopted the cooperative techniques taught in this book. -New England Journal of MedicineRenegotiating Health Care presents pragmatic and effective tools for understanding conflict, negotiating differences, and creating a workable balance among those who deliver, receive, administer, and oversee health care. The authors present practical methods and techniques ...


Reframing Business: When the Map Changes the Landscape

Wiley, 2008

In 1983 Richard Normann published the world's first book presenting an integrated framework on the management of service producing companies. Now he provides a new approach to strategy: an original way to think about organisations and create a different future. In this demanding but rewarding book he shows that providing organisations are prepared to rethink the way they do business they can occupy the competitive high ground of the future. To ...


The Asphaltic Peekaboo

Anette Prehn, 2012

Two dandelions break through ground in neighbouring gardens. But, while young Ms Muse praises the amazing efforts of her flower, Mr Moor gets out the weed killer... In this delightful rhyming picture book Anette Prehn playfully helps children reflect upon their own perspective. This is a core life skill that, according to psychologists, “should be in the water we drink.” Reviews of The Asphaltic Peekaboo: ”This timeless insight is a ...



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