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The Future of Reputation: Gossip, Rumor, and Privacy on the Internet
Daniel J. Solove

Yale University Press, 2008

Teeming with chatrooms, online discussion groups, and blogs, the Internet offers previously unimagined opportunities for personal expression and communication. But there’s a dark side to the story. A trail of information fragments about us is forever preserved on the Internet, instantly available in a Google search. A permanent chronicle of our private lives—often of dubious reliability and sometimes totally false—will follow us wherever we ...


Reputation Justice: How to repair, protect and maintain your online business reputation: You can stop online ...

Northstar Ink, 2014

This book is about complaints. Not the kind of complaints David’s grandfather got, across the counter at his general store, real feedback about which of his products didn’t wear well— modern complaints. The kind that only happen online. Made-up scandals, about your business or personal life. Completely ridiculous “customer” reviews—from strangers. Online harassers and bullies who go on a campaign to ruin your reputation if you ...


Reputation: Realizing Value from the Corporate Image
Charles J. Fombrun

Harvard Business Review Press, 1996

In the first book to quantify the economic returns of reputation, Fombrun shows that by developing strong and consistent images, well-regarded companies create hidden assets that give them a distinct competitive advantage. This book takes readers on a whirlwind tour of how companies build credibility and status. Fombrun shows how major organizations in such diverse settings as the fashion, investment banking, and packaged goods industries - and ...


Reputation Management: The Key to Successful Public Relations and Corporate Communication
John Doorley, Helio Fred Garcia

Routledge, 2010

Reputation management is the most important theme in public relations and corporate communication today. John Doorley and Helio Fred Garcia argue that most CEOs don't actually pay much heed to reputation and this is to their peril. This book is a how-to guide for professionals and students in public relations and corporate communication, as well as for CEOs and other leaders. It rests on the premise that reputation can be measured, ...


People Will Talk: The Surprising Science of Reputation
John Whitfield

Wiley, 2011

How to get a good reputation—deserved or not!—and why we care what other people think Why does a fish only bite another fish if no one else is watching? Why do people overshare online? Why do some people meet trivial insults with extreme violence? Why do so many gods have multiple eyes? In People Will Talk , science writer John Whitfield shows how reputation helps answer all of these questions, and more. What is the secret to getting get a ...


Bad Reputation (North Shore), 2013

The North Shore Sheriff's Department has a bit of a problem. Someone contacted the local radio station last night and left an alarming confession. Logan and his friends may be gossiping about it but their only concern is getting through the last day of school before summer vacation. After all, tonight is the party of the year. No one wants to miss it. But the weight of secrets will have a costly price…


Reputation Economics: Why Who You Know Is Worth More Than What You Have
Joshua Klein

Palgrave Macmillan, 2013

As the internet has increasingly become more social, the value of individual reputations has risen, and a new currency based on reputation has been created. This means that not only are companies tracking what an individual is tweeting and what sites they spend the most time on, but they’re using this knowledge to predict the consumer’s future behavior. And a world in which Target knows that a woman is pregnant before she does, or where a ...


Reputation Rules: Strategies for Building Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset
Daniel Diermeier

McGraw-Hill, 2011

Leverage your company’s most important asset! “Diermeier draws on extensive research and illustrates these insights with rich case studies from a variety of industries. He shows how to integrate reputation management deeply into the culture and structure of companies. I expect Reputation Rules to set the standard for years to come.” —Philip Kotler, S.C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg ...


Rethinking Reputation: How PR Trumps Marketing and Advertising in the New Media World
Fraser P. Seitel, John Doorley

Palgrave Macmillan, 2012

Good public relations is no longer just icing—it’s a strategic imperative more important to your competitive success than even advertising or marketing. This is true whether you’re a century-old multibillion-dollar corporation or a penniless startup. In Rethinking Reputation , public relations guru Fraser Seitel and John Doorley, founder of the Academy for Communication Excellence and Leadership at Johnson & Johnson, examine a fascinating ...


Bounty Hunter: The Reputation

Billi Tiner, 2013

Ben Sharp hunts outlaws for a living. He’s smart, tough, and only seventeen years old. In this action-packed sequel to Bounty Hunter: The Beginning, Ben goes after a gang of murderous thieves. As Ben tracks down and captures some of the meanest men in the west, his reputation for being fast with a gun grows. Ben’s grit and determination will be tested at every turn by ruthless men and the deadly forces of nature in this old west ...


