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More About Software Requirements: Thorny Issues and Practical Advice (Developer Best Practices)
Karl Wiegers

Microsoft Press, 2005

No matter how much instruction you've had on managing software requirements, there's no substitute for experience. Too often, lessons about requirements engineering processes lack the no-nonsense guidance that supports real-world solutions. Complementing the best practices presented in his book, Software Requirements, Second Edition, requirements engineering authority Karl Wiegers tackles even more of the real issues head-on in this book. With ...


Visual Models for Software Requirements (Developer Best Practices)
Anthony Chen, Joy Beatty

Microsoft Press, 2012

Apply best practices for capturing, analyzing, and implementing software requirements through visual models—and deliver better results for your business. The authors—experts in eliciting and visualizing requirements—walk you through a simple but comprehensive language of visual models that has been used on hundreds of real-world, large-scale projects. Build your fluency with core concepts—and gain essential, scenario-based context and ...


Requirements by Collaboration: Workshops for Defining Needs
Ellen Gottesdiener

Addison-Wesley Professional, 2002

“I spend much time helping organizations capture requirements and even more time helping them recover from not capturing requirements. Many of them have gone through some motions regarding requirements as if they were sleepworking. It’s time to wake up and do it right–and this book is going to be their alarm clock.”      – Jerry Weinberg , author of numerous books on productivity enhancement “In today’s complex, fast-paced ...


Mastering the Requirements Process: Getting Requirements Right (3rd Edition)
Suzanne Robertson, James Robertson

Addison-Wesley Professional, 2012

“If the purpose is to create one of the best books on requirements yet written, the authors have succeeded.” —Capers Jones Software can solve almost any problem. The trick is knowing what the problem is. With about half of all software errors originating in the requirements activity, it is clear that a better understanding of the problem is needed.   Getting the requirements right is crucial if we are to build systems ...


Agile Software Requirements: Lean Requirements Practices for Teams, Programs, and the Enterprise (Agile ...
Dean Leffingwell

Addison-Wesley Professional, 2011

“We need better approaches to understanding and managing software requirements, and Dean provides them in this book. He draws ideas from three very useful intellectual pools: classical management practices, Agile methods, and lean product development. By combining the strengths of these three approaches, he has produced something that works better than any one in isolation.” –From the Foreword by Don Reinertsen, President of ...


Software Requirements 2
Karl Wiegers

Microsoft Press, 2003

Without formal, verifiable software requirements—and an effective system for managing them—the programs that developers think they’ve agreed to build often will not be the same products their customers are expecting. In SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS, Second Edition, requirements engineering authority Karl Wiegers amplifies the best practices presented in his original award-winning text?now a mainstay for anyone participating in the software ...


System Requirements Analysis Step By Step: What does a System Requirements Analyst Do?, 2014

The BABOK® Guide identifies a Business Analyst (BA) as “a practitioner of business analysis” or “any person who performs business analysis activities”. There are probably as many variations of BA job descriptions as there are analysis-related job postings on the Internet. There are multiple job titles and organizational roles for BA practitioners, including “business analyst,” “requirements analyst,” “systems analyst,” ...


Business Analyst's Mentor Book: With Best Practice Business Analysis Techniques and Software Requirements ...
Emrah Yayici


Business Analyst’s Mentor Book includes tips and best practices in a broad range of topics like: Business analysis techniques and tools Agile and waterfall methodologies Scope management Change request management Conflict management Use cases UML Requirements gathering and ...


Software Requirements (3rd Edition) (Developer Best Practices)
Karl Wiegers, Joy Beatty

Microsoft Press, 2013

Now in its third edition, this classic guide to software requirements engineering has been fully updated with new topics, examples, and guidance. Two leaders in the requirements community have teamed up to deliver a contemporary set of practices covering the full range of requirements development and management activities on software projects. Describes practical, effective, field-tested techniques for managing the requirements engineering ...


The Software Requirements Memory Jogger: A Pocket Guide to Help Software And Business Teams Develop And ...
Ellen Gottesdiener

Goal Q P C Inc, 2005

The Software Requirements Memory Jogger is an easy-to-use guide for developing and managing precise software requirements. The Software Requirements Memory Jogger provides every member of your project team with the tools and techniques to foster communication between business and technical teams on the necessary requirements for producing successful software. The Software Requirements Memory Jogger will benefit all stakeholders at any ...