Reputation and Power: Organizational Image and Pharmaceutical Regulation at the FDA (Princeton Studies in ...
Daniel Carpenter

Princeton University Press, 2010

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is the most powerful regulatory agency in the world. How did the FDA become so influential? And how exactly does it wield its extraordinary power? Reputation and Power traces the history of FDA regulation of pharmaceuticals, revealing how the agency's organizational reputation has been the primary source of its power, yet also one of its ultimate constraints. Daniel Carpenter describes how the FDA ...


Repped: 30 Days to a Better Online Reputation
Andy Beal

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

Why You Can't Afford to Ignore This Book: Whether you realize it or not—or even wish to admit it—you already have an online reputation to protect. It doesn’t matter if you’re fresh out of college and hoping your past Facebook indiscretions don’t torpedo your career prospects, or a Fortune 500 company trying to make a name for itself in a crowded market, your reputation online is vital to your success. In Repped: 30 Days to a ...


lol...OMG!: What Every Student Needs to Know About Online Reputation Management, Digital Citizenship and ...
Matt Ivester

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2011

The ease with which digital content can be shared online, in addition to its many benefits, has created a host of problems for today’s high school and college students. All too often, students are uploading, updating, posting and publishing without giving a second thought to who might see their content or how it might be perceived. lol…OMG! provides a cautionary look at the many ways that today’s students are experiencing the ...


The Power of Reputation: Strengthen the Asset That Will Make or Break Your Career
Chris Komisarjevsky

AMACOM, 2012

We judge people in business the same way we judge those in our personal lives. We listen to what they say, watch how they behave, and take note of the results of their actions. Success is ultimately built on a foundation of character, communication, and trust. To accomplish our goals, people must believe in us. "The Power of Reputation" offers business people an action plan for creating the kind of reputation that generates trust, inspires ...


Establishing, Managing, and Protecting Your Online Reputation: A Social Media Guide for Physicians and ...
Kevin Pho M.D., Susan Gay

Greenbranch Publishing, 2013

Online health information combined with social media channels like Twitter and Facebook has created a new generation of patients. They are empowered. They have a voice in their own care that they never had before. And more are using social media and physician review sites to choose their doctor or medical practice. Given these stakes, you can't afford to leave your online reputation to chance. Kick off your social media efforts today with ...


How to Ruin Your Boyfriend's Reputation
Simone Elkeles

Flux, 2009

"A great read-alike for fans of Meg Cabot, Melissa Kantor, and Sarah Dessen." --VOYA Guess who’s jetting off to the Holy Land this summer! Yes, it’s me—Amy Nelson-Barak. I’ve volunteered for ten days of military training in Israel with my friends. The Sababa brochure said it would be a “fun” summer experience. Okay, so I didn’t sign up to prove I’m not a princess…I did it to surprise my hot Israeli ...


Reputation And International Politics (Cornell Studies in Security Affairs)
Jonathan Mercer

Cornell University Press, 2010

By approaching an important foreign policy issue from a new angle, Jonathan Mercer comes to a startling, controversial discovery: a nation's reputation is not worth fighting for. He presents a comprehensive examination of what defines a reputation, when it is likely to emerge in international politics, and with what consequences. Mercer examines reputation formation in a series of crises before World War I, testing competing arguments—one ...


Slut! Growing Up Female with a Bad Reputation
Leora Tanenbaum

Harper Perennial, 2000

Girls may be called "sluts" for any number of reasons, including being outsiders, early developers, victims of rape, targets of others' revenge. Often the labels has nothing to do with sex -- the girls simply do not fit in.  An important account of the lives of these young women,  Slut! weaves together powerful oral histories of girls and women who finally overcame their sexual labels with a cogent analysis of the underlying problem of sexual ...


Harlequin Presents September 2013 - Bundle 2 of 2: A Whisper of Disgrace\Never Say No to a ..., ...

Harlequin Presents, 2013

Harlequin Presents brings you four new titles for one great price, available now for a limited time only from September 1 to September 30! Look for glamorous international settings, powerful men and passionate romances in these four stories by USA TODAY bestselling authors. This Harlequin Presents bundle includes A Whisper of Disgrace by Sharon Kendrick, Never Say No to a Caffarelli by Melanie Milburne, Captivated by Her Innocence by ...


Reputation Monitoring, Reputation Marketing and Reputation Management: How To Use Your Reputation To Dominate ...

YourProfitWeb and Andrew Wroblewski, 2013

The most valuable asset we all possess is our reputation. Concurrently, it is also fragile and equally as powerful. Your reputation should never be taken for granted. It needs to be carefully monitored and managed like any valuable asset. When strengthened, it can be the most potent marketing tool you will ever have at your disposal. Your reputation, when marketed properly, will allow you to completely dominate your market (regardless of your ...



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