Unearthing Business Requirements: Elicitation Tools and Techniques (Business Analysis Essential Library)
Kathleen B. Hass, Rosemary Hossenlopp

Management Concepts, Inc, 2007

A Volume of the Business Analysis Essential Library Series Learn how the business analyst works collaboratively with the project manager and other core team members to create plans that customize elicitation activities to the unique needs of the project. The authors present techniques used by successful business analysts and defines key business analysis terms. Examine the principles and practices for pragmatic, effective requirements ...


His Strict Requirement: Billionaire Secrets - Book Five

Drew Sinclair, 2015

From the moment he lays eyes on her Dale Hargrave knows he has to have her. What he doesn’t know is that Lindsay day has a secret to hide that will ruin him, his brother Clayton and his friend Ruben Mayweather. One way or the other he wants the feisty woman in his bed but Lindsay Day is a seasoned investigative reporter and knows how to give as good as she gets and much more again. Watch them duke it out with plenty of hot, steamy flirtation, ...


Requirements Engineering Fundamentals: A Study Guide for the Certified Professional for Requirements ...
Klaus Pohl, Chris Rupp

Rocky Nook, 2011

In practice, requirements engineering tasks become more and more complex. In order to ensure a high level of knowledge and training, the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) worked out the training concept “Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering”, which defines a requirements engineer’s practical skills on different training levels. The book covers the different subjects of the curriculum for the “Certified ...


Requirements Engineering: Fundamentals, Principles, and Techniques
Klaus Pohl

Springer, 2010

Requirements engineering is the process of eliciting individual stakeholder requirements and needs and developing them into detailed, agreed requirements documented and specified in such a way that they can serve as the basis for all other system development activities. In this textbook, Klaus Pohl provides a comprehensive and well-structured introduction to the fundamentals, principles, and techniques of requirements engineering. He presents ...


Use Cases: Requirements in Context (2nd Edition)
Daryl Kulak, Eamonn Guiney

Addison-Wesley Professional, 2003

This book describes how to gather and define software requirements using a process based on use cases. It shows systems analysts and designers how use cases can provide solutions to the most challenging requirements issues, resulting in effective, quality systems that meet the needs of users. Use Cases, Second Edition: Requirements in Context describes a three-step method for establishing requirements—an iterative process that ...


ACI 318-11: Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary (318-11)
ACI 318 Committee

American Concrete Institute, 2011

The "Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete" ("Code") covers the materials, design, and construction of structural concrete used in buildings and where applicable in nonbuilding Structures. The Code also covers the strength evaluation of existing concrete structures. Among the subjects covered are: contract documents; inspection; materials; durability requirements; concrete quality, mixing, and placing; formwork; embedded pipes; ...


Requirements Engineering for Software and Systems, Second Edition (Applied Software Engineering Series)
Phillip A. Laplante

Auerbach Publications, 2013

As requirements engineering continues to be recognized as the key to on-time and on-budget delivery of software and systems projects, many engineering programs have made requirements engineering mandatory in their curriculum. In addition, the wealth of new software tools that have recently emerged is empowering practicing engineers to improve their requirements engineering habits. However, these tools are not easy to use without appropriate ...


Veterinary Medical School Admission Requirements (VMSAR): 2014 Edition for 2015 Matriculation (Veterinary ...
Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC)

Purdue University Press, 2014

Completely redesigned and expanded for 2014, this annually updated publication provides a comprehensive overview of the admission process for the national and international veterinary schools that are members of the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC), as well as a variety of valuable guidance about how to achieve your goal of becoming a veterinarian. The following need-to-know information is provided for each school: ...


The FDA and Worldwide Quality System Requirements Guidebook for Medical Devices, Second Edition
Amiram Daniel and Edward Kimmelman

ASQ Quality Press, 2008

This new and expanded second edition maintains the organizational approach of the first and includes the requirements and guidance contained in the Quality System Regulation (QSReg), the ISO 13485:2003 standard, the ISO/TR 14969:2004 guidance document, and, as appropriate, a number of the FDA and Global Harmonization Task Force (GHTF) guidance documents. This second edition also addresses a number of additional topics, such as the incorporation ...


System Requirements Analysis
Jeffrey O. Grady

Academic Press, 2006

Systems Requirement Analysis gives the professional systems engineer the tools to set up a proper and effective analysis of the resources, schedules and parts that will be needed in order to successfully undertake and complete any large, complex project. The text offers the reader the methodology for rationally breaking a large project down into a series of stepwise questions so that a schedule can be determined and a plan can be established ...



